the garage company

There is no Minor League in business.

A cruel truth about business: different to the world of sports there is no fairness. 

If you start a company in your garage - you don’t compete with all the garage companies in the town or the country…

From the first day on you swim with the sharks. 

All unicorns, Fortune500 enterprises, old money, the syndicates and undercover organizations, … - they all operate right next to you. 

Most of the times you might get away by being overlooked. But once in while you might find yourself eye to eye… 

Try to be aware of - but not intimidated by that.

How to still have a chance:

  • don’t panic.
  • find your niche and exploit it.
  • understand your customer better than anyone else.
  • be fast and really good.
  • build a love band.
  • Understand staying in business as a form of success. 

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On the Origin of the Godzilla Suit Nicknames

I just answered an interesting question Kinggoji1962 asked over on Toho Kingdom, and figured this might be of interest to the Tumblr Kaijju Crew as well.  ^_^

Simply:  he was wondering where the various nicknames for the Godzilla suits (ex Shodaigoji, Kingoji, Mosugoji, etc.) came from and if they were fan made.  Luckily, I happen to still have G-Fan #16 and Robert Biondi’s INFINITELY useful article showcasing all the suits (up to 1995, that is).

From The Evolution of Godzilla: G-Suit variations throughout the Monster King’s twenty one films by Robert Biondi (G-Fan #16, July/August 1995, Pages 24 - 33):

The practice of giving each of the various Godzilla costumes a nickname is fairly new, with the exceptions of “Kingoji” and “Mosugoji” which originated in the 1980s.  The use of nicknames apparently started  with garage kit companies and was adopted in recent Godzilla digests.  These nicknames are either a combination of part of the film’s title, such as Daisenso-Godzilla for the costume from Kaiju Daisenso (Monster Zero), or by combining the first two syllables of “Gojira” with the first two syllables of Godzilla’s opponent in a particular film, such as Kingoji for the costume from King Kong tai Godzilla (King Kong vs. Godzilla).   Thirteen main Godzilla suits were made, numbered as Suit 1 to Suit 13.   The Japanese also prefer to label the various Godzilla suits by year.

Based on this, it sounds like suit names emerged originally in the 1980s/early 1990s among the modelling part of the fandom in Japan as an alternative to just calling them “1962 Godzilla”, “1964 Godzilla”, “1965 Godzilla” etc.  From there the name spread to the Japanese Godzilla fanzines, then to the English-speaking fandom via G-Fan and similar venues when knowledgeable fans with access to these Japanese fanzines started repeating the info here.

I’m SO glad I’ve kept all my old G-Fans, they’re an almost endless source of now-obscure knowledge and trivia.  ^_^

Beauty and The Beast - Six

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Fairy-tale & AU Series Index

Word Count: 4K

Please excuse any errors. 

A/N: Sorry for the big jumps in the story. I had to get it moving, cause there’s more things to come. if I was to rate how satisfied I am with this chapter from 1 to 10…I’d say…a 7ish.

The sun shined through the window as the kitchen was filled with the clinking of glass plates being set on each other. I was washing the dishes from Suho’s lunch while Kyungsoo dried them. I bit down on my bottom lip to keep a smirk from pulling at the corner of my lips.

The same smile that has been stuck on my face for the past few weeks. Memories of my date with Suho was replaying in my mind. Though Kyungsoo and Nadia were still coping with Suho’s change in eye color, my mind was on the intense moments that happened in the car. I began to wash the last of the dishes as my mind trailed off.

“Suho, your eyes are back to normal. Your eyes are brown.” I said gawking at the man sitting in front of me. Suho leaned forward, checking his eyes in the rearview mirror of the car. He gasped, staring at himself for a moment.

He turned to look at me and smiled widely. I raised an eyebrow at him, expecting a bigger reaction on his part.

“So, isn’t this a big deal?” I questioned, “Your eyes are a normal color again!” I exclaimed. Suho chuckled, looking down at his hands in his lap before looking up at me again.

“In all honesty, I could care less about what color my eyes are. All I have been able to think about is you.” He voiced softly. My eyes widened at his words, and my cheeks began to heat up. My nerves were getting the best of me as I dropped my eyes from his, my breath hitching in my throat.

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Ok but I keep thinking about like this a/b/o au where Crowley heads a dangerous cabal of people involved in anything from embezzlement to intimidation to murder. In exchange for protection for his and Zachariah’s company, Michael allowed Crowley to take his brother Castiel for “mating”, which they all knew meant “live-in fuck toy” but decided to ignore because Cas is an omega, he’s less than his Alpha and Beta siblings and most importantly, he’s a pawn to be used.
And at least Crowley didnt bite him, didnt officially make him his mate so he’s not bound to him, but the second Cas finds out he’s pregnant, something changes in his complacency to Crowley, and he immediately starts planning his escape. He wont let his child suffer through the trauma of living in Crowley’s power, or worse, risking his Aunt Naomi taking the child to groom him into another pawn in her and Zachariah’s twisted social climb. Especially if the pup presents as Omega.
So he sneaks into the computer at night, looking for cheap houses anywhere to rent, in small minuscule towns because they’re harder to find him in and Crowley will expect him to run to big cities where he’s got distant family in New York and Chicago. He swipes one of Michael’s bank cards and takes out $15000, grabs an old pickup truck from the company garage that no one will notice is missing (but he stills screws off the plates when he’s an hour out of LA), and bolts.
And then 2, 3 months pregnant omega!cas moving into a Alpha!dean’s small town in Lawrence, quiet, unannounced, and barely noticed. But Dean’s driving home from his mechanic’s shop with the windows rolled down because it’s July and 92 degrees out. He smells vulnerable pregnant omega cut through the air from the open window and slows down until he sees Cas, stooped in the small truck trying to pick up a box and get it in the house without putting the wrong amount of pressure on the tiny pup growing inside him. And dean can’t help himself because it’s hot as balls, the guy is pregnant, and he can’t smell anyone else’s scent around the truck so he’s definitely alone lifting heavy boxes and that’s so not good for a pregnant person.
Except dean doesn’t expect to see the absolutely terrified look in Cas’s eyes when an unfamiliar alpha gets too close to him and his pup, and suddenly he feels like he knows why Cas is pregnant and alone and quietly moving into a small town in Nowhere, Kansas. Cas of course, is terrified that Dean is an Alpha sent by Crowley to find him and bring the omega back to the abusive Alpha to whom his brother Michael basically sold him to.
So Dean backs up and slowly introduces himself, asks if he can help because he really shouldnt be doing heavy lifting in his condition, and its only a few boxes anyway. Cas is wary, but he doesnt smell anything unpleasant about dean under the layers of oil and grease and faint metallic smell that comes from spending hours fixing cars, so he lets dean carry the boxes into the house, just past the door. He doesnt tell dean his name, but Dean pointedly doesnt ask anything of Cas except how he’s feeling and if he’s in any pain. He refers Cas to Ellen, who’s got a pregnancy and pediatrics practice 10 minutes away, makes small talk about where to eat and get cheap groceries, offers to fix up the truck and tells him where Cas can find him most days, at work or at home seven blocks away. Cas only mutters a few short responses and
Dean doesnt see Cas again for almost two weeks, but worry and concern and something else compels him to drive by Cas’ house everyday and glance over to make sure everything looks okay. Then Cas shows up at the shop, looking down at his feet like a small child who’s been told to be seen and not heard, and asks if Dean can take a look at the truck, because its making weird noises.
And from there Dean slowly starts to wiggle his way into Cas’ life, dropping by the house to compulsively check on the truck, starts running through the park because he learns Cas like to read under the trees, shows up at Ellen’s office to bring by lunch more often since Cas got a job as a receptionist there. Cas starts to open up around Dean, starts laughing at his jokes and even letting it slip that Ellen thinks he could be a good medical assistant with the way he interacts with the omegas and kids that come into the office.
Dean’s obviously protective of Cas and the pup growing in his belly, always asks Cas how he feels and if he needs anything. Cas is 7 months pregnant when Dean finally asks Cas out on a date, no pressure, something casual like a movie. Cas says he’ll think about it, and then suddenly Cas calls out of work 3 days in a row, and Ellen gets worried and asks Dean to make sure Cas is ok. Cas doesnt answer the door, but Dean’s worried as shit that somethings wrong with Cas or the baby and he /technically/ breaks into the house but hes got a reason so it doesnt count.
But while Cas does have a little bit of a cold, he’s mostly wallowing in his bed, pregnant and anxious and hormonally and emotionally exhausted, and he finally tells Dean his story. Because he doesnt want to be someone else’s pretty little omega even though he knows Dean isnt Crowley or Michael or Zachariah and he knows Dean is a good person and Alpha and he wants to be with Dean more then anything but he doesnt want to go back to being less than a person.
And Dean just wraps him up in his arms and mutters nonsense into his ear until Cas calms down and promises that he’ll respect whatever Cas wants to do and wont go faster than what makes Cas comfortable and Cas nods, dried tears on his face, and asks if Dean would stay with him. Dean smiles and makes grilled cheeses for them and he lays in bed with Cas and they watch ridiculous reality TV until Cas is sleepily slumping onto Dean’s shoulder and Dean is yelling at every stupid person on the screen. And as he’s slowly drifting off while Dean rubs against the crick in his back, making sure not to put a possessive hand on Cas’ belly so he wont feel threatened, and the last thing Dean hears Cas say before he starts snoring softly is “this isnt the worst first date I’ve been on”, and Dean cant help but laugh, jostling Cas on his shoulder.
They go quickly from there, kissing a week later, sloppy and rushed handjobs within the month. When Cas enters his last month of pregnancy, he’s stuck in this constant seesaw between whole-body discomfort and horny like he’s in heat and unable to do anything about it since he’s officially too big for any kind of “strenuous activity”, and Dean just thinks he’s downright adorable when he pouts in his bed that he’s too big to do anything, especially after Ellen demands that she had better not see him for the next three months unless he’s coming in as a patient.
So they patiently wait until Cas bravely makes it through 32 hours of labor and baby Emma is born, and shes the most beautiful tiny little creature Deans ever seen, and he wants her to be his. As Cas doses off to sleep with the infant nursing at his chest, he mumbles over to Dean “as soon as I stop feeling like I got run over by an 18-wheeler, I’m gonna bite you, and you better bite me back.” and Dean just smiles and kisses Cas’ forehead and says “whatever you want baby,” and holds Emma in his arms after Cas falls asleep and she’s done nursing and just stares at the two perfect people who he loves so much.


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Safe and Sound 8/??

Title: Safe And Sound
Chapter: 8/?? 
Pairing: Eventual Michael/Reader
Rating: PG-13 (default option!)
Word Count: 4,299
Summary: Six months ago, your life was turned upside down when you won a recording contract on a singing contest reality show. It’s been a blur since then, and things were looking up for you, but people were starting to cross the line with you, putting your safety in danger. At the urging of your label, your manager found you a bodyguard that you could connect with, someone who would be a friend on the lonely nights of traveling. However, instead of getting the manly bodyguard that oozed masculinity, you got Michael. 
A/N: What’s this? Two updates, less than a year apart??? Unheard of!! But I’m excited to be writing this again and I’m excited for MichaelxReader and I’m excited people like this fic and wow. You’re all fab <3

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Microsoft’s latest experimental app adds voice dictation to Office
Microsoft is using Cortana’s speech recognition smarts to bring dictation to the company’s Office suite. The new app is simply named Dictate, and it’s the latest project to come from Microsoft Garage, which is the company’s experimental software outfit. 20 languages are supported for voice-to-text, and Dictate also supports “real-time text translation” for up to 60 languages. Read more