the garden of heart's delight

The Garden of Heart’s Delight; A Fairy Tale. Ida M Huntington. Illustrated by Maginel Wright Enright. Rand McNally & Company, Chicago/New York, 1911.

“A long, long time ago, in an old-fashioned house which stood in the midst of an old-fashioned garden, a dear little baby girl was born. No queen born in a royal palace in the midst of splendid surroundings could have been more eagerly welcomed or more royally treated.”

Ok but giomis and shitty pick up lines

Mista waggles his eyebrows at Giorno and tells him “if you were a flower you’d be a damndelion”

Giorno laughs and tells him “you know dandelions are weeds right?”

Mista whistles “damn. That makes sense though, because you’ve taken over the garden of my heart”

Giorno is so delighted he turns his mug into a bird that flies away as they begin cuddling at the breakfast table. Everyone groans and is disgusted by these shitty teenagers in love. Abbacchio looks down at his coffee mug and wonders if maybe he can drown if he gulps it all down fast enough.