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Hi! Could you recommend Stargate blogs to follow? I've been in the Stargate fandom for a long time, but I was recently forced out of the Gateworld forum by long-term (and moderator approved) transphobic abuse. I don't want to give up Stargate, but I want to find a part of the fandom that is actually as friendly and welcoming as Gateworld pretends it is.

Oh no, I’m so sorry to hear that, Anonymous friend. In my experience, though, the Stargate fandom on tumblr is pretty laid-back and accepting. I hope you find some friends here! A few blogs to start you off, some of which are multifandom but do post a lot of Stargate:

There are many, many more Stargate folks whose blogs are very multifandom, including me. (I’m not as active in the Stargate fandom as I used to be, but I do love it and still reblog posts.) If you look at the notes of Stargate posts (try the #stargate sg1 or #stargate atlantis tags), you’ll notice the same URLs appearing again and again, and those might be some good blogs to follow. Or hey, maybe people will like or reblog this post if they post a fair amount of Stargate, and you can just check these notes. :)

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Twenty years ago today, a little show premiered on Showcase. It started out with an hour and a half pilot that received some well-deserved criticism for certain parts of it (ehm), but led the way to the creation of a massive, much loved universe.

Twenty years.

Three television shows. 17 seasons. 354 episodes. Countless friendships created all around the globe.

Welcome to the Stargate universe.

I don’t remember my life without Stargate. I don’t want to imagine my life without Stargate.

My parents watched the Stargate film in the movie theatre. They loved it. So when Stargate SG-1 started, of course they sat down to watch it. And being a young girl who needed to be watched over all the time, they sat me down near the telly as they watched.

I grew up with SG-1. Some of my earliest memories are of SG-1. Sam has been my first hero. Daniel has been my first telly crush. Stargate kept me going through more than I can explain; kept me alive longer than I can remember.

I wouldn’t have been here without Stargate. And just as importantly, I wouldn’t have known so many amazing people without it. Some of my most treasured memories are those of meeting the actors I’ve admired my whole life in conventions. I’ve spent thousands on it, and I’d have kept spending thousands more.

Stargate is home.

Stargate and I grew up together. We’ve always been linked. I learned to fight from Jack and Teal'c, from John and Ronon. I learned compassion and caring for others from Daniel and Carson. I was inspired by Sam and Elizabeth, still my greatest heroes. After all this time? Always.

Because that’s the thing. Even when my life is crazy, even when I fall back down to the familiar arms of depression, even when I feel I know nothing about myself, there’s always one constant. Stargate. It doesn’t change. It stays there, and it welcomes me back in, anytime. Whether it’s a casual rewatch (occasionally with friends, like with @monkeywandsgutter!) or just a need to see something that will make me feel better, it’s always there. It’s home, in every way there is.

Happy birthday, Stargate SG-1. Happy birthday, my dearest franchise. ❤️

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i've been super gay for eva since episode one and she's still my number one. i get gater every time she appears and that's an achievement since i'm alreayd gay af

not to be gay but have you seen this pic of lisa teige

it made me gayer


After watching complete gameplay of this, I went back and rewatched walkthroughs of the first game and Whistleblower.

This game definitely takes place during the first game/Whistleblower. If you listen to Miles’ radio in the beginning of the first game, the news mentions weird animal and insect behavior and stroms in Arizona. This explains the insects that threw off Blake when he fell off that log before he met the deformed outcasts. We also know that the Walrider can possess animals too soooo… 😏

My theory is that Temple Gate was an old Murkoff experiment, and that the storm was caused by Murkoff technology (a bomb, maybe?). The Temple Gaters were probably predecessor experiments to the crazies at the Asylum.

Since Outlast/Whistleblower takes place during/after this sequel, it could be possible that Murkoff moved all the surviving inmates of Mount Massive with the Temple Gate inhabitants in order to eventually exterminate everyone there to destroy any more potential evidence (Miles Upshur and Waylon Park already did enough damage).


Based on a true story my professor told us about his time in Miami. A couple of German tourists in Florida thought the Americans put plastic alligators all over the grass to make the trails scary for tourists. One of them kicked an alligator to prove it was fake.

Of course, it wasn’t fake, but the alligator didn’t budge.

Seriously don’t kick the alligators though. They can sprint faster than you can run. Also, that’s just plain rude.

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I used to consider myself a nerd because I partake in nerd culture (anime, comics, video games, etc..) But I'm increasingly seeing so much misogyny, racism, homophobia, and all sorts of bigotry from nerds to the point that it's impossible to ignore. I constantly hear Anti-PC and Anti-SJW talking points. It's gotten to the point where I don't want to be associated with nerds anymore, seeing how at least half are gamer-gaters. I'm not into nerd shit as much as before. Am I still a nerd?

Listen: you’re still a nerd to me.

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catching a cold with marace, please?

“That’s the sixth time today, yoi,” Marco says, leaning against the rail and staring out at the horizon. “You done yet?”

Ace’s hand flops around and he rolls over enough to wheeze out more seawater. Once he’s done coughing, he chokes out, “One more.”

“Nope, no more,” Marco sighs, but he doesn’t make any move to actually stop Ace. He doesn’t need to. Ace can’t even keep himself up on hands and knees right now. “You’re going to make yourself sick, yoi.”

Ace hacks up some more water and spits it over the edge. “Am not,” he says, using the rail to pull himself up enough to sit back on his heels. “‘m a logia now.”

“You can still make yourself sick with seawater,” Marco tells him. Ace’s hand comes flailing his way and Marco reaches out to grab his tricep and haul him upright. “Come on, yoi. You’re done for today.”

“‘m not done,” Ace slurs, wobbling. “One more time. I’ma get it.”

Marco ducks a bit and drags Ace’s arm over his shoulders, slinging his other arm around his waist. “Sure you will, yoi,” he agrees and starts them moving. “But not today.”

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Bucking Hips (1/2)  NSFW

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Author: Arfrona-and-Marvel

Word Count:  1985

Warnings: Cursing, Smut… Rather Rough

Pairings: Bucky x Reader

Type: Crack, Smut

Note: Not requested… It’s very very NSFW… it’s the second part, reblog or message me @arfrona or send me an ask if you want part 2…


Y/N’s POV:


“-Who is the Winter Soldier? Is he some hot male model in his spare time-”

Steve snorts, trying to hide a laugh.


“-Winter Soldier spotted in five separate locations scattered about the city-”


“-Terrorists attack city hall, speculations about the Winter Soldier’s involvement-”


“-So no one told you life was gonna be this wayyyy-”

Natasha walks by and claps rhythmically before leaving for the kitchen.


“-Spiderman, Spiderman, Does whatever a spider can. Spins a web, any size, Catches thieves just like flies,

Look Out!-”

Peter, who was sitting with us promptly, muttering: “I fucking hate this song.”


“-I love you, you love me, we’re a happy family-”

“What the fuck? I didn’t know they still ran reruns of that show,” Tony says, right next to my ear.

I jump about 10 feet into the air.


“Worth it!~” he calls in a singsongy voice as he stalks over to the bar.

“Asshat,” I call back.

“That’s my name, don’t wear it out!” he calls before downing a shot and walking out.

For the past hour, I have watched my boyfriend flick through channel after channel, mindlessly viewing random episodes and the news while the Avengers walk in and out of the living room. Some staying for a few minutes but getting tired of Bucky’s constant changing of channels.

I was getting tired of Bucky’s lack of attention.

A few hours ago, I came back from a hard mission and wanted a little affection. I curl up closer to him and poke him gently on his side just as he changes another channel.

I groan dramatically to get his attention, failing once again.

I stand up in front of him and block his view of the screen, he simply moves his head to the side and watches the show playing behind me instead.

I threw my hands up in aggravation and go up stairs to my bedroom to change.

A few minutes later, I walk back down and lean against the door of the living room wearing a silk silver robe. I stand there watching Bucky now captivated by a sit-com and hoping I could get his attention and lead him to the bedroom.


He grunts.

Fuck it.

“F.R.I.D.A.Y. can you please close all the doors of this room and not let anyone in, as well as turn off security cameras?” I ask.

“As you wish, Miss Y/L/N.”

Instantly, the doors sweep shut and all the locks click. The cameras power down and their red lights turn off. The lights start to dim and I snap my fingers, making candles appear around the room. I snap my fingers again, making a four poster bed appear against the far wall. A third snap, and ropes appear to tie Bucky up. I hear a muffled cry and see Bucky struggling against the restraints on his arms and legs, tying him to four posts of the bed. Bucky turns to me with a frightened look on his face and says,

“Y/N, what the fuck is going on?”

I feel a dark look fall over my face as I turn around.

“Oh Bucky, we’re going to have a little fun.”


“You haven’t been paying attention to me all day, just watching that damn television!” I say, pointing at it while glaring at him.

Bucky rolls his eyes and groans exhaustedly,

“Is that really what this is all about?”

I nod and the fucking prick smirks. Something in me snaps. A quick thought and the TV explodes in a shower of sparks. The smug look on his face drops and he stares at me like I just murdered Steve.

“Y- You- You killed B-B-Ben. How c-could you d-do that?” his voice cracking slightly.

“YOU NAMED THE FUCKING TELEVISION?” I scream at him, confident that F.R.I.D.A.Y. would keep the room soundproofed.

He flinches and shifts in his ropes uncomfortably.


“You have invested more emotional attachment in an inanimate object- No offense, F.R.I.D.A.Y., I love you to bits-”

“None taken, Y/N,” her smooth Irish voice responds.

“-than our relationship.”

Bucky sighs and looks dejected.

“To be honest, I’m just really bored of-”

This boy…

“Oh you’re bored of me now are you?”

“That’s not what I-”

I shake my head and snap my fingers so that a ball gag is in his mouth.

“You want exciting? I’ll give you exciting,” I say while snapping my fingers and making his shirt disappear.

“But you’re not getting any release tonight.”

He whimpers and I know that a devious twinkle flashed in my eyes.

I scrunch my nose in annoyance and turn around so my back faces Bucky. I untie the rope on my robe and shrug the silky garment off my shoulders, revealing the lace undies I had changed into. Checking myself out in a mirror I conjured, I decide it isn’t provocative enough. I snap my fingers and change into a black corset and garters, keeping the lacy thong I have on.

I bend over slowly to pick up my robe from the floor, seeing Bucky checking out the great view of my ass that I’m giving him in the mirror. I put the robe on the coat hanger in the corner.

I walk over to a side of the room and pull a chair to the base of the bed and I sit down with my back on one side of the arm and my legs draped over the other. I flick my wrists upwards and a dildo appears in my hands and I look over at Bucky, smirking.

He glares harshly at me, fighting the restraints on his wrists and ankles.

I lick the dildo from base to tip and back down again. I can see his little soldier trying to escape his pants, so I decide to free it. With a snap of my fingers, the rest of his clothes disappear.

I openly stare at his member and smirk a little before continuing to lick the dildo. With a cheeky grin, I make the dildo just slightly longer than his member. I kiss the tip and begin sucking on it. I maintain eye contact with his slowly growing erection and start to deep throat the toy. I close my eyes and moan a little, hearing Bucky’s grunts and shouts of protest through the gag.

Without opening my eyes, I leave the dildo in my mouth and unhooking the garters and taking off my panties before rehooking the gaters.

I open my eyes and look at Bucky’s while taking out the dildo slowly and tracing it down my body before using the tip of it to rub small circles around my clit. I make it vibrate. Loudly. I moan and my hips squirm a little, moving around the vibrator.

I rub the dildo up and down my slit slowly before angling it just right and slamming it all the way in.

I moan loudly and squeeze my eyes shut. I mentally make the dildo vibrate a bit more intensely. I moan as I start to move the toy in and out slowly. I lean back into chair’s arm and curl my toes as I move faster. I look over at Bucky and moan at the sight. He was sweating just watching me, his boner at full attention and his eyes pleading. I shake my head no and he glares at me, fighting against my restraints harder. I make the bonds tighter so he couldn’t trash around.  

Having the power to warp reality is amazing.

I stop moving the dildo with my hands and move it with my mind instead, varying the speed. With my right hand, I rub my clit in small, quick circles and I use my left to gently massage my nipple.

I groan loudly as I start to get closer and closer to my orgasm. I add more pressure onto my clit and my back starts to rise off the chair’s arm.

I hear Bucky practically screaming into his gag and tugging harshly at the restraints.  

I ignore him as I move the dildo faster before orgasming hard, clutching the cushion of the chair and silently screaming.

I let the dildo move at a slower pace as I ride out my orgasm. I take out the dildo with my hands and lift it to eye level and start to suck it clean, staring into Bucky’s eyes while doing so.

He’s so frustrated.

His eyes are filled with lust. There’s drool all around the gag and precum is oozing from his dick.

“Okay baby. Maybe I’ll play with you now.”

“Mmph! Mmphmmm!” he cries from the bed.

I flick my wrists and my toy disappears, as well as my clothes.

I walk over to him and get to eye level with his cock. I smile and lick his balls gently. He immediately goes wild, tugging on the ropes so hard, the rope burn is visible. I lick along his base and up to his tip before returning down. I repeated this a few more times before swirling my tongue around his tip.

I wink at him before covering his tip with my mouth and sucking it gently. He stops trashing and resisting and begins to whimper softly underneath the gag. I continue sucking and looking up at Bucky’s icey blue eyes before he closed his eyes shut and rolls his head back as I suck harder.

After a few more moments of light moans from Bucky behind his gag, I stop sucking and pull back, leaving him without a touch.

He cries out from under the gag, what sounds like a plea.

“What do you want Bucky?” I ask, drawing out some of my words, chuckling a little.

Not gonna lie, seeing him begging for me turned me on.

“Mmph! Mmph!”

I sit back onto the balls of my feet and spread my legs  and rub my clit gently. Moan softly before asking,

“What was that, Bucky?”

I snap my fingers and the gag disappears for him to answer.


That’s all I needed to hear.

I flick my wrist again and the gag reappears on him and I lay on my stomach in between his legs. I lick a vein on his throbbing cock before sucking on the tip and slowly taking an inch of him into my mouth.

I slowly bob my head up and down a few inches at a time while he moans and shakes slightly. I then pull him out of my mouth, he looks down at me pleadingly and I lick up the saliva trail before winking at him. “Prsh!”

I laugh a little and lean back up and hover my mouth over his tip. He tries to buck his hips up, but instead I cover his tip with my mouth and deepthroat him immediately.

He lets out a loud moan and I cover my teeth with my lips before biting down, making the fit extremely tight for him.

His head rolls back as he moans and clutches the sheets tightly. I pull him out a bit and sucked on his tip while looking at the view in front of me.

I wave my hand and the gag disappears.

“You wanna cum, baby?” I say as I give him light kitten licks up and down his shaft.

He nods furiously and I frown, pulling back.

“That’s not an answer…”

“Yes! (Y/N)! Yes, I want to cum, please don’t stop!”

“Hmm,” I tap my chin as though I was thinking about it.


I stop everything and lift off him.

“Now you’re all excited, but I’m not having much fun. We can’t have that, now can we?”


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Henlo happy birth I come with a tiny terumob scenario if thats ok. Its Teru's bday and he's been trying to contact Mob to ask him ti hang out but when he finally gets to call Mob the other boy says he has stuff to do. Teru is actually really sad but doesn't show it and spends the rest of the day in his house, watching tv until around 6 pm Mob comes knocking at his door with a present and explains he had been trying to gater up money working extra hours to buy Teru a sweater that ( 1/2)

(2/2) he had been wishing for for a lon time. Teu is super moved but the surprise doesn’t end here because Mob wanted to take Teru to the carnival in town to celebrate and of course Teru accepta and they spend the whole evening together just bein happy ahskdl I’m shitty with scenarios but I thought this was cute so happy birth


Clingy (CrossMare)[BloodLust pt. 1 1/2]

Nightmares POV
After throwing horror into a box and into UnderLust, we all had our fair share of laughs and accualy hoped that he wouldn’t come back for hours. “Hey, I have a good idea-” Killer started “-How about we sent cross somwhere special~” Cross then became terrified of what they may do to him and hid in my side. I just about cringed but brushed it off since I was pretty used to it. “Oh my god, just leave the kid be.” I said simply. “Ooooh~ NMs actually protecting his new found lover~” “ aww, he cares for once~” they all start to tease, I should have seen it coming. “No, accualy, its NOT that at all. Its just that whenever you guys TEASE him like this, HE STARTS GETTING SUPER DAMN CLINGY!! AND CASE YOU HAVNT NOTICED, ITS STARTING TO PISS ME OFF!!!!” I shouted quite harshly as I ripped my arm away from Cross and went up to my room to ignore reality once more.

Cross POV
NM was accualy starting to scare me a bit as He yanked his arm away from me and stomped up to his room. I honestly felt pretty bed for putting him through that. My thoughts got cut of by Dust and Killer giggling from the background, but I just gave them a glare. “So? Go get yo boyfriend Tiger! Hahaha!!” Killer shouted. “One, that exactly what I’m about to do. And two, he’s not my boyfriend, as much as I wish he was.” I pointed out, whispering the last part. They must of heard because they started laughing there ass’ off immediately. I just rolled my eyes and headed up towards NMs room. I knocked on the door softly and wispered his name before opening the door slightly “NM? Are you ok?” “No. Just go away…” doing the exactly the opposite of what he ordered, I walked in, shut the door, and made my way to his bed. He gave me a glare but let me continue as I sat down next to him. There was a awkward silence “Your bed is comfy” “Yah, don’t get to comfortable…” another silence… “I’m sorry I embarrassed you…”

NightMares POV
He was apologizing again. I honestly didn’t know what to say because I sure as hell wasn’t going to say ‘Its okay’. After a bit of sitting, my back started to ach so I layed myself on the bad and cross layed with me. I honestly didn’t care, as long as he wasn’t anoying me “Hey NightMare,” here it comes “….. You can get made at me all you want, and you can beat and you can hurt me–” “ Where are you going exactly with this???” I ask worryingly. He’s never talked like this “I just………wanted… To try something….?” I thought about it for a second before answering “As long you ain’t trying to have sex with me, sure.” His whole face lit up with an explosion of purple. It almost made me laugh at how cute it was. I sat there for a few seconds waiting for him to do or say what he wanted as he tryed to calm down a bit.

3rd person POV
After calming down from the humiliation, cross turned to the side to look at NightMare. NM looked at him slightly confused. Cross took this as an advantage and wraped his arms behind NMs head and yanked him forward. The two shared a passionate kiss. And even though NightMare struggled a bit, he soon calmed down. The longer he let Cross do it, the more and more he would melt. After a few minuets, the two new found lovers broke for air. “Ok, now get off me. You did what you wanted.” NM quikly said out of embarrassment. Cross just giggled but did what he was told and snuggled into his arm instead. “……….. Fine, fine!! Get over here!” NM quickly said, pulling cross over. Cross just giggled more and hugged and snuggled into NMs side.


Yay! I’m finnished! This took me a few tries since my tablet kept dying on me. This is what going on back at the house, kingdom, palace thingie when BloodLust pt. 1 is happening. Speaking of BloodLust, pt. 2 should be coming out today since I got nothing else to do. Anyways, Later Gater!

Lizzington Week Day 1!! 

This is my pick for Fave Scene. Before I explain, a little background: I got into the Blacklist late. I binge watched s1-3 with my husband over a couple month span just late last year. We totally loved the show and I especially loved Reddington! But I was not a lizzington shipper at first. I was probably more of a daddy-gater honestly, though not entirely, for reasons I won’t go into here. It was in the aftermath of Liz’s fake death (Cape May especially) and into s4 when Lizzington just kinda took over for me. I rewatched s1 with new eyes and I’ve settled on this scene, the surrender scene near the end of s1 as my ‘yes, this is my ship, this is why I ship it’ scene. 

I LOVE this scene for several reasons. The story Red tells to Liz is beautiful and magical, one of those moments that are personal and touching in a way you can’t explain to someone else. But Red does! And then he compares this beautiful, magical moment to the one he is in now. Which at first glance, is a terrible moment for him. The FBI is about to lock him up and throw away the key, his deal no longer valid with them. And an unknown and relentless foe who has been attacking him for years is quickly closing the gap. Things look grim. Yet here he is, on his knees surrendering to Elizabeth Keen, and claiming this moment is like a burst of sunlight that makes everything else worth it. It is this moment that is the culmination of all the special little quotes and scenes we’ve witnessed all throughout s1. His devotion to Liz is obvious from the beginning. He lives to protect her and keep her alive. But I think his feelings slowly changed through this season. It became more complicated than just protecting her. I think he fell in love, whether he’s admitting it at this point or not. But I think what he IS admitting in this scene is that his life is no longer worth living without her. He’s willing to give up his freedom, and whatever he’s experienced and whatever he’s about to experience was worth it to have known her, to have been a part of her life. She’s the burst of sunlight to him. There is no turning back in the darkness now, no choosing to go back to the way things were for him. This is my favorite lizzington moment, the moment when I think Red really gave himself up completely to Elizabeth. Not just surrendering as her captive, but surrendering his future and choosing her no matter the cost to himself. 

Note-this pic was not made by me. I found it online. #notgoodatediting

Christine Sydelko Quote Starters

  • “I’d roast his beans if yknow what i mean~”
  • “My mom was right, peer pressure is real!”
  • “Is that uncooked ramen?  What the fuck is wrong with you??”
  • “Aww, that’s so stupid! Bye!”
  • “I just wanted a tattoo that really meant something to me, yknow?  And so I said ‘fuck it’ and got a Croc!”
  • “Y-yeah I wanna poke his dick…!”
  • “I guess this body… is a dead one.”
  • “My dick is stuck in a pringles can.”
  • “The ‘gaters is my family now!”
  • “I got a minion toy stuck in my ass.”
  • “Snap crackle pop in this pussy, baby~”
  • “Do you know what happened to all our tin foil?”
  • “I just saw your google search history and I think we need to have a talk.”
  • “Your penis is leaking…”
  • “(Name), I’ve seen you chase a tequila shot with a dorito.”
  • “The fuck you doin’, burpin’ in my mouth and shit?”
  • “You wish to be mummified in fruit roll-ups?”
  • “I believe in equality!  I believe that your dick is equal to the size of a tic tac!”
  • “The rain is just God’s tears… He’s crying because we’re sinners…”
  • “I think I swallowed a nickle.”
BloodLust (p.t. 1?)

Horror had gotten pranked….. Again. This was probably the third time this month. Whenever he tried to hang out with Nightmare, Killer, Dust, and Cross, they always found a way to trick him into there stupid games.

This time he had gotten ducktaped in side of a box and threw him into a random portal, “Have Fun~” Dust giggled before closing the portal.

Horror’s POV
As soon as I herd dust voice get cut of by the portal being closed, I struggled to rip the tape of and bash my way out of the box. Once I scurried out, I looked around only to find myself out side of the ruins. I rolled my eyes as I started to walk towards snowdin to see which AU I was in.

On my way, I noticed that I few monsters were attempting to flirt at me until I gave them glares. I didn’t get it a first until I relized “Horror Baby~” ‘shit’ I thought to myself. “What do you want Lust?!” I yelled as I turned around to look at him. “What do i want?? Your the one that’s in my world” “Yah, So, Whatever! I was pranked!!!” “Hmhmm~” is all he responded while throwing on a sassy pose, not believing a thing I said.

A smile crept up on his face as he walked toward me. He circled around me while running his fingers around my shoulders “I bet your just here to do what you just, ohh~ so badly want to do do to me~~” ending his sentice with his arm around my neck and raised one of his feet behind him. “FUCK OFF!” I said as I shoved him to the ground. I turned around to walk off as I heared him start to giggle softly

‘Freak-’ my thoughts got cut of by him trying to attack me. He giggled louder “Uh uh uh~ Bad boys don’t get away that easly, don’t cha horror~? It seems to me you need to be taught a manners~” I went to grab my axe, noticing that the guys must of took it. I am rusty with magic but it would have to do. I was about to grow a bone attack when I noticed that Lust was just sitting there carelessly. “ *giggle* Think twice~” “Wha-” I was about to question before everthing wen’t black.

Lust POV
I saw him about to attack when a saw papy sitting behind him. He seemed confused at my carelessness which made me giggle and say “Think twice~” Papy waked him over the head with his own bone attack. He fell to the ground unconscious, which I was happy about since I wasnt in the mood to fight. “Thank you Papy~” “No problem, need anything els?” “Nah, I got this part” “all ready then.” he simply responded as he walked off in the distance. Once he was out of sight, I tried to take him, just relizing how heavy he was. I kind of wish I wounld of asked for help, but to late now. Picked him up as much as I could and telepoted home to get ready for my dirty work.


Anyways, this was fun! The second part should be soon I just thought this was a good stoping point. This fix was mainly for @troxachan-blog so here you go! Hope you liked it, see you later gater

Stargate Atlantis spoiler:

Reblog/like if you believe that the original Elizabeth Weir was not killed but is on an Asuran outpost and that John and the rest of the team find her sometime after season 5.