the gazette

Ruki: good morning
today we’re doing a full run-through for Makuhari.
Ruki: I’m sorry, this is so last minute but tonight at 8 p.m. we’re sharing the details on the Makuhari goods so everyone, please make sure to check it out!
Aoi: (_・ω・)_バァン…
Aoi: privilege of no charge.
in other words!
no charge for you, no charge for us*.
Aoi: so I really hope you’ll come! you guys’ smiling faces are all the compensation we need (・`ェ´・)うっ
Aoi: it might have been cooler if I’d said
“our compensation will be the time you’re giving us!”…
Ruki: this Halloween night is gonna be a fun event, for all sorts of reasons, including the song selection, so to all the (Heresy) members, make sure to come ☺️
Ruki: we finished the final rehearsal for Makuhari and since we played some songs we haven’t done in a really long time it was kinda nostalgic but still fresh!
all that’s left now is to let it all out on that very day. it’s the end of this loooong DOGMA tour, let’s enjoy this last one with all our might!
Ruki: I feel like it’s been a while since we had a one-man show so I’m fidgety and restless.
I’m getting nervous.
Kai: don’t miss it ( ⁼̴̶̤̀ω⁼̴̶̤́ ) (image)

*I think, he’s implying, that they’re not getting paid for that show.


Aoi: the new RAD goods are all so nice…I don’t know which one to get…
I mean, those sneakers with this backpack!
and when you’re carrying the backpack, it’ll be like, wait a minute…isn’t that Ruki-San…?
baaam! make sure to get it!
how is this bear even sitting though…
booom! make sure to get it!*
Reita: everyone, thanks so much for everything! going wild with this DOGMA weapon, more than one year has passed already. the 27th will be its final moment. please come! it’s a STANDING LIVE so let’s go all-out!

*I think, Aoi was trying to sound like he was doing an infomercial, with the sound effects and everything (which btw were something like “da-daan!”). Also, that part with the backpack, not sure, but I think he’s just saying that both the sneakers and the backpack look a lot like something Ruki would wear. 

People: You’re ugly.

Me : Okay.

People: You’re stupid.

Me : Cool.

People: I hate you.

Me : I don’t care.

People: These bands you listen to are so gay lmao.

Me : I’ll give you 5 sec to run u little piece of sh*t I’ll come
to ur house and eat up your pet