the gershwin theater


Added another drawing to yesterday’s post :p

Wooh, I’m back from New York City :D! Really wish that i could spend another week there ;o; But nonetheless, I had the most awesome time :))) I got to see Wicked at the Gershwin theater, the Sargent exhibit and other really amazing art (Degas, Manet, Repin, Monet, and so much more)  at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, strolled around Central Park, ate street food like Halal, chicken gyro, and salty pretzels, and lots of other fun stuff. But my most favorite part was riding the subway and just seeing the many faces there. While we were taking the train to eat dinner around 8th avenue, at a much quieter area away from the congested streets of Times Square, there was this one couple sitting across from me and I thought they were super cute, haha. They were both so relaxed, and just held hands and looked warmly at each other. Meanwhile, I was all parched up from the humid weather @.@;