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Can you recognize them ?

If not check the list : 

First picture : 

1. Katy swartz - Lux series 

2.  Eadlyn Schreave - The Selection 

3.  Seraphina Dombegh - Seraphina Series

4. Rhine Ellery - The Chemical Garden Trilogy

Second picture : 

5. Tatum Brandt - Fall Away 

6. Dusty Everhart - The Arkwell Academy

7. Sky -  Hopeless

8. Karou - Daughter of smoke and bone trilogy 

Third Picture : 

9. Violet Eden - The Violet Eden Chapters

10. Lizzie - Afterworlds 

11. Cassie Sullivan - The 5th Wave 

12. Juliette Ferrars - Shatter me 

Fourth Picture : 

13. Ellie O’neill - This Is What Happy Looks Like

14. Regan Welch -  Elusion 

15. Lela Santos  - Sanctum

16. Duce - Razorland

17. Kira Walker - Partials 

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Saintpaulia ionantha, 3rd update!

It’s now basically been a full year since I bought an African violet in terrible shape from the sales shelf of a garden centre, for 50p. One of the leaves had broken off and started rooting in the same pot, so I actually got two plants for the price of one. You can see what they looked like back then when I wrote the first update and the second update, just click and read more about their story! They are now both flowering and they fill me with joy (although you might remember I am not a huge fan of pink…).

I hope this transformation shows it’s definitely worth spending some time taking good care of an ugly plant still full of potential, especially if it’s otherwise doomed as it has lost its commercial value.  

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What's the deal with John Laurens and turtles (tortoises?)

John Laurens had a significant interest in the natural sciences, and he was also a talented artist.  These paintings are speculated to be his work, and (assuming that Laurens is in fact the artist) you’ll see that plants and animals were the major focus of his work.

When John was around the age of 16, Alexander Garden (a naturalist in South Carolina) asked John to make a sketch of a turtle species that he was describing for a scientific journal.  Here’s the story:

One October day, Garden received a very welcome present, probably from Lachlin McIntosh, who lived in Darien, Georgia…His gift was a large soft-shelled turtle, very common in the Savannah and Altamaha Rivers but fairly rare in the Charles Town area.  The turtle, a female, weighed about thirty-five pounds…That he might remember how this curious animal appeared alive, he employed Mr. Leslie, an artist recommended by Henry Peronneau, to make a sketch.  Knowing that Ellis would be interested, he asked Henry Laurens’ son, John, to make a copy of Leslie’s drawing.   John was very clever with a pencil and spent much of his time at the Gardens.  Garden considered him something of a genius, with enough application to make good use of his talents.  In fact, he was certain that John, with the proper university training, would be ‘a joy and delight to his father, as well as an ornament to his country.’  John was thrilled with the live turtle.  He spent many hours watching it, but neither he, Garden, nor the small Garden daughters were successful in finding any food to tempt the turtle.

So based on John’s interest in animals/the natural sciences and the line “John was thrilled with the live turtle,” I’ve basically headcanoned John as a turtle lover (and let’s be real, he probably was).

Here’s John’s turtle art as well, which was published in the scientific journal Philosophical Transactions in 1771:

Vassals of Vassal Houses

It’s bothered me for a while that there is no centralized resource for all of the Houses sworn not to paramount Houses, but to the Houses themselves sworn to paramount Houses. So, I figured it was time to remedy that, with much help from @racefortheironthrone​.


  • House Ryswell: The Appendices for both AFFC and ADWD list Roger, Rickard, and Roose Ryswell as Lord Rodrik’s “quarrelsome cousins and bannermen” (though Theon in ADWD notes that Roger, Rickard, and Roose are Rodrik’s sons)
  • House Manderly: Wyman Manderly tells Davos in ADWD that his “bannermen include a dozen petty lords and a hundred landed knights”
    • Ramsgate and the Sheepshead Hills are definitely sworn to White Harbor, according to the app, but it’s unknown which families control them (though the Woolfields controlling one is a strong possibility, given the name of the family and the fact that a Woolfield is married to the current Manderly heir).
    • It’s possible that the Lockes of Oldcastle and the Flints of Widow’s Watch are sworn to the Manderlys, as Wyman alleges he can deliver “all the lands east of the White Knife, from Widow’s Watch and Ramsgate to the Sheepshead Hills and the headwaters of the Broken Branch”.  However, in all relevant appendices the Lockes and this branch of House Flint are listed as primary bannermen of Winterfell, rather than bannermen of the Manderlys; Wyman’s words may only be suggesting his ability to influence his lordly neighbors, rather than a true liege-vassal relationship. 
  • House Reed: 
    • House Blackmyre (“Reek II”, ADWD)
    • House Boggs (“Reek II”, ADWD)
    • House Cray (“Reek II”, ADWD)
    • House Fenn (“Reek II”, ADWD)
    • House Greengood (“Reek II”, ADWD)
    • House Peat (“Reek II”, ADWD)
    • House Quagg (“Reek II”, ADWD)
  • House Glover: 
    • House Bole (“The King’s Prize”, ADWD)
    • House Branch (“The King’s Prize”, ADWD)
    • House Forrester (“The King’s Prize”, ADWD)
    • House Woods (“The King’s Prize”, ADWD)


  • House Royce: 
    • House Coldwater (AFFC Appendix)
    • House Tollett (AFFC Appendix)
    • House Shett of Gulltower (AFFC Appendix)
  • House Corbray: in “Alayne II”, AFFC, Sansa thinks that “Corbray’s vassals” would be attending the wedding of Lord Lyonel and his Gulltown bride
  • House Waynwood: 
    • House Hardyng (“Alayne II”, AFFC)
  • House Sunderland: 
    • House Borrell (AFFC Appendix)
    • House Longthorpe (AFFC Appendix)
    • House Torrent (AFFC Appendix)


  • House Vance of Wayfarer’s Rest: 
    • House Smallwood (“Arya IV”, ASOS)
  • House Frey
    • House Erenford (“Jaime VI”, AFFC)
    • House Haigh (“Jaime VI”, AFFC)
    • House Charlton (“Jaime VI”, AFFC)
  • Harrenhal (presumably applicable for the duration of Harrenhal’s feudal holding)
    • House Wode (“Jaime III”, AFFC)
    • House Whent (formerly) (“The Riverlands: House Tully”, TWOIAF)


  • House Reyne: TWOIAF notes that “Lord Reyne reportedly laughed when his maester read him Ser Tywin’s edicts and counseled his friends and vassals to do nothing”.
  • House Tarbeck: TWOIAF notes that “[t]he Lannister host descended so quickly that Lord Walderan’s vassals and supporters had no time to gather”.
  • House Farman
    • House Clifton (“Jaime VIII”, AFFC)


  • House Rowan
    • House Osgrey (“The Sworn Sword”)
    • House Webber (“The Sworn Sword”)
  • House Tarly
    • House Hunt (AFFC Appendix)
  • House Hightower
    • House Beesbury (AFFC Appendix)
    • House Mullendore (AFFC Appendix)
    • House Costayne (AFFC Appendix)
    • House Bulwer (AFFC Appendix)
    • House Cuy (AFFC Appendix)
  • House Redwyne
    • House Rhysling: speculative. “Rhysling” sounds not unlike “riesling”, which might be a clue that the Rhyslings are in the winemaking business - and the only spot for real winemaking in the Reach is the Arbor.
    • House Cupps: speculative. Again, the name suggests a connection to the wine-drinking Arbor, and House Cupps being a vassal of the wealthy and powerful Redwynes might explain why the very powerful Leyton Hightower would allow his daughter Leyla to wed Ser Jon Cupps (especially as Leyla’s sister Denyse wed Ser Desmond Redwyne)


  • House Yronwood
    • House Drinkwater: possibly if not probably. The app says that Gerris Drinkwater is a “knight sworn to Yronwood”, though this porbably only refers to Gerris being a household knight at Yronwood, as Gerris does not seem to be the head of House Drinkwater (since his twin sisters are called daughters, rather than sisters, of a landed knight). The House is not formally noted as a vassal of Yronwood in any Appendix, and only designated as a landed knightly House in the text, but in “The Spurned Suitor” Quentyn Martell thinks that he wants to “go back to Yronwood and kiss both of [Gerris Drinkwater’s] sisters”. This may suggest that the Drinkwater twins live on or near the Yronwood holdings, which would be sensible for daughters of an Yronwood bannerman.  
    • House Jordayne (formerly) (“Ancient History: Ten Thousand Ships”, TWOIAF)
    • House Wyl (formerly) (“Ancient History: Ten Thousand Ships”, TWOIAF)
    • It’s possible that the Blackmonts and Qorgyles were also at one time Yronwood bannermen; Yandel writes that Nymeria and Mors Martell “struggled against Yronwood and his bannermen (the Jordaynes of the Tor, the Wyls of the Stone Way, together with the Blackmonts, the Qorgyles, and many more)”.
  • House Dayne of Starfall
    • House Dayne of High Hermitage (AFFC Appendix)

Iron Islands

  • House Harlaw
    • House Volmark (AFFC Appendix)
    • House Myre (AFFC Appendix)
    • House Stonetree (AFFC Appendix)
    • House Kenning of Harlaw (AFFC Appendix)
    • House Harlaw of the Tower of Glimmering (“The Kraken’s Daughter”, AFFC)
    • House Harlaw of Grey Garden (“The Kraken’s Daughter”, AFFC)
    • House Harlaw of Harlaw Hall (“The Kraken’s Daughter”, AFFC)
    • House Harlaw of Harridan Hall (“The Kraken’s Daughter”, AFFC)


  • House Hayford
    • House Hogg (“Jaime III”, AFFC)

(A/N): I had this idea in my head for several months, if not for over a year and I was time to write it down. Basically, there are no warnings, maybe one curse word but like that’s nothing. 

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x f!reader x daughter Violet 

Summary: Family life turned upside down when the animals warn Violet and her parents that something dark was coming to them.

Warning: fluff, drama

Words: 5000+


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After so many years, Bucky was free – free from the trigger words, nightmares, and the past that even when it was still there, he knew it wouldn’t hurt him anymore. Years of torture and suffering were gone and now he could focus only on the beautiful, almost too unrealistic present. The world became a better place even though the evilness was still waiting for its opportunity to ruin everything and everyone. Maybe Hydra was defeated but it didn’t mean it was broken and deleted from the map. They were still there but weak. Their greatest leaders were dead and whatever move they made, it was their last one.

The man took a deep breath and snored unintentionally. He was in his comfortable bed, sleeping after a mission. He came back late at night and was only able to change into something comfortable and sneak to his beautiful wife who was deeply asleep. The noise made someone laugh. It was a very soft and high-pitched sound that could belong to one person. “Daddy is funny when he snores,” a five-year-old girl commented. “It’s time to finally wake him up,” and she trapped his nose between two fingers. Bucky instantly opened his mouth and smiled. His eyes remained closed. “Daddy, I knew you were awake!” she almost screamed from the excitement.

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Smoke Sesh Jams: 08/12/2014

Smoke to it ft. Skizzy Mars - Mark E. Bassy
The breach - Dustin Tebbutt
Bridges - Broods
Studio - Schoolboy Q
Shortline - Ry X
L.I.S.A - Mann
Coastin’ - Marty Grimes
Chain Smoker - Chance the Rapper
Grindin’ ft Drake - Lil’ Wayne
Let’s Get Lost - G Eazy
How we feel - Panama
Bowl for two - The Expendables
For my Help - Hayden Calnin
Promises - Wiz Khalifa
Stay High - Hippie Sabotage
I guess, I’ll smoke - Futuristic
Tennis Court - Lorde
Notice me - Rebelution
Twisted - Fractures
Sweatpants - Childish Gambino
Medicine - Daughter
Too Much - Drake
You Got Me - The Generationals
My only Swerving - El Ten Eleven
Carrizo Plains - Gardens & Villa
Poetic Justice - Kendrick Lamar
Pay for You - Skizzy Mars
Palm Trees - Taylor J
So high - Wiz Khalifa
Menswear - The 1975
Bring me Along - Pepper