the gazette decade


URUHA: I not able to relax because the cameraman is always here
STAFF: It’s different from when they show up randomly
URUHA: I don’t know, what do we usually do during free time?
REITA: Usually? We just chit-chat about random stuffs. We usually talk about…
URUHA: You are talking really loud
REITA: Because we are being recorded


otp meme➝reituki : 4/∞
THE DECADE 10th anniversary live: (unluckily we can’t see perfectly the scene because the recording was about to end but we can see it from the two big screens) – at the end of the live a wild Reituki moment appears. It basically happens that Ruki is tired and he sits down on his knees. Reita puts down his bass and he just goes straightaway to Ruki to see if everything is ok. He puts an arm around his shoulder and they probably say something to each other. Reita fucking went into Ruki because he was fucking worried he wanted to know if Ruki was ok and he fucking tightened Ruki to his chest !!!!!!can you hear me screaming