the gender booklet


Okay so this is my little zine I made!

I googled many different ways to deal with dysphoria (since I don’t really know how to deal with my own dysphoria xL) and I found these 6 to be the best (in my opinion)


“Virtually Invisible - Exploring the non-binary”

We wanted to give a voice to non-binary, agender and genderqueer people since they so rarely get to tell their stories in the media.

We also made a documentary short with the interviews which will be online soon.

This project was part of an exhibition in Espoo.

Interviews with Elie Abraham, Kuisma Ilves, Kuura Reign and Broci.

Photographer Jenni Holma

Layout Annika Pepita and Eveliina Tarvainen

Typography Annika Pepita

Project team Alona Goldberg, Annika Pepita Miettinen, Eveliina Tarvainen, Jenni Holma and Wenna Zhang.

Ever wonder what the GENDER booklet is? It’s actually different from the book, a kind of pre-book mini handout version made of 6 of the most-requested pages. You can see a pdf of it at, but remember this hasn’t been updated in a little while, so it might not reflect the most recent information out there. Still, we hope it’s useful as an educational tool. One day, we do hope to revisit and edit it, but for now all of our energies are going into editing the full-length book, what we call the GENDER book

Here’s a table to help clear up the confusion:

the GENDER booklet                        the GENDER book

6 pages long                                      70 pages long

the most essential information           everything we could fit

fits in your pocket                              fits on your bookshelf

mostly purple                                     full color

both pages show up on Tumblr sometimes, so it might be good to know which is which. Hope this helps! mel


Just got the first ever copy of the GENDER book back from the printer, and it’s all thanks to the amazing creatures who helped fund it. My baby is a real book now. In book-shaped binding and everything! 

It’s beautiful, ya’ll.

It’s just a proof, but the rest are on the way! Just have to do some color corrections first. :)