the gang hits the road

when mac gets a little closer to accepting himself, when dennis gives in, when they find themselves drunk and stumbling home together - they never sleep in the same bed. before it was never really an issue, but now sleeping in the same bed would be Something, and then mac would want to talk about that Something, and then dennis would have to deny it, and then their carefully maintained equilibrium of Straight and Brotherly would be broken

so they sleep on the couch. or the floor. or passed out in the bathtub because they’re too drunk to make it to one of their rooms, because they are terrified of feeling whatever they would feel if they woke up side by side in the same bed. but instead of being Nothing, this routine - this get drunk-pass out-wake up together somewhere uncomfortable - becomes Something to the point where, when dennis wakes up on the floor of a van, disoriented and half asleep and uncomfortable, he instinctually reaches out for mac