the garlic jr. saga

About Goku and Chichi in fanfics

So I’m in a bit of pain and annoyed so i’m gonna rant a bit.

One of the things I hate seeing in DBZ fanfics when it concerns Goku and Chichi is how the author portrays Goku as not knowing anything about sex or how to please his woman. Like yeah, I’m more than sure he was a virgin when he married Chichi but with a person like Master Roshi…?? I’m just saying, Goku gotta know and be interested in a LITTLE somethin’ somethin’.

It’s normal in ALL boys! (Unless he was Ace, but since he ISN’T well) they get curious.

Being of  ‘pure heart’ and a bit naive to some things doesn’t mean he isn’t a grown ass man with  grown ass needs and wants and know how. He’s smarter than he looks or have we not been reading/watching the same shit?

I also blame TFS for this too because a lot of people only watch the Abridged series and have no idea the dark, gritty, and adult stuff that’s actually canon. (Garlic Jr. Saga, anyone? It’s one my FAVES!!)

I also don’t care for people writing Chichi as this huge bitch either. She was the sweetest thing in Dragon Ball and I loved her in DBZ. She’s a strong,  passionate woman who cares deeply for her family! Just because she doesn’t want Gohan to be JUST a fighter doesn’t mean she’s this tyrant of a human being. I mean, she’s just like any other parent right?

She just wants her kids to be their best.

I could rant about some of the shit I’ve seen in Vegebul fanfics but it’s not nearly as bad as the stuff I have seen in  Goku/Chichi work.