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Could you please tell me some differences between Gryffindors and Hufflepuffs? How to know if a character is a Hufflepuff or a Gryffindor? Because they have a lot in common.

That’s actually a really great question. The line can be pretty blurry but here are the distinctions as I see them*.

Traits: Chivalry, Courage, and Daring
Element: Fire
Gryffindor House has been respected by the Wizarding Community for quite some time, and it is easy to see why. Gryffindor House focuses on fostering courage in it’s members to take action despite their fears. In general, more heroic acts of valor or mischievous and daring pranks get more attention than everyday acts of courage. This has caused many non-Gryffindors to claim they engage in “pointless heroics” or are reckless in their decisions. Gryffindors have also been known to have quick tempers and will jump before questioning whether or not it is safe to do so. This isn’t always a bad thing. Gryffindors help people be decisive and will push for action from those who may tend to over analyze the situation.

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something truly amazing happened to me today.

I went to the post office to drop off some mail and there was a quilt waiting for me. a woman from new zealand, a total stranger, wrote me a letter on a page from my book and basically explained that she follows me on Instagram and can see that sometimes I “struggle a bit with days that feel blue.”

she wanted me to remember that things are okay and sometimes a hug is the answer. she sent me a beautiful quilt that she made herself. she went on to explain how making quilts got her through her own rough patch.

the part that kills me is that she described herself as a “nobody who lives at the bottom of the globe” when actually she has proven the exact opposite. SHE IS A SOMEBODY and I AM A SOMEBODY and the world can be a very hard place sometimes but LOTS OF GOOD PEOPLE are out there, connected in ways now that we weren’t before.

I try to remember that when I feel like shit, that there are good humans and I’m hopefully one of them, and emoting outwardly and online helps us all find each other. it’s easy to forget sometimes that it’s okay and feelings are okay and sharing is okay.

I am still completely floored by this act of generosity and pure human kindness. I can’t believe someone out here in the world used their own two hands and made me a quilt. it means so much and I’m not sure I deserve it but I’m very grateful.

“R and R pre Rev then off grid for 7 months”

Poster’s note:Thank you #TomHardy for sharing so much of yourself and your work .Your generosity and kindness is boundless and absolutely appreciated by all of us here at Dotorg. Safe travels,take care and “see” you in seven months


got tagged by @pervcreep for this lil photo thing, thought I’d share my whole adventure this year. going from bottom up is me before rehab (Jan-Feb), at rehab (Mar-April), graduating from rehab an stayin at home working(May-July), going to the point arena lighthouse for my parents 25th anniversary(Aug), celebrating my last days in california(Sept), my first day in seattle(Oct), and living in this new home as a proud recovered, functional, stable, reborn returning student at the University of Washington (Oct-Dec). 2015 has been an incredible year of changes for me. I hit rock bottom in February when paramedics found me dead in a public restroom. From then I overcame incredible odds as I went through rehab, worked the steps of narcotics anonymous, rebuilt my relationship with my family from the ground up, worked two jobs to erase over $2000 of debt from my addiction, passed all evaluations and hearings to reenter the University of Washington, dealt with the death of a friend and helped save another from his sickness, found a place to live despite poor rental history at the last second, became a part of the ESS major, and now I’m cramming for my finals - if I do well, UW will allow me to return next quarter and I will have truly been allowed to live my life. I could never have done any of this alone, whether it was with the love and support of my amazing mother, father & brother, the trust and foundation built by my sponsor and fellow addicts in narcotics anonymous, or the kindness and generosity of you all, my friends on here. Thank you all so much and may we have an incredible 2016 together. I won’t tag anyone because I’d like all of you, mutual or not to do this. Whether you have already posted or if you’d rather not share selfies, I’d like for everyone to take a moment to reflect on the incredible struggles you each have had to face this year and have made it this far. I am excited to see what changes I will see in myself next year. I hope you all have a wonderful evening/day.

Rest in peace my friend, Nandan Sathyanarayana.

Information needed on iTunes globally!

Hi everyone,

First off: A huge thank you to the overwhelming number of people participating in Project Home! We are exceptionally grateful for your presence in this fandom and on this project’s team!

@createdoutofnecessity, @beccasafan and I have been running the gifting exchange and have matched several people (keep an eye out for posts with updated numbers - new sponsors and sponsees are ALWAYS welcome and we’ll do our best to match you!

But we’ve run into a few issues with being unable to gift the song only (needing to give the entire EP) in certain countries (France for sure, and others non-specified). The sponsorship team is US centric and can’t look into this ourselves unfortunately. If anybody can give us advice on how to gift only the song rather than the entire EP we’d be really grateful. Or, if it’s the case that only the EP can be gifted in certain countries, it’d be helpful to know that so we can update the information.

Again – a massive, massive thank you to everyone. The people in this fandom and the kindness and generosity they demonstrate is part of what makes being here so fun: THANK YOU!

So here’s a story for you: a while back, when the j2 campaign was on, i wrote a little post about how I would like one but since i’ve already bought Jared’s, i wouldn’t buy another one coz the price is too high and the shipping is as well. it was a nonsense post. i swear. but then the very VERY lovely  jackiefour wrote me a message saying she would love to buy one for me, that she wanted to donate the cause but wouldn’t wear such a shirt herself…. I was amazed by her kindness and generosity. 

and here it is. it arrived today, with a lovely postcard as well  (you have a beautiful hand writing!) ♥ so, thank you so much Jackie, you are a beautiful soul and i am so happy ♥ 

just some pre-vday thoughts: i cant believe i am in love with, and in turn loved by, the most beautiful and silly and kind person in the world. i cant believe for a whole year now ive been sleeping next to someone who fully understands and wants to be with me. i never thought i would be so comfortable and compatible with another human being. i really thought, after all the literally scarring relationships i’ve been through, that being truly happy was impossible for me. gorman has proved that wrong every day since we first met. i am so satisfied with my life, even though im working paycheck to paycheck with pretty much only the bare basics to get me through, because i have someone who loves me for everything that i am. i couldnt be here without the endless kindness and generosity of my friends, family, and followers. this is all possible because y’all have been cheering me on and supporting me through every roadbump and seemingly insurmountable obstacle. so for valentines day, everyone who has shown me love is my valentine. i love you all so much. thanks for being there for me. i hope i can be there for you too and help you find the kind of happiness i have.