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Kumoricon 2015 Saturday pictures!

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Mughal tomb-gardens often sought physical proximity to Sufi shrines in ways that reshaped them in their era, and ours. This presentation explores the evolving spatial relationships between Mughal and Sufi landscapes of Delhi and Lahore— from Humayun’s tomb-garden in the Nizamuddin area of Delhi to the Mian Mir tomb-complex of Lahore.

“Cenotaph” by Paul Celan [translated by David Young]

Strew your flowers, stranger, strew them confidently:
hand them down to the depths,
the gardens.

The one who was to lie here, he’s lying
nowhere. Yet the world lies beside him.
The world that opened its eye
to all sorts of splendid flowers.

But he, when he glimpsed them all,
took sides with the blind:
he went and plucked too many:
he plucked the aroma –
and whoever saw it didn’t forgive him.

Now he’s gone and drunk a peculiar drop:
the sea.
The fish –
did the fish push up to him?

No. 8 - Israel, Day 7

Day 7: Monday, May 14th
Day 2 in Jerusalem

8:30am- Israel Museum: At this outdoor museum there is a huge scale sculpture of the original city of Jerusalem, with a raised area that emulated the view of the city from the Mount of Olives. Our tour guide pointed out the various walls and buildings throughout the city, like Herod’s palace, the various courtyards of the Temple, the Western Wall, among others. Here there was also the Shrine of the Book, where the ancient scroll of Isaiah is kept.

10:00am- The Garden Tomb: Here we saw Skull Hill, which is Golgotha in Hebrew and Calgary in Latin. There is the valley below and the wall of the old city to the right. There is a beautiful garden around as well as an ancient tomb. While we do not know if this is the actual location Christ was crucified and buried, the historical evidence provides a large possibility that this or a very similar location is the place described by the Bible. We also had the opportunity to take communion in the garden.

11:45am- City of David: We visited what would have been the City of David, and some students walked through Hezekiah’s tunnel, an underground passage filled with water up to the waist. The rest of us traveled through the Canaanite tunnel, a shorter, dry one. 

2:00pm- Done with our planned tour for the day, we had the opportunity to go to the huge marketplace in Jerusalem. It was a 10-minute walk to get from one end to the other, and it was full of fresh, local fruits—mounds of strawberries, bananas, and mangos—and desserts and clothing. The atmosphere was fantastic. I loved the feeling of it. I wished for a place similar in Nashville. Buying locally is such a great way to pour into the country’s economy, by supporting your local farmers and workers. Also, the food is healthier, with less chemicals and preservatives. It’s a win-win, all around. I bought a cal-zone type of pizza, and later some coffee and vanilla flavored gelato. Yum!

I’m hoping to do a post soon of only reflection, rather than a play-by-play of the day. There are so many thought-provoking situations and locations here, and I’d love to hash some things out through this blog. More to come!

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