the germans are gettin it

anonymous asked:

Something's been bothering me since I learned how many languages you speak... Did you install keyboards/dictionaries for all of them? (i have dictionaries for english, german, and korean on my phone so I can write without gettin auto corrected to within an inch of my life, but flipping through eight languages sounds like too much of a hassle)

On my phone I usually only write in English, German and Luxembourgish so there I only need the German keyboard for these languages because both, Luxembourgish and English don’t have any special letters. Also on my phone I only have to hold onto the a or e for example and I can choose other characters like à or é so I don’t need a special keyboard for Spanish, Italian or French either. On my computer keyboard I have a German keyboard and that’s basically all I need to write German, Luxembourgish, English, Latin, Italian, Spanish and French. The only thing missing in French is the ç but I can easily copy/paste that from the internet if I need it. Same goes for Ì or ñ and ¿. On a German keyboard you have ´ and ` and if you push these before an e or an a it makes the accent go upon it like à or é. So I don’t need any special keyboard and I only have one single keyboard installed.

I don’t use any dictionaries. I always write everything out myself.