the german and the giant

Anime, a summary
  • Attack on Titan: Angry german kid fights naked giants. Hair of death pt. 1
  • Free! Iwatobi Swim Club: Gay swimming and sharks
  • Fairy Tail: Almost canon ships destroy towns
  • FMAB: Hair of death pt. 2
  • Madoka Magica: Become a magical girl and we guarantee that your head won't get bitten off :)
  • Dragon Ball Z: Ha ha dragon BALLS
  • Hetalia: Sin. Gay countries and s i n
  • Sword Art Online: No
  • Bocu no pico: No, the sequel
  • Angel Beats: There is no god. 10/10 happy ending
  • Pokemon: Animal abuse conducted by immortal 10-year olds

schokocream  asked:

Hi hesse^_^ do you have any pets (you know like Gilbird or the three dogs of Germany?

Of course! All of us owned several dogs over the years!
Right now I have a 2 year old Leonberger called Luna ♡

Also: Saxony has a cute little Harzer Fuchs called Teddy.

And Bavaria has a Giant Schnauzer called Sissi.

Bonus: Lud, Blackie, Berlitz, and Aster

The Signs as German Words
  • Aries: Honigkuchenpferd - It means to have a giant dorky grin on your face. E.g. you are a cutie pie. -boom- you have a giant dorky grin.
  • Taurus: Gemütlichkeit - This word describes a space or state of warmth and friendliness
  • Gemini: Kohlensäure - The bubbles that fizz in your soda.
  • Cancer: Schadenfreude - The word is defined as, "making me feel glad that I'm not you," and "people taking pleasure in your pain."
  • Leo: Torschlusspanik - the fear, usually as one gets older, that time is running out and important opportunities are slipping away.
  • Virgo: Schwellenangst - This is the fear of embarking on something new; fear of crossing a threshold
  • Libra: Ohrwurm - It’s that catchy tune, the worm in your ear, that you simply can’t get out of your head.
  • Scorpio: Treppenwitz - A lethargic comeback. e.g. you think of a cool comeback but ten minutes later.
  • Sagittarius: Weltschmerz - when a person feels that their physical reality will never be as beautiful or blissful as the world they can imagine in their head.
  • Capricorn: Fremdschämen - It describes the feeling of shame when seeing someone else in an uncomfortable or embarrassing situation.
  • Aquarius: Fernweh - The feeling of wanting to be somewhere else. It’s a longing for a place that isn't where you are right now.
  • Pisces: Luftschloss - The word luft in this context means "sky" and schloss means "castle," coming together to create "castle in the sky." The expression is used to describe someone's unrealistic dream.
Trump noses into one of the world's biggest mergers
The president-elect extracts job promises from CEOs of Monsanto and Bayer, who are trying to get regulatory approval for $66 billion deal. By JOSH DAWSEY, JENNY HOPKINSON and CATHERINE BOUDREAU

When Donald Trump convened the CEOs of German chemical company Bayer and U.S. seed giant Monsanto at Trump Tower last week, they made the usual small talk.

Trump then asked specific questions about the $66 billion merger they are in the middle of, according to people briefed on the meeting. The companies committed to $8 billion in new research and development, along with 3,000 new jobs and a commitment to keep 9,000 other jobs in the United States, if the merger goes through.

Sean Spicer, the incoming White House press secretary, credited Trump with the commitment in a call Tuesday morning. “The reason for this commitment and expansion is because of the president-elect’s focus on creating [a] better business climate here in the United States, which has already increased consumer and small business confidence since the election,” Spicer said.

Yet the merger of the companies — the second-largest deal announced last year — hasn’t been approved by the federal government that Trump is about to take control of, and regulatory concerns remain, especially because it could reshape the world’s food supply. And Trump doesn’t yet have an agriculture secretary nominee to even consider whether the deal would help farmers and set policies on such mergers.

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Lesson 6c - Introduction to Norse Mythology: The Major Gods and Races (Part III)

At last, we reach the final segment of this lesson on Norse Mythology. This will actually conclude our discussion of Norse Mythology, moving next to something related - spirituality. Following that lesson will be runes. This lesson will cover some of the major races of the Norse Cosmology: Giants, Dwarves, Elves, Valyries, and Norns. These are most definitely not all there is, nor are my words about them nearly enough. However, I feel these are the most popular of creatures with major roles.

If there is anything about Norse Mythology I did not cover that you wished to have seen discussed, please let it be known and I will happily discuss it. There is much more to the topic than what I have touched with these past few lessons. Even what I have discussed lacks the true depth and detail it deserves. However, for the goal of this crash course, I feel it has been a good balance so far. Regardless, I hope you all continue to enjoy these and learn well from them.

Jötnar (Giants)

The Jötnar dwell in Jötunheimr (Giant Land). They are the oldest inhabitants of the Norse cosmology, existing even before the gods themselves. They are no simple bunch and are rather diverse. They are not all massive in size nor are they all hostile towards the gods. In fact, there are plenty of occasions in which the gods and giants have come together. One such example is Njord and Skadi.

Ymir is among the most famous of giants, though he is called Aurgelmir by the Frost Giants. However, when he was killed by the sons of Bor (Odin, Vili, Ve), his blood drowned all Frost Giants except for one household. Bergelmir was the one to survive, and from him came a second race of Jötunar.

Giants are generally regarded as the enemies of the gods (Thor especially fights them often), for the mountains giants will be the ones to cross Bifrost and siege Asgard. However, many giants are necessary in the Norse world, whether in natural phenomenon or in events or marriages. Some allegedly create the world’s wind - Hræsvelgr. Also, although cloaked with suspicion, it was a giant who helped build the fortress at Asgard. Giants should not simply be shrugged off as a source of evil. There was obviously a sense within Norse mythology that the concept of “evil” was not so simple and concrete.

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Team fortress 2: the old lady is a faceless voice who only shows up in the comic books and not in the game itself

Overwatch: the old lady is putting you to sleep before sending an 8 foot tall german in power armor with a giant hammer juiced up on nanomachines your way all while laying down covering fire with poison darts and all you can do is sleep the last sleep you will ever have before being pinned and pulverized into the nearest wall

       (One Piece Cross-over)

     [[ Please refer to this Timeline in regards to the plot line! ]]

Eren Jaeger
                   ‘Garou’(Ravenous Wolf or ‘Werewolf’)
              (ONLY ALIVE)



Eren is in possession of an old, experimental Devil Fruit first utilized in early attempts at turning humans into giants, referred to as ‘Giantification’, and as such, has the ability to transform into a gigantic humanoid with canine-like characteristics.
        The Okami Okami no Mi - Model: Werewolf is considered a Mythical Zoan, derived from ancient myths from the Giant island of Elbaf in which ancient Warriors from the country made a pact with a nature deity, giving them the power of a wolf and the strength to destroy all enemies in their way.

         As of this time, Eren is only capable of a partial transformation, and given the modified  nature of the fruit, gives him astonishing regenerative capabilities.


Said to be a method of synthesizing Conqueror’s Haki to a degree that the user would be able to control all Devil Fruit users, the Coordinate is a mysterious power that Jaeger gained during his life in Paradis.
         While the experiment was somewhat of a failure, it does allow Eren reign over any victim of the experimental fruits, giving him control over ‘Mindless Titans’ and some degree of sway over ‘Titan Shifters’.

 The Coordinate drastically enhances a user’s innate Observational Haki, to the point of being able to recall and see memories of any that had eaten a modified Devil Fruit in the past, and anyone carrying their genes -  memories of those who have been ‘cursed’ by Ymir all flow back into the Coordinate, in the end.


    Eren has a ridiculous sense of drive, passion and willpower,  able to decide on an action in a moment’s notice and put his all behind any endeavor, giving him apt control over the use of Armament Haki, after being given the basics of its use.  Though he normally only uses it for offensive purposes, being a bit weak in defensive capabilities.      

 While the boy does possess an innate intuition and understanding, making him a prime candidate for being prodigious in the use of Kenbunshoku, the Colour of Observation, the Coordinate will overwhelm him with information the second he attempts to utilize it, making it nearly impossible for him to decipher between the intentions right in front of him, and the reasons of twenty years ago.
             He normally just doesn’t bother.

I think my favorite part of Overwatch lore is that the German military’s solution to combat in the future was to stick giant dudes in bigger suits that can launch them forward real fast so they can beat the shit out of things with an equally huge hammer. There’s also a forcefield shield which is about the only thing you’d think people would logically come up with so at least theres that. Just bless. You do you Germany. Send them in.

Heavy/medic headcanon I guess

Medic’s doves have occasionally laid eggs around his infirmary, as expected. Most were discarded before anything could happen (medic wanted to keep them of course, but rules are rules)

Until medic starts to notice the frequent absence of a specific dove. Out of worry, he and heavy go searching for the said dove. To their surprise (and joy), they find a nest of three little dovelings, about a day old. The mother immediately let’s medic gain access as she fully trusts him with her children. Medic picks up the babies, a giddy smile decorating his face.

“Mein gott Heavy! Ve’re grandpas!”

“Da! Leetle birds~”

Medic hands the dovelings to an eager heavy, an awed sigh leaving his lips as they lay in his large hands. It still amazes the German how gentle the giant could be. Medic can’t help but stare at those gorgeous eyes he has, so full of love and passion. The same eyes he fell in love with…the same one’s he continues to fall in love with.

Just a couple more additions to the family.


So there was a book sale at my library today. Honestly died when I saw what they had. I swear, there were hundreds of novels in French, at least five German cook books, children’s books in Arabic, (not kidding with this) over 300 Japanese mangas, not to mention three entire shelves of Spanish resources. Omg I even saw this little square box that said “Beginner’s German” and I was like “oh they’re CDs”. Nope. A giant black record.
I wasn’t surprised that there were no Dutch books. I think I’m gonna go back and get more for whatever reason.
Btw, if anyone knows what the Russian and Chinese books say, feel free to tell me.