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Mr. Jeon has been more and more obvious recently. Can you believe he's that possessive with all the uncontrollable butt spanking, waist grasping, back hugging and blow kissing to Jimin IN FRONT OF THE CAMERA? OMG I don't even dare to imagine how he treats Jimin when they're ALONE IN THEIR ROOM.

BRUUUHHUUHHHHHH DONT GET ME STARTED. I literally stay up at night thinking about these things omggeeee (they say think happy thoughts before you sleep so dont stress and shiet but then i obvs get too excited and then start writing internal essays oops).

But have you ever notice those little gestures they do where, as people say “it ought to be so unnatural but they make it so natural”? Moments that can’t really be taken as fanservice and moments where, anyone looking at them with or without jikook goggles should be able to see the sketchy. Little movements that seem like they would mean more but stop before they dol. 

Like with Jimin for example…sometimes the way he moves towards Jungkook a bit too close sometimes and then he draws back just before anything happens…

Like doesn’t it look like the immediate movement right before you kiss someone’s cheek ;) ;) aklsdjflkasfdj let me dream okay

And this wasn’t even me but my sister saw this one (she not even anti jikook anymore i swear) and she was like: “Didn’t he just kiss him on the cheek?”

(I was like “Nooooo….”)

Of course, Jimin totally makes it soooo obvious sometimes. Meanwhile, you have Jungkook, who of course, though younger is obviously more quiet amd mature and knows how to restrain himself and his unnatural actions are never too obvious–

first off did it ever bother you that he just knew he was strong enough to lift jimin up like that not to mention who even thinks of that first hand either he knows fanservice really well or for whatever reason he thinks slapping jimin’s butt is the right thing to do in that context like ??? what is even going on what why why why

and then there’s this:

but. whatever. we don’t talk about it :/

so yeah. tl;dr i do wonder what the fuq they’re up to off camera though i’m sure as hell they’re not as “””””distant””””” as they appear to act sometimes. 

Second Date- WidowTracer

Lena busily walked through her kitchen, her eyes glancing every now and then towards her clock. She had 20 minutes to finish preparing dinner and get properly dressed. She glanced down at her vintage Beatles t-shirt and black leggings. Yep this is totally date worthy apparel she thought with a silent laugh. Alas, she didn’t even have 5 minutes before she heard a knock at her door.

“Come in!” She called, not thinking about how she looked before the words left her mouth. The door opened and Widow stepped in. She had her hair in a casual ponytail that swung like the pendulum of a grandfather clock. Her choice of apparel was similar to Lena’s from their first date except instead of a dress shirt it was simply a nice white t-shirt.

“I’m sorry that I’m early but I didn’t want to be late” Widow said with an apologetic smile. She held a bouquet of blood red roses in her hands. Lena blinked and practically bounced over to her.

“It’s okay” Lena said with a quick smile as Widow handed the bouquet over to her. She quickly looked around her semi-neat apartment for a vase or something to put the flowers in. Her eyes lit up when she spotted a lonely looking clear vase sitting dangerously close to the edge of her coffee table. After placing the flowers in the vase she suddenly remembered she was still cooking.

Widow held back a laugh as the girl practically sprinted towards the stove. “What are you cooking?” Widow asked as she walked slowly towards the kitchen. She took in the sight of the girl’s apartment. Items were arranged haphazardly on shelves and bookcases and she glanced at the bedroom door that was slightly ajar.

“Uh” Lena stole a quick glance at the skillet that was on one of the burners. “Well” She lifted what looked like a patty of some kind with a frying pan, “it’s burnt” She blinked like a confused child at the patty like item.

Widow smiled and rested her chin on her hand. “So I guess we aren’t going to eat then” She laughed when Lena looked at her with a sheepish expression on her face.

“I could always order some take out? Or I could order a pizza? I know it’s not as nice as what you’d expect but I’m sorry” Lena rambled on and on about how she couldn’t cook to save her life and how sorry she was.

“Lena, Lena, Lena!” Widow shouted, Lena stopped mid-sentence and looked at her in confusion.

“Oh sorry! I was rambling” Lena mumbled and glanced at her feet.

“Hang on” Widow cut her off before she could start again. “Don’t worry! I don’t care if you supposedly can’t cook! To be honest pizza sounds a lot better than what you were originally going to make” Widow offered her a caring smile that seemed to relax Lena a bit more.

Lena nodded and a smile slowly returned to her face, practically lighting up the room. “Well if you want pizza then I’ll need to know what you like it with!” Lena grinned as she walked towards her phone that sat on the gray counter top.

“I like all toppings” Widow shrugged and walked after her. Lena, taking note of this, nodded and dialed the number for the local pizza delivery place.

“Hello! Can I have a large pepperoni pizza?” Lena asked into the phone. The creaky voice of what sounds like a teenage boy could be heard as he asked for the address. “30 minutes? Okay!” Lena grinned and hung up before turning towards Widow.

“A large?” Widow raised an eyebrow. “Are you that hungry?” She teased.

“Oh shut it” Lena’s ears turned red in embarrassment as she looked shyly at her feet.

Widow smiled and leaned down to kiss the top of the girls head before she glanced at the couch. It appeared to be clean. “Lena?” Widow turned towards her.

“Yeah?” Lena looked up at her.

“Where is the restroom?” Widow asked and Lena pointed towards a door that was right beside the bedroom door. Widow thanked her quickly before walking in, locking the door and leaning against the wall with a small smile on her face.

“She’s too cute” She whispered with a soft laugh that she prayed Lena could not hear. Widow was already starting to fall for the small, bubbly, British girl with the spiky brown hair and warm eyes. She hadn’t felt like this about anyone ever since she assassinated her husband, Gerard Lacroix.

Lena paced in the living room nervously as she watched the clock, listening to its every tick and click. Her stomach growled at the thought of food coming any minute now.

Widow stepped out of the bathroom to see a pacing Lena. “Lena? What’s the matter?” She queried, her head tilted a fraction of an inch to the side.

Lena practically jumped two feet when she heard Widow. She had zoned out completely and forget she was there. “Oh nothing!” Lena smiled. “I am just really really hungry” She giggled.

Widow couldn’t help but smile. This girl was the definition of adorable at times. “Told you s-” Her sentence was abruptly cut off by the sharp crack of knuckles on a door.

“I got it!” Lena bounded towards the door and opened it to reveal a curly haired boy that looked to be about 22. “Thanks!” She grinned as she dug into her wallet for the twenty dollars needed.

“Cool shirt” The delivery boy said after taking in Lena’s appearance from her wild hair to her sock clad feet.

Lena grinned as she looked up. “Thanks! They’re a great band aren’t they?” She pulled out a crumpled twenty dollar bill.

The boy nodded happily. “What’s your favorite song by them?” He leaned against the doorway with a look on his face that made Widow narrow her eyes.

“Hey Jude” Lena smiled. She had practically memorized the lyrics.

“No way! Me too!” He took the bill from her hands and stuck it in his pocket. “Maybe you and I could grab a bite to eat tonight? My shift ends in 10!” He looked at her with a hopeful twinkle in his sky blue eyes.

Lena’s smile wavered just a bit and Widow suddenly stepped out of th shadows with narrowed yellow eyes. “Sorry love I’m already on a date as we speak?” Lena didn’t even glance behind her as she jabbed a finger in Widow’s direction.

The boy blinked, realizing that Lena was that type of girl. “Oh um well have a nice date you two” He blinked and walked off as Lena closed the door with a soft click.

Lena balanced the greasy box on the palm of her hand as she walked towards the counter. After depositing the box on the counter top she grabbed two clean plates from a cabinet above the stove. “How many slices?” She turned her head towards Widow who held up a single finger, a universal sign for one.

Widow thanked her for the pizza and took a careful bite out of the still warm slice. Sauce dripped onto her chin and she quickly wiped at it with a paper towel. The pizza was actually pretty decent.

For a few minutes the only sounds they emitted were those of chewing and swallowing. Until finally Lena looked up and said, “Widow, I really need to tell you something” Something about the tone of her voice and her facial expression told Widow that this wasn’t going to be some silly joke.

Widow gestured for her to continue with a simple wave of her hand.

“Widow I know this is our what second date? Yeah pretty sure” Lena paused to think, “yep second date I was right the first time.” Lena grinned triumphantly to herself. “Anyways I really, really like you Widowmaker” Lena looked down bashfully.

Widow smiled and tilted her head up. “Don’t worry chèrie, I like you too” Lena looked at her with such a joyous expression that Widow couldn’t help but kiss her right there and then.

After what seemed like hours but was a mere 30 seconds, the two parted with the same breathless expression from the previous date.

After a few seconds of staring at each other’s the faces Widow pulled her head back. Lena frowned and tilted her head, “What’s the matter love?” She was now sitting on the counter next to the pizza box.

“Nothing nothing it’s your so cute” Widow laughed to herself that she that she said this out loud for the first time to anyone.

Lena’s ears and cheeks turned a similar shade of red as she looked at her, “Oh shut it. I’m not” She looked down at her hands.

“No trust me you are” Widow smiled as Lena tilted her head down so their lips met again.

Maybe it will be different this time