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“Attack of the Great Big Bitch”, the next best giant something-or-other movie next to “Rampage of the Giant Midget”.

Yes, here’s my first spunk for the year. I’ve been getting a lot done on my main more than lately often, but I did choose something comfortable to start late in the new year. Goldie’s one of my favorite characters I draw on here. Sometimes I do like the idea of going back to some of my older images and redoing them, and I just happened to have one in mind that I particularly wanted to go back to and update a little. The original of this was done in late 2011 I think. Not much (in terms of me drawing characters well or updating characters themselves) has changed - ha ha.


Hi everyone,
As part of the writing of a short-film for a film festival, I am looking for testimonials.

The subject is : The equality between man and woman in the digital world.

If you have ever WITNESSED or have been a VICTIM of a sexist behaviour or comment on the internet, at work (if you work in digital business or anything related to the internet), on video games or online video games (as for example mmorpg) or even have noticed something on this subject that shocked or upset you : COME TALK TO ME 😉

On facebook by private message : Lucie Caudron Senez
or by email :

Thanks a lot for your futur testimony (it means a lot) and thank you for reading !
Have a nice day/evening !