the gentleman bug

  • What he says: I'm fine
  • What he means: But like, seriously, why Bug though? Bug would have made such a good pirate, hanging out in the crows nest and shouting "LAND HO!" and other such nonsense. Bug would have been thrilled to see his super """serious""" and successful Garrista pulling childhood pranks in Karthain. Bug would probably have been dumbstruck by finally seeing the Sabetha of legends. There could have been so many wonderful little Bug moments... Why would you do that to my smol innocent thief son? Why would you do something like that Scott Lynch? WHY? HE WAS JUST GETTING HIS MORAL EDUCATION!

@bestiascuro || The animal whisperers

      It was not often that Gonta was so bold, that he would actually try and get into the main campus. He was doing it in an as polite manner as he possibly could, but still… He felt like he was committing a crime or something. It was already dark outside when he left his dorm, carrying his tools in a backpack, and a letter from the principal in his hand. Inside it was Kirigiri Jin’s signature, as well as a brief message, telling the guard that he handed it off to, that he had permission to enter.

      A few students could be heard walking through the campus, laughing inbetween each other as they headed for their dorms, or a night out. Gonta only had one place in mind though. Making his way off the path towards the main school, he walked into the vegetation, carefully made his way through the bushes, until he found them. 

      Peacefully, away from all the chatting students, little fireflies were hanging in the air as they busied themselves lightnening up the little area that Gonta had arrived to. He crouched down, carefully sat down his bag on the grass, before he brought out a small veil with a seethrough liquid within it. After putting some on his right hand, he then reached it out and patiently waited for the insects to respond to his presence. Eventually one sat down on his finger, and he cooed a little in delight, before smiling to himself.

      “Hello there, beautiful.”