the gasoline station

Many of the products which create a modern standard of living are only the physical incorporations of ideas- not only the ideas of an Edison or a Ford but the ideas of innumerable anonymous people who figure out the design of supermarkets, the location of gasoline stations, and the million mundane things on which our material well-being depends. Societies which have more people carrying out physical acts and fewer people supplying ideas do not have higher standards of living. Quite the contrary.

Thomas Sowell  (1931-)  American economist 

But fewer people supplying ideas is precisely what a state planned economy is.

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Here's one: The chocobros sharing ice cream with their s/o? ❤️❤️

Nonny! I’m sorry if it’s horrible *hides behind a rock* This request is too damn cute and I worked on it for weeks but nothing could ever capture the cuteness of this damn scene.


  • After school in Insomnia on a cold winter day
  • “You want to get ice cream? It’s snowing!” Noctis exclaims
  • “Yes, but ice cream is for all seasons. Ice cream is for the soul, Noct.” You say brushing snow off your coat
  • “You’re impossible.” He sighs before you grab his hand and head towards the ice cream shop down the road
  • You order two scoops of chocolate chip cookie dough in a cone.
  • “Here! Have some!” You push the ice cream near his face
  • “No thanks” but since you don’t take no for an answer so you push it closer to his face and he ends up with ice cream on his nose. He looks at you flatly and the smile from your face melts.
  • He wipes the ice cream from his nose with his index finger and eats it “Tastes great”
  • You head outside with Noctis and proceed to eat your ice cream in the snow.
  • Your hands start to shake and Noctis notices this so he warms his palms up with a fire spell and holds your hand while he secures his other hand around your waist to keep you warm while you eat ice cream.
  • Best human radiator ever.


  • A sweltering day in Lestallum after one of your hunts.
  • “ICE CREAM!” You shout having spotted an ice cream store
  • You enter the store to be bombarded by a bunch of flavours, you and Prompto try most if not all but you’re torn between two flavours.
  • “What are you thinking about?” Prompto asks from behind
  • “I can’t decide which flavour to get!” You pout
  • “Get. Both.” Prompto was not good company when it came to saving up and trying to stay healthy but who dahell cares?
  • You and Prompto end up with 4 bowls of ice cream namely: Chocobo Chocolate, Minty Moogle, Vanilla King, and Cleigne Caramel. You end up “sharing” bites of ice cream from each other.
  • “Hey, look over there!” He points to a far off direction, you turn to look closely but find nothing in that direction.
  • Prompto has a spoonful of the ice cream you chose in his mouth.


  • He picks you up from work in Insomnia one hot summer day.
  • “Fancy some ice cream, darling?”
  • “You made ice cream?” Your eyes instantly light up at the thought of Iggy’s homemade lavender vanilla ice cream.
  • “No, but how about we buy some on the way home?”
  • Iggy brings you to a gasoline station 2 blocks away from your house.
  • You buy Iggy a stick of ebony ice cream and you get yourself a cup of soft serve sprinkled with chocolate powder, as soon as you take a bite of your soft serve you gag.
  • You hop inside the car and insert a spoonful of the soft serve into Iggy’s mouth. He nods approvingly until his face contorts looking as if he was in physical pain.
  • “I didn’t know they had that kind of flavour…” He asks while reaching for the bottle of water. He takes a long swig, he closes his eyes as the water slides down his throat washing away the unpleasant taste.
  • “Awful huh?” You sigh while bringing out the stick of ebony ice cream Iggy had ordered.
  • You unwrap the stick of coffee ice cream and hand it to him. He starts eating it until he turns to your direction and sees you frowning.
  • He looks at you, a smile grows on his face. “Ah, how’s about we share mine?”


  • After a day of training in the Citadel
  • “Hey (Y/N), do you want to get some ice cream? Iris made some at home.”
  • Gladio knows how much you love your sweets and he couldn’t pass up the opportunity to give you a sweet treat or two.
  • You walk going to the home of the Amicitias with your hands intertwined.
  • Jared greets you with a warm hello and so does Talcott. You’ve been hanging out here so much that the entire staff already knows you.
  • You end up in front of the TV with Gladio watching corny romantic movies while eating ice cream together.
  • “I really don’t know why you insist on watching these movies!” You say in between spoonfuls of ice cream
  • “These movies are what makes life worth living! It’s so horrible that it’s nice!” He says feeding you another bite of ice cream
  • “Eat more ice cream to get rid of your brain freeze!” He laughs as he hands you a bottle of water, you give him a light punch on the arm and a chaste kiss on the lips.
  • You and Gladio end up falling asleep propped up against the couch and you both look so peaceful that when Clarus gets home he just shakes his head and smiles.
  • Iris puts a blanket over the both of you being careful not to wake either of you.
  • Needless to say, you both woke up with terrible sore throats.
Bedroom business

Imagine accidentally calling Chib’s “Daddy” in front of the Sons 

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“Come over here, lass!” Your old man accent made you smile and wrap your legs around his waist, kissing him silly on his lips while he lifted you up and sat you down on the bar  of the clubhouse. You were both fans of PDA. After being together for 4 years and married for 2, everyone was used to it. 

You met Chibs while you were working on the store next to the fuel station place. You thought he was really good looking and charming for an old man; Yet, you thought it was weird he came all the way over the other side of town just to buy the gasoline at your fuel station. It was a dream come true when he finally asked you out on a date, which of course you agreed right on the spot. 4 years later there you were, his crow on your back, a ring on your finger, a happy life married to an outlaw. 

“Get a room you two.” Jax said entering the room and sitting down next to Wendy, who was feeding Thomas, the blond surrounded both of them in his arms and smiled at the people around him. 

“Oh they will.” Happy said not even lifting his gaze from the gun he was cleaning. Chibs waved them off and kept talking to you while you were on the bar, him in front of you in between your legs. You wrapped your arms around his neck and pressed a kiss to his lips, him kissing instantly back. Wendy got up and left the room, smiling at the kissing couple, kid in his arms. 

“We’re thinking of having a party this Sunday. A big meal.” Jax said pouring a drink on the bar next to where you and Chibs were kissing. “Gemma wants all of you here, so, save the date.” 

“You want to come?” Chibs asked you, smiling while looking at your lips. You nodded and got off the bar, walking over to pick up the empty beer bottles, and throwing them in the trash; Helping Chucky. 

“So, you guys are coming?” Jax asked. Chibs nodded but asked you anyway.

“We’re coming, right, (Y/N)?”

“Yes, Daddy, i already told you.” You’ve said this without realizing or remembering where you were; you froze at your own words and stopped dead on the middle of the living room. The whole room went silent as you gasped and covered your mouth. “Oh my god, Chibs. I meant Chibs.”

“Yeah…” Juice scoffed, holding back his laughter. “Because Chibs and Daddy sound exactly the same.” The room erupted in laughs and cat calls, wolf whistles and such things, making you sink down on the couch and bit your lip, blushed all the way to your ears. You covered your face and groaned.

“Oi! We don’t care about your fucking bedroom business.” Clay said, chuckling out a laugh and taking a swig from his beer. 

“Old man getting frisky in the bedroom, i guess.” Half Sack said. Chibs on the other hand was smirking his ass off at his brothers, proud in the moment that just happened. He didn’t really cared about what just happened; He thought it was funny. You were still in the couch closing your eyes before opening them and getting up, almost running to Chibs, hiding in his chest. 

“Oh my god.” You squirmed in his arms. “Chibs, i’m so embarrassed.” He laughed a little, his raspy and low accent making you blush even more when he wrapped an arm around your waist and kissing your forehead. 

“Who’s your Daddy, (Y/N)?” He joked, making his brothers laugh. You groaned into his body and tried to push him away but he remained still and strong, grabbing you by your chin and pressing a smiley kiss on your lips. 

Dally Finds Out About His Son [Version 1]

y/s/n stands for ‘your son’s name’ and y/s/m/n stands for ‘your sons middle name’

oh and it says ‘version 1’ bc Im thinking about rewriting the same thing about dallas finding out he has a kid but in a different way ok cool

it  probably sucks because i haven’t written in a while but it’s super long so that’s coooool

ok that’s all enjoy friends

You were 15 years old, and you had a son. It was ‘scandalous’ and people constantly called you a ‘whore.’ You told them all to go to hell.

You knew who the father was – he wasn’t even from Windrixville. He was from out of town. He had been there to see his cousin, and something had just clicked – or so you thought. You thought that he would keep in touch. You only ever got one letter saying that he ‘just didn’t do relationships.’ It hadn’t even had a return address. Some crazy part of you had thought that after a week he would love you like you were certain you loved him. Of course, you didn’t know that if you had been any other girl he wouldn’t have sent a letter at all – you didn’t know that Dallas did love you back, and that’s why he kept away.

After you found out you were pregnant, you knew it was his immediately. It had to be… There had never been anyone else. You kept the baby, despite your parent’s kicking you out and losing all but one of your friends. Finally, you couldn’t take that town any longer. Before you could even comprehend, you had packed up your few belongings and asked your friend to drive you to Tulsa, your 4 month old son cradled in your arms.

He looked like his father. His eyes were blue and his hair was a bit darker than Dallas’, but his skin was fair. You kissed his forehead and he kicked his tiny legs slightly. This little boy was the best thing that had ever happened to you, and just because his father was a no good jerk didn’t make you love him any less.  

You knew that even if Dallas found out about his boy, he wouldn’t want either of you. Even at the time, a part of you had known that Dallas didn’t commit – but you liked the thrill. You even thought that you could make him care. But no one could do that. Dallas Winston only cared about himself.

You look around the room you were to be staying in as Y/S/N grasps at your hair. You laugh and grab your purse, deciding to go and familiarize yourself with the surrounding area – you were staying with your friend’s cousin.

You hold Y/S/N tightly to you – you didn’t like strollers – and walk down the road. You come across a small gasoline station and decide to go in and buy yourself a bottle of pop. It was hot out and you deserved a treat. You push open the door with your free arm and the bell goes off.

A boy with golden blond hair comes trotting out from the back where you were guessing the garage was. You smile kindly. He was a real looker.

“How can I help ya?” He asks, and you can’t help but blush. With a baby on your hip, you didn’t get much attention from boys around your age.

“Just came in to grab a bottle of pop,” You say, and he smiles.

“Sure thing.” He says, grabbing a Pepsi for you as you walk up to the counter. “You new around here?” He asks, and you nod.

“Came from Windrixville. Just tryin’ to familiarize myself with this place.” You reply, and he nods, giving you the price. You hand over a quarter.

 “And who’s this little guy? Your brother?” He asks, reaching out a finger and wiggling it at Y/S/N. You smile, looking down at your little one.

“No, he’s mine.” You say, and immediately the smile drops from your face. You loved showing him off. He was yours, but at the same time… This was a new start for you. Perhaps it’d be better for them to think that he was your brother. You avoid the boy’s eyes. “Sorry, I outta get going.” The boy hesitates as you grab your soda and begin to head towards the door. Suddenly, a commotion erupts behind you. A chorus of deep male voices comes from the garage and into the store.

“Boys! Be quiet… Miss, are you alright?” The boy from behind the counter says, and you turn to look at him, offering a small smile.

“I’m fine, thank you-” Someone cuts you off.

“Y/N?” A deep voice interrupts.


No, no, no.

You turn slowly and face a group of about 6 boys. Your eyes scan them and land on the very last person you wished to see. Dallas stood there, his mouth hanging open ever so slightly. The buzzes of general activity from the boys had ceased, and bite your bottom lip to keep it from trembling. You swallow.

“Dallas?” You ask, and he looks like he’s about to step forward before his eyes fall to the small baby in your arms. You wrap your arms tighter around Y/S/N and he stirs. His head had been resting against your shoulder, blissfully asleep. You rock him to try and calm him, but almost as though sensing your discomfort. His eyes open, exposing the icy blue of them. He whimpers before beginning to cry.

“Shh,” You coo, turning your attention back to him. “It’s ok, little one. Mommy’s here.” You say, bouncing him slightly. He calms quickly, looking around the room. You kiss his forehead.

“Dal, who’s she?” The handsome boy from behind the counter finally speaks up. Dallas doesn’t respond. Your anger from the past year rushes back.

“Yeah, Dal, who am I?” You say quietly, and he opens his mouth slowly.

“Just a girl I used to know,” He says hardly. “An old friend.” You snort.

“An old friend, huh?” You continue to bounce Y/S/N. Everyone remains silent and finally you shake your head. You turn around, pushing open the door. “Fuck you, Dallas.” You say, storming out and towards your house.


The boys were all in the Curtis’ living room with an uncomfortable silence over them like a blanket. It was never quiet there, but something was wrong. Dallas had left the DX immediately, a look on his face that no one had ever seen before. It was blank, but in his eyes you could see something that could only be described as upset.

Two-Bit finally voiced what everyone had been thinking. “That baby today… It looked an awful lot like Dally.”

Darry shook his head. “Y’all all know that we can’t talk about this to him. He’ll blow his top. He’ll do what he wants about it.”

Ponyboy, who rarely spoke at all, scoffed. “Bullshit.” He said, and everyone’s heads snapped up. “That poor girl. She had to carry around his baby and now she’s raising it alone. She don’t deserve that, but she don’t deserve a guy like Dallas Winston neither.” He shook his head. “But he would never go after her anyways. He don’t want a child.” Nobody argued. Darry didn’t even yell at Pony for cussing, or for talking back. Everyone knew it was true. Even though they had barely spoken to her, they all knew. She was kind, and she wasn’t any Sylvia. She deserved better than what Dallas was like now.

The door opens and Dallas walks in. He goes straight to the icebox, pulling out a beer. He opens it and downs half of it immediately before going to sit next to Johnny on the couch.

“So, I was thinkin’ that tonight we could go hunt some action.” Dallas says, and no one replies. Dallas doesn’t react. “Y’all up for it?” He continues, and finally Two-Bit nods.

“Sure, man.” He says, not wanting to upset the younger boy and Dallas grins.

“Cool. Darry? Steve? Soda? Johnny? Kid, you wanna come?” He asks, nodding to Ponyboy. Nobody replies.

“Man, I think I’m just gonna go hang out with Evie tonight…” Steve finally says, and Soda almost slaps him. That reminded all the boys that they didn’t have girls, and it would more than likely remind Dallas.

“What the hell is up with y’all?” Dally finally snaps after another minute of complete silence, and Darry looks at him.

“You know what’s up.” He says, going against what he had told the boys minutes before, and Dallas scoffs.

“No, enlighten me.” He says, challenging someone to talk. He didn’t think anyone would, but Soda looks up at him from his spot of the floor.

“That kid looked just like you, and you looked at that girl like you were sweet on her. We all know that that boy is yours, Dal. Don’t try and deny it.” He snaps, and Dallas’ eyes blaze. “And don’t you dare try and hurt any of us. We all know it’s true. I do, Steve does, Darry does, Two does, Pony does, hell, even Johnny does, and you do too.” Dallas stands up suddenly.

“It ain’t any of your business!” He says, and Soda stands too, causing all the other boys to follow, Two-Bit stepping between them.

“Dallas, Soda’s right.” Darry says, and Dally almost screams. He knew that was his boy. He knew the minute he saw him, and he had loved Y/N since he had met her. But Dallas didn’t do feelings. He felt lost, and though he would never admit it, he was scared.

“What the hell do y’all want me to do?” He all but yells, turning and throwing his bottle at the wall. “I fucked up a long time ago! The kid has to be what? 3, 4, 5 months old? I’ve been gone for that long! I messed it up, she ain’t gonna take me back and even if she did – for fucks sake, we all know what kind of dad I would be! No better than my old man, probably. No better than Johnny’s, and I’m already actin’ like Two’s…” Dallas trails off, catching his breath. He never spoke like that – he never shared what he felt. He looked at the ground, his blond locks shading his face.

“Dallas, if you go and find her, you’ll already be better than my dad and yours. Could you ever hurt that boy? Could you ever hurt her again? You’d never be as bad as Johnnycake’s old man.” Two-Bit says, reaching out and tentatively placing a hand on Dallas’s shoulder. Dallas shrugs it off, sitting on the couch.

“Y’all ain’t gonna start callin’ me soft for havin’ a kid and carin’ for a broad or nothin,’ right?” He asks, trying to gain back his tough persona and act like he hadn’t just said more about himself than ever before. Two-Bit laughs like always.

“Shoo, it’s makes you more of a man than half the boys in Tulsa!” He says, and the rest of the guys smile despite their unease. Something was seriously wrong with Dallas. He needs this girl, and he needs his boy.


You cradle Y/S/N in your arms. You kiss his forehead. Kathy, your friend’s cousin, was at work. The TV was playing ‘Alfred Hitchcock Presents,’ but you were paying little attention. You were thinking about Dallas.

You wished that everything could work out, but he hadn’t even come looking for you. You tried to ignore him – you and Y/S/N were doing fine. But you knew that Y/S/N would grow up feeling half alone and you probably would too. You sigh, rubbing the pad of your thumb against Y/S/N’s soft feet. He chortles, and you can’t help but laugh too, nuzzling your face against him. Did this mean that you had to leave Tulsa? What would it be like for you to always be running into him on the streets? What if Y/S/N just walked passed him one day, having no idea that he was his father? No. You had to leave. You had to.

A knock on the door pulls you out of your thoughts. You hold Y/S/N to your chest and head to the door. You open it and a boy with greasy black locks and dark skin stands in front of you. Dallas stands behind him. Your eyes widen.

“What the hell are you doing here?” You ask, and Dallas opens his mouth but remains silent. The other boy looks just as uneasy. You could tell that he was kind, shy… You wondered what he was doing with a jerk like Dallas.

“I’m gonna go to the DX, Dal. See you later.” He says quickly, rushing off the steps. Dallas avoids your eyes.

“How did you even find me, Dallas?” You ask, and he finally looks up.

“My friend from the other day, the one with the side burns, he goes with Kathy sometimes…” He trails off, his eyes falling to Y/S/N’s face. You hold him closer to you. “We need to talk about this.” He says. You laugh dryly.

“Dallas Winston caring about anyone about himself? This is a new one.” You lean against the door frame.

“Dammit, Y/N. I’m tryin’. You know I am. Just let me in, please.” He says, and you sigh, stepping back inside.

“Come on.” You say.


You sit at the small table, him across from you. You hadn’t ever seen him this uneasy – you didn’t know he could be. You sip your tea as Y/S/N plays in his high chair.

“He’s mine, ain’t he?” Dallas says finally, nodding towards Y/S/N. You nod.

“Ain’t it obvious? He looks just like you.” You say quietly, and Dallas’ face remains hard. He had been staring at the table, but his eyes meet yours.

“What do you want to do about this?” He says finally. You grab Y/S/N, who had been reaching out for you.

“Why the hell does it matter? We’ve been fine without you.” You say, and he stares unblinkingly at you.

“You coddle that boy too much.” He says, and you glare at him.

“Maybe it’s because I’m tryin’ to give him the love that any other boy would be gettin’ from both his mother and his father.” You snap, and Dallas stares at you coldly.

“I’m sorry that I wasn’t there, alright? But I am now, and I own up to my mistakes.” He says. Your eyes widen suddenly, your face flushing with anger.

“Mistakes? We’re your mistakes?” You spit, standing up. Dallas opens his mouth to argue, but you shake your head. “Get the fuck out of my house, Dallas.” You spit, and he stands up.

“Y/N.” He says, and you shake your head, tears streaming down your cheeks. You hadn’t even realized that you’d started to cry. “Y/N, listen to me! That’s not what I meant. We both know that he wasn’t planned, but I meant that I take of what’s mine. I take care of the people I love. I’m gonna take care of you, and I’m gonna take care of him. Because you’re mine, and he’s mine.” He says, stepping forward until he’s right in front of you. You look up at him. “What his name?” He asks suddenly.

For the first time ever, Dallas was ashamed. He didn’t know his own son’s name. You look at the ground through the small space left in between your bodies.

“Y/S/N. His names Y/S/N Y/S/M/N Y/L/N.” You say. Dallas remains quiet for a second before replying.

“I like that name. I’d like it even better if his last name was Winston.” He says, and you let out a sob.

“But Dallas, could you ever love me? More importantly, could you ever love him?” You ask, and Dally stares at you.

“I’m gonna try. I promise. I promise.” He says, and you look up at him. You thought about how after a week, you had sworn that you loved this boy. You knew that it could happen again – you could fall in love with him every day, and you wanted to give him another chance. You thought about if you didn’t… If you didn’t, you would never know. If you didn’t, Y/S/N would never have a chance to have a father. A part of you had loved Dally even after he had left, and from the way he had been acting all day, you knew that he meant what he was saying. Dallas would never act this way unless he truly meant it.

“It’s going to take me a long time to forgive you – but you didn’t know. You didn’t know… You can be his father, but it’s gonna take me a while to be your girl, okay?” You say, and Dallas nods once. “But if you hurt him, so help me god, I will kill you, Dallas Winston.” You say, and he nods.

“I would never.” He says, his eyes darting to yours. “Can I hold him?” He asks slowly, and you nod hesitantly. You hand him over carefully. Dallas looks frightened, but he takes the boy and holds him close. Y/S/N struggles momentarily before resting his hands on Dallas’s chest and shoulder and gurgling contently. Dallas stares at him.

“Hey, buddy. I’m your daddy.” He says slowly, and you could tell that the words felt strange on his tongue. His eyes flick to you, and you force a smile. It would take you a while to love Dallas again, and to fully forgive him, but you knew you would. 


Day 1: May 24, 2017

• 2 AM kami umalis ng Malabon tapos nasiraan pa yung sasakyan pero naayos naman daw. Huminto ng muna kami ng mga 5 AM sa isang Gasoline Station na hindi ko alam kung ano. Nagcr muna kami kasi ang haba pa ng byahe wtf. Tapos ayun kulay violet yung langit, kunwari ngayon lang nakakakita ng ganyan lol.
• Zigzag na daanan pero wala pa rin tatalo sa daanan papuntang Baguio.
• Walang katapusan na daanan. Hindi namin alam kung saan hihinto.
• Ayan na nandun na kami lakad lang lakad gumagawa ako ng footprints. Ang dami kong alam.
• Patar Beach, people always travel and relax.
• Sariling sikap ako niya na ibaon ang sarili ko tapos sabay sabi ko na picturan ako.
• Ayun nagrelax nalang ako habang umaalon papunta sa akin.