the gazette lol


No complete information is out yet however, thanks to RAD MARKET’s Twitter, Rさん answered some questions and gave us some hints/info!

Here’s what we know so far about the upcoming merch

  • There will be member bears and they will be both sold separately and in a box as a bundle (in general, 5 bears total)
  • Mobile phone charger
  • 2 sneakers
  • 2 Parkas (hoodies) in 2 different colors
  • the theme is MONOCHROME
  • Pamphlet
  • Ruki’s new brand of “NILDUENILUN” will NOT be included in the anniv merch line
  • Confirmed that there will be an iPhone 7 phone case (along with others)
  • ^ phone cases will be wallet type
  • Gacha will appear again just like the Halloween live! But it’s a SEPARATE line from regular merchandise 
  • There’ll be 20 goods in total
  • The sneakers and purse will most likely be the top 2 most expensive items
  • People who win the lottery for the bus+hotel package will receive a tote bag + other special limited goods

and that’s all i got so far~


That Uruha has a Chrysler 300(and I thought he had a Mercedes)
Kai has a Mercedes Benz SUV
Aoi has a Jaguar xjr (and I also read something about 3 motorcycles including a Harley and a Yamaha)
And Ruki doesn’t have a car license but he has a bike license.He also owns a American chopper w/ low seat.

And as we know Reita has a Harley and a Mustang.Plus this tour car.

You guys…you can see me and my friend Rebecca in the GazettE’s world tour documentary…! *-*

  • Reita: the moment I opened the door, a cicada came in and I'm panicking big time...
  • Reita: the cicada flying around the room...
  • me holding a small box and stooping with my body half bent, ready to get him...
  • Aoi: yeh yeh, you're so cute ┐(´-`)┌
  • Reita: well, if it was you, you'd be screaming, wouldn't you? (lol)
  • Aoi: you're retweeting like real fast, aren't you? ┐(´-`)┌
  • Reita: we're a team, aren't we?
  • Aoi: I can't quite think of a good comeback so I'm gonna go to sleep(_・ω・)_バァン
  • Aoi: you should eat it, you know, like that image we have at LIVES or our photoshoots (_・ω・)_バァン…
  • Reita: that is SO not my image!
  • Aoi: 10 ^ 64 is called 'fukashigi' ("can't even be conceived of")
  • 10 ^ 68 is called 'muryoutaisu' ("immeasurably large number")
  • it just feels like they gave up counting and I'm really cracking up!
  • good night!
  • Aoi: well, even elementary school kids know how to count to ten, hundred, thousand, ten thousand, hundred million, trillion, ten quadrillion, hundred quintillion but it's like they felt like anything beyond that point was just a pain in the ass and they didn't tell us which is a shame cause I really liked that topic.
  • good night...and sweet dreams.
  • Reita: it was delicious. anyway, lately we've been so busy that I don't have enough tiiime. today was also quite busy.
  • Aoi: Σ(OωO ) are you seriooouuus? stay away from me.
  • Aoi: well, I guess every band needs at least one weirdo, you know, to mix things up, give it some life and spirit. but I mean, I'm everbody's Aoi-San and I have the responsibility to accept all your love so I can't do anything like that. will the cosplayers among you put some kinda cicada-looking remains on the side of their mouths for the next LIVE? ah, it's not easy, is it~.
  • good night!