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Computer bots are more like humans than you might think, having fights lasting years

Researchers say ‘benevolent bots’, otherwise known as software robots, that are designed to improve articles on Wikipedia sometimes have online 'fights’ over content that can continue for years. Editing bots on Wikipedia undo vandalism, enforce bans, check spelling, create links and import content automatically, whereas other bots (which are non-editing) can mine data, identify data or identify copyright infringements. The team analysed how much they disrupted Wikipedia, observing how they interacted on 13 different language editions over ten years (from 2001 to 2010). They found that bots interacted with one another, whether or not this was by design, and it led to unpredictable consequences. The research paper, published in PLOS ONE, concludes that bots are more like humans than you might expect. Bots appear to behave differently in culturally distinct online environments. The paper says the findings are a warning to those using artificial intelligence for building autonomous vehicles, cyber security systems or for managing social media. It suggests that scientists may have to devote more attention to bots’ diverse social life and their different cultures.

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German car/driving vocabulary:

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der Wagen/das Auto - car
die Fahrt - drive, trip
der Fahrer - driver
die Autobahn - expressway
die Panne - flat tire/breakdown
das Benzin - gasoline
die Bremse - brake
das Bremslicht - brake light
das Lenkrad - steering wheel
das Verkehrsstau/der Stau - traffic jam
die Windschutzscheibe - windshield
der Sheibenwischer - windshield wiper
der Blinker - turn signal
die Gebühr - toll
die Straße - street
das Normalbenzin - normal gas
der Parkplatz - parking lot
das Fernlicht - high beam
das Trampen - hitchhiking
die Tankstelle - gas station
das Gaspedal - gas pedal
der Scheinwerfer - headlight
die öffentliche Straße/Landstraße - highway
die Geschwindigkeitsbeschränkung - speed limit
die Verkehrsampel - traffic light
die Einbahnstraße - one-way street
unterwegs - on the way
das Automatikgetriebe - automatic trasmission

*the verb fahren - there are two meanings to this verb. One says that you are travelling by vehicle, the other says that you are driving the vehicle.
Ich fahre mit dem Bus - I am travelling by bus
Ich fahre einen Bus - I am driving a bus

TIP: The German autobahn is famous for convenience. Although there are places without a speed limit, be advised that there are areas with heavily enforced speed limit . Also remember to keep to the right except when passing - a strict rule.

Another 5 Random Facts about Germany

* Germany is known for its rich forest cover. The Zugspitze, at 2,962 m, is its highest mountain. There are more than 400 registered parks and zoos in the country, the Berlin Zoo being the oldest zoo in the world.

* German is the 3rd-most commonly taught language worldwide and it is the official language of 5 countries: Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Luxembourg, and Liechtenstein.

* German people are the world’s 3rd-largest beer consumers after the Czechs and Austrians. (2012

* Germany has a highway or autobahn network of about 8,000 miles. In many places there are no speed limits, although it is “advisable” not to exceed 130 km/h or go below 60 km/h. If you run out of gas on an Autobahn, you could get fined. You cannot stop, turn, or park your vehicle on the highway unless it’s an emergency. It’s against the law to overtake another vehicle from the right side. If you want to go slow, stay in the slow right lane. 

* Football/soccer is Germany’s most popular sport - the German Football Association is the largest association of its kind in the world. 

More facts here. 

Audi Customers Experience Piloted Autobahn Driving 

Audi is providing the public with insight into the mobility of the future. With drives on board an Audi A7 piloted driving concept, selected brand customers and fans will get their first experience of piloted driving on the A9 north of Munich.

The customer trips in the Audi A7 piloted driving concept, nicknamed “Jack,” start in the myAudi Sphere at Munich airport. The route goes via the A9 – part of the “Digital Motorway Test Bed. With a normal traffic flow, the piloted journey takes around 60 minutes. An Audi expert is always on board. After the journey participants are asked for their opinion, with their impressions incorporated into the development of future automated driving functions.

The opportunity to ride in “Jack” started on July 20, 2017 and run through to August, 2017. Potential test drivers are targeted via various communications channels, including the social media sites run by Audi Germany. At the same time, Audi Business Innovation GmbH has raffled places to users of its premium mobility service Audi on demand. Participants in the “Miles and More” program can also swap accumulated miles for a trip in “Jack.”

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Flensburg in Schleswig-Holstein is Germany’s northernmost city, located on the Ostsee (Baltic Sea) near the border with Denmark. Its 90,000 residents live around the Flensburger Förde (Flensburg Fjord). Most people arrive here by car via the German Autobahn A7 or the Danish E45, leading to Hamburg in the south and to Kolding in Denmark. As in all German cities, walking is the best way to get around in the city center. There’s a nice shopping district with old houses and gardens and a variety of museums and churches. There’s a maritime atmosphere here with a long seafarer tradition - the harbor hosts sailing regattas and other events. Lots of people arrive here from Denmark and other Nordic countries for shopping. There are numerous small shops along the pedestrian streets Holm and Große Straße; the new shopping mall Flensburg Galerie with 80 shops is 2 km south and there are various other large shopping malls in the area. Price differences between Denmark and Germany make particular items a bargain for Danish people and other Scandinavians who specifically come to shop here, sometimes even just for groceries. Average consumer prices in Germany are 24% lower than in Denmark.


On this day I got up at 3:15pm and drove over an hour to river Oder, german-polish border. I took photos of the sunrise over the river. I hoped to see some morning fog, but it wasn’t there on this morning, even if the conditions were good. Photo from the sunrise is coming tomorrow. I wasn’t able to make the photos I had in my head, but I found some other nice things to photograph. Like these blossoms in front of the rising sun. Call me crazy… but driving on the highway at this time is the best time to drive on german “Autobahn”!


Top 10 Awesome Facts About Germany

“In this video we’ll take a look at the history and traditions of Germany.”

How not to Autobahn

1. Beim Auffahren nicht 2m vor ein anderes Auto setzen, drück auf die Tube und fahr vorbei oder benutz die Bremsen! Die Autos auf der Fahrbahn haben Vorfahrt!
2. Rechtsfahrgebot! Man kann gerne mit 80 durch ne 100er Zone gurken, aber dann doch bitte auf der rechten Spur! Wenn’s drei Fahrbahnen gibt, trotzdem rechte Spur!
3. Überholen weit unter Speedlimit macht euch zu nem fahrenden Verkehrshindernis!
4. “Ich fahre ganz gemütlich, aber immerhin 5km/h schneller als der LKW da vorne in 500m, den muss ich auch noch überholen, ich bleib einfach mal links!” NEIN!!!
5. Veranstaltet kein Elefantenrennen! Überholt zügig. Wegen drei km/h Unterschied braucht ihr auch keinen zu überholen.
6. Im Stau meilenweit Abstand zum Vordermann halten ist saudämlich! Wenn das jeder macht, ist der Stau keine 2km lang, sondern 20km!
7. Statt permanent bremsen zu müssen und damit auch bei sämtlichen Hintermännern nen Bremsreflex auszulösen zur Abwechslung einfach mal genug Abstand halten, dann braucht man in den meisten Fällen nur mal ein wenig den Fuß vom Gas nehmen!
8. Im Stau: “Die auf der rechten Fahrbahn fahren schneller, ich wechsel mal!” NEIN!! Ihr macht alles nur noch schlimmer!
9. Reißverschlussverfahren: “Hey, in 500m endet dir Spur, ich fahr schon mal rüber!” *herzinfarkt* NOOO Man fädelt sich erst direkt am Ende der Spur ein!
10. Ein fest eingebauter Blitzer in ner 100er Zone blitzt nicht bei 80km/h! Also 100 fahren, nicht runterbremsen bis zur Schrittgeschwindigkeit!
11. Beim Überholen keinem in den Sicherheitsabstand grätschen! Zwingt die Leute nicht zum abbremsen, weil ihr euch unbedingt wo reinquetschen müsst!
12. Lichthupe benutzen und zu nah auffahren ist Nötigung und kann zur Anzeige gebracht werden.