the gentlemens rant


Sorry you had to find out like this..

So I’m a little more than halfway through The Lies of Locke Lamora by Scott Lynch and I’m just… Frustrated.

It’s a good book. I have to give it that. The world is interesting and I want to learn more, the characters are all individual and charming, and the dialogue is suitably witty. The gore is occasionally a bit much but I’ll let that go.

What really chaps my ass is the utter lack of real female characters thus far. There have, up to now, been two secondary female characters, one of which hasn’t actually appeared yet and is thus far reduced to the love interest that Locke pines for and the other one was rather abruptly fridged after having just one significant piece of dialogue. Otherwise, all of the primary characters are men, all of the antagonists are men, and the only women that have had any part in the book without being murdered are tertiary characters at best, mostly just there to be “oh look there are women in this world after all and sometimes they do things” characters.

So I’ve had ONE interesting female character presented to me. I really loved her. I thought she was neat and had a great personality and story and could really be a driving force to the plot. And instead she’s murdered. To drive the plot. And her body is rather disgustingly treated.

I had to put the book down and walk away because I was about to retch. There is no godly reason for that. If I’d had at least two other female characters that had real parts in the text, maybe I wouldn’t have been so angry about this. Really, it would have been easy. Make one of the big villains you’d just introduced a woman. Make one of the Gentlemen Bastards that we’ve actually met a woman. (Bug would have been a great girl, and it would have changed none of Bug’s character at all.)

Scott, buddy, you’ve got a great thing going but I’m getting the feeling you really have a problem with women.