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Dragon Ball Z Viewing Order

This isn’t my usual content, but I’ve been re-watching DBZ recently and was inspired to do a viewing order in the same style as my comic book reading orders.

Dragon Ball is a Japanese Manga series created by Akira Toriyama that has spawned multiple television series and video games, the most highly-regarded of which is Dragon Ball Z.

Unfortunately the continuity of these series is anything but straight-forward. The Dragon Ball and DBZ television series are based on the Manga so they’re considered to be the canon timeline, but there are several splintering timelines that are explored in a number of movies.

A recent Dragon Ball video game called Xenoverse explored the idea of splintering timelines even further, as the player travels through the timestream to repair damage to the timeline and make sure events proceed as they’re supposed to. 

The newest television series Dragon Ball Super is currently being aired, and the remastered Dragon Ball Z Kai Blu Rays have recently been released, so I’m writing this guide to help anyone interested in those things to understand how it all fits together.

Dragon Ball TV Series

The original Dragon Ball television series was set well before DBZ when Goku was a child. Most of the main characters from DBZ are introduced during this run. These episodes haven’t been remastered like DBZ Kai but they’re worth watching if you haven’t seen them before.

Emperor Pilaf Saga - Episodes 1-13
Tournament Saga - Episodes 14-28
Red Ribbon Army Saga - Episodes 29-45
General Blue Saga - Episodes 46-57
Commander Red Saga - Episodes 58-67
Fortuneteller Baba Saga - Episodes 68-83
Tien Shinhan Saga - Episodes 84-101
King Piccolo Saga - Episodes 102-122
Piccolo Jr. Saga - Episodes 123-153

Alternate History
There were a handful of DB movies that cover similar ground to the television series, but they’re considered retelling’s with some changes to the events and timeline.

DB Movie 01-  Curse of the Blood Rubies
This story is a retelling of the Emporer Pilaf saga with heavy modifications.
DB Movie 02 - Sleeping Princess in Devil’s Castle
This story is a retelling of the Tournament saga with some new elements.
DB Movie 03 - Mystical Adventure
This story is a retelling of Goku’s first meeting with Tien and Chiaotzu.
DB Movie 04 - The Path to Power
Another retelling of the first saga to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of DB.

Dragon Ball Z TV Series

The continuity of DBZ is very complicated as there are a dozen non-canon movies set at various points in the timeline. I’ve tried to group these together in chunks and explain the conditions of each timeline so that they can be watched and understood at the most appropriate point in the viewing order.

The episode numbers are for the recently released Dragon Ball Z Kai Blu Rays as I consider these to be the best version of these stories. They’re remastered, re-dubbed, and re-cut to remove all the filler and improve the pacing.

The Saiyan Saga

DBZ Movie 01 -   Dead Zone
DBZ Special 01 - Bardock: Father of Goku
The Vegeta Saga - DBZ Kai Episodes 1-17

Alternate Timeline
These movies exist in a timeline where Goku arrived on earth in time to defeat the Saiyan’s before the deaths of Piccolo, Yamcha, Tien and Chauzu.

DBZ Movie 02 - World’s Strongest
DBZ Movie 03 - Tree of Might
DBZ Movie 04 - Lord Slug

The Freiza Saga

The Namek Saga - DBZ Kai Episodes 18-27
The Ginyu Saga - DBZ Kai Episodes 28-35
The Freiza Saga - DBZ Kai  Episodes 36-54

Alternate Timeline
These movies exist in a timeline where Goku defeated Freiza with the Spirit Bomb instead of transforming into a Super Saiyan.

DBZ Movie 05 - Revenge of Cooler
DBZ Movie 06 - Return of Cooler (Set after Trunks arrives on Earth)

The Android Saga

The Garlic Jr Saga - DBZ Episodes 108-117 (Not included in DBZ Kai)
DBZ Special 2 - The History of Trunks (Best viewed after episode 64)
The Android Saga - Episodes 55-67

Alternate Timeline
This movie exists in a timeline where Goku took the antidote ahead of time so that he and the Z Fighters are able to defeat the androids.

DBZ Movie 07 - Super Android 13

The Cell Saga & Beyond

Imperfect Cell Saga - Episodes 68-79
Perfect Cell Saga - Episodes 80-98
Seven Years Later…
The World Tournament - Episodes 99-106

Alternate Timeline
These movies exist in a timeline where Vegeta defeated Cell in his semi-perfect state during the Imperfect Cell saga.

DBZ Movie 08 - Broly: The Legendary Super Saiyan
DBZ Movie 09 - Bojack Unbound
Seven Years Later…
DBZ Movie 10 - Broly: Second Coming 
DBZ Movie 11 - Bio-Broly 

The Bio-Broly story is set in an alternate future where Babidi was thwarted prior to Majin Buu being hatched.

The Buu Saga

The Majin Buu Saga - Episodes 107-116
The Fusion Saga - Episodes 117-133
The Evil Buu Saga - Episodes 134-159

Alternate Timeline
This movie exists in a timeline where Goten and Trunks defeated Majin Buu as Gotenks during the Fusion Saga

DBZ Movie 12 - Fusion Reborn

Canon Dragon Ball Z Movies

These movies are all set after the end of the DBZ series. There’s some debate as to whether Wrath of the Dragon is Canon or not but the most recent films have been said to exist in the main timeline.

DBZ Movie 13 - Wrath of the Dragon
DBZ Movie 14 - Battle of the Gods
DBZ Movie 15 - Resurrection F

Dragon Ball GT TV Series

Alternate Timeline
This series was written as a sequel to Dragon Ball Z, but it’s not based on the Dragon Ball Manga. This is an alternate timeline where Goku is transformed into a child by the Dragon Balls.

Black Star Dragon Ball Saga - Episodes 1-15
Baby Saga - Episodes 16-40

DBGT Movie 01 - A Hero’s Legacy

Super Android 17 Saga - Episodes
Shadow Dragon Saga - Episodes

Dragon Ball Xenoverse Video Game

The Dragon Ball video games usually focus on retelling the story from the Manga and Anime, but Xenoverse tells an original story with a new character that can be created by the player.

The story centers on two villains named Towa and Mira who are travelling through the timestream and manipulating history. As a fellow time traveler, Trunks asks Shenron to send him a hero who would help him restore the timeline.

The player visits several periods in Dragon Ball history to make sure the battles go the right way in order to restore the timeline to how it should be. This is one of the most well-received DBZ games, so it’s worth playing if you have an interest.

Dragon Ball Super TV Series

The newest Dragon Ball television series is believed to be more of a true sequel to Dragon Ball Z. The first stories are set before, during and after the two most recent Dragon Ball Z movies, which are considered canon.

Battle of Gods Saga - Episodes 1-9
Resurrection F Saga - Episodes unknown
The Sixth Universe Saga - Episodes unknown

The latest storyline further explores the idea of alternate timelines. There are twelve universes in the Dragon Ball multiverse where things happened differently, and this story will shed more light on the sixth of these universes.

That’s the end of this guide to the Dragon Ball universe. I did a lot of research while putting this guide together but I don’t consider myself an expert, so if you notice any mistakes or have any suggestions please let me know. Thanks for reasing

friku8706  asked:

🔥 (Anything)? c:

Probs an unpopular opinion cause I’ve never even seen anyone shipping this lmao.

I want Maron (Krillin’s ex girlfriend from the Garlic Jr. Saga) to be reintroduced into the series and I want her to be written in as a love interest for Yamcha. ^^
Yamcha always gets endless crap from the fandom and I’d love to see him married with a family before the series ends. I love him so much. :)

About Goku and Chichi in fanfics

So I’m in a bit of pain and annoyed so i’m gonna rant a bit.

One of the things I hate seeing in DBZ fanfics when it concerns Goku and Chichi is how the author portrays Goku as not knowing anything about sex or how to please his woman. Like yeah, I’m more than sure he was a virgin when he married Chichi but with a person like Master Roshi…?? I’m just saying, Goku gotta know and be interested in a LITTLE somethin’ somethin’.

It’s normal in ALL boys! (Unless he was Ace, but since he ISN’T well) they get curious.

Being of  ‘pure heart’ and a bit naive to some things doesn’t mean he isn’t a grown ass man with  grown ass needs and wants and know how. He’s smarter than he looks or have we not been reading/watching the same shit?

I also blame TFS for this too because a lot of people only watch the Abridged series and have no idea the dark, gritty, and adult stuff that’s actually canon. (Garlic Jr. Saga, anyone? It’s one my FAVES!!)

I also don’t care for people writing Chichi as this huge bitch either. She was the sweetest thing in Dragon Ball and I loved her in DBZ. She’s a strong,  passionate woman who cares deeply for her family! Just because she doesn’t want Gohan to be JUST a fighter doesn’t mean she’s this tyrant of a human being. I mean, she’s just like any other parent right?

She just wants her kids to be their best.

I could rant about some of the shit I’ve seen in Vegebul fanfics but it’s not nearly as bad as the stuff I have seen in  Goku/Chichi work.