the general strike tour

The General Strike Tour 01/06/2012

Laura won tickets and she took me as her +1 to see The Flatliners, Strike Anywhere and Anti-Flag. We stayed at the barricades the entire time. :D

                                                     Beginning of the night.

                                 'I’m fucking metal’ hahaha, I fucking love it.

                                                   The Flatliners


                                   Look who it is! (During ‘Strike Anywhere’)

                                                 Strike Anywhere

                         I was a bit worried about him. He didn’t look too well. :(


At the end of the night, I was smack bang in the centre. 4 people squeezed in between Laura and I. They were all giants too (compared to me.) I don’t know how I even survived 4 hours at the barricades, haha.