the generosity and kindness here


One year ago at this exact time l was on an airplane headed out to Washington, D.C. for my very first John Lloyd Young concert!!! Less than two weeks prior l had met Erich Bergen when he performed in the Chicagoland area, & at that time l never dreamed that l’d soon be seeing my favorite “Jersey Boy” in person! (Sorry Erich, you were great, but my favorite EVERYTHING is John Lloyd Young!!!) You can imagine how excited l was when my friend Judy Patterson invited me as her guest to see JLY perform at the Kennedy Center (my stomach’s full of butterflies just recalling my reaction to her generosity & kindness!) And now here l am remembering that most wonderful occasion a whole year later! (where did the time go?!) l’m planning to celebrate today by sharing some special memories of THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE! (so there will be more to come!)