the gershwin

  • me: *loves the mystery surrounding the friendly desert community of night vale deeply and truly and will defend it to the grave*
  • also me for the past six years: but? what HAPPENED here??? what is going oN. how come it's so hard to leave night vale. why does cecil exist across multiple time lines. how does mortality work there. also ! ¿ what the fuck ¿ ?

AU where Carlos brings Cecil flowers on their first date, and Cecil thanks him, and then eats the flowers. Carlos is shocked, but then, out of curiosity (science) he proceeds to bring him flowers all the time, wondering if this is a Cecil thing, or a Night Vale thing. Cecil doesn’t want to tell him that he doesn’t actually normally eat flowers, but he got so nervous the first time that he did, and now he’s in too deep to back down.

I always love the idea of Carlos doing normal shit and Cecil freaking out.

“Carlos what is that”
“It’s a pen”
“What am I meant to make notes with then Ceec?”

“Hey Ceec, want a sandwich?”
“W h a t”
“I’m making sandwiches. Or I can do pasta if you want?”

“Happy Valentine’s Day Ceec!”

Are you a lowkey Night Vale fan or are you the kinda Night Vale fan who walks around like:

- “Hey, kid, you wanna buy some…” *shifty eyes* “…wheat by-products?”
- *at the bus stop* “Waiting for the bus in the rain in the rain wait waiting for the bus in the rain”
- “What the fuck, Nicole, is that a pen? Those are illegal!”
- “If you like immortal gay radio show hosts, totalitarian governments, hooded figures, and giant glowing clouds that rain dead animals on a small desert community, have I got a show for you!!”
- “Don’t be stupid; mountains aren’t real.”
- *friend mentions angels* “NO, there are no such thing as Angels. The sheriff’s secret police will be at your house shortly for re-education and subsequent de-education”
- “You know, Cecil said in the last episode that the Glow Cloud-” friends: “ALL HAIL”
- *hums theme under breath when nervous*

because I am firmly in the latter category.


Back by literally no demand whatsoever other than that of the sentient split ends i now bear and the beast under my bed (the one that keeps beating me at twister not the one i have tea with on Sunday or the one that likes to eat children), Cecil Gershwin Palmer everyone!