the genesis quest

Fantasmagoria of Chongqing - Architecture, Politics, Fiction

Fantasmagoria of Chongqing is a snap-shot of the emergence of a rural urban mega-city and reports an unprecedented reality of inhuman living conditions. The project quests the genesis of the state of mind, the modern mythologies and the phantasmagories which inhabit Chongqing.

China is the epicenter of the current global urbanization phenomena. The vast and mountainous territory of Chongqing underlies, cased by an authoritarian led political system a violent transformation. A purely pragmatic orientated urban planing practice generates consequently architectural mutations, irrational phenomena and fragments of utopia.

Publication: Fantasmagoria of Chongqing
booklet (2 x 16 pages, color off-set print, french and german texts) with 3 posters (color off-set print).
Limited edition of 100 exemplars

A project by Celia-Hannes (Célia Picard and Hannes Schreckensberger)

the signs as homestuck characters
  • Aries: Those dancing, happy fruits
  • Taurus: Ryan from Ryan Quest
  • Gemini: Genesis frog
  • Cancer: Godhead pickle inspector
  • Leo: Squiddles
  • Virgo: Mutie
  • Libra: Bull penis cane
  • Scorpio: Wizardy Herbert
  • Sagittarius: Dave's Ben Stiller shades
  • Capricorn: Posters of blue ladies in Jake's room
  • Aquarius: Smuppets
  • Pisces: Senator Lemonsnout

I haven’t posted in a while, so here are some screenshots from recent questing adventures. A lot has happened, and I’m pleased to say I have all the areas unlocked on Jorvik!

I have a couple goofy pictures intermingled in this time span from club activities, but I chose to only post my randomized questing screenshots.

Genesis was so cute doing the rain dance, I wish the horses could always dance with us!