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Why is it that when a “straight” girl ends up liking a girl it’s all rainbows and unicorns and she’s welcomed with open arms into the gay/LGBT community but if a girl who normally classifies as “gay” ends up liking a boy she’s shamed and told that she’s no longer a “real” part of the gay community. Newsflash people sexuality is fluid.

Any story dealing, however seriously, with homosexual love is taken to be a story about homosexuality while stories dealing with heterosexual love are seen as stories about the individual people they portray. This is as much a problem today for American filmmakers who cannot conceive of the presence of gay characters in a film unless the specific subject of the film is homosexuality. Lesbians and gay men are thereby classified as purely sexual creatures, people defined solely by their sexual urges
—  Vito Russo, The Celluloid Closet: Homosexuality in the Movies

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what led you to believe the word homosexual is a slur? It's just a descriptive term like transgender or bisexual.... not a slur in the least ^^

bisexual and transgender were not historically used in the same sense/context as h*m*sexual. it was used to classify being gay as a mental illness and dehumanise gay people.

Academia has always played a pivotal role in pathologizing LGBT identities and contributing to homophobic and transphobic eugenics. It’s not just religious or moral fundamentalists who provide a “justification” for homophobia/transphobia with their dogmatism. Biologists, sexologists, doctors, and psychologists have also participated in engendering a culture of invasiveness toward and mockery of LGBT people. Whether that’s psychologists attributing being gay to familial problems or a psychological dysfunction, or neuroscientists and geneticists rooting around for a “gay” gene or a “trans” brain, or the DSM classifying being gay as a mental illness, or epidemiologists refusing to help gay and bi men and trans women during the HIV/AIDS epidemic - for centuries, academics have exacerbated the degree to which LGBT people suffer. Their “work” (if it can even be called such a thing) has provided for ostensibly “objective” and “professional sounding” justification for things like conversion therapy, familial abuse, police brutality, laws policing sexual and romantic behavior that specifically targeted LGBT people (such as anti-sodomy laws), the stigma surrounding and criminalization of HIV+ people, etc. Of course, let’s not forget that it’s doctors and scientists who are also directly participating in homophobic violence by experimenting on gay and trans people or barring them from life-saving medical services. 

It is particularly insidious to consider academia a forefront of unabashed objectivity because in a heteropatriarchal society that values the cishet male opinion as epistemologically neutral, academics are considered a bastion of pure, unbiased work. Thus, homophobes reason that if an academic, such as a psychologist or biologist or doctor, is putting forth the logic that being gay/trans is “caused” by a certain gene or interpersonal condition or that it somehow can be cured or that it causes a strain on society, then homophobes get science “on their side” and thus gain even more power to wreak havoc against LGBT people. When it isn’t just seemingly outrageous religious and moral and political fundamentalists who are screaming hatred toward gay/trans people, then cishet people everywhere think that their ideologies and actions are acceptable, normative, and beneficial. Thus, it is imperative to combat paltry academia that deigns to fetishize and pathologize us. As a student myself, I can safely tell you that no academic field, much less STEM fields, is free from cultural biases and influences. Scientists are as biased and motivated by prejudice as non-scientific academics. The faster we understand this, the easier it will be for us to resist all types of homophobia. 

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TERF feminism is white centric with a massive appropriation of the struggles of other women from non white cultures and really, really fucking often to be used as a social weapon. Especially against the trans community. Most radfem that ever gets any notice, and seen here on this fucking site is a bunch of super privileged first worlders using the voices of other women.

If we’re gonna go there, Western trans people often use third gender roles in other societies as argument pieces without understanding why those roles even exist.  Often it’s because those societies are very homophobic and misogynistic and create those roles to classify gay/lesbian people as “not really men/women.”

But what specifically about radfem ideology is white centric?  Do WOC not have female anatomy anymore?  And how is it appropriating to acknowledge that these issues exist and are perpetuated against women because of them being female?  Also there’s like… a ton of radfems that aren’t white or American dude, including here on Tumblr, which shouldn’t be the basis for your political views anyway lol

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I feel like taekook is not real, because I just found out about jk's huge crush for IU and it kind of ruined everything for me. I wish I have not found out about this, bc I really enjoyed the "taekook could be real- bubble" I was living in.

Babe. BABE. bisexuality existsssss its a thing!! :(

Jungkook can be attracted to girls AND boys if he likes + I personally don’t think JK classifies as gay if he was attracted to boys I think Taehyung is the only one he would find attractive, mainly cause of their connection from predeb to now idk I think his crush on IU is a celebrity one rather than a romantic one

ok lets be real, we all know isak doesn’t hate pop music as much as he says he does bc of how much he seemed to like i’m yours. but what if the reason he’s so against pop and so into hip-hop is because he was told that he only likes gay songs. like just imagine isak being so uncomfortable with his sexuality that the idea of anyone thinking something he likes might classify as gay literally makes him not like it as much (or at least pretend to not like it)

i hate when trans people try to explain something about proper terminology or whatever and then cis people come out of the woodwork to go “ACTUALLY, scientific voice of reason here, i read the DSM once and it said–”. i don’t give a shit

the DSM is updated regularly because so much of that material is constantly being debated. for fuck’s sake they classified being gay as a mental disorder until the ‘70s, and people have been arguing against the classification of gender dysphoria as a mental disorder since it was first classified as such in the ‘80s

so sorry but i think trans people know a lot more about what it’s like to be trans than some random cis person who’ve read other cis peoples’ textbook definition of gender identity disorder. listen to what we actually have to say, whether we agree with you or not, and stop acting like you know more about us than we do