the geekettes


A nice throw back to 1upthegeekettes first photo shoot.

asherogue talked me into cosplaying, we found noflutter’s amazing design and were off to the races After the beautiful costumes were made we did our very first shoot with Angela Lau! 

Now I can look back at these photos with fondness and I can’t wait for our next shoot together!

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“Attack of the Great Big Bitch”, the next best giant something-or-other movie next to “Rampage of the Giant Midget”.

Yes, here’s my first spunk for the year. I’ve been getting a lot done on my main more than lately often, but I did choose something comfortable to start late in the new year. Goldie’s one of my favorite characters I draw on here. Sometimes I do like the idea of going back to some of my older images and redoing them, and I just happened to have one in mind that I particularly wanted to go back to and update a little. The original of this was done in late 2011 I think. Not much (in terms of me drawing characters well or updating characters themselves) has changed - ha ha.


Did a super fun shoot this past weekend!!! And I’m so happy with the results that I’ve added my favs to my print store.

It’s the holiday season so make sure you use promo code ‘XMAS’ at my print store before Dec 24th! Also any print orders of 2 or more will receive a surprise mini print. 💋💕

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The Scooby Gang doing the Macarena at Fan Expo! :)