the gangster squad starring the gos and his arms and that doorframe

The City is Mine: Prologue

[please note the secret message of “he cummin” in the gif above! ]

Genre: gang au, angst, smut (eventually)

Character Profiles: AOMG | The Outsiders | The 1988′s  (Please read these before you begin or nothing will make sense!)

Chapters: Prologue123 /? 

Prologue playlist

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(this starts out a little slow, but it picks up quickly I promise!)

“SCAAAH!” Shrieked an enraged Keith Ape as he barged into the dimly lit room where four members of his gang, the 1988′s, sat drinking,“SCAAAH SCAAH SCAHHH!”

C.Jamm, Swings, G2, and Don Mills all jumped up, startled by the sudden appearance of the small, squat wild man who bristled with rage before them.

“Don, we need to talk” panted Keith Ape as he brushed his greasy blonde locks away from his gross sweaty forehead.

“K.” Don replied simply as he sat his large, desirable body back down, removing his trendy denim bucket hat in the process. 

“Don, you’re second in command of the 1988′s. You have to take control now, before San E ruins us all.”

“What happened?” questioned Don, his sultry blank stare and casual tone not revealing anything about his complex emotional state.

“AOMG ambushed our trade this morning. Everything was stolen!” seethed Keith Ape,“And the only person who knew about the trade besides you, me, and Okasian was San E.”

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