the gang just sounds like sooo much fun to be around

What is mine ( Zen fanfic ) part 1

Warmth. I feel hot, as if I’m burning. It feels as if I’m on fire.
Eyes. people are looking at me right now. Eyes piercing through me, looking right into my soul. They’re judging me, whispering, laughing.
Dizzy, am I going to pass out? I can’t I’ll look like a failure and I don’t want them to think I’m some weakling.


Did someone say something?


Wait what was I doing again?

Suddenly I’m back to my senses. Oh right. I have to introduce myself to all of these new people. I look at the teacher, he looks at me with an awkward smile. For how long has he been calling my name? Well I guess these kids already know that then.

“ yes my name is Sophie as you might have noticed. I moved and because of that I switched schools.”

Whispers. Here they are again. Like what the fuck I’m right here.

“ also if you have something to say about me say it right to my face. I’m pretty straight forward and I don’t take shit like that”

I’m not here to make friends, I’m here to succeed and build a good life. I couldn’t care less about what they think about me.

“Lolololol I like your purple hair”

Ah yes how couldn’t I have known. My appearance isn’t what you call usual I guess. I’m dressed fully in black, Face covered in freckles, bright green eyes, and to top it all off I have purple hair. The little prick who asked me that question had red hair himself. He also had the weirdest glasses I’ve ever seen, if he gets cheeky I’ll definitely make fun of them. But before I could do that he continued.

“Don’t get me wrong I don’t mean it in a mean way, I actually think it looks great!”

Hm I’m not sure if he’s genuine but I’ll play nice for now.

“Why thank you I dyed it myself”

And with that I sat down next to the window. The whispering continued but I guess it can’t be helped. I stared outside, I might seem like I don’t care and that I’ll fight anyone who annoys me but the truth is that I’ve never been good with people. I don’t like them and I don’t want to be near them but for some reason I care what they think of me. I’m insecure and a mess. But I don’t want people to look at me that way.

Before I know it it’s lunchtime. Since I haven’t had a conversation with anyone except the tomato guy I’ll probably end up sitting all alone. But not that I care..right? At my old school you got really gross food so I thought that was the case here as well but apparently you have to bring your own lunch, which I didn’t do. And if things couldn’t get worse all the seats were already taken. There was this really loud blonde girl sitting at one of the tables. Next to her was a guy with blue hair, she was clinging onto him for life and he looked very uncomfortable. Across of him was a guy with black hair, he looked very fancy but for some reason he had a weird cat backpack… Well I’m not one to judge. I guess you could say that’s the “popular table”. The table next to them was filled with edgy people. Not gonna lie they looked cool, but probably because I can relate to them I’m an edgy egg myself after all. There was a guy with pink hair, have I seen him before? While trying to figure out if I’ve seen him earlier we made eye contact, and if looks could kill I’d be dead. God I know school sucks but he looked at me as if I killed his dog or something.

“ hey Sophie!!! Heeeey!!!!”

What the heck. Before I could turn around someone bumpt against my back.

“For fuck sakes watch where you’re going will you? Oh it’s you” I should have known there’s only one tomato guy at this school after all.

“ Yay you remember me lololol. Do you want to sit with us? You look kinda lost lololol”

I roll my eyes. “Who’s us?”

“Me and Yoosung! Do you see that blonde guy over there? That’s him. OH also I’m seven lololol”

“Okay tomato boy” I was walking towards a blond guy he didn’t see me coming so when I sat down he looked shook

“Uh sorry is this your table? We’ll sit somewhere else sorry!!” He looked panicked.

“Tomato boy told me to sit with you, you’re Yoosung right? I’m Sophie, I’m new so I don’t think we’ve met before sorry if I scared you” He looked like a lost puppy so let’s be nice to him.

“Oh I’m so sorry you don’t look scary at all! Believe me there are guys at this school who are terrifying as hell… Speaking of the devil here comes one of them!”

As soon as Yoosung said that the whole cafeteria went quiet and Yoosung hid his face in his hoodie. I looked behind me and I saw a big guy with hair longer than mine, red eyes and he had a fierce look on his face. He was wearing a black leather jacket and it kinda reminded me of those gangs I’ve seen on tv. He didn’t look impressed, until our eyes met. Something in his eyes changed it was as if he was surprised, probably because he didn’t know me. I wanted to stop looking at him but for some reason I couldn’t. It felt like I was getting sucked in those bright red eyes. After what felt like 10 minutes he stopped looking at me and he sat next to that edgy pink haired guy who gave me death glares earlier. Of course everyone started whispering again I sighed, what just happened?

I look at Seven he saw the whole thing happen, “who was that?”

“ I don’t know his real name but everyone calls him Zen, he’s trouble if I was you I wouldn’t try talking to him, that’s what I do” Sevens eyes were dark it gave me chills.

“ If you don’t talk to him how do you know he’s trouble? I didn’t take you as someone who listens to rumors”

“ He’s my brothers best friend, he’s the reason why my brother turned into what he is now. Everything Zen touches gets ruined and once he’s done with it he dumbs it as if it’s trash. If you don’t want to get your feelings hurt I suggest you stay the fuck away from him”

Seven sounded angry I assumed it was the best to not ask about his brother anymore. Meanwhile Yoosung was eating he looked very uncomfortable, maybe I can talk with him and find out some more information about that Zen guy.

Maybe this school isn’t so boring after all.
Sooo here it is the fanfic some of you have been waiting for!
Please let me know what you think I personally think it’s very cliche haha
Also what do you think of Sophie ? She’s my own OC and I kinda like her since I relate to her so much
Anyway I hope I didn’t disappoint you and I hope you’ll look forward to part 2 :) - Tess

kidding around (pt 1)

sooo, i wanted to write kahn-on-tumblr a birthday fic (happy birthday! (ノ^ヮ^)ノ*:・゚✧) and i was like oh okay just like, a thousand words, yeah!! annnd motored straight past 1k and am well on my way to 2k with signs that it will go to 3 or 4. OOPS.

i give you competent-with-kids!tony de-aged!avengers with bonus tony&rhodey bffery

warnings: references to past child abuse, probably ableism (pls let me know if i mess up)

“So this happened,” Tony says when the rear hatch of the Quinjet lowers.

He’s in most of the Iron Man suit. The one piece that’s missing is the helmet, because it had scared Bruce.

Because he’s four years old.

All the Avengers are.

Tony’s holding four-year-old Steve on his left hip, his other five teammates hovering like ducklings around his legs. It had taken some coaxing to get them all to come with him, but eventually they’d accepted his half-assed explanations (and possibly the fact that there was no one else to take care of them). Sam had been the hardest to convince and Tony had finally wound up just telling him the truth—kid is shrewd for a four year old. He’d asked him for help taking care of the others and Sam had finally relented, nodding very seriously as he accepted his new duty.

“What,” Maria says.

“Oh, Jesus,” Rhodey sighs. “I’ll help.”

Tony grins. “That’s so generous of you, Sugar Plum.”

“Loki,” Fury growls, and sounds more resigned than annoyed.

“I want my ma,” little Steve mumbles, and bursts into tears.

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Possible Cartoons Watch list

Ok so, if you’re like me a young adult who avoids taxes and watches cartoons, you probably fall into the hiatus pit so I though I would create a list of all of MY favorite cartoons which some of you will obviously know and others you won’t. I am a shite writer and these are my interpretations.

Let’s start with the biggies-

Spongebob Squarepants - I’ve found if you watch up to about season 7 the humor is still there and not such dumb or toilet humor. If you for some reason don’t know this show, basically a Sea Sponge will always get into destructive shenanigans whether with his best friends Patrick (a starfish) and Sandy the Squirrel, or while at his job at the Krusty Krab protecting the krabby patty formula from the antagonist Plankton. Also Squidward is all us and we are all him.

Steven Universe this show took awhile to get into, the first 20 episodes or so are kind of off the wall and throw you right into the mess, however as it progresses there is major plot development. Steven Quartz lives with his 3 guardians who are basically space rocks that personify themselves through magic. They can form to become even bigger gems and each one has its own personality and powers. The plot of this doesn’t really start until the end of season 1. The gem world has declared war and is trying to destroy Earth causing the gems to fight (or even make friends) with the gems that come down to destroy Earth.

Adventure Time - I don’t know how to really give a summary for this show considering it kind of goes through a lot of stories and themes. But it has a lot of good lessons, jokes, adult humor, and even though they wont state it directly a wlw realtionship. If you’ve read any of the comics or seen some episodes you’ll know that Princess Bubble Gum and Marceline the Vampire Queen used to be in some kind of relationship. (I mostly started watching it for that point alone). The animation is great and the colors are so bright!!

Gravity Falls OOOOHHHH MAN was this show good. And the creator really threw in as much adult comedy that he could. Twin siblings, Dipper and Mabel, visit their great uncle Stan in Gravity Falls.They find a book that talks about strange creatures and objects and a horrible power that wants to take over Earth. Season 1 is them searching for the author of said book. Season 2 they find the author and try to stop a horrible entity from taking over.

Avatar the Last Airbender This is literally my favorite show. It follows a boy named Aang the last of his civilization. He is the avatar, a person who can bend all four elements; water, fire, earth, and air. However, Aang was trapped in a bed of ice for over 100 years and the fire nation has taken over most of the world. 2 siblings, Sokka and Katara, find and release Aang and accompany him on his journey to master all for elements and defeat the fire lord. Iroh is the best character and your heart gets literally ripped apart in some episodes I swear. (I may have watched this 4 times all the way through..)

The Legend of Korra YAS QUEEN YAS. This follows the avatar after Aang, each season has its own antagonist, and holy hell the themes are REALLY DARK. This was made for the original audience of The Last Airbender, so young adults. Season one deals with nonbenders wanting equality to benders. Some even using violence to get it. Season 2 has civil war themes, the southern water nation wants to enforce spirituality on the north pole. Season 3, ooooh my goosh my favorite season. I wouldn’t call the antagonist a villain. He is a very intelligent being who believes the world should be put into natural order, which is chaos. (Which sounds villainous but I CANNOT HATE HIM FOR SOMEREASON) Season 4 is about a Commander trying to take back all of the earth kingdom. The show lost budgeting around that time and was forced online, but the animation is sooo brilliant and they could include more adult themes. IT ENDS WITH A BEAUTIFUL WLW RELATIONSHIP WHERE NEITHER DIES AND THEY ARE BOTH BISEXUAL. Korra is a bisexual woman of color who gets her girl in the end, fucking brilliant. (1000/10 would reccomend) (I mightve watched this 3 times)

Also any of the Batmans and Titans/ Teen Titans, Justice League.  If you like superheros uhm YAS WATCH THEM ALL I DONT EVEN KNOW HOW TO SUMMARIZE THEM JUST WATCH THEM.

Okay now the ones you’ve probably heard of but haven’t decided to watch or not

Miraculous Ladybug This show is literally the cutest thing. It focuses mostly around Marinette a school girl with a massive crush on her classmate Adrien, but when the evil “Hawkmoth” sets out and “hypnotizes” people in the city to wreak havoc, Marinette transform into the super heroine Ladybug. Her superhero friend Chat Noir, is always there to help and has a huge crush on Ladybug. Little does she know Chat Noir is actually Adrien. They done know each others identites and its the funniest thing so basically Marinette likes Adrien, but Adrein likes Ladybug. It was a low budget show it starts off slow and there are A LOT of reused animation and dialogue.

We Bare Bears basically about 3 brother bears trying to fit into modern day society. No one questions them being bears and talking. Grizz- is the loud obnoxious bear who usually starts the shenanigans (personal fave). Panda- is the sweet one who has a general level head, but is so desperately wanting to be cool on the internet, and have a girlfriend. Ice bear- is a mystery who likes ice, sushi and knows everything in the universe…basically. He doesn’t show much emotion at all. Also THE DIVERSITY. Instead of generic background characters and sets, each person on screen is made to look different. Having different ethnicity and back stories and voices just uuugh its great.

The Amazing World of Gumball This show is so self aware and its great. It  is a mixed media show having animation to claymation to upside down facing. It follows two brother a cat named Gumball and his pet fish Darwin (whaat??? Just go with it right?) Gumball does something stupid, Darwin warns him how to avoid his problem, Gumball does it anyway. Pretty much the show. They have an incredibly lazy father that loves food, a mother that is literally superwoman, and an incredibly intelligent little sister. The show pokes fun at everyday life things, and never misses a chance to break the fourth wall. Each episode is 15 minutes and boy are they a wild ride.

Teen Titans GO OKAY OKAY OKAY DONT HATE ME. I looooved the original show. This one, while it strips the dignity away from the original show, its actually cute and funny at times. It will take any opportunity to poke fun at Batman, literally like every episode you’ll an easter egg in there. And it too likes to break the fourth wall.

Star vs The Forces of Evil I didn’t get all the way through this one yet, mostly due to stopping during the school year. This show is about a Princess named Star who has a magical wand and create anything she wants with it. However due to using it irresponsibly and for things she didn’t need, her parents send her to Earth in hopes of learning responsibility. She runs into a kid named Marco at school and decides to just live at his house (without him knowing) She finds his address and talks to his parents and just moves in without him even knowing its kind of great. The antagonist in this show is not the brightest. He goes with his gang of misfits to Earth in hopes to steal the wand, in which he never quite comes close. Its a super funny and sweet show.

The Loud House- After being super sick for the last 4 days I have binged this show whenever its on. Its so sweet and cute. It centers around a boy named Lincoln who lives with his 10 sisters. Rather than be a show about him being the “annoying brother who like pranking his sisters and making fart jokes.” He is the middle child and talks about his everyday experiences with his sisters. He’s actually quite responsible and doesnt harbor any bad feelings towards his sisters. (Also the sister that wants to be a musician talks in song lyrics and the funny sister tells puns in literally every line.)

 Shows you don’t know about or may have forgotten about

W.I.T.C.H - Most people liked Winx Club instead. I like this instead, 5 girls get thrown into a world of monsters and powers. Each one can control and element. Will -the leader that creates portals and electric matter called “quintessence” she also holds the stone that gives them their power. Irma- the water guardian the comedienne, Taranee - the fire guardian, who has many fears and anxieties, but is good at math (personal fave)  Cornelia - the Earth guardian, the diva, and Hay Lin -air guardian, little ball of sunshine too good for this world. The magical world of Candracar is thrown in a world of darkness while Prince Phobos is in power, he aims to steal the stone and use it to become and take over all worlds.

Gargoyles basically Gargoyles that inhabit a building in Manhattan come alive at night to fight crime. A little dark and has gothic elements thrown in.

Invader Zim - How Nick got away with this show is a mystery but they got Ren Stimpy too (tbh i hate that show, it was gross). A little Irken invader gets sent into space by his leaders who hoped to get rid of him. Instead he ran into Eart and plans to invade for his leaders. He enrolls into a school hoping to gain knowledge but meets an Earth child named Dib who saw through his (rather horrible) disguise. The show centers around Zim’s incompetence to take over Earth, and Dib trying to foil his plans. Also GIR.

Honorable mentions that I havent watched in awhile to give a summary or just have very fond memories of Codename: Kids next Door, Courage the Cowardly Dog, Ed, Edd n Eddy (SERIOUSLY REWATCH THIS SOOO MUCH ADULT HUMOR) Powerpuff Girls (the original), Pepper Ann, The Weekenders, Goof Troop, Doug, Hey Arnold

Haikyuu!! Headcanons (Karasuno)

AN: This is really long, I’m sorry! I hope you like them anyway, I had a lot of fun writing this!

Hinata: Ahh my smol child. He’s literally just one giant tickle spot, okay. Like if your hand even gets too close to his side, he’ll jump away with wide eyes. Suga tickles him a lot, mostly just gentle squeezes to the back of his neck to quiet him down when he’s talking too loud, or pokes to his sides or ribs when he’s too hyper to concentrate on practice. Noya and Tanaka will gang up on Hinata from time to time, one of them pinning him to the floor while the other digs their fingers into as many of Hinata’s tickle spots they can find until he’s kicking and screaming with hysterical laughter. Kageyama will tickle him occasionally, but sometimes he gets embarrassed by it because Hinata is so loud and bby Kags is so hesitant towards any kind of physical contact. But when he does tickle Hinata, he usually wraps his hands around Hinata’s waist and squeezes as fast as he can, which never fails to send Hinata into loud, raucous giggles. As a ler, Hinata’s pretty good at knowing what places will get people the most. This is partially because he has a little sister, and partially because he’s always been subjected to the most tickles from his friends because of his size and learned how to fight back. But if you even graze one of Hinata’s tickle spots, it’s Game Over for him. He’s ticklish eeeeverywhere, but I think Hinata’s most ticklish spots would be his thighs (especially when you dig your fingers in his inner thighs), his belly (the woooorst for him, omg. Especially little claw tickles), and his neck/collarbones. If you get his armpits for a while, he’ll become more sensitive to the tickles and they’ll slowly become awfully ticklish. He’s a thrasher, folks; he squirms and kicks and screams, but it’s sooo easy to pin him down because he’s just so little and so ticklish. 

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“I crashed the wrong wedding, but the Maid of Honor is kind of hot, so...” Gajevy AU

A.N.: I got a request to write this prompt, and I thought it would be fun to write! I hope you enjoy!! This is the full prompt: “I crashed the wrong wedding and now the maid of honor/best man is on my ass but they’re kinda hot so…“ I uploaded this a while back, but I think it might have gotten over looked, so I’m uploading it again. Also has some Nalu in there! Enjoy! 

Everything had to be perfect! It was Lucy’s wedding day, and Levy was determined to make sure that her best friend Lucy didn’t have to worry anything, except marrying her dolt of a fiancé. Levy giggled slightly thinking of the hot headed Natsu. Her smile turned to a frown when she saw the flowers not set the right way.


Jet came running carrying flowers from the corner, “What’s wrong?!”

“The flowers can’t be like this! They have to be set up like this!” she said as she straightened them.


She sighed, she shouldn’t be so hard on Jet and Droy, since they offered to help her set up, but she couldn’t help taking out her stress on them. Luckily they were the best friends she could ask for, and didn’t take offense. They understood, and bless them for their understanding. The wedding was starting in 3 hours, and she felt like she was drowning in water tying to make sure everything was perfect.

“How about you go check on Lucy and get ready yourself.”

“But I still have-“

“Levy, we got this. Mira and Laxus are helping too. They got married last year, so they know how to set up and take care of the guest. You are the maid-of-honor, go get ready!”

Jet did have a point though. However much she wanted to make sure everything was perefect, she still had to help Lucy finish getting ready and had to get ready herself.

“Alright, if you need me, I have my phone. Just give me a call!”

“Got it captain!” he said saluting.

She giggled at the nickname and started to run to the room Lucy was getting ready in.

As she entered, she saw her friends Aquarius and Cana fawning over Lucy, helping her with her hair and makeup. She saw Luce in the mirror, and broke out in a huge smile. “Luce, you look sooo beautiful!!!” she said as she walked over to where her best friend since elementary school was. She couldn’t believe her best friend for 12 years was getting married. It seemed like yesterday when Natsu knocked her by running in to her while him and his friends where playing football and Levy and Lucy were walking to the library in high school. Who knew that their first meeting their sophomore year in high school and 4 years later would lead to this day. Levy still giggled at the thought of Natsu’s face that day, a not sure what to do face.

“So are you going to just stare at me, or are you getting ready too Lev?” Lucy said smirking at her.

Right, she needed to get ready too!

“Damn, rain woman..” Gajeel grumbled as he headed to his friend’s wedding. Juvia’s wedding to the stripper dude was today, and Gajeel grumbled at what she wanted him to do. If it was anyone else, he would say to hell with that, but he had known Juvia since their high school days. They part of the Ravenclaw gang and loved to fuck shit up. Now that they managed to graduate high school somehow, they both decided to do something better for a living than fuck shit up. Somehow, Juvia managed to snatch up a stripper named Gray, and were getting married today, and leave it up to Juvia to ask him to do something stupid. He glanced at the address, but the writing had gotten smudged. He stopped his motorcycle in front of a church, and prayed to God that this was the right church. Juvia was going to kill him if it wasn’t. He pulled at his tie, and tsked. Time to get this over with.

Levy walked down the aisle and smiling at Natsu and could feel everyone’s stares on her, she never felt so nervous in her life. She would not fall at her best friend’s wedding, she would not! She managed to make it down the aisle and to her spot without face planting on the floor and let out a relieved sigh.

A slow classical piece started to play, and she saw Lucy in arms with Markarav come down the aisle. She was so beautiful and could feel tears spring to her eyes. She held them in, because Lucy would kill her if she saw her crying, only because Lucy would cry too. She heard Natsu suck in his breathe, and she held in her giggle. Markarov let her arm go as he went to take his seat as Lucy took her place next to Natsu. The minister said some words, and went by pretty quickly. She was so happy for Lucy!! They said their vows, and then it came to the part if “Anyone believes they should not be joined in holy matrimony, please speak now or forever hold your piece.” Levy held her breathe glancing around. If anyone said a word, she’d kill them. Everyone was silent and all smiling. The minister was about to speak again, when the doors burst open. Levy glanced at the doors and saw a tall, tanned skin, muscular man with wild raven hair and piercing all over his face with a suit on with his arms crossed and his eyes closed.

“She’s my woman! If you have a problem with it, than fight me!” he said very gruphly and loudly for the whole room to hear.

He sounded like he was being forced to say it which honestly confused her. Who was this man, she had never seen him in her life nor did she doubt Lucy had either.

She glanced over at Lucy and saw her horror in her eyes and Natu’s eyes were burning dangerously angry.

“Like hell she is!” Natsu yelled right back.

Levy looked back at the unknown man, and saw his eyes open and she gasped. They were blood red, she was not expecting that. His eyes took on a confused look than went wide. “Shit..”

Once Levy got out of her daze, she could see Natsu was visibly shaking and Lucy was about to cry.

“Lucy, I’ll take care of this, ya’ll finish up,” she whispered to Lucy angrily. Lucy just nodded and Levy headed to wear the unknown guy was standing at the middle of the aisle. Once she got closer, she realized how much taller he was and how much shorter she felt, but she didn’t care at this moment. He would pay for ruining her best friend’s wedding. She grabbed his arm and dragged him out of the room.

Once they were out, she let go of his arm and started jabbing him the chest, glaring up at him. “I DON’T KNOW WHO YOU ARE, BUT YOU CAN’T JUST COME IN HERE AND BARDGE IN TO SOMEONE’S WEDDING LIKE THAT!” She was so pissed! After all the preparations she made, she couldn’t believe this, this, this man would come in here and ruin it all!

“Woah, calm down Shorty-”

She jabbed her finger harder in to his chest. “DON’T CALL ME SHORT YOU JERK!”

Gajeel realized he fucked up, and got the location wrong, when he heard an unknown man’s voice in response. When he looked, he realized it was definitely not Juvia and Gray’s wedding at all, but some unknown people’s wedding.

He saw some small woman with a mop of bright blue hair walk down the aisle, grabbed his arm, and dragged him outside of the room. She started yelling at him, jabbing her finger in to his chest, but he had trouble concentrating. She was adorable, and that dress of dark blue fit her in all the right places. He had a hard time concentrating on her words as he stare down at her petite hourglass shape. He gulped. When she stopped to probably breath, he made the mistake of letting a nickname slip.

That pissed her off even more it seemed. She looked adorable when she was angry.

He smirked, “Gihihihihi!”

“What are you laughing at?!”

“You. You’re cute when you’re angry.” He was blunt, he knew that, but this was not what he intended, to call this random girl cute.

Her face turned a deep shade of crimson and she her lips turn in to an O. He realized then, that maybe he was too blunt and could feel his own neck turning warm. “I mean, umm…” Fuck, why was he so damn blunt?

“Thanks,” He heard he whisper looking down fidgeting. He didn’t know why, but he reached his hand out ruffling her hair. She squeaked and he smirked and brought his hand back.

“Hey, look, I’m sorry. My friend asked me to do this, and I got the place mixed up. She’g going to kill me…” he said running his hand through his hair.

“I’m sorry I got so mad at you. I’ll let the bride and groom know what happened. You should probably get going, before she really does kill you!” Levy said laughing at the prospect. She didn’t know who this Juvia was, but she had a feeling she would like her.

“Yeah, yeah, don’t remind me..” However much he did need to get going, he didn’t want to leave this blue haired pixie. He saw a pen on a table, looking for a paper with no luck. He turned to her, and she looked confused as to what he was doing. “Give me your hand.”

She looked at him, her brows furrowing together. “Why?”

“You’ll find out.”

She hesitantly gave him her right hand. He tried to ignore the way her smooth palm felt on his hand and how small and fragile it was as he scribbled his number on her milky skin.

Once he was done, she was staring at it as he put the pen down and started to walk out. He put his hand out waving, “Call me, Shorty!”

She ran out after him. “Wait! What’s your name?”

“Gajeel,” he answered as he started to put on his helmet and get on his bike. “You?” he asked glancing at her.

Her cheeks flushed slightly, “I-It’s Levy.”

He nodded, “A cute name for a cute lady!”

He glanced at her and could see her whole face was red. He smirked at her response. He started up his bike, “So, you’re going to call me later right?”

“Y-y-yes! Of course!” she squeaked.

“Gihihihi! See you later Shrimp!” he yelled as he drove off. Maybe crashing the wrong wedding wasn’t so bad, especially since he got to meet a hottie in the process.

Levy stared as the man drove off. Gajeel.. She held her hand with his number close to her chest, smiling. She heard people start to come out, and realized she had missed the end of her best friend’s wedding. Once she told Lucy though, she didn’t think Lucy would complain too much. She couldn’t wait until tonight; she couldn’t wait to call him. Her heart fluttered at the thought of listening to his voice again.

Destination Australia...? #4

Destination Australia…? Part four

Part one Part two Part three
Oh no, what’s this? ANOTHER UPDATE? Ooooooh I’m totally spoiling you guys tonight ;)
So, I’ve attempted drunken Finn in the chapter, let me know if it sucks too much? xx

The next day went very similar to the first, with Finn being either ignored or mocked by Rosalie, teased about it by Elaine, then spending the evening after work moping about it whilst crashing out upstairs, music blaring. And repeat.
By Thursday afternoon Finn was fed up and in need of female company that didn’t make him blush or pee him off, so he sent Izzy a message.
Hey Iz, are you busy tonight? Fancy movies at mine?x’
she took her time replying, which wasn’t unusual. It took her years to reply. Finn sat at home, strumming random chords while he waited and turned them into riff, creating patterns for songs. It was something he tended to do whenever he was frustrated or angry about something.
Where did she find the unexplainable need to hate me? he thought as his chords became melancholy. He’d tried his best on Tuesday, being nice to her whenever their paths crossed, even joking to her about snappy customers. At one point he was sure she was beginning to thaw, laughing along and adding her own experience. She had then begun asking him about her interests and they’d really seemed to hit it off- the pair actually had a lot in common. By the end of the day, she approached Finn before leaving with the talk of them meeting up sometime on a day off listen to records together.

‘If you like, I’ll come around sometime and see for myself if your music knowledge is really what you say it is’ She’d said, a teasing look in her eye. Finn had raised his eyebrows and smirked.
‘Really? Yeah well I expect honest marking, marks out of ten for every record you like’
'Really?’ she’d snorted, nudging his side 'I think we should test this sometime…we have Sundays off?’ It was clearly a question, yet before she’d given Finn a chance to agree she gave him a hug, (much to both Finn’s and Elaine’s surprises) and was gone. 
Wednesday, however, was the complete opposite. She had walked in wearing a worse mood than the first day they’d met, and refused to participate in any of the jokes or conversations Finn and Elaine shared.
Finn had watched her at lunch, writing in the same book with avid concentration, a sad glint in her eyes. When she’d caught him trying to look at what was writing, she’d glared and packed her things away.

Finally he heard a buzz from his mobile, breaking Finn out of his sullen thoughts.

Sooo sorry babycakes, made plans tonight. out on town with the gang from college. Welcome to join though? Chloe’s coming? ;) xx’
I groaned out loud. It wasn’t that he hated Izzy’s new friend Chloe, but she always insisted on sticking by his side the whole time, and by the time he’d had a few drinks inside him it was inevitable he’d end up kissing her- something he’d regret later. In his opinion, you should only ever kiss someone if you truly meant it, and although Chloe seemed lovely, she just wasn’t his cup of tea.
However he hadn’t seen Izzy in forever, and was in need of some fun. He wasn’t working tomorrow until lunch, so decided to tag along anyway. He texted his reply, telling her he’d meet her in ten, changed into another shirt, and left his dad a note to let him know he was going out.


'Finnely!! missed youuu!’ His small but feisty best friend cried, throwing her arms around him. It was almost half seven and she was wasted already. Finn sighed, but was secretly jealous- the life of a sixteen year old in education was much better than the one of an eighteen year old having to get a job to pay for himself.
'How much have you had to drink already?’  he chuckled, wrapping his arms around her tiny waist for support, and worrying again when he felt how cold she was. Pushing her at arms length, he studied what she was wearing. Tight jeans that hung low on her hips, and a baggy crop top meant her stomach was bare, and although she looked more than a little bit tempting it was far too cold for this kind of clothing.

Finn would never, ever try it on with her; she was his best friend (and he didn’t see her as any more than a friend) but there was no denying she was smoking hot.
'Iz, you’re gonna freeze to death, here’ He said, letting her go to take off his own jacket. She pulled her little arms into it easily, and snuggled into the leather fabric.
'You smell gooooooood’ she giggled, wrapping her arms around his neck again. Finn paused slightly as he eyed a figure not so far behind her. It was a boy around her age was glaring at them, and Finn guessed it was her latest boyfriend warning me off. Not wanting to cause tension, Finn pulled Izzy along and shook his hand.
'I’m Finn, the best friend.’ He said, claiming his name so both boys knew where they stood. The other guy visibly relaxed and returned the shake with a friendly smile 'I’m Ben, the boyfriend. She’s told me a lot about you.' 
After both boys seemed comfortable in the other’s presence, Finn  greeted the rest of the gang and they headed to Ben’s house. Chop, Finn noticed, was unusually quiet and Finn suspected this had something to do with Izzy and Ben. He kept looking at them mid conversation with a glum look on his face, yet Finn refused to feel sorry for his pal because it was his own fault. Ben was clearly attractive and seems like a cool guy, and if Chop really liked Izzy- which Finn knew he had done, way back since Archie had introduced her to the lads as his neighbour- he should have made a move sooner.

Finn’s thoughts were interrupted by an arm wrapping around his. He turned to find Chloe smiling shyly up at him, with a flirty twist of her hair and a glint in her eye.
'Hey, you’ She smirked, leaning into him slightly. Finn felt like removing his arm; he really didn’t like her in that way and didn’t want to take advantage- but at the same time he didn’t want to hurt her feelings, so gave a half smile back, letting her arm remain in his whilst also turning away from her to talk to Archie.

The gang had been walking for about twenty minutes, when they finally reached a gravel drive, closed off by a pair of shiny black gates. There wasn’t an awful lot to see behind the gates, which implied the home was going to be fairly large…
They headed through the gates, and Finn’s eyes widened as they walked up the path and through the trees, spotting a huge house- no, it was actually more like a mansion. The entrance was a massive stone porch way, the beams spiralling down impressively and holding up a roof that was probably the same size as Finn’s bedroom at home.

Geesh, if Izzy ended up married to this guy, Finn was sure glad he was the best friend. 

Walking in through the glass panelled doors he was shocked to see that they weren’t expected to take off their shoes.
If this were my place, i’d have everyone replace their shoes for gold plated slippers, but there you are, Finn thought to himself as he took in the impressive surroundings. In fact, I’d probably never have guests over, ever…especially drunken ones.
The whole house consisted of creams and whites, with laminate flooring and fluffy rugs. Ben took them through to a living room, which was a large area containing 3 large L-shaped sofas, a massive flat screen attached to the wall and a surround-sound system. He turned on the sound system, and The Artic Monkey’s began filling the silence around them while he left the room. When Ben re-entered he came supplied with two crates of beer in hand…
Boy, a party was brewing.


Two hours later, and quite a few crates after, Finn was sat in the same position on the couch, staring absentmindedly at the scene before him. Word of music and alcohol had somehow spread through Izzy’s year, and there were now dozens of 16 year olds pressed together in Ben’s home. He and Izzy were nowhere to be seen, so assumptions were they’d found a quiet corner…

Finn shuddered at the thought and pushed himself up groggily. He was feeling slightly fuzzy as well as frustrated, something nagging at the back of his mind. He was however determined to get it out, so he grabbed another beer, heading to have a wonder at the house itself. This idea was proven more difficult than originally planned, as bottle after bottle emptied and soon all Finn could see was blurs of creams and browns. The whole colour scheme made him incredibly sleepy at once, alerting to Finn that he should get out for some air before he passed out.
A glass door blurred into vision, so he reached for the silver smudge he hoped was a handle. He was met with green, blue and a fresh breeze that hit him welcomingly in a blast. His legs gave out, and he faintly felt a jolt in his behind that would probably hurt in the morning.

“Are you oka- Finn?” a female voice came from his left (or at least the left Finn created in his state) and he could make out a dark figure sat a good way back, a lot of the grey surface below his butt between them. Finn couldn’t help but smile at the question; her voice was extremely hot. The figure got longer, and then bigger, until Finn could suddenly see her face-to-face (or her faces in his distorted view). Her long, silky hair tumbled to her breasts, button eyes piercing him. Finn may have been drunk, but he could see every feature in high definition. She was flawless, and it was the first time he’d seen her with anything but either a grumpy frown or teasing smirk. Her eyes were creased with worry as she crouched down close to me.
'Hey, Rayychel’  He slurred, trying to keep his sentences straight and giving her his best cool glance, hiding his alcohol induced state. She smirked, plopping down next to him.
'I didn’t know you were friends with Ben, do you get drunk with children very often?’

So Finn guess he hadn’t hid his lack of sober state very well. But she was being unfair, they weren’t exactly kids.
'His girlfriend is my best friend.’ He snapped grumpily, then looked at her expectantly ‘So, are you mean today? I mean, are you going to speak? Is it okay to talk? You have a nice talk, but only when it’s nice’
Rae gave him a funny look, then burst out laughing. Finn didn’t exactly know what he’d said that was so funny, but he wanted to so that he could do it over and over- he never wanted to stop hearing that beautiful sound that came from her.

Rae pulled him up by the elbow, and linked her arm around his like Chloe had done earlier. This time, however, Finn never wanted to let go.
'Come on, let’s get you sobered up, and if you’re lucky, I’ll do some more of that talking.’

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Ten Year Wait

Requested: @mrshemmings26 “Luke and his family come visit us in our village because Liz was my mums best friend in high school and they haven’t seen each other in ten years.”

Word Count: idk but it’s fuckin long

“Mom why do you always have to have people over can’t I just get one week to myself?” I whine and give puppy eyes to my mother.  We are pretty much exact opposites, in high school she was constantly going out with friends and she still does to this day. I, on the other hand, despise talking to others outside of work and have a total of two friends (omfg that was a little too close to home). 

“Y/N, she was my very best friend in high school and we haven’t gotten the chance to meet in ten years I believe that is reason for a visit.” She gives me her annoyed voice and I roll my eyes and mumble under my breath. “What was that young lady?” She raises her eyebrows and looks shocked.

“Well if you were such good friends then why haven’t you seen each other in ten years? Can’t have been that good of friends.” She looks at me appalled for questioning her social capabilities and explains that her friend, Liz, I find out is her name has three sons and a job and does not have time or money to just travel across the country on a normal occasion.

“Actually I think she is bringing one of her sons with her since he doesn’t have a job or anything he’d be missing back home. And from what I can remember when we last met he was only a year or two older than you are so maybe you can make a new friend.” I roll my eyes and hop down from the counter to go return to my room and get my silence while I can and then she adds, “Oh yea I told her Luke could have your room so you will be sleeping on the couch.” This was when I decided that this Luke person and I would definitely not be friends.

A few hours later over the sound of my music I hear the dreaded squealing of middle aged women and the opening of our front door. I decide that heading down now and not getting yelled at later for being rude would be in my best interest. I say goodbye to my beloved bedroom for the week and walk down the stairs and am greeted by two blonde Australians. When I look behind the mom I see something I was not expecting at all, a very attractive male that looks like a celebrity I would fangirl over on the internet.

After the two women are done hugging and doing whatever people do when they haven’t seen each other in ten years my mom turns to me, “Y/N come here! This is Liz and her son Luke they will be staying with us for the next week.” I greet them both with the best fake smile I can do. Liz hugs me and Luke and I just kind of awkwardly smile at each other. 

“Y/N why don’t you go show Luke his room for the week so you two can get to know each other?” I give my mom a look and then begin walking back towards the stairs.

I assume the tall boy is following me from the clumsy stomps I hear on the stairs behind me.  I open my door and begin talking without taking a breath, “Welcome to my humble abode the bathroom is through that door, the other door is my closet and if I so much as hear a squeak come from it just know I also keep a pocket knife in my bedside table and I am not afraid to use it, don’t touch my music or movies but you can use the tv if you want.”

He stares at me with raised eyebrows before he interrupts, “You’ve done this before, many times.”

“How’d you guess?” I ask sarcastically as I plop down on my bed before looking up at him waiting for his answer. 

“I dunno you kinda sound like one of those infomercials do you wanna watch a movie while they freak out over each other?” he settles in next to me on the bed and I look at him and shrug, “Why not?”

This was how most of the Hemmings’ stay went, Luke and I watching far too many movies in my room and going on random adventures through town while our moms both caught up on the past ten years. Honestly, mom was wrong about one thing I didn’t end up sleeping on the couch a single time that week.  The first night Luke and I were watching Mean Girls, suggested by me but he seemed to enjoy it just as much as I did and I just happened to fall asleep. We weren’t even cuddling or anything but just sleeping next to the pretty boy brought me so much comfort.

So I made it my mission for the week to somehow fall asleep with him. The first two nights we both fell asleep watching movies and then on the third day I decided he was cool so I wanted to show him my favorite spot. We arrived at the coffee place and he ended up loving it just as much as I do. We spent hours just talking and laughing there until he decided he wanted a tour of town so I took him to all the places that are relevant in my life. I told him about all of my embarrassing stories from high school and about the park I broke my arm in when I was a kid and he listened to all of it.

That night our moms wanted us all to play some cheesy board game together and I’m not gonna lie it was pretty fun with Luke getting frustrated when we all ganged up against him. Anything and everything was fun with Luke, we just fit perfectly from when we first met. When Liz mentioned being tired my mom agreed so they both began to clean up and went upstairs to bed. Luke stayed down a few more minutes to help me finish off the rest of the food and then got up and walked towards the stairs. He turned around and gave me a look, “Aren’t you coming too?” he smirked laughing and began to ran up the stairs. A smile came across my face as I rolled my eyes and got up to go join him.

The fifth day Luke and I decided to try to cook dinner for both of our moms. We decided on spaghetti because that seemed simple enough. We were joking around as usual and Luke looked up at me with a guilty smile and I looked back at him confused and then I felt a slap across my face. My face was covered in red marinara sauce so I grabbed the cup of water I was drinking and poured it over his head in retaliation. We both burst out in laughter when our mothers walked in and freaked out.

 The rest of that night we spent cleaning red off of the floors and walls. “Y/N, you missed a spot.” I looked around for this alleged missed spot and came up with nothing so I turned back to him and was met with a finger dipped in marinara sauce. He booped my nose and his body began to shake in laughter. 

“Very funny Hemmings,” I tried hard not to smile and grabbed a napkin to wipe it off. 

“It’s your fault, your nose was too adorable I couldn’t help it.” I blush because this beautiful person just complimented me and tried hard to convince myself he didn’t mean it.

I felt his hand on my chin pulling me towards him when I looked up and his eyes were on my lips, “I don’t know how I waited this long for you.”

He moved towards my lips but I rested my hands on his chest and pulled back, “what about our mothers they’ll kill us.”

He just smiled at me and said, “Are you kidding they’ll use anything as an excuse to get to see each other again anyways, who cares.” I nodded and leaned back towards him and our lips met. My hands couldn’t help but move towards his hair, so I pulled on it slightly as we made out and he groaned.

 “Babe you’re killing me.” he mumbled against my lips. I giggled at him and pulled his hand up towards my bedroom so we could make out more without being caught. After a few minutes he pulled back and moved my hair away from my face.

 “Can we cuddle tonight please?” he asked me with a pout. I couldn’t help but give him my biggest grin and nod back at him as I pushed him to lay down and got comfy against his chest. 

Part 2?