the gavins

It’s been a good while since I’ve drawn Ich and a lot had changed for the softest barbarian
After a good hunt and a lot of spirited drinks Ich and Billy found themselves with a beautiful baby boy named Gavin. Ich is pretty much a stay at home dad now while Billy happily does all the hunting
Ich’s a proud papa

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“Gavin, please, you’ve got to come home…” The surprisingly calm voice of the Vagabond spoke, lifting the frail, weak excuse of the Golden Boy into his arms. Unsurprisingly he was met with the closest form of struggle Gavin could suffice.
Through blood and tears Gavin cried out in a hoarse voice, “No! No no no! I’m not coming ho-” His pleading, sad voice was cut of by another round of coughing, to which another voice responded.
“Gavin, love… you’ve got to come home before you get worse. Okay?” The crew mother Jack Pattillo spoke now, gently wiping his face clear of blood for the fourth time in ten minutes. They had barely gotten a few feet away and all three of the Gents were struggling to hold Gavin back from hurting anyone.
“No! I don’t want to go! I don’t want to go!” Gavin’s weak cries grew weaker and only now had the three seen it.The fear in his eyes. In Gavin’s lifeless and faded eyes, having filled with tears countless times, there lay fear. He hadn’t been afraid when the entire group appeared, he had been numb. But now…

Going home had scared Gavin to the point of no return.

Ryan held tightly to him and Geoff spoke, “Get him back and don’t let him out of your sight.” Geoff’s voice trembled, unable to hold onto the stern tone he had normally held with his crew in bad times like this. He looked to Jack and let her see that yes, it hurt to see his Golden Boy like this.
Jack slowly nodded and held Gavin back with Ryan, trying to ignore the screams, pleas, and cries. Her makeup began to run as tears formed in her eyes too, and Ryan attempted to give her a reassuring smile. 
Gavin’s screams faded as the two Gents carried him back the best they could, and Geoff stared at the poor place Gavin had called a home for two weeks. He was still in the clothes he was in two weeks ago, and his alleyway shelter held whatever things he could buy. Gavin didn’t bring anything with him and only had his parachute, torn cloth as a blanket. What stuck out most to Geoff was the lack of food. Chances were, Gavin hadn’t eaten in the two weeks he was gone and it showed in his frailer form.
Geoff wiped away whatever tears had formed and composed himself, turning away from the sorry state and beginning to walk towards home. “Michael, wherever you are.. come home to him. Save him from that hell he’s in,” He mumbled to himself in hopes the Lad would somehow get the message. Even he doubted that, though. 

Michael sunk back into the shadows as his boss passed, removing his glasses so that his tears could flow freely. Only one thing ran through his mind. 

Michael had done this to Gavin. This was his fault. All his fault.