the generosity and kindness here

just some pre-vday thoughts: i cant believe i am in love with, and in turn loved by, the most beautiful and silly and kind person in the world. i cant believe for a whole year now ive been sleeping next to someone who fully understands and wants to be with me. i never thought i would be so comfortable and compatible with another human being. i really thought, after all the literally scarring relationships i’ve been through, that being truly happy was impossible for me. gorman has proved that wrong every day since we first met. i am so satisfied with my life, even though im working paycheck to paycheck with pretty much only the bare basics to get me through, because i have someone who loves me for everything that i am. i couldnt be here without the endless kindness and generosity of my friends, family, and followers. this is all possible because y’all have been cheering me on and supporting me through every roadbump and seemingly insurmountable obstacle. so for valentines day, everyone who has shown me love is my valentine. i love you all so much. thanks for being there for me. i hope i can be there for you too and help you find the kind of happiness i have.