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CS + yoga (pants).

Um. Apparently I got carried away with this one. It also went from complete smut in my head to this schmoop you find here.

Paper Packages
~2500 words/Captain Swan AU

A03 | FFN


Hot chocolate with whipped cream and cinnamon.

Long, hot, steam-filled showers.

The mixtapes Henry makes her.

The satisfying click of handcuffs closing around a skip’s wrists.

These are all things Emma Swan knows she likes. They’re things she knows can bring their own form of peace when her thoughts get away from her, when the day is too long, or when she feels a pang of loneliness in her chest.

Standing at her back window, pressing the rim of her coffee mug to her lips, she’s beginning to think she should add the sight of Liam Jones’ brother in a pair of yoga pants to that list. It’s probably a sign that she needs to get out, scratch an itch, have a drink, anything but continue to low-key stalk the brother of her landlord. Instead, she continues to stand there, not drinking her coffee, as she watches him crouch next to Henry and point at one of the knobs on the camera slung around her kid’s neck.

She should probably worry about her son befriending a man she doesn’t know, but his t-shirt is creeping up as the band crinkles at his waist, exposing the dimples at the base of his spine. And with them, all rational thought is lost to her need to lick along them, to find out whether he tastes as good as he smells.

Not that she’s catalogued how he smells or anything.

Then he’s standing again and she’s stuck on the drape of the fabric against the curve of his ass and the line of his hips as he makes his way to the back door of Liam’s apartment.

She definitely needs to get out.

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Secret Life Of A Shy Girl - Requested (Luke)

This was requested by Anon (Can you do an imagine where your lukes gf a really shy girl so they expect you to just watch when they start acting crazy and dancing but you join in and have a good time and they are really surprised but happy you are comfy around them? Please) ENJOY!!!

‘Funky little monkey, she’s a twisted trickster, everybodywants to be the sister’s mister, Coca-Cola roller-coaster, Love her even thoughI’m not supposed to.’ You pull the ear buds out as you step into the garage seeing the boys lounging around, you smile as they call greeting to you.

‘Hey guys’ your voice is slam as you sit down next to Luke, his arm going straight around your shoulders. ‘(Y/N) where you been?’ Michael asks as you kick off your shoes. ‘I was at work’ you smile, hoping to move the attention from you, ‘How you guys?’ they all start talking about something Calum had down and how Luke is mad because they pushed him into the shower with his clothes on, at the mention you look up to Luke who puts down to you.

‘I was so fucking wet’ he whines, you hold your lips tight together before muttering, ‘That’s was she said’ Luke laughs shaking his head, ‘I wish you weren’t so quiet, the guys don’t know what they are missing’ he chuckles as he brings his lips to yours, you move into the kiss with him.

‘And when I’m on the way back home, I listen to the radio’ you hear Ashton sing quietly to himself, it catches your attention seems as its one of the best songs ever but you don’t comment. ‘Fuck, do you guys know what song that is, it’s been in my head all day’ he moans frustrated, the lads shake their head all thinking as Ashton sings the line again.

‘I dunno’ Michael mutters as he turns back to his game ‘FUCK!’ he yells making you jump a little, ‘I can’t pass the fucking level’ he growls, you look over to the TV to see he is playing one of your favourite games. ‘What level is he on?’ you whisper to Luke, ‘Michael what level you on?’ Luke calls, ‘Twenty-three, why?’ he turns to look at you and Luke, Luke doesn’t have the answer so he looks to you and you feel your cheeks becoming hot. ‘I know..I know how to pass it’ you try to speak out but the catch in your throat makes you quitter than you wanted.

‘What?’ Michael asks, sticking his head out further, ‘She can pass the level’ Luke repeats for you, Michael raises his eyebrows, ‘You can?’ he asks surprised and you nod a little, ‘Well get the fuck over here and help me’ he laughs turning to the TV, you look up to Luke, but he just nods his head reassuring you. You stand moving over to Michael and sitting cross legged next to him, ‘its easier two players’ you tell him softly, he hands you a control and smile. You spend the next twenty minutes playing the game with Michael; you’re quit though it all until you finishes the level, killing the final guy.

‘FUCK YES’ you shout as Michael cheers, but you notice his cheering stop and the others chatter silencing, you turn to see the four of them staring at you,, Luke with a proud grin while the others looks shocked. You rush back to Luke’s side. ‘Sorry’ you mumble, cuddling further into Luke’s side.

‘’don’t be’ Ashton reassures you with a genuine smile, one that catches onto your lips, ‘Rock The Blues Away’ you tell him in the most normal voice you have used around them in the three months you have known them. ‘What?’ he asks confused with a little chuckle. ‘The song you were singing, its Rock the Blues Away, ACDC’ you explain, his eyes widen as he pulls Calum’s laptop closer to him, typing furiously. ‘I fucking love you’ Ashton chuckles glancing up at you over the screen and you give him a small smile.

‘Hold up, you listen to ACDC?’ Calum asks, his jaw drooping which makes you giggle, you nod a little, looking to Luke but he is laughing. ‘I told you guys she was cool’ he remarks, which only makes you blush further. ‘Damn straight she is, I have been trying to pass that level for fucking weeks’ Michael adds him. ‘Yeah and did you hear her swear?’ Ashton laughs, ‘Guys I’m telling you she gives Michael a run with the language’ Luke smiles as though he is proud. ‘I HAVE IT!!’Ashton yells, pushing himself up from the floor as the start to ‘Rock The Blues Away’ starts to play, he starts jumping around and Michael isn’t fair behind doing air guitar, ‘Come on Cal, rock those drums’ Ashton laughs as Calum gets up joining them, they carry on bouncing around and screaming to the music, before Calum grabs Luke and yanks him off the sofa, Luke starts to do some strange dad dancing making you laugh, which catches his attention, he wiggles his eyebrows at you as he offers his hand to you, you shake your head but he wasn’t really asking for an answer, he just takes you hand gently and giving you a soft pull to pull you up, you stand and start to dance with him.

As you start to forget the boys are around you start to jump higher, screaming along with them, at one point you end up on Michael’s back as he runs around until he collapses onto the sofa and you laugh as Calum helps you up. The song comes to an end and Ashton goes to switch it off when you hear the start of ‘She Keeps Me Up’ Nickelback comes on and you scream a little, ‘SHOP’ you yell, Calum freezes as do the others, ‘I FUCKING LOVE THIS SONG’ you shout as you start to dance around to it, singing the song and the boys don’t take long to join you. When it finished you flop back onto the sofa, taking up all of the room, Luke groans as he picks up your legs sitting under them and dropping them back on his knee making you laugh a little.

‘Well, who would have known’ Michael breathes out, ‘Secret life of the shy girl’ Calum laughs, you all go silent giving him the ‘WHAT THE FUCK’ look until you all burst into laughter.

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