the gayest of all the gay

mac’s gayest looks: a compilation (part 1)

ep 3x14: this Iconic Gay Boy created a vigilante uniform (already gay as a concept) with a tight, sleeveless black tank; not only a beret but a fucking maroon beret; and arguably the gayest of all….. suspenders, which everyone knows straight people cannot physically wear. Dare I say…… Gay Icon.  

ep 5x9: listen i have no clue what Boys Club is but it sounds EXTREMELY gay. enough said. 

ep 3x9: everyone knows that ronald “mac” mcdonald made sleeveless shirts gay, but this one really takes it to another level. the holes in the shirt? gay. especially the one conveniently showing off his tight gay abs. and then take a closer look at the red….. at first they look like blood splatters but they’re actually cowboys touching penises. plus the studded belt? mac has truly transcended to another level of gay with this Look. 

ep 2x5: AGAIN WITH THE BERETS!!!!!! WHICH AUTOMATICALLY MAKES ANY OUTFIT GAY AS HELL. combined with the skull and crossbones with a heart t-shirt… and “revenge”…. one of the gayest shirts i have ever seen. This is one of the earliest signs of Gay Mac and thus is iconic. 

anonymous asked:

What's the gayest colour?

ALL THE COLORS DUH but I feel like purple is a pretty gay color especially if you’re talking about wlw because young lesbians used to give each other violets :)

zoewhite4815  asked:

Fir the clothing ask, Mike in THE GAYEST THING YOU CAN THINK OF or Marie in a wedding dress


Sorry that this took so long! I hope you like my little gayMikyboo!! Personally I love gay!Mike maybe even too much :3 More clothes from here! Love you Zoe!!

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How the Hamilton Fandom sees our favorite historical figures vs the actual historical figures
  • Fandom Hamilton: Smol, willing to fight everyone, also willing to fuck everyone, the most flaming bisexual to ever walk the earth, 5'7" of pure rage. On Twitter.
  • Actual Hamilton: Founding father. Founded the national bank and was the first treasury of the secretary. Not actually Lin Manuel Miranda. Probably never made out with John Laurens but definitely did send him suggestive letters that were censored by his grandson.
  • Fandom Aaron Burr: adorable, loved his umbrella, probably gay, Leslie is adorable too, hit his head on the same pipe twice, spent his money "like an ass," in love with Hamilton
  • Actual Aaron Burr: actually shot Hamilton. He also graduated from Princeton at the age of 16 and a bunch of other cool stuff but he literally shot the guy we're all obsessed with why do we like him
  • Fandom Laurens: The Gayest of the Gays. Has a dick father. Is actually Anthony Ramos. Very cute. Likes turtles. Dating Alexander Hamilton.
  • Actual Laurens: Probably still very gay. He had a wife and kid though. He did draw very nice turtles. Not Anthony Ramos (cry). Not that cute.
  • Fandom Eliza: A pure cinnamon roll, too good for this world. Way too good for Alexander Hamilton. 1/3 of the Schuyler Sisters.
  • Actual Eliza: A pure cinnamon roll, too good for this world. Way too good for Alexander Hamilton. 1/3 of the Schuyler Sisters. Wore pretty dresses. Told his story.
  • Fandom Angelica: Badass Feminist. Will cut your dick off. Actually Renee Elise Goldsberry. Actually incredible. WARNED Eliza.
  • Actual Angelica: Is not Renee Elise Goldsberry. Is a dead white woman. Probably never rapped at her sisters wedding. Probably still a badass feminist. Probably still did warn you, Eliza.
  • Fandom Peggy: ...and Peggy!
  • Actual Margarita (Peggy) Schuyler: Protected her family from a mob of men carrying tomahawks. A badass. I love her. Not somehow secretly in love with Maria Reynolds.
  • Fandom Lafayette: America's Favorite Fighting Frenchman, actual baguette, yes yes my name is Lafayette, he came from afar just to say hello tell the king fuck off who's the best? It him.
  • Actual Lafayette: literally in love with America Lin did a good job with him. He had American soil taken back to France to be buried under it. He named his son after George Washington. The purest French bread.
  • Fandom Mulligan: cLoThInG and FUCKING HORSES
  • Actual Mulligan: he was a tailor who spied on British people he was cool he doesn't get enough love let's all love mulligan ok
  • Fandom Thomas Jefferson: Probably in love with James Madison, wears heelies, invented the swivel chair, fucks macaroni. Also, actually the worst.
  • Actual Thomas Jefferson: Actually the worst. He owned slaves. His bed was in the middle of a hallway. Look it up.
  • Fandom James Madison: a smol bean, in love with Thomas Jefferson, a southern motherfucking democratic republican.
  • Actual James Madison: a founding father. Pretty sickly. Doesn't get enough respect either.
  • Fandom Maria Reynolds: is either loved or hated fiercely, has one of the best voices in the show, somehow sleeps with everyone in fanfiction even if not historically possible.
  • Actual Maria Reynolds: was being abused by her husband and just wanted to get away for a while. Hamilton is at fault too. She had a sad life.
  • Fandom George Washington: dad friend to the whole country, everyone has a daddy kink bc of him (why), Alex's actual Dad, literally anything to do with Dad
  • Actual George Washington: the actual father of our country. The first president of the United States. Stop disrespecting him this way. Get the washlaf off of my dash.
  • Fandom Philip Hamilton: "MY BABY." Doesn't exist in 1/2 of fanfictions and is still killed in the other 1/2. Looks an awful lot like John Laurens.
  • Actual Philip Hamilton: Really hot. Died young. Tragic.
  • Fandom Charles Lee: The Worst.
  • Actual Charles Lee: The Worst.
I just had a thought about phan

Back in 2009, they were so beautifully gay. Flirting and not caring. The gay level was rising and rising. Then 2012 happened and the gay level plummeted to an all time low. After that, every year since then the gay level has been rising. Now 2016 has rolled around, and not only have they gotten back to the 2009 level of being cute and not caring what anyone thinks, but as of a few weeks ago they’ve passed it. They’re the gayest they’ve ever been and I fucking love it. I can’t wait to see what this new level brings. Let the golden era of phan begin.

the signs and gayness
  • Aries: giant ball of gay that'll crush us all someday
  • Taurus: glittery rainbow puke
  • Gemini: that one gay who flirts with the opposite gender because lmao they're all taking you seriously
  • Cancer: closeted gay that has super hot secret makeout sessions in broom closets and the like
  • Leo: so gay, drags straight crush to a pride march and turns said crush gay with sheer sexiness
  • Virgo: the gayest, doomed to suffer incurable straight crushes on best friends
  • Libra: the fabulous gay that is definitely in musical theater
  • Scorpio: that one that's so smokin', everyone be inviting you to threesomes n shit
  • Sagittarius: GAAAAAaaaaaAAAAAAYYYYY sweetie everyone knows
  • Capricorn: rly good at asking straight ppl out in gutsy ways that are so shocking (probs murder) that the person just goes out with them anyway
  • Aquarius: dat lil nerdy shit that flirts with everyone, even tho no one is sure of your sexuality because you just keep telling us you like to 'keep em guessin' (but we know u super gay)
Life is Strange characters in a nutshell
  • Max: i like photography and shit also im super gay
  • Chloe: im the gayest of them all. hella.
  • Warren: max ily
  • Victoria: my bitchiness is a defence mechanism
  • Nathan: my bitchiness is all jeffershit's fault
  • Jeffershit: hello naughty children its murder time
  • Rachel: im secretly a deer in disguise dont tell chloe also im dead
  • David: i dont understand teenage lesbians
  • Joyce: i mildly understand teenage lesbians
  • William: im dead
  • Dana: i look like a bitch but im actually a cinnamon roll
  • Kate: im the purest cinnamon roll
  • Mila: hold on GIRLFRIEND, I got you this thing I just know you'll look lovely in
  • Sara: thank so much GIRLFRIEND I just appreciate and love you so much
  • Michele: oh look at them being besties, I'm so happy Sara doesn't have men lusting after her for once
  • Mila: oh no you definitely got that wrong, I definitely am lusting after your sister, didn't you hear me explicitly calling her girlfriend earlier? Like this is definitely not platonic at all if that's what you're thinking, it's gay, very gay, so gay that in fact we could give yuuri and victor a run for their money, like that's how gay and unplatonic our relationship is
  • Victor in the background: UNTRUE IM THE GAYEST TO EVER GAY
  • Yuuri: victor please stop this is utterly embarrassing

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