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that green gentleman (things have changed for me) // panic! at the disco


30 Day Kamenashi Kazuya Challenge

Day 18: Favorite moment from Cartoon KAT-TUN?

Ep. 84 (Gentleman Test - with Yanagihara Kanako as Kosaka Fumi)

F: Before we part… I have a request.

Kiss me? With this kiss… with this kiss, I’ll let go.

K: Like I said… there are things you won’t be able to see clearly without separation. As for the kiss, let’s do it only after I fall in love with you.

A small detail from last night’s episode, but one I really liked.

When the Gentleman makes his comment to Arabella and Emma about a dance of three partners (cue me dying a little bit. Horrible pointy fairy, how I love thee), he says that he was taught the steps four thousand years ago. This is a very nice allusion to a footnote in the novel:

Several authorities have noted that long-lived fairies have a tendency to call any substantial period of time “four thousand years”. […] Many fairies, when asked, will say they are four thousand years old; they mean they do not know their age; they are older than human civilization or possibly than humankind.