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Chuuya’s thrust (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) How would he know?

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For You, Part 2 - A Victuuri Week Fic

Title: For You

Author: themagicmicrobus (Guess who…it’s me)

Rating: Teen

Warnings: Referenced violence, and a rather mutilated body.

Summary: Katsuki Yuuri is the most devoted detective on the force. His every waking moment is spent tracking down the most dangerous mobster in the city of Detroit. Until, finally, he has him. Only, things don’t go exactly according to plan.

Part two of the fic I posted for day one. Yuuri gets Viktor’s message and their back and forth continues.

*Sorry, I had to repost this, I managed to post it to the wrong blog first time around*

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Ryan is a mafia boss, with his two subs Dallon and Brendon and they like to dress up for him a lot.

fuck fuck duck yes thy wear pretty dresses and skirts and tight fitting suits that ryan buys them. and like underneath they have really pretty or raunchy lingerie and dallon loves to wear thigh highs bc he has such nice thighs, and bren sometimes wears these really cute bralettes. and they’re so obedient and they love ryan so much, they’d do anything for him and ryan loves to show them off and bring them to parties.

He lit Tooru’s cigarette with his own.
”So, this is our first kiss?” Oikawa asked.
“What the hell are you talking about?” He mumbled.
“A cigarette kiss


3 Year Olds Can Be Trans? GARBAGE.

Published on Jan 17, 2017

The Warski Podcast -…

I’ll just leave this here, completely bizarre behavior and child abuse. Only in 2017.

Imagine Loki spending some time on Earth, learning about their traditions and when it gets to April 1st, you’re pulling pranks on everyone while shouting ‘April’s Fools’ at the top of your lungs. When Loki asks you about it, you explain, so he goes around Stark Tower and the whole of New York pulling outrageous pranks while telling people they are the April Fool.

Favourite examples of the Collective Other that reactionaries group people into:

- “Big Gay”

- “Gender Cult”

- “Transgender Mafia”

- “Tumblr” (as in, all of tumblr,com, because this site is collectively on the same page apparently)

- And, less we forget, Literal Homosexual Steamroller