the gayness is crazy


Hello so this was 3 years ago when block b came to D.C a friend of mine at the time and I went when we were both 18. I am 21 now. We got gifts for all the boys and I got Taeil a shark shirt because I new he liked fish. I got Kyung a tupac shirt because I really did not know what to get him and the store and a sale that was buy one get the other half off, so they had a wutang shirt I really wanted… So we were worried that they might not get the gift because the venue building had a box were the fans could put their gifts in.

So during the hi touch I was so excited to meet Zico (who is my boo..) and I was so distracted by him because he was at the end that when I got to P.O he was like oh this girl is not paying me any attention! He said in a loud voice “Hi!” (it could have been his normal voice … haha)  I was like “Oh Hi!” Then when I got to Zico he was smirking at me and probably knew he was my favorite (I did have Zico button on that a girl gave me earlier) (or it could be I was staring at him like a crazy person while Marvin Gaye was being played in my head hahah) So he crouches down a little so I can give him a high five (I’m 5ft nothing) (my ego was a little bruised but that’s ok haha). So I high five him and we are still staring at each other and smirking and then as i’m leaving off the stage we just share a knowing look (I see you Zico)

Anyways so a week or two after the concert I see a picture of P.O wearing the shark shirt I got for Taeil

I freaked

Then months down the road I see a video of Zico wearing the shirt I got Kyung

I was so happy and excited that they got the gifts because we were worried we put our effort into nothing. It was just funny how they switched gifts (Even though I had name tags on everyone gifts… oh well)

Well I know this is way over due and I can never find a video of Zico and I encounter but that is ok because it is still fresh in my mind.

Thank you and I love your blog


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Some of Aaliyah's favorite songs:
  1. After 7-Ready or Not
  2. Al B Sure-Night & Day
  3. Al Green-I’m Still In Love With You
  4. Andrea Bocelli-Con te Partiro
  5. Babyface-Whip Appeal
  6. Bobby Caldwell-What You Won’t Do For Love
  7. Celine Dion-Because You Loved Me
  8. Diana Ross-It’s My Turn
  9. Frank Sinatra-My Way
  10. KC & JoJo-All My Life
  11. LeAnn Rimes-How Do I Live
  12. Lisa Stanfield-Never Never Gonna Give You Up
  13. Luther Vandross-A House Is Not A Home
  14. Marvin Gaye-What’s Going On
  15. Michael Jackson-Butterflies
  16. Paul Davis-I Go Crazy
  17. Shanice-I Love Your Smile
  18. Somkey Robinson-Just To See Her
  19. Stevie Wonder-Never Dreamed You Leave In Summer
  20. Tina Turner-Let’s Stay Together
  21. Toni Braxton-Another Sad Love Song
  22. Tracy Chapman-Give Me One Reason

All I want for 2016 is Carmilla Season 3 and probably another film with Natasha and Elise together aside from Almost Adults. Oh, new web series with them as the casts again and let there be more gayness in that series

Supernatural has literally been filled with gay subtext since the pilot, and a lot of it too. It’s not like some new crazy gayness just popped up when that cute little adorable angel came around, no, everything has been very gay with this show since the beginning. The addition of Cas just made it twice as gay.