the garden of amahara

Amahara’s Floral Trove AU

Grandparents and their grandchildren almost always have a special, unbreakable bond, and Characters A and B are no exceptions. Character A is a young adult working in a greenhouse and nursery that belongs to Character B, Character A’s grandparent. Character B has taken care of Character A ever since they were in diapers, affectionately calling Character A their “flower child”. Thanks to Character B, Character A has grown up surrounded by petals, leaves, and roots. To staff members of the greenhouse and nursery, Character’s A and B seems to have their own language and a set of secret codes, otherwise known as puns and idioms about plants.

Why I Ship Rin and Shiemi Together

This is a fun, [not-so-]short essay I decided to write, because I feel like this pairing deserves more meta [and love]. Plus, with the exception of making a sideblog for it, I haven’t really given it as much time and attention as I wish I could.

Anyway, I’ve placed the contents of this post under the cut, so that it doesn’t take up a lot of room and so that anyone who isn’t interested or of the same mind can easily skip over it. With that having been said, please respect that this is merely my opinion (read: my acknowledgement that there’s room for inaccuracies, especially considering that this is an ongoing series) and that I’m consequently not looking to engage in any sort of debates.

Thank you, and enjoy! :)

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Blue Exorcist and Religion, Part 3

I find Blue Exorcist’s take on religion interesting. This episode they describe something that totally sounds like the Garden of Eden (created by God, has every plant, currently lost to humanity, possible afterlife like Eden is in Judaism), except instead they call it “Amahara.” Then I do an Internet search and find out Takama-ga-hara is a similar idea in Shintoism, so maybe BE is trying to combine the two concepts? Or maybe it’s just describing the Shinto one and the Eden parallels I noticed are coincidental?

(Also, Yukio can apparently buy holy water in a store. It’s occurred to me that, with the exception of Shiro, this show does not realize that in Christianity exorcists are necessarily clergymen.)