the general zapped an angel


1) Karel Thole - The general zapped an angel, 1970 (via sciencefictiongallery)

2) The End of Evangelion


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42 year old short story spoilers!

So I just finished reading ’The General Zapped an Angel’ by Howard Fast. It was delightfully surreal, but the ending just made me laugh. I don’t mean derisively, mind you - I loved it in fact.

The angel, previously thought dead, reawakens and stumbles outside. There’s a crowd of reporters and soldiers surrounding the hanger in which he was being kept, but he locks his eyes on one man - the general who shot him down. Everyone else steps away, leaving him to face this 20 foot tall angel on his own. The angel says nothing, though. He only sighs, shakes his head, and flies away.

First I was boggled and perhaps a little disappointed, but the more I thought about it, the more I adored the scene. I can just imagine the angel thinking, “you are such an ass,” or even, “ugh, fucking humans.”