the garden in the snow

Aim to do something witchy each day!

• cleanse your space
• tend your garden
• collect storm/rain/snow water
• meditate!
• pick herbs/plants
• charge materials
• walk in nature
• top up your supplies
• light a candle
• make a fruit offering to the wild
• practice divination
• read a book on craft
• plant a plant
• clean and collect jars
• go shopping
• read a prayer
• put a wandering bug or a spider friend back outside
• curl up with a cup of tea and scroll through witchy blogs

never ask me for anything ever again

It’s the Spring Equinox! 🕊🌸🐇 I’ll be preforming a ritual tonight to encourage warmer weather, sunshine, and the fertility of the Earth as we approach the end of winter. I ventured outside and packed some snow into a mason jar, then left it in the window sill all day to melt under the sun. When it’s warm enough to start planting in my garden, this magickally charged water will be used to soak the seeds! 🌱✨