the general by dispatch

Playlists For The Signs

Aries: ((St. Jimmy-// Green Day)) ((War Pigs-// Black Sabbath)) ((Smoke on the Water-// Deep Purple)) (Bungle in the Jungle- Jethro Tull)) (( Don’t Stop Me Now-// Queen))

Taurus:  ((Northern Downpour-// Panic at the Disco))  (( The Luckiest-// Ben Folds)) (( So LIttle Time-// Akarna)) ((Angels-/// Robbie Williams)) (( Someone Saved my Life Tonight-// Elton John))

Gemini: (( Going to California-// Led Zeppelin)) ((Sunshine of Your Love-// Cream)) ((Don’t Dream it’s Over-// Crowded House)) ((Everyday- Buddy Holly)) ((Build Me Up Buttercup-// The Foundations))

Cancer: ((House of Gold-// Twenty One Pilots)) ((Yes, the River Knows-// The Doors)) (( Sigh No More-// Mumford and Sons)) (( American Pie-// Don Mclean)) ((Landslide- Fleetwood Mac))

Leo: (( Semi- Charmed LIfe-// Third Eye Blind)) ((Laid-// Better Than Ezra)) ((I Want To Take You Higher-// Sly and the Family Stone)) (( Sunshine Superman-// Donovan)) ((Caress Me Down-// Sublime)) ((Squeeze Box- The Who))

Virgo: ((Far Behind-// Candlebox)) ((Motercycle Drive By-// Third Eye Blind)) ((Clint Eastwood- Gorillaz)) ((Baba O’Rielly-// The Who)) (( The Zephyr Song-// Red Hot Chlli Peppers))

Libra: ((Waterloo Sunset-// The Kinks)) (( Love Song-// The Cure))  ((Romeo & Juliet-// Dire Straits)) (( Linger-// The Cranberries)) (( White Rabbit -// Jefferson Airplane))

Scorpio: ((Candlite-// Frightened Rabbit)) ((Pepper-// Butthole Surfers)) ((Reel Around the Fountain-// The Smiths)) ((Lake of Fire-// Nirvana)) ((Flagpole Sitta-// Harvey Danger))

Sagittarius: ((Ruby Tuesday-// Rolling Stones)) ((The Wind-//Cat Stevens)) ((Born to Run-// Bruce Springsteen)) ((Lay me Down -// Dirty Heads))  (( Free Bird-// Lynyrd Skynyrd))

Capricorn: (( Tangerine-// Led Zeppelin)) ((She’s not There-// The Zombies)) (( KIll the Poor-// Dead Kennedys))  ((Let Me Go- Cake)) ((The General- Dispatch))

Aquarius: ((She’s A Rainbow-// Rolling Stones)) ((Comfort Eagle-// Cake)) (( Doctor My Eyes-// Jackson Browne))  ((Sweet Sixteen-// Think About Life)) ((Pork And Beans-// Weezer))

Pisces: (( How Soon is Now-// The Smiths)) ((Indian Summer-//The Doors)) ((Bus Stop- The Hollies)) ((Thick as a Brick-// Jethro Tul)) ((Into The Ocean-//Blue October)) ((Disconnected-// 5sos))

[Bungou Stray Dogs ] 55 Minutes Part 2

Disclaimer:  [ Thank you all for being patient, I’ve been dealing with tons of things, so working on this project has been pretty difficult, anyway, thanks for continuing to follow me.  If there’s anyone else who would like to help with this project feel free to send me a message! ]

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anonymous asked:

You've talked a few times about haggar and the parallels between the ways she treats shiro and lotor, on that I think it's interesting that episode 5 is entirely shiro's escape from experimentation/the druids (again) and lotor being followed by haggar (presumably again)

…That… is very true, anon, you do raise a good point. The episode we see Shiro escaping galra captivity is the same episode that we see Haggar trying to assert control over Lotor.

And both of them have kind of a bitter victory in that regard, come to think of it?

Shiro escapes, but there’s an implication that his captors wanted him to, and there’s definitely something seriously wrong now- the mystery headaches, not knowing even how he was captured, Black rejecting him- he’s now beset on all sides with nagging concerns.

Lotor successfully catches and dispatches General Raht, but, Haggar, the actual person responsible, is utterly unfazed by his accusation and there’s basically nothing he can do but hope that he catches the next spy, as well, because Haggar’s not going to give up so easily. He can’t stop her from trying to control him and now he knows she’s paying attention to him as a potential concern- at a time when he doesn’t have all his pieces where he wants them yet.

The Signs As Weird Pieces of Art From Western History:

Art has captured some major cultural and scientific innovations over the years. Occasionally, it has ALSO been 100% ridiculous. 

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Hannibal Playing Cards 2017!

They’re here! My new playing card designs have landed and I’m v. happy with them. They’ll be on pre order for the next 2 months only! With the preorder closing Nov 1st 2017. The cards will not be on general sale afterwards and decks will not be dispatched until after the pre order closing date.

Check out some more photos of the suits through the etsy listing!

I’ve changed it up a bit to include some Season 3 characters in the picture cards…

Hearts: King is Molly, Queen is Reba, Jack is Dolarhyde

Lures: King is Will, Queen is Alana, Jack is Abigail

Hogs: King is Margot, Queen is Freddie, Jack is Chilton

Antlers: King is Hannibal, Queen is Bedelia, Jack is Chiyoh

Jokers: Title card and “it’s beautiful” card

The more decks I get through in the pre order, the more extra and exclusive goodies I can include!

Any Questions, as ever PLEASE LET ME KNOW!


every mother, every child, every brother, who’s caught in the C R O S S F I R E

a playlist about The War, may we be able to obtain peace in this life.

click the songs to listen!

01. Coldplay // Violet Hill
02. Stephen // Crossfire
03. The Hoosiers // Run Rabbit Run
04. IAMX // Volatile Times (remix)
05. Woodkid // Run Boy Run
06. Temposhark // Don’t Mess With Me
07. Kid Cudi // The Ruler And The Killer
08. Fall Out Boy // From Now On We Are Enemies
09. Bring Me The Horizon // And The Snakes Start To Sing
10. Globus // Take Me Away
11. The Decemberists // This Is Why We Fight
12. Streetlight Manifesto // The Receiving End Of It All
13. Fallulah // Give Us A Little Love
14. The Mountain Goats // Heretic Pride
15. Punch Brothers // Dark Days
16. Foals // Spanish Sahara
17. Birdy // Just A Game
18. Sleeping At Last // Uneven Odds
19. Dispatch // The General

anonymous asked:

So I've gotten into the Hamilton musical recently and I've gotten curious about Burr's life after his duel. All I really know is some vague thing about him trying to set up his own empire out west. Do you have any information on that?

After killing Alexander Hamilton in a duel in July 1804, Aaron Burr fled to Virginia, then traveled to New Orleans after finishing his term as vice president and met with U.S. General James Wilkinson, who was an agent for the Spanish. They both plotted in speculation ranges from the establishment of an independent republic in the American Southwest to the seizure of territory in Spanish America for the same purpose.

In the later months of 1806, Burr led a group of armed colonists toward New Orleans, which led into an investigation by American authorities. General Wilkinson turned against Burr, sending dispatches that accused Burr of treason. On February 19, 1807, Burr was arrested in Alabama for treason and sent to Richmond, Virginia, to be tried in a US circuit court.

On September 1, 1807, he was release after months of court procedures. The final verdict stated that although he had conspired against the United States, he was not guilty of treason because he had not engaged in an “overt act,” which was a qualification for being treasonous specified in the U.S. Constitution. 

anonymous asked:

For some reason I feel sympathy for William every time Grell kind of goes crazy, and he has to deal with ending it all.

Sometimes Grell causes a lot of trouble within the Dispatch in general and she’s definitely not an easy person. Though I think Grell is more ordinary today than she was as an academy student.

But she fucked up for real with the Jack the Ripper case and William had no chill to let her feel consequences.

How EXO would react to being caught dating their idol girlfriend (analysis)

This ask is a bit broad, but I’ll do my best to cover everything from their initial reaction to how they would handle the news with their girlfriend. Also…two of our boys have actually been through this scenario. 😍 So, as a result, I will be taking those members’ reactions and demeanors throughout this ordeal into slight consideration. Enjoy as always my loves!

Kris: Yifan is one of those idols I see having a verrry private and confidential personal life. Arguably, he’s the one member who we know the least about, which says something about how clandestine he prefers to be. So, I could see him wanting to have a covert relationship with his girlfriend, regardless of whether she’s an idol or not. So, the fact that Dispatch or some other news outlets have caught him dating would be somewhat frustrating to Kris. But even after the news has been reveled, Yifan would still want to maintain a covert relationship with his girlfriend and want to keep the relationship out of the public’s watchful eye as much as possible.  

Kai: Now Kai, is somewhat similar to Kris in this instance. He is a covert and reserved person and so far, it seems like he is handling his relationship with Krystal in such a manner. Like Kris, if Jongin had it his way, he would want to have a private relationship, without fans and the general public attaining knowledge of his relationship with his girlfriend. Despite Dispatch reveling the news to the public, Jongin will still be able to maintain a privy dating life with his girlfriend, doing his best to avoid speaking of his girlfriend out of respect for her and himself. He’ll still carry himself as mundanely as possible albeit the dating news. 

Suho: Similar to Kris, I see Suho wanting to maintain a covert relationship with his idol girlfriend. If he were in a relationship with a non-idol girl, I don’t see Joonmyun being opposed to having an open relationship with the girl as he wouldn’t be as cautious of the potential response. So, once the news is out, Suho would be somewhat abashed following the news, however, it wouldn’t take long for him to regain his normal composure succeeding the news. He would be a little open about his relationship with his girlfriend if asked about it. 

Chen: Jongdae would actually not be too fazed once the dating news is out. I feel like he would be adept at keeping his relationship in a state of secrecy, however, after he is caught with his girlfriend after a considerable amount of time together, he wouldn’t be vexed. Surprised? Yes, but not effected. I feel that Jongdae would carry his relationship with his girlfriend quite normally despite the public knowing. If Chen was asked about his girlfriend on a variety show of some sort, he wouldn’t be against talking about her. But, bear in mind that Chen is a gentlemen, so depending on who his girlfriend is, if she wants an overt relationship he’ll be obliged to go with it. Same with her wanting a closed relationship, he would be sure to respect her desires. 

Sehun: Sehun would react similarly to Chen. He wouldn’t be too fazed at the fact that the public now knows about his relationship with his girlfriend. However, unlike Jongdae who I said would have a long-term girlfriend, Sehun would get caught with his idol girlfriend after…maybe two months of being in a relationship; within a relatively short time span. But, he wouldn’t be dismayed nor perplexed at Dispatch catching him with his girlfriend. I could see Sehun being somewhat open about the relationship since he’s at relative ease with the public attaining knowledge. He wouldn’t mind taking questions or addressing the state of his relationship but he wouldn’t just openly flaunt his relationship. 

Chanyeol: Ahhh, he would be abashed at the fact that Dispatch has caught onto him and his girlfriend. I think Chanyeol would genuinely want a covert relationship with his idol girlfriend, which is an interesting contrast to his personality. I think if Chanyeol was in a relationship with a non idol girl, he wouldn’t be as cautious or worried about a potential uproar from the community, thus making him more open about his relationship. With each interview and question given to him about him and his girlfriend, Chanyeol will either answer with slight disconcert or not answer at all and just laugh it off awkwardly. He would want a concealed relationship with his idol girlfriend after the news is released. 

Lay: Yixing would be relatively mature about the situation and calm. He really wouldn’t be effected by Dispatch releasing the news, allowing fans knowledge to his relationship. Yixing would be relaxed and be sure to assure his girlfriend that everything is alright and that publicly dating is not as daunting as it may seem. It’s hard for me to explain but Yixing is a…very open EXO member to me, I think he expresses himself most openly of all the members and is unafraid to, therefore, this leads me to believe that he would be somewhat open about his relationship and would not be against addressing his relationship or discussing it whether it’s between interviewers/MCs. 

Luhan: Luhan is pretty similar to Yixing in this scenario. Luhan has said before that he would be completely honest if he were asked about his dating life–he specifically said “no means no/yes means yes.” This leads me to believe that he would be relatively open and unyielding about dating an idol and would be willing to discuss it if called for. Once more, Luhan wouldn’t flaunt his relationship but he’s okay with the public knowing. I feel the fact that he’s not under the microscope like the members that are in the group currently also helps the fact that he would be open with his relationship. However, depending on who the idol in question is, he may be slightly reserved on the matter. 

Baekhyun: Now, albeit all the…unneeded backlash Baekhyun received from the public for his relationship with Taeyeon, I think Baek’s disposition on the matter wouldn’t have been altered much, if at all. If you noticed, Baekhyun was surprisingly placid about his relationship with Taeng. Of course, this is partly due to the immense backlash, but I truly think if the adversity had not been that overwhelming, he wouldn’t have gone about the relationship much differently. I think he has a strong understanding his own personal boundaries and this is one of them. He wouldn’t mind answering a question or two about his girlfriend but at the same time, he wouldn’t reveal everything…I do think Baekhyun has a boundary when it comes to things like this. Not only because of the watchful public, but because it’s just in his own personal nature. 

Xiumin: I think Minseok would easily be the most private and covert member in this instance. No matter who he’s in a relationship with, be it a female idol or a non idol, he would still keep the relationship heavily clandestine. In general, Xiumin is a reticent, withdrawn person so this is only natural for him. I think like Chen, he would be caught in a long term relationship with an idol, which would be a display of his desire to keep his dating life private. He’s somewhat disquieted at the fact that the public knows about his relationship, but he’ll manage. Minseok would avoid queries and other exchanges on his relationship. If he is asked, he would just reply simply with “it’s private. We don’t really want to talk about it.” Very politely and mild. 

D.O: Like Xiumin, Kyungsoo would also be very veeerry reserved in this scenario. I don’t think he’d be so surreptitious as to have a long term relationship with an idol, but a four to six month relationship, I can fathom in Kyungsoo’s case. He would be somewhat displeased at this turn of events, once Dispatch gets a hold of the news, but for the sake of his girlfriend, he’ll have to manage a poised and level-headed demeanor. Like Xiumin, Kyungsoo will be weary with being asked questions about his relationship, to the points of him merely dismissing them. I think with Kyungsoo in general, he would want to keep his relationships covert, unless he’s getting married or something along those lines. 

Tao: At first, Tao would be a bit unsettled with this news breaking out. But eventually, he’ll come to grips and be relatively at ease with the whole ordeal. Depending on who his girlfriend is and how eminent she is in the business, he may be just a little reserved in dispensing all the information to the public. If his girlfriend is an up and coming star, I can see Tao being pretty open with relationship and projecting that towards the public. Tao would be willing to talk about his relationship on shows/interviews if the matter is presented. However, if he’s dating a big name idol, I can see him being on the cautious side, only answering a question or two about the relationship but other than the generic questions, he would dispel of the rest. 

Be sure to send me your requests lovely readers! I enjoy writing out your fantasies. 


lattes & art days // playlist by alaina

{initially made to accompany summer days spent in the art studio. listen to this alternative/indie mix when you’re feeling lazy, need to study/focus, or just want some background music.}

listen to these tunes on 8tracks here.

  1. stuck on the puzzle – alex turner
  2. blue spotted tail – fleet foxes
  3. wide eyes – local natives
  4. mango tree – angus and julia stone
  5. fall creek boys choir – james blake & bon iver
  6. the girl – city and colour
  7. upward over the mountain – iron & wine
  8. casimir pulaski day – sufjan stevens
  9. the start of something – voxtrot
  10. heartbeats – jose gonzales
  11. unaware – allen stone
  12. medicine – daughter
  13. open air – lemolo
  14. east harlem – beirut
  15. silver soul – beach house
  16. the dreamer – the tallest man on earth
  17. sweet disposition – the temper trap
  18. i wanna be yours – arctic monkeys
  19. sideways – citizen cope
  20. starchild – mothica
  21. atlas hands – benjamin francis leftwich
  22. lights out, words gone – bombay bicycle club
  23. the general – dispatch
  24. diane young – vampire weekend
  25. away frm u – oberhofer
  26. yamaha – delta spirit
  27. janglin – edward sharpe & the magnetic zeroes
  28. haiti – arcade fire
  29. winter song – the head and the heart
  30. dark doo wop – ms mr
  31. manchester – kishi bashi
  32. hollywood forever cemetery sings – father john misty
  33. love will tear us apart – joy division
  34. new slang – the shins
  35. isabella of castile – strfkr
  36. is this it – the strokes
  37. if i ever feel better – phoenix
  38. you’re so dark – arctic monkeys
  39. where is my mind? – pixies
  40. a heartbreak – angus and julia stone
  41. feels like we only go backwards – tame impala
  42. naïve – the kooks
  43. black balloons – local natives
  44. fader – the temper trap
  45. comrade – volcano choir
  46. afternoon – youth lagoon
  47. west coast – coconut records
  48. fast car – tracy chapman
  49. i want! i want! – walk the moon
  50. welcome home – radical face
  51. weight of love – the black keys

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Ala Mhigo Chronology of the 6th Astral Era

(Cuz why not?)

Original post here

Year 10:   Survivors of the Sixth Umbral Calamity form small communities in Gyr Abania, descending into conflict over the area’s limited resources. Many flee Abalathia entirely as the floodwaters recede.

Year 1135:   Anshelm Cotter unifies the military might of Gyr Abania’s warring clans and builds a citadel on the shores of an eastern lake, marking the birth of the city-state of Ala Mhigo.

Year 1150:   A system of tolls is enacted, to be collected from merchants travelling through Ala Mhigo and Gyr Abania in return for safe passage between Eorzea and the Near East.

Year 1154:   Ala Mhigan pikemen drive out the invading Hyuran nomads from northern Othard, and tales of their courage and martial prowess resound across Eorzea.

Year 1179:   Ul'dah enlists the services of Ala Mhigan mercenaries, and the soldiers of fortune swell their ranks as the kingdom besieges Sil'dih.

Year 1190:   With the expansion of maritime trade, the number of Ul'dahn merchants taking the land-based eastern trade routes begins to decline, and Ala Mhigo struggles to sustain itself on the meager tolls.

Year 1313:   Sharlayan enlists the service of Ala Mhigan mercenaries to subdue the beasts that roam the hinterlands and ensure the safety of their outpost.

Year 1353:   Ala Mhigan mercenaries are contracted by Ul'dah in the sultanate’s effort to purge the city of the undead droves.

Year 1466:   King Manfred abruptly asserts his sovereign right to the East Shroud, dispatching General Gylbarde and his men across the Velodyna River to seize Gridanian territory. This incursion marks the outbreak of the Autumn War.

General Gylbarde ambushes the Gridanian troops en route to Finesand, surrounding and spilling the blood of the Gridanian column with six thousand men

General Gylbarde thrice deflects the desperate advances of Commander Osbern. In addition to capturing Osbern and scores of his officers, Gylbarde’s army also seizes possession of Claustrum, the Seedseers’ legendary staff. The First Battle of Tinolqa concludes with a decisive Ala Mhigan victory.

Year 1539:   The Darklight Raiders, a mercenary group under the command of Gerbald the Red, eradicate an enormous poisonous snake in the Aurum Vale, earning themselves fame and fortune.

Year 1544:   The Darklight Raiders fail in an attempt to purge Cutter’s Cry of the chimera that lurks in its depths. The mercenary group is effectively disbanded as most of its members are slain.

Year 1546:   Theodoric the First ascends the throne as king of Ala Mhigo.

The conflict between King Theodoric and the Fist of Rhalgr intensifies. In the name of quelling the insurrection, the king leads a vast army to the site of the monkhood’s main temple, razing it to the ground and massacring its disciples.

At nineteen, Raubahn Aldynn is ordered to suppress an angry mob as an officer of the Ala Mhigan army. He earns wide renown when he succeeds in the task without spilling a drop of blood.

Year 1554:   Raubahn is assigned to the border forces as the XIVth Legion closes in. He and his comrades undertake a series of diversionary maneuvers which succeed in keeping the imperial forces at bay.

Raubahn makes short work of an imperial magitek contingent in a border skirmish, toying with the enemy, and is promoted to a position of high command for his deeds. His impressive accomplishments on the field of battle earn him further trust and acclaim among his men.

Year 1556:   Raubahn is struck by an imperial sniper, suffering grievous wounds. Withdrawing from the frontlines, he returns to his home village in the mountains of Gyr Abania to convalesce.

Year 1557:  The people of Ala Mhigo revolt against the tyrannical King Theodoric. The kingsguard is complicit in the uprising, ignoring their liege’s orders and opening the gates of the palace to the revolutionaries.

Seizing the opportunity amidst confusion and political upheaval, the XIVth Legion subjugates and annexes Ala Mhigo with little resistance.

Still nursing his wounds, Raubahn leaves Gyr Abania at twenty and four to wander the realm.

Year 1559:   Raubahn, now twenty and seven, arrives in the Sultanate only to be mistaken for an imperial spy. He is imprisoned by the Brass Blades and forced to fight in the gladiator pits.

Year 1571:   The Archons of the Circle of Knowing infiltrate occupied Gyr Abania in an attempt to assist those Ala Mhigans who seek asylum abroad, but many lives are lost when the Garleans catch wind of the defection

Year 1572:   The city states of Limsa Lominsa, Ul'dah and Gridania form their Grand Companies. Subsequent events leading up to and in the aftermath of the Seventh Umbral Calamity are detailed in Memories of the Calamity.

mistermulli  asked:

can I get some random facts about Hercules Mulligan or Thomas Jefferson?? or just a bunch of facts about the two in general?

  • He was born in 1740. 
  • Hercules Mulligan was born in Ireland and immigrated to the United States when he was six. 
  • He attended Kings College.
  • Her married Elizabeth Sanders at Trinity Church. 
  • The couple had eight children, five daughters and three sons.
  • One of Mulligan’s sons, John Mulligan, might of been in a romantic relationship with Charles Adams (son of John Adams). Both lived in the home of Baron Von Steuben for a time. 
  • Hercules met Alexander Hamilton in 1773 via his little brother Hugh.
  • Hamilton moved in with Mulligan and due to Mulligan’s influence Hamilton joined the Sons of Liberty and became dedicated to the American cause. 
  • Hercules was involved of the melting of a large statue of King George III which they turned into bullets. 
  • After Washington was defeated at Long Island, Hercules tried to leave New York. He was stopped the next day by a party of Tory militiamen who captured him and dragged him back to the city. He carried on tailoring for British officers. 
  • Washington mentioned to Alexander Hamilton that he was looking for a spy on the inside within New York City, Hamilton recommended his friend Hercules Mulligan. Hercules excitedly agreed. 
  • He played to the officer’s vanities, stroking their egos to elicit statements of speculation.
  • When officers requested repairs to their uniforms, he would ask the date they needed them back. If customer after customer gave the same date, he could surmise the day of their next movement. 
  • He would dispatch his slave, Cato, to Washington’s headquarters in New Jersey to share the information on the redeployment of a particular unit.
  •  Late one evening a British officer called upon Hercules to provide him with a coat. Hercules inquired about the late hour for such a request. The officer responded that he was departing on a mission to capture General Washington within the day. Hercules immediately dispatched Cato to alert Washington of his impending capture. The British had learned the location where Washington would be meeting with his troops and had planned an ambush. Thanks to the acquisition of this information, General Washington was not captured the following day.
  • February 1781, British General Sir Henry Clinton learned of Washington’s plans to travel to Rhode Island via the Connecticut shoreline. He ordered 300 troops onto transport boats to intercept Washington. And who was responsible for loading these boats with provisions for the journey? None other than Hugh, Hercules’s older brother. Hugh promptly advised Hercules of the plan. Hercules dispatched Cato, and Washington immediately rerouted his course and arrived safely in New England.
  • Cato was once captured and beaten on a return trip to New York after passing intelligence to Washington’s headquarters. 
  • Hercules was suspected by the British on several occasions and even spent time in jail before using his charm to slip away.
  • After the war Washington went shopping in his store and had breakfast with him. 
  • Hercules became a member of the New York Manumission Society. 
  • Hercules retired at age eighty and then died five years later. 
  • Hercules is buried in Trinity Church, next to his friend Alexander Hamilton. 

Sources: (x

elvishdork  asked:

Music ask numbers 20, 23, and 25

Oooh, these ARE tough. hmm!

20:A song that has many meanings to you

I come back to Dents by The Acorn a lot, across a lot of different characters. It also reminds me a lot of my relationship with my siblings, which I think is

23:A song that you think everybody should listen to 

oh EASY: The General, by Dispatch

25:A song by an artist no longer living

Norfolk and Western Y6a #2156 shows some articulation as it leans into the curve exiting the east portal of Welch Tunnel in Welch, West Virginia. Norfolk Southern train 956 completed the repositioning move this afternoon, having towed 2156 at no more than 25 mph from St Louis to Roanoke in a little over 3 and a half days. Special thanks go to all of the mechanical and operating crews, supervisors, yard personnel, and dispatchers involved, especially Senior General Foreman of Steam Bob Saxtan who worked tirelessy 24/7 to ensure a safe movement. Built in the NW shops in Roanoke in May of 1942, 2156 was retired and moved to the Museum of Transportation in St Louis in 1959. The articulated 2-8-8-2 mallet-type hadn’t seen its home territory in 56 years, so this rare opportunity was truely a sight to behold.

anonymous asked:

not sure if you've already talked about this, but do you think baekyeon was real, and if yes, if they really broke up? the timing of it all seems really fishy, and idk SM's shady as fuck so I wouldn't put it past them to have staged it all. but at the same time, it does seem like baekyeon had some natural chemistry before and seemed interested in each other before the news came out so ???

Boyyyy I’ve talked about SM’s fishyness and Baekyeon idk how many times both on and off Tumblr tbh But I will do it !! again !! because it doesn’t get old

As most who read this may know, I love Baekhyun VERY much, and I love Taeyeon and all of SNSD VERY much, and I’m a HUGE SM stan so I’m aware of all this stuff

this post is a literal godsend into any and everything sm conspiracy theory. We can’t be sure of exactly how truthful it is because only Baekyeon and Kaistal came true, and the other examples to test would have involved luhan and kris (who left before sm could put them w/ anyone)

Sensibly speaking, if SM is behind relationships like these at all, of course they’re going to go with idols who have some sort of chemistry together. Otherwise the public wouldn’t believe it and it would seem too strange. That post I linked talks about that, too. So previous chemistry / one admitting to liking the other doesn’t necessarily disavow SM’s potential dirty work.

Moving on, the timing of that relationship reveal was both absolutely terrible and perfect. Terrible, because of what happened to both Baek and Tae in the aftermath, but perfect because it completely distracted and detracted from SM’s controversies at the time. What also bugged me was how young EXO was as a group, yet suddenly SM is okay with a member openly dating the leader of its powerhouse girl group? o k a y . Plus it made Baek look bad after his promise not to date for like 5 years after exo had debuted, it made his MC’ing experience that much more painful, and Tae got a LOT of IG hate from both EXO L and SONEs (yes “and”. SONEs gave Baek hate as well too). The rapid confirmation and forced, set-up nature of the “evidence” photo Dispatch released all seemed to point in the general direction of “fishy.” However, it still seemed like a desperate attempt to distract from the EXO lawsuit drama if that was the case though, so a lot of people dismissed the relationship as being fake. After all, SM wouldn’t want to step on idols this much right?

Well here’s the thing. If the SM insider from that post I linked is right, then SM only has a few idol pairings already picked out that they’re okay with releasing to the public. They apparently included Luhan x SNSD, Kaistal, and Baekyeon. Kaistal would never have been able to get off the ground in 2014 and I mean never. Holy shit that would have been bad. Pushing Luhan with an SNSD member would have also had bad results, especially since there were no prior interactions that would have driven fans to say “hey look the signs have been here !” like they did with Kaistal this year and baekyeon in 2014.If we buy into the conspiracy theory, which you are under no obligation to do so, then Baekyeon was their only available option if they wanted to use something as a cover up or distraction.

Even if it was completely and totally real, SM definitely had a hand in the timing and whatnot. If Dispatch had had “proof” that the two had been dating for months beforehand, why suddenly dish it out then? And why did that photo look that setup? SM also had to keep distracting because Baekyeon backfired so hard, and lawsuit drama kept ensuing, so they released Red Velvet before they were supposed to debut. RV was supposed to debut with all 5 members like they did last year, but SM debuted them as four in 2014 because they needed to . RV’s debut was most definitely rushed and not given the attention it needed but the girls are amazing so of course it’s turned around for them since then. (I’m still bitter regardless.) 

So all in all, I can’t tell anyone with definitiveness whether it was real or not. But, in my opinion, not everything was real. At the very least, the revelation was manufactured – at the most, the entire relationship was, and the situation and its fallout totally strained Baek and Tae’s friendship – whatever that friendship was.

If the latter is true …. I can’t ever forgive SM. Both of them deserve better than what they got out of that. Much better.