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I started reading @scottlynch78 ‘s Gentleman Bastard series five centuries after everybody else so here’s a sketch of the book 1 crew ! I’m enjoying it a lot so if you’re one of the hundred people who recced it to me in the past : thank you ! also bonus boys xoxo

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After all the nsfw I have written, I needed this- And, once again…
Sorry for the mistakes.

Shuuichi Saihara

  • He has a mini heart attack when you first poke him in his side, just above his hip-
  • His eyes were glued to the book he was reading, so he didn’t see you approaching him.
  • When you ask him to give you the attention you so desperately needed at the moment, he quietly apologizes before you stick out your tongue…
  • “You… need… to be… PUNISHED!!”
  • Has a second mini heart attack as you push him down onto the bed-
  • Then, as he’s trying to gently get you off of him, your fingers make contact with his neck and he’s already giggling!
  • The more you touch him, the more sounds you hear coming from out of his mouth as tears also start to form in the corner of his eyes.
  • He doesn’t fight back, sadly. And you jUST CAN’T STOP TICKLING HIM BECAUSE HE’S JUST SO ADORABLE OML-
  • He doesn’t speak to you for a few days.
  • Why…? Just.. why??

Rantaro Amami 

  • He isn’t ticklish, so when you first run your hands up and down his sides, he just stares at you in confusion.
  • It takes him a while before he realizes what the heck you have been trying to do for the past few minutes-
  • Chuckling, he gently pets your hair, leaving a small kiss on your forehead as you pout.
  • Mission failed.

Kokichi Oma 

  • Your first tickle fight took place just a few days after you started dating.
  • The two of you were watching a rather boring movie, and he was nuzzling his head in the crook of your neck as you slowly ran your fingers through his hair, accidentally touching his neck in the process.
  • ..He literally jumped from your arms in shock before turning his eyes to your face, a blank expression on his pale face as you awkwardly stared back, not sure what to do.
  • “That’s dirty, (Y/n)-chan. Getting me while I’m unprepared…”
  • He suddenly lunges at you before pocking your neck, earning a small giggle from you as a smirk starts to form on his lips.
  • …You end up having the most intense tickle fight you ever had in your entire life.


  • You aren’t sure if it can be called tickling… but pulling his ahoge will get him to chuckle loudly.
  • He doesn’t really know what he can do in this kind of situation, so he just lets you keep on messing with his most sensitive part until you’re satisfied.
  • That doesn’t mean he won’t complain though.
  • And, uh… be careful. Pulling his ahoge too hard will get him to make other sounds…

Korekiyo Shinguji

  • When you first touch his sides, his body starts trembling a little under your touch, but…
  • When you continue, he just stares down at you with a pair of lifeless eyes, trying to piece together what to tell you in order to make you stop.
  • He ain’t very ticklish, if you didn’t already get it.
  • …but seeing you try your best to make him laugh would still get a small smile out of him.

Gonta Gokuhara 

  • You and your gentleman were admiring his bugs on a sunny day of summer when, out of boredom, you came up with a brilliant idea.
  • As he was focused on feeding one of his bugs, you sneaked behind him and threw your arms around his waist, searching for his “weak” spot.
  • You failed.
  • “I was trying to tickle you.”
  • You had to spell it out for him before he raised an eyebrow, confused by why you’d do such a thing at such a random time.
  • …he’s too innocent, even for tickling.

Ryoma Hoshi 

  • You can’t tickle him.

Kaito Momota 

  • You were in Kaito’s arms, cuddling while facing the small window of his bedroom where the two of you could somehow stare at the stars.
  • When you realized he was slowly losing consciousness, his eyes closing with each second passing by, you poked his cheek, managing to make him chuckle as your eyes widen.
  • …you knew his weakness.
  • Use it against him? 
  • ☑ F*ck yes. ✅ No
  • Getting on top of him, you giggled, rubbing both your lips and nose on his cheek while he chuckled even more with a now goofy smile on his face.
  • He doesn’t fight back and just admires your cuteness before you fall asleep.

Hey, everyone! 

I have some pretty exciting news for you all! In the next couple of months, @dentula and I will be finalizing our move into an apartment and all sorts of fun and fantastic things will be happening. However, moving across states is never easy, nor is it cheap, so I’m going to be contributing to a commission stream with our good gentleman Bug, and I believe the esteemed AgentNein, in order to help fund his trip up to our new place and getting his things shipped. 

All commissions will be done on stream, and there will be music, shenaniganry and as good a time as I can guarantee! All payments will be made via paypal. If you have questions, you can contact me here on tumblr, on my main @c0mmanderfarron, or via email, or at my deviantart ( 

An additional notice: I realize that I stream at a very late time for several time zones, and as a result, I will be allowing two advance orders per stream (a total of six advance orders). You can message me the details, but I will have to let you know if I cannot make your order per the day–it is first come, first serve! 

The pricing list should cover it all, and don’t hesitate to share any kind of dynamic pose or something you envision for your characters, as I’ll do my best to deliver for you! 

If you’re not interested in a commission, but you want to support us in another way, please reblog this, and reblog the sister posts when they come around! I’ll be linking to them when they’re released. Thanks so much for your support!

Sketching sketching and procrastinating…

I’m reading this really good book, The Lies of Locke Lamora, you see and I’m going to pester you into reading it with more fanarts in the following weeks (i’m looking at you joker-ace)

This is Bug, 12 yrs old, youngest recruit of a gang of thieves. He usually plays the role of lookout. He’s also the cutest lil shit and I love to draw him.

  • What he says: I'm fine
  • What he means: But like, seriously, why Bug though? Bug would have made such a good pirate, hanging out in the crows nest and shouting "LAND HO!" and other such nonsense. Bug would have been thrilled to see his super """serious""" and successful Garrista pulling childhood pranks in Karthain. Bug would probably have been dumbstruck by finally seeing the Sabetha of legends. There could have been so many wonderful little Bug moments... Why would you do that to my smol innocent thief son? Why would you do something like that Scott Lynch? WHY? HE WAS JUST GETTING HIS MORAL EDUCATION!

Howdy my buzzing bees, it’s a newcomer to the DR community here named Pepsi w/ another beautiful roleplay blog for your perfect beautiful bug boy Gonta Gokuhara from New Danganronpa V3!!
B/c he’s beautiful and perfect.

So hmu w/ a like or a reblog if you’d like a beautiful handsome bug-loving gentleman in your life yes yes.