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Bedroom business

Imagine accidentally calling Chib’s “Daddy” in front of the Sons 

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“Come over here, lass!” Your old man accent made you smile and wrap your legs around his waist, kissing him silly on his lips while he lifted you up and sat you down on the bar  of the clubhouse. You were both fans of PDA. After being together for 4 years and married for 2, everyone was used to it. 

You met Chibs while you were working on the store next to the fuel station place. You thought he was really good looking and charming for an old man; Yet, you thought it was weird he came all the way over the other side of town just to buy the gasoline at your fuel station. It was a dream come true when he finally asked you out on a date, which of course you agreed right on the spot. 4 years later there you were, his crow on your back, a ring on your finger, a happy life married to an outlaw. 

“Get a room you two.” Jax said entering the room and sitting down next to Wendy, who was feeding Thomas, the blond surrounded both of them in his arms and smiled at the people around him. 

“Oh they will.” Happy said not even lifting his gaze from the gun he was cleaning. Chibs waved them off and kept talking to you while you were on the bar, him in front of you in between your legs. You wrapped your arms around his neck and pressed a kiss to his lips, him kissing instantly back. Wendy got up and left the room, smiling at the kissing couple, kid in his arms. 

“We’re thinking of having a party this Sunday. A big meal.” Jax said pouring a drink on the bar next to where you and Chibs were kissing. “Gemma wants all of you here, so, save the date.” 

“You want to come?” Chibs asked you, smiling while looking at your lips. You nodded and got off the bar, walking over to pick up the empty beer bottles, and throwing them in the trash; Helping Chucky. 

“So, you guys are coming?” Jax asked. Chibs nodded but asked you anyway.

“We’re coming, right, (Y/N)?”

“Yes, Daddy, i already told you.” You’ve said this without realizing or remembering where you were; you froze at your own words and stopped dead on the middle of the living room. The whole room went silent as you gasped and covered your mouth. “Oh my god, Chibs. I meant Chibs.”

“Yeah…” Juice scoffed, holding back his laughter. “Because Chibs and Daddy sound exactly the same.” The room erupted in laughs and cat calls, wolf whistles and such things, making you sink down on the couch and bit your lip, blushed all the way to your ears. You covered your face and groaned.

“Oi! We don’t care about your fucking bedroom business.” Clay said, chuckling out a laugh and taking a swig from his beer. 

“Old man getting frisky in the bedroom, i guess.” Half Sack said. Chibs on the other hand was smirking his ass off at his brothers, proud in the moment that just happened. He didn’t really cared about what just happened; He thought it was funny. You were still in the couch closing your eyes before opening them and getting up, almost running to Chibs, hiding in his chest. 

“Oh my god.” You squirmed in his arms. “Chibs, i’m so embarrassed.” He laughed a little, his raspy and low accent making you blush even more when he wrapped an arm around your waist and kissing your forehead. 

“Who’s your Daddy, (Y/N)?” He joked, making his brothers laugh. You groaned into his body and tried to push him away but he remained still and strong, grabbing you by your chin and pressing a smiley kiss on your lips. 

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About a year ago i made my 3000th post, but then i got some DRM take down notices from Tumblr for Mp3′s i posted so i went through and deleted them all, apparently there were a lot b/c it took me a long time to get back to 3000, and “Night Dance” was it.  Pixandum will be 5 years old this month and in that time I have met so many wonderful people, and many I am fortunate enough to call dear friends, wonderful souls and incredibly talented and inspirational people.  Also along this path i was fortunate enough to have the support of some top notch curators and editors whom are also dear friends. A heart felt thank you to:

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Dangerous Gator, Screaming Fish, and now Quirky Cat Too Attempt To Rob a Bank (but run out of gas on the way, Part 3)

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In the prologue… Hoseok who had trouble sleeping in I NEED U was sleeping when they were in the woods. Suga still has that lighter and still kept playing with it. Nams and the lollipop and the gasoline station. Jungkook being happy because he has all these hyungs with him. It seems the MV was alluding he’s closest to Suga? Jimin’s the only one not clear though maybe it got cut? But almost everything mirrors the I NEED U stuff.

EDIT: Thank you to all that sent me a messaged and replied on here!!

Yes I think you’re all right that Jimin’s part is when Hoseok covered him with the blanket. And then in the I NEED U MV he was shivering when he was out of the water.

Why do we do this to ourselves?!?! I’m sorry… fandom hug!! ;_;