the george wars

I’m upset because I just want to marry him

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and him

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and him

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and him

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and basically any of them I’M NOT EVEN PICKY, MAN.

I’m surrounded by college boys and let me tell you something…NO THANKS

I just don’t mesh well with any of them eh guess I’ll continue to daydream

tag yourself original trilogy edition~
i’m 100% herder of nerfs

The sheer, utter innocence about this moment, though.

I’ve heard film critics say: “It wasn’t dramatic enough!” But, you know, I think it was.

Neither one has any clue how much they are going to absolutely destroy one another and just how nasty things are going to get. They’re both so young, naive and nice here. 

A cute, friendly little handshake. That’s how it started. 

The horror hasn’t hit them yet. And the viewer knows it hasn’t. We know more than they do.