the gasoline station

  • [Percy while stuck on an island writing in his diary]
  • Day 1: Alone, doing well. Mentally sound. Met a crab.
  • Day 2: I have married the crab.
  • Day 3: I have eaten my wife.
  • [Meanwhile the gang driving home from the beach]
  • Piper: Annabeth could we stop by a gasoline station, It's been 3 hours and I really need to pee!
  • Annabeth: Sure, just wake up the rest to ask if they need to use the bathroom too.
  • Piper: Wait, where's Percy?
  • [Annabeth forcefully stepping on brakes]
  • [Camila while stuck on an island writing in her diary]
  • Day 1: Alone, doing well. Mentally sound. Met a crab.
  • Day 2: I have married the crab.
  • Day 3: I have eaten my wife.
  • [Meanwhile the girls driving home from the beach]
  • Lauren: Ally could we stop by a gasoline station, It's been 3 hours and I really need to pee!
  • Ally: Sure, just wake up the rest of the girls to ask if they need to use the bathroom too.
  • Lauren: Wait, where's Camila?
  • [Ally forcefully stepping on brakes]

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Man, poor Henry. He really got the short-end of the stick in life for a while there, didn't he?

You’re telling him.  Imagine being 20-something years old, you’re helping to found a promising young animation studio, you’ve come up with a brilliant and charming character that quickly wins the hearts of the public… and it’s been a lot of hard work, but it’s finally, FINALLY starting to pay off.

And then, suddenly, you’re sent off to war.  You’re sent off to war, and the guy who you helped co-found the studio, YOUR studio, keeps the rights to your character, your creation, tells you you’re not welcome back if you answer the call to duty, all when you don’t even have the choice.

You fight in the war for several years.

You come back a changed man.  You’ve seen horrors that make your worst nightmares look like the kiddie pool.  You’ve watched your friends and companions die, get riddled with bullets, end up on the business end of a bayonet, be blown to smithereens and stabbed by punji sticks and rot away in the sick bay.

You come home to the one person who’d always stood by you when things had gotten tough, who’d been there to comfort you when you were stressed and hopeless… only to find that she’d decided she’d had enough waiting around and moved on without you.

Leaving you with no-one to chase away the ghosts of the war that haunt you.  No successful job to return to.  No real help, even, from the government that had promised to reward its veterans.  A booming economy that’s leaving its sacrifices in the dust, and you’re one of the sacrifices.

You turn to drink.  You don’t really have anything left, so you drink, and you lounge about, and you try to draw, to capture some of that old spark and inspiration that once drove you so, but the memories it dredges up are too painful to handle.  Your apartment floor becomes littered with empty beer bottles and discarded drawings but you can’t bring yourself to care.

It takes a kind but hard-assed waitress damn near kicking you out of the local diner for loitering to force you to rethink your life.  So you order a cup of coffee that you can’t really afford, just so that you’re not just taking up space, and you’re honest with her about the fact that you can’t really afford it.  She insists you order anyway and foots the bill without a moment’s hesitation, insists you come back tomorrow for another cup, and you’d better not smell like stale hops.

She doesn’t really talk to you about your troubles, but she knows a guy and lines you up with a job as a worker at a gasoline station.  Eventually you learn enough about automobiles through it to land a decently-paying gig as a car repair mechanic.  It’s not the success you always dreamed of, but it keeps your hands moving.  It pays the bills and then some – enough to cover that habit you picked up, but even though the temptation is there, you force yourself to abstain.  That would be like spitting in Emily’s face, after all those coffees she bought you and after effectively getting you back on your feet for nothing in return.  

Your apartment is still a mess.  Things are still terrible, you still have bad nightmares now and then, you still have the occasional episode, but the noises you hear at work have helped you get accustomed to loud bangs and pops without instantly jumping for cover.  Life isn’t good, but it’s manageable.  You know you’re one of the lucky ones.

And then you get a letter from your “best pal.”


13 June YEAR 22

After coming back from that sea, we were all alone.

As if we had all decided upon, we did not keep in touch.
We could only assume our existence by the graffiti left on the street, the bright petrol station and the sound of the piano from the old building. That was when images of that night came alive. Taehyung’s eyes were ablaze, the way they looked at me as if they had heard something unbelievable, Namjoon’s hand that tried to stop Taehyung and me who couldn’t take it and threw a punch at him (Taehyung). 

Unable to find Taehyung after he dashed out, not a single person was left at our seaside hostel when I returned. the broken glass cup, blood stains that were beginning to mattify and smashed biscuit crumbs only served to remind me of the incidents that unfolded only a few hours before.
Meanwhile, a photo had fallen -a photo where we were posing with the sea as a backdrop, a photo where we were together smiling. 

As usual, I passed by the gasoline station today. As if there would come a day when we would meet again. As if a day would come where we would smile as brightly as we did in that photo. However, the moment hasn’t arrived yet. The humid winds are blowing today just as they did on that day. in the next moment, just like a timely warning, my phone rang. The photo that was hanging on my room mirror fluttered. Hoseok’s name appeared on my phone screen.

“Hyung*, they said Jungkook got into a car accident that night”

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Can we get some Homicidal Liu headcanons or Ticci Toby headcanons?

Homicidal Liu:

+ When he is alone, he will actually appear calm and at ease with the world. Some say it is because he is deep in his mind, or he is stoned.

+ He is an arsonist. It started a few weeks after the death of his parents, he found a lighter and some gasoline, out of curiosity he dumped the gasoline near a gas station and dropped the lit lighter on it. Since then he stuck to knives, his last resort being fire.

+ He doesn’t like the color green that much, he wears it sometimes yes, but he doesn’t like the color. He is just too lazy to buy more clothes.

+ He loves Mondays.

+ He swears like a sailor, not that it is important.

+ He doesn’t tell the truth honestly, mainly because he likes drama. I don’t know how Jane and Toby can tolerate him honestly.

+ Only Sally, BEN, Jane, Tim, and Lazari can call him ‘Daddy’.

   + Sally and Lazari: They see Liu as a fatherly figure.

   + BEN: He knows it annoys Liu when adults call him Daddy so he does it just to piss Liu off.

   + Jane: They act like a married couple.

   + Tim: Because he can.

+ When in public, Liu will seem as if he were crazy, he’d be glancing around a lot. He has severe paranoia and major anxiety. So he thinks of the worse possible things.

+ Final Destination.

Ticci Toby:

+ He isn’t as annoying as everyone thinks, he is actually pretty calm with the exception of his ADHD. It is the tics that annoy everyone.

+ He and Clockwork actually use to date, but it didn’t work out because Clockwork is just a bITCH

+ He hangs around Masky more than anyone else because he feels safe around him, it annoys Masky to the point where he will randomly yell at the ticking timebomb.

+ When he is alone, he starts to have a panic attack, he can’t be alone for too long or he’ll feel like everyone abandoned him.

   + Which is why he started to attach himself to Liu.

+ He doesn’t exactly remember his past but he remembers Lyra’s death clearly, and he has constant night terrors seeing her corpse in his once happy dreams.

   + These night terrors started to attack him during the day as he’ll randomly look at Clockwork or Jane and he’ll see Lyra.

+ Coffee doesn’t make Toby hyper, it calms him down. Anything sweet calms Toby down.

+ He hates Waffles and pancakes. There is a reason for that, it was his father’s favorite meal and he doesn’t want to be reminded of his father because people say he was a bad man.

+ He likes to help stray animals.

+ He also donates to an orphanage every now and then because he wants kids to have a normal life, with a family, or someone they can count on.

   + Toby is a goddamn sweet heart.

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Jungkook Scenario 

Summery— Its been 1 year since (Y/N) and Jungkook got married. He planned something big but things didnt go as planned. I can’t do summerys but please read, i think youll like it.

Pairing— reader x Jungkook

Genre— fluff? Angst? Violence? Idk

Word count— 2371 (oops)

Warnings— swearing, fighting, cringy

A/N— so i didnt intend to make this super long but oops. Anyways this is my first time ever exposing my writing to the world. I hope i did it right, and i edited it right. Please give feedback. (Request are open) -admin kiko♡

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Oregon Hotel. 

Two days after the eclipse we passed through the town of Mitchell, Oregon on the way to the Painted Hills. I had originally intended to view the eclipse from the Painted Hills, but altered plans after reading forecasts of crowds and limited services and impassable traffic - predictions that were mostly fulfilled on eclipse day. There are cafes in Mitchell, and we had planned on stopping for lunch, but all were closed since the eclipse-viewing hordes had stripped them of food, and all were waiting for supplies to arrive. The lone gasoline station in Mitchell had run out of fuel, but fortunately was re-supplied the morning of our visit. We stopped at the general store on Main Street, where the only food left on the shelves were a few dusty cans of SpaghettiOs. We drove on.