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i like your blog but you post to many black goths. imho they just dont look right.

They look just as beautiful as any white goths and they have the right to express themselves and exist in this space as much as anyone else.

I’ve said this before but I’ll repeat since it needs to be said:

There is no right skin colour to be goth. Period. Goth is a composite of multiple things and appearance is just one fraction of all that. Skin colour, hair colour, make-up style, gender, and whatnot do not define whether you can be goth or not, and no way is the “right” way to have them.

The pale red-lipped and black-haired girl dressed in all black might be the stereotype of a goth but that is a very shallow and one-sided representation of the people in the community. How many of us actually fit into that stereotype? How many of us strive to look like that because if we don’t, we will get told we don’t look right? Goth has since its beginning featured many ethnicities, and there is nothing weird about non-white goths in the subculture. Research information and photos of the English goth scene in the 80s. There are loads of non-white goths absolutely rocking the original look (not to mention creating other forms of gothy art like alternative music). The main reason it “doesn’t look right” to you is because the stereotype is so strong and over-represented in gothic imagery. But we all know stereotypes can be terribly, terribly wrong, which leads to this kind of racism (yes, that’s what this is).

There are many gothic styles I personally don’t like, but it is not my place to tell those people that I don’t think they look good. I wouldn’t want them telling me that, so why would I do that to others? And I’m talking about styles that someone chooses to wear, so can you even imagine hearing it about something you cannot choose like skin colour? I understand that it is your personal preference and your opinion but is it necessary to bring it up when all it will do is discourage people from being a part of a community they feel they belong to? There’s a ton of people outside the subculture whose ignorance can make being a goth difficult, we shouldn’t be doing that to each other within the subculture too.

Some goths are black, some goths are Asian, some goths wear hijabs, some goths keep their natural hair, the list goes on. And they all look gorgeous and have as much right to express themselves in the subculture as white goths. In reality the subculture is extremely diverse but there is so much gate-keeping from goths who think that you need to look like X and listen to Y that we end up only seeing a glimpse of it all. That shouldn’t be, and as corny as it sounds, we should try to create a comfortable, safe community instead of one that shuns people out because they do not fit a stereotype.

The non-white goths aren’t going anywhere from my blog, they belong there as much as any white goth, classic horror heroine or Addams Family member.

On specific labels and the color blue

There is a trend of sorts I’m seeing, that of people arguing about the existance of certain gender labels because these labels would be “too specific”. That this creating more and more specific labels would be making things too confused or complicated or what have you.

Now, I’d like you to think of the color blue. But not just any blue, but azure in particular. Would someone say azure is too specific a word, because I could have simply said blue instead? Of course I might have just said blue, but that may have made you think of any kind of blue. Another person maybe would have just asked you to think of blue, but I wanted specifically azure now. Just like I could have asked for turquoise, or teal, or cerulean. Of course these in the end are all blue, but since there are many types of blue we felt the need to make words that refer to specific shades so that others may know exactly what we are talking about without getting into long descriptions.

Suppose now, for example, someone says they are genderfluid. You’ll understand that their gender is fluid, but not what genders they go between. They might go between male and female, or between agender, nonbinary and demigirl, or between nonbinary and female, you don’t know. And maybe they’ll be alright with you just knowing they are genderfluid and leave it at that. But someone else’s gender might never encompass masculine genders, and it may be important to them, and so they might use genderfae instead of genderfluid, so that there will be no doubt on the fact that they never feel male or masculine.

And, furthermore, these specific labels aren’t just used for tthe sake of using less words to communicate a concept, they are useful to the people who use them. If you want to paint your house’s fence azure, you’ll look for azure paint, but if the label only says blue instead of what shade of blue it is you’ll have a much harder time finding the paint you want. If that genderfae person wants to meet other people who share the same gender, or is looking for resources specifically for someone who doesn’t experience masculinity, they’ll do this much faster by looking up genderfae instead of the more vague genderfluid.

This isn’t to say broad labels aren’t useful, of course. Certain people won’t feel the need to specify their gender past genderfluid, or any other umbrella term for that matter. Others people do find comfort in more specific labels. 

“But,” you say, “how am I supposed to know all these labels? There’s so many of them!” Well then, did you know the word glaucous? It is apparently a type of pale grey-blue. I had no idea this word existed until about ten minutes ago. If someone had told me about something glaucous yesterday I would have had to ask what it meant, and they would have explained it to me so that in the future I could have understood it. And in the same way, no one forces you to learn every single gender label in existance, and if you ever meet someone using a label you don’t know, all you have to do is ask, and I’m sure they will be happy to explain it to you, so that in the future you will know what their gender is.

And frankly, after having looked up all possible names for blue, I assure you gender labels aren’t overly specific at all.

So I sent this private message to Laci and instead of hearing me out (or the tons of other non-binary/trans folks critiquing her) she immediately dismissed my critique by saying she’s studied gender for 10 years. Cool? Have you met academics who study gender and feminist theory? They frequently disagree and engage in productive critiques of each other. That’s kind of what’s great about it. Plus, they don’t engage in appeals to authority to get their points across. Why? Because that doesn’t mean your argument or perspective is a good one or should be free from criticism. Saying, “I’ve studied this for 10 years–I get it,” doesn’t mean you fucking get it. If you truly understood why people were upset, you wouldn’t continually respond in this way to constructive criticism.

She also told me I was “incredibly patronizing” for critiquing her and never responded again when I called her on this. She doesn’t owe me a conversation and I know my channel isn’t large enough to be of value to her, but this is why I have trouble believing her call for “open discussions” and “listening to each other” is anything more than a ploy for views/upcoming side projects. If anything, she seemed annoyed that I dared to disagree with her in the first place. She says that feminists aren’t listening to other perspectives enough, but girl, you sure are fucking contradicting yourself.

🔮Shoutout to my underaged witches who can’t afford to let other people know about them.
🔮Shoutout to the people who picked up a book one day and decided to call themselves a witch.
🔮Shoutout to the witches who started learning from a young age and didn’t give up even when people told you to.
🔮Shoutout to the witches who were told they were invalid and yet are still witches.
🔮Shoutout to the people supporting witches of any age, gender, race, sexuality, size, or shape.
🔮Shoutout to the witches that do stuff on their own terms.
🔮Shoutout to the witches who don’t want to be defined for just what they practice and believe in.

You. Are. Valid. No matter what ANYONE may say against it.

I just hope this gives people having a hard time accepting themselves as a witch a little more hope. It doesn’t matter what you do or what you did to get you here, you are an important witch and I love you. -Max

Talk about the Twitter post about sexism

Since we apparantly still live in the 1950′s sexism seems to still be a gigantic issue in video games. One problem I have with this is the people who speak up about it like it can just be ignored and blocked, that’s why that exists. But when you get told that literally every single game, something has to be wrong. 

I don’t understand how people can categorize it as trolling or just being toxic, because it is legit harassment towards someone based on gender and that shit seems to be more acceptable than toxic people. 

I had a game where these guys were going against each other, insulting each others playstyle and they threw their arguments aside just to fully focus their attack on me and being a girl.

It’s pathetic and sad having to block people on twitter because they say stuff like “please no feminism” and “wow this overreaction”

It’s just so sad to see, I literally have no words. I have no issues dealing with these people, I would move on and do whatever the fuck I was doing but knowing that girls everywhere suffer thanks to this behaviour, it literally makes me so uncomfortable and that this seems to never get punished- it’s… so disgusting. Nobody speaks up because exactly these reactions come back.

“are you sure you weren’t just playing bad?” buddy this guy was a tracer only main who said he couldn’t tank so he went torb instead and died in under 2 seconds, I’m pretty sure I wasn’t the issue. 

fucking cut my fingers off and wake me up when this shit is over and girls don’t have to be scared in video games anymore or don’t have to be scared to speak up. 

fucking hell.

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Why are they all binary? This isn't hate, i just think its an interesting choice, first and foremost as someone who at the age of a kid like that, didn't really understand why there was a difference between boys and girls, wouldn't know the first thing about identifying as a gender. Although that can be said for my generation at that age as a whole, as that wasn't a thing back when i was a lad. I'm really just curious is all, hope this doesn't come off wrong.

There are actually a surprising number of children who know exactly what their gender identity is from a very young age. But yes you do bring up a fair point. Many children aren’t told about things like the gender spectrum at such a young age and as a result they remain confused about their own identity. Paolo was one such person. They were assigned male at birth, but nevertheless had a feeling that they didn’t have the same relationship with gender that other boys did. Right now they don’t even know what their specific gender is. Hence “I’m not sure if I’m a girl”. They say this because they might be a girl but they aren’t sure. They’re equally unsure if they’re a boy or not.

Please reblog if you think it is appropriate for a woman to wear pants to a cocktail party

I thought that my mum had finally accepted the fact that I’m gay. It was really difficult at first (I won’t go into detail except to say that she was not supportive when I first came out). I have been with my partner Frankie for over 6 years now and she gets along well with my family (including my mum). 

I have recently started studying vet science (a huge deal for me and something that I worked super hard to get into). Frankie lives 7 hours away while finishing up her final year of med school. For the past couple of weeks, Frankie has been staying with my mum and I while doing a placement at our local GP.

There is a fancy dinner coming up for first year vet students and we are allowed to invite our parents and partners. A lot of my classmates are unable to bring someone because their parents and partners live too far away. I was so happy that both my mum and Frankie could come! They both seemed keen until I mentioned that it was a cocktail party. My mum asked Frankie if she was going to wear a dress. Frankie said she would wear pants and a tie to which my mum scoffed and said, “Well then I’m not coming!”

I was pretty quiet about the whole thing. Last night, mum asked if it offended me that she was refusing to come. I told her that it did. She asked, “So you REALLY don’t feel uncomfortable about going with Frankie even though she is wearing mens clothes?”

I tried to explain that her views are outdated and that it is perfectly acceptable for women to wear pants, ties etc in this century. She acted like I was the one being unreasonable. 

It makes me sad that my mum is still so judgemental and cares more about what other people think instead of just being supportive. 

To the nonbinary people who are told that they are “dodging male privilege” or are “really just trans women”: you are valid.

You are not just a woman or a man.

You are truly nonbinary. You are an important and loved member of the nonbinary community.

Don’t listen to any binary discourse that says otherwise.

You are nonbinary.

I’ve been playing Voltron in the bg for the last 2 days and I was just thinking I appreciate that of the leaders/people in charge we’ve seen so far a significant portion of them are women?

Like we have Allura of course, but also Haggar, and Queen Luxia and Ryner who are women leading their people, and while the Balmerans don’t seem to really have a leader per se one could argue Shay’s grandma is like a matriarch. Iirc in terms of different groups we’ve seen that leaves the Arusians (who have a king), the Taujeerians (who don’t really have a discernible gender) and the Marmorites (who have Kolivan).

And of course the Galra who have Zarkon, though I gotta admit I’m wondering to what extent he’s just a puppet and Haggar is the one pulling the strings. So all told depending on how you count it about half of the leaders in this show are women, which is really cool tbh.

Like I want more female characters as much as the next person (coughgalraladiescough) but I’d also like to see more appreciation for the ladies we already have.

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Hi, regarding that last anon you got: it actually comes from a popular radfem post, how we women are at the mercy of men and can't do anything to protect ourselves but cry and scream *snorts* I'm assuming anon c&p it from the original blog. This is what radfems usually pass as "self defense advice" on this site.

We knew the anon was submitting bait before I answered the question, but thanks for letting me know where it came from. Sadly, that’s a sexist opinion I’ve seen expressed elsewhere, even in the bowls of the martial arts community. For every made up experience, there’s a chance of a real one happening somewhere else. All they did was give me a chance to once again talk about self-defense and debunk sexist attitudes often taken as fact.

Since the post has garnered over 700 notes at this point, I’d say it was worth it and I’m glad my answer resonated with so many people.

It saddens me (though doesn’t surprise me) that this attitude is pushed by women, especially ones who claim to be feminists and straight up weird for someone claiming to be part of the radical feminist strand. They sound like the same group they’re railing against, reinforcing damaging gender stereotypes and societal roles, and telling women they’re helpless.

One of the main reasons I started this blog, oh so many eons ago, was to help debunk the sexism that surrounds the combat arts (more so in fiction than in real life) and use my experiences growing up in martial arts help other young women stretch outside the narrow framework provided for female action heroes. Though the internet has made information on martial arts more readily available than ever before, I know finding easily accessible information on combat is difficult and the best of it is often not designed for neophytes much less someone with no experience in the community. Writers need to understand concepts more than they need a grasp of the technical knowledge, and understanding concepts can be a launch pad into the real thing.

Whether its the written word or visual mediums, entertainment media has the ability to change cultural attitudes. Storytelling are part of the way we communicate and understand the world, both ourselves as individual cultures, express our beliefs, and what we hope to be. Its why representation is important. The more diverse our options, then the more options we have to find ourselves in a world where we don’t always feel like we fit.

There are plenty of qualities defined as “masculine” which aren’t limited to men at all, and reasons why male action heroes resonate deeply with the audience when female heroes don’t which has everything to with story structure but mistaken for gender. Instead of it being treated as a problem with the way stories are told about action girls, it’s mistaken for “well, girls can’t do it.”

That feeds back into real life and into the cycle of abuse. A cycle that is taught, conditioned by society, but treated as “natural”. So when the unthinkable happens, when we create a situation where its inevitable, we blame nature.

Culturally devised “not for you” is a powerful disincentive. It’s more a mental block that exists in our own minds, rather than one which exists in the real world. Learning to climb over the hurdle and lay claim to those parts of ourselves, the ones we feel we’re not supposed to have or out of reach, is by itself groundbreaking. For ourselves, if for anyone else.

We all have the power inside us to lift our chins, look disaster in the eye, and say, “Not me! Not today!”

It might take going out to learn, it might take some encouragement, and time, but there are so many options available if we look for them. It saddens me some radfems on this site are actively promoting the victim narrative and actively discouraging young women from seeking out alternative options, ones which will ultimately empower them.

It’s true that none of us can control the choices others make, even if it’s to harm us. However, we do have power over ourselves. We’re not cast adrift nor left at the mercy of the waves, waiting for someone else to save us. We can’t control if disaster will happen, but we can choose to ready ourselves for it should it come.

Cheesy as it sounds, chasing what we believe is possible will work its way into fact. That’s how humans work. People break through the impossible all the time.

Finding that representation in fiction, imagining it for ourselves as we write it, all of that can make its way back around to seeking those same confident feelings out in the life beyond our imaginations. Dreams often have a way of becoming reality, which really is awesome when you think about it.

The answer should never be, “not me”. It should be, “well, why not me?”


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Monsta X as Werewolves

Pace yourself with the scenarios and reactions okay? But i want to request Monsta X as werewolves, 🐕 since you have a lot of vampires. 🦇

I will, thank you for the concern! This is my first werewolf!au and I LOVE au’s so this was so much fun to write :D I hope you enjoy this and have a lovely day, anon! ~


  • You were convinced he hated you at first,, He would often stare you down, or avoid you, or leave if you entered a room. As the newest to the group, you often wondered why you were let in when the leader didn’t even like you
  • Frustrated, you vented your feelings to Minhyuk while you were partnered up for a task. He laughed at your worries; “He doesn’t hate you! It’s actually the opposite - He thinks you’re so beautiful that he can’t stand to be around you!”
  • With this new info in mind, you start to test Minhyuk’s confession. You showed more skin, would frequently corner Shownu to “ask” him something, often brushing against him
  • While working with Minhyuk, he vented about you. “I’m loosing my mind! I can’t think straight anymore!” and with a meek voice, Minhyuk admitted that he might have told you about his crush
  • Now aware of your game, Shownu teased you back
  • And this back and forth flirtation resulted in a relationship … after a night of passion
  • With mating season drawing near, the leader had locked himself away, afraid of loosing all control and taking you on the ground, with everyone around
  • But knowing his reason, you “visited” him and helped relieve his stress
  • So yeah,, basically, he’s the pack Dad and you’re the pack Mom (regardless of the gender you identify with)

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  • Kind of a fuckboy but a nice one, does that make sense?? He has a big heart and wants to share it with everyone, male or female, human or werewolf
  • That’s why it’s no surprise when he ends up in your bed one night, not caring that you were human. What is surprising, however, is when he wakes up to see you gone, a note stuck to his forehead: ‘I’m out. Be gone before I’m back.’ The cold tone cracks his heart. He’s not used to being left, usually being the one to leave
  • He can’t get you out of his mind so after a few weeks, he tracks you down again
  • “I’m that good that you sniffed me out again?” you tease but he doesn’t laugh
  • He looks very serious, stood on your doorstep with a single rose in hand. “That’s not why I came back. I want to know … Can I take you out to dinner?”
  • You humour him, more so looking for a casual fling. But Hoseok surprises you that under that handsome man, is the biggest sweetheart you’ve ever met
  • Although neither of you make it official, you know your hearts belong to each other 

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  • Not really a werewolf, more of a werepuppy
  • He’s in charge of easing newbies into the pack and entertaining the kiddies while the adults do work
  • It was when he was younger, only a teen, that an orphaned wolf was put into his care. You weren’t much younger than him, so the bond never became anything fatherly. And he was too playful to be taken seriously anyway. He was more of like a close best friend, who also happened to be your guardian
  • Minhyuk took care of you diligently, often bringing you back pretty stones or other things he’d found while hunting. An almost perfect condition wrist watch was one of his greatest finds and you treasured it
  • So when you got into a fight with a fellow wolf, who smashed it, you saw red. After nearly killing her, Shownu was on bad terms with you. You almost were kicked out of the pack. But when Minhyuk found out why you had flipped, he fought to keep you
  • And now you were even more indebted to him
  • Minhyuk felt bad about the incident, often bringing the girl you fought medicine to help her recover. This annoyed you to no end and you often tried to stop him visiting her
  • “Why??” he asked eventually. “Don’t you want her to live?”
  • “No,” you admit, the blood rushing to your cheeks. “She broke my second most precious thing and is going to take my most precious thing away.”
  • “Your second most precious thing is that pocket watch I found you, right? So what’s your most important thing?”
  • Shyly, you buried your blushing face into his chest. And he grinned from ear to ear
  • “So cute!! You love me?! Why didn’t you tell me before?! I love you too!”

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  • Was sent on a task to track down a human. He was told that they held important information about the wolf world that they shouldn’t know
  • Eventually he found you, working at a bookstore in town. You looked harmless, stacking books, but an order was an order
  • He kidnapped you as you walked home that night, done with your shift. And interrogated you. Except it wasn’t much of an interrogation. You were terrified, shaking like a leaf; “I don’t know anything! I seen a boy turn into a wolf and that’s it!” Your heart doesn’t falter so he knows it’s the truth
  • But he can’t let you leave. You didn’t know as much as Shownu thought, but knowing was all it took to warrant an execution. Except he couldn’t; it felt like trying to slaughter a baby lamb
  • Instead, he brought you pack to the pack. It took months until you felt comfortable around them, having been afraid they might snap and kill you
  • Kihyun took charge of you, making sure no wolf messed with you, and sometimes breaking rules to make you happy. You weren’t allowed to return home, but he would let you write your family letters to assure them you’re safe and alive
  • One morning, a female wolf started to pick a fight with you, threatening your life; “If it weren’t for Kihyuns protection, you’d be dead long ago.”
  • “Why does he protect me?”
  • “He loves you, dumbass. Luckily for you”
  • Kihyun bursts in suddenly, scaring her off and wrapping you in a hug: “Are you okay? Did she hurt you?” He scanned your face for any sign of fear, instead he found you smiling. “What’s so funny?”
  • Reaching up, you press a kiss to his lips; “I love you too, idiot”

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  • Your first impression of him was rather negative. As a new pack member, you worked hard to fit in and impress your leader,, yet someone so high up like Hyungwon did nothing but sleep all the time. And if he wasn’t sleeping, he had this bitchy look on his face
  • It wasn’t until a neighbouring pack tried to start something, that you understood the real Hyungwon
  • A beta from the rival pack attacked you, both of you in wolf form, and your shoulder was badly injured
  • Hyungwon snapped that beta’s neck, nursing you back to health, and fussing over the others that were injured. He had a gentle, warm touch as he tended to your injury. And you even seen him sing one of the youngest to sleep, a 9 year old girl that lost her mother in the fight with the rival pack
  • Once better, you kind of just followed him around?? You wanted to repay him so you would fetch whatever herbs he wanted, or a rabbit if he was hungry, and for his birthday, you bought him the fluffiest pillows you could find
  • Hyungwon immediately fell for you
  • One evening, as the sun was setting, you returned to him with a basket of flowers he’d asked you to pick; “What are they for, Wonnie?”
  • “You’ll see,” he promised, arranging the flowers into a bouquet before handing them to you. “They’re for you. I wanted you to pick the prettiest flowers because my eyes don’t see beauty like yours do. That’s one of the reasons I love you.”
  • “That’s cute but be honest,, you made me pick them so you wouldn’t have to get out of bed, right??”
  • *avoiding the q* “So are you free tonight?”

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  • Either or aggressive or soft, so he can be unpredictable. This is made worse during the full moon or mating season
  • Usually, newbies to the pack are assigned to keep watch on him, mainly cause no one actually wants to deal with Jooheon when he’s mad or acting clingy and cute
  • As the newest member, you’re given this job
  • Only you don’t react like everyone else has
  • You humour his cute side, scratching behind his ear (just how he likes it) when he’s in wolf form, smiling at his aegyo, bringing him extra food when he’s hungry even tho the other wolves call him chubby but he’s not leave him alone
  • And you listen when he’s mad or frustrated, helping him control his aggression until after a few months, Jooheon learns how to be calm, even during a full moon
  • He grows to realize that his aggression was misunderstood sadness; he was lonely, wanting a companion to love him and maybe have a litter with
  • Although he realizes this, it takes him another long year before he actually confesses. He had been too afraid of loosing you or getting rejected. His pack hated seeing him hold back like that so they eventually pushed him to confess
  • “Do you, uh, wanna go running in our wolf forms?? I mean, like, not just running. But as a … date??”

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  • Generally in control of himself,, although he hates humans, he never kills one unless they deserve it
  • Only looses control during mating season
  • Driven by lust, he breaks away from the pack, searching for someone to ease his carnal hunger
  • He stumbles upon an omega, you, wandering through the forest alone. You had smelled him coming from miles away, knowing what he was hunting for
  • You stayed,, wanting to feed your desire too
  • The morning after, he turns shy and soft. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to be so forceful last night.” Although he knows your bruises will heal quickly, that doesn’t make him feel any less bad
  • “That’s okay. I like a man who takes control. So do you wanna get breakfast or something?”
  • Tbh he didn’t know you, but the night before was pretty damn good so hell yeah, let’s get some f*cking eggs and bacon
  • “My treat,” he offers

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this is super scribbly because I remembered this week was lgbtq+ shep week and panicked…but I feel like it adds an endearing kind of energy to it??


I stuck with humans because human sexuality labels get confusing when you try and apply them to species with different gender concepts…

Keep reading

LGBT+ Yuri On Ice Headcanons

Non-Binary Pansexual demisexual demiromantic Yuuri, who alwaays has to shyly tell people his real pronounce, except for Viktor, who just kind of knew

Gay Cis-Male Viktor, who give a fuck about Gender Rolls, because wearing nailpolish doesn’t make you any less of a man

Queer (doesn’t define himself further) greyromantic Cis-Male Yuri, who never knew romantic attraction existed till he met Otabek

Bisexual Cis-Male Otabek, who will kill you if you just think about saying something anti LGBT+

Polysexual, pangender Phichit, who mostly goes by he/him pronounce, uses boys bathroom, calls himself Seungs boyfriend, etc., because it makes things easier, based on his appearance, and he himself knows he is to fab for just one gender

Gay, Cis-Male Seung Gil Lee, who has gotten in several fights before, because people told his boyfriend pangender doesn’t exist, and ask every now and then if Phichit is still okay with male pronounce

Straight, Bi-Gender, Georgi, who never loved something more then Make-Up and Dresses, but also identifies as a boy

Straight, transgender, Minami who was really sad at first when he stopped growing so early, because it didn’t make him seem any manlier at all, but he came to twrms with it when he found a girlfriend who wasn’t taller either and didn’t give a fuck

Bisexual, Cis-Male, Leo who thought everyone was bi when he was a child, and only understood that it wasn’t as common as he thought, when he was 13

Gay, Cis-Male, Guang Hong, who is basically the “Move, I’m gay” meme, but is also really cute and has some feminine features, personality as well as looks

Not identifing Emil, who says he will fall in live with whoever is cute and says genders don’t mater so he doesn’t have one (goes by he/him pronounce as well)

Panromantic, asexual, cis-male, Michele, who never had any interest in sex, but never noticed till he was like 20, because how do you notice something isn’t there when it has never been there?

Pansexual, cis-male, Chris, who doesn’t care what his patner identifys as, as long as they accept him how he is

All my boys being happy and queer and LGBT+ and I just really want them to be happy

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im about to go to bed, but i just want to reiterate a few things.

girls: you are not disposable. you are brilliant. you are strong. you are worth more than every single diamond that has ever and will ever exist. you are so, so amazing, and i love each and every single one of you. you should never, ever have to change any single thing about yourself for someone you’re dating, from the breath you take to the way you cut your hair to your friends to your religious or political beliefs. your lives and bodies are yours, and they are no one else’s to critique and criticize.

abuse survivors: i see you. i AM you. this is hard for me to talk about, and it would be damn near impossible without the incredible support youve shown and the awe-inspiring stories youve told. thank you. from the bottom of my heart, thank you for your support and your strength and your love. you are all so, so, so brave.

hockey tumblr, as a whole: we have GOT to stop slut shaming. we HAVE to. puck bunny? is a derogatory term based on gender, which basically by definition makes it a slur, or at least something like it. stop attacking girls who want sex with players. stop attacking girls who dont dress the way you think they should. stop attacking girls. just stop. and stop using gendered slurs to demean and harass other girls who have different opinions or choices than you.

and this one last thing: dating a player? is not a luxury. if it is, so is dating me, or you, or your friends, or my friends, because we’re all PEOPLE. we are all the same. theyre not the gods of olympus, theyre not jesus christ sent down to save us. they can skate around on large knives and handle a giant stick with more skill, care, and agility than i possess while walking down the damn stairs. i can create entire worlds in my mind and turn those worlds into words on a page, into characters and images in your head and thoughts in your heart. both are wonderful, incredible talents that have taken years to develop and earn. one is not greater than the other. their talent on the ice does not make them greater than me, or you, or any single one of us. they are people. and we have GOT to treat them as such.

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Are you sure your not just a butch lesbian?

I wrote out this long thing about how people are more than their gender identity and sexuality because they’re, you know, human and multifaceted, and how one sexuality/gender isn’t something like a second prize to another, and how you’re basically ignoring and invalidating whole groups of people with this stupid question, and stirring up shit between different people under the LGBTQA umbrella, while simultaneously sounding disapproving of my own identity and apparently how I look, and how it’s none of your business and that if you had asked, politely, how I identified, I would have simply told you.

But instead, I’ll just say:


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Do you know any good ace victor/ace yuuri fics?

Thanks for these requests! There are not too many ace/aro fics (please share them with me if you have read more!) and I found one fic with ace!Victor (thank you @dystopiansushi!) so I’m really sorry about the lack of recs. 😭 Nevertheless, I have a few here that should fit what you’re looking for. Enjoy!

Friendly reminder that being ace, along with gender and other sexualities, is a spectrum! Being aro/ace means different things to people, characters, and authors.

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Ace Yuuri/Victor

Understanding by Katskiforov, Teen, 606 words
In which Yuuri realises that he hasn’t, in fact, told Viktor about his sexuality. Cute coming out fic!

love and its derivatives by thankyouforexisting, Teen, 2.3k
So Yuuri takes his hand, gently, and Victor cooks, by his side, and it’s exactly what he needs. After a few minutes, he kisses Victor’s hand tenderly, eternally grateful that Victor doesn’t push, doesn’t get frustrated, doesn’t snap and lash out. Victor is the perfect boyfriend I’m sobbing

In My Arms by Tennyo, Gen, 1.6k
Viktor wakes up, and muses about how he ended up in Sapporo with Yuuri sleeping in his arms. Pure fluff. LOVE!

Earnest Love by jellyfishfics, Mature, 3.9k
When they live together in St. Petersburg, Viktor opens up and Yuuri meets him where he is. Ace Victor (!!!) and demi Yuuri!

Kiss?!?! by IllyasJames, Teen, 3.3k
After Victor kissed him publicly on the Ice for the very first time. Yuuri is a bit at a loss. He knows how he feels, well most of the time, but was Victors Kiss indeed meant the way he felt it. Thumbs up!

The Language of Small Affections by phoenixwings, Teen, 2.3k
His desire isn’t like flipping a switch to turn on a light. It’s more like slowly and steadily stoking a fire that’s strong enough to burn throughout the night. Lovely one shot!

A Love Most Unique by heartsdesire456, Explicit, 5.7k
There were a lot of things about Yuuri’s relationship with Victor that was unique. It was especially unique to be someone who had never found any appeal in the thought of sex and found such ready acceptance from a partner who very much enjoyed sex.

on love: storge by oakleaf, Teen, 2k
Eros is a sexual love; agape is an unconditional one.
Storge is a love based on friendship rather than passion.

fresh off the presses by fan_nerd, Teen, 6.7k
Based on his book selections, Yuuri’s not sure if this regular is a horny pervert, a cop, or a nerd. Victor is weird and eccentric, and the bookkeeper is pretty sure that the man has never come in with his hair combed. Ace Yuuri bookstore AU!

Boldly go. by IllyasJames, Teen, 1.6k
Sometimes you just have to ask. Ace Yuuri! CUDDLES!

Unpopular opinion:

1-Bisexuality is a queer identity.

2-The word ‘bisexual’ is every bit as radical as queer and pan

3-Bisexuality is just as inclusive of trans people as queer and pan

(But I know I’ll get ‘BI MEANS TWO! TWO GENDERS!’ harassment over things and told ‘you’re really queer/pan!’ and even the bi community has started pushing that bi is a ‘lesser’ label and ‘not radical/queer enough’ because talking shit about our own identity is ‘extending an olive branch’ to other labels because apparently viewing us as equally radical and inclusive is beyond people’s capacity to understand so why do I fucking even bother at this point.)

Baby Rogers - Captain America x Reader

Summary : Reader is pregnant, and she has no idea how she’s going to tell Steve…The other Avengers try to help. 

(My master list, by the way : Right here )


Shit. Shit shit shit shit SHIT.  You knew there was nothing to be afraid of, that he was going to be great as usual…but you were scared shitless. 

Were you ready to have a baby ? You didn’t really know, the only thing you were sure of was that if you ever wanted kids, it was with Steve. He proposed to you a few months ago and you were suppose to get married the coming summer, a child wasn’t really part of the plan. However, the more you thought about it, the more you smiled…But was he going to be as happy ? You were totally freaking out, alone in your bathroom, glad that he wasn’t home right now. He would have totally understand that something was wrong with you…it was fairly obvious really. So you were glad to be alone. Well, not really. You wished you had someone to tell, someone that wasn’t your fiancé. 

You bolted out of your bathroom, grabbing a jacket, and went to the Avengers’ Tower common room, hoping to find a friend there. While you walked to the common room, you started to panic. You knew Steve, he would never hurt you…So what if he didn’t want a kid, but just to please you would act as if it was OK ? What if he decided that he didn’t wanna marry you anymore, and you suddenly found yourself raising a kid alone ? Granted, it wouldn’t be that difficult, you being a Stark, but…You were never so glad to see your brother, chilling in the common room with your friends. They were all there. Wanda, Natasha, Thor, Clint, Vision and Bruce. 

You came in awkwardly, and they didn’t notice you right away. 

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Assassin Preference: S/O is pregnant


At first, you were quite certain that Altair was indifferent when you told him, until he staggered and almost passed out in your arms. He was so happy and proud and maybe a bit nervous (Especially if it was the first child) and he’d go around and ask others what he should know to better take care of you and your future child. He’d hope for a boy, but he wouldn’t mind having a daughter. He would be patient with you during your pregnancy, but don’t expect him to make late night runs to get you a bunch of random combinations of food.


Oh man, young Ezio never thought he’d be this HAPPY when he learned that you were pregnant. He had thought about it, but he always figured that life would keep him from having children in some way. He becomes protective of you and he’ll get you anything you want, without question. You’re carrying the baby, not him, but he will silently judge you for what you eat. He would want a daughter, one that looks like you.


Step one) Make sure he is sitting down when you tell him.

Step two) Keep a bucket of water around for when he inevitably passes out.

It will be a big to-do around the homestead and Connor will still be in shock when people congratulate him. Him? A father? He can only think about his own relationship with his father and feel determined to be a better dad than him. Which he is (For one, he actually stays with you and takes care of you). He doesn’t care what gender the child is, he just hopes that the child will love him as much as he loves them.


Haytham assumes you’re just trying to get a rise out of him. Why else would you tell him so early in the morning? Nope, you’re dead serious. He’d spit out his tea once you told him you weren’t joking. Assuming he doesn’t leave you, he’d be the grounding force for when your emotions get out of hand. He would hope for a son to pass his knowledge on to, but if you have a daughter, he will treat her like the princess of fairy tales.


Aveline was surprised and for the rest of the day she kept saying “I’m going to be a mother” to herself and smiling. She looks forward to holding your baby for the first time. She’s discussing baby names from the beginning, and she goes through countless names before settling on one that the two of you liked. She practices and learns lullabies to sing for when the child is born. She doesn’t care what gender the child is, but a daughter would be nice.


It would take a few minutes until you could get Edward’s attention after you tell him. Then the worry sets in. Would you be in danger if he left? Would he be a good father? Would he be able to support you both? You’d have to constantly reassure him that yes, you’d be alright as long as he stayed with you. He would find himself sailing a lot less and staying at the manor on Great Inagua more, investing some more into making it safer for you and the baby. If he had to go, he would make sure that there was at least one person (if not more) who he trusted to care for you in his absence.


Arno would do a double take, “What? I’m a father-” He would smile so widely and pull you into a tight hug and start babbling on how this was the best news he had heard in so long. He had almost forgotten on what it was like to feel so happy, with the rather dour atmosphere of Paris and his own personal struggles. Arno would begin saving money so he could positively spoil you and your child. He might be a bit too worried, always helping you everywhere even when you told him multiple times you could do it on your own. He just wants you to be safe and happy and comfortable.


Jacob would blink a few times, dumbfounded. Once he finally lets it sink in, you tell him that you can still manage on your own and he doesn’t need to look out for you all the time. He promises not to smother you; he crosses his heart and everything. Next thing you know, the Rooks all know and suddenly you can’t turn around without hitting a Rook who was “just making sure” you were ok. If any Blighter even coughs near you, they’re gone. You try to confront Jacob, but he either changes the subject to how you’re doing or he simply says “Well, we wouldn’t be a very good gang if you didn’t see us everywhere.” You tell him that it’s not the same thing, but he doesn’t seem to listen.


Evie takes this news calmly, but you can definitely tell she’s happy. She would rather you stay at the train hideout, doing mild activities that were still productive, but she would be more than happy to accompany you if you wanted to go out and walk around. If you wanted your space, she would try to comply, but she often pops in and checks on you every hour or so. It’s rather sweet and you can’t possibly get mad at her for making sure you’re ok. She wants a girl to teach and love and mentor, but with her luck, you’ll have a kid who acts just like Jacob (Probably because uncle Jacob was an influence on the kid). She isn’t worried about being a bad mother- she’s kept Jacob alive for this long, how much different could it be?


Desmond begins sweating and breathing heavy and holy shit are you serious!? He is in utter disbelief, and he’s thoroughly convinced he’ll be a bad father. Once you manage to calm him down, and once he comes to terms with the fact that he is a father, he’ll start shopping around for everything. You often find him pacing up and down your apartment hall, unable to fall asleep because he’s so anxious. He doesn’t really care what gender the child is, he just wants to be a good father.
Have You Told Your Parents?
Not telling our parents absolutely everything is framed as a kind of dishonesty, but it doesn't have to be.
By Vivek Shraya

“When a straight or cis white person asks me about my parents in relation to my gender or sexual identity, the underlying motivation feels different. Last year, I had the opportunity to attend a film festival in Glasgow for the screenings of my short films. During the Q&A, a white woman asked: “Can you please speak to what it’s like being queer with South Asian parents?”

This question is rooted in two racist assumptions: One, that I embody a universal and monolithic South Asian queer experience. I have to answer with caution and care, because whatever I say will shape the white questioner’s idea of The South Asian Queer. Two, that my parents must disapprove of me, because all Indian parents are conservative and backwards. In this context, I feel a subtle pressure to provide a positive and uncomplicated narrative: As soon as I told my parents I was queer, they hugged me and fed me ladoos!” – Vivek Shraya