the gang hits the road

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tell more about your head cannon about Mac in the front seat! its so cute!!

aw thanks! i mean there’s not a whole lot to it besides like (a) mac and dennis have been best friends for a while so he probs gets the front seat partially because of that but more importantly (b) mac gets car sick and having him in the back seat means a much worse car ride for everyone involved. mostly because he’ll be nonstop complaining. (yea i know he was in the back seat briefly in the gang hits the road but shhhhhh)

actually tho it’d be kinda cute if he didn’t get car sick he just lies about it so he gets the front seat (or if you like, he gets the seat next to dennis)

new payday 2 heist leaked

“alright gang, this’ll be an easy hit. just a lone truck on a road in the UK. vlad says he wants everything in the truck taken and treated extremely carefully. he’s telling me the truck’s full of “ah-me-boh”’s…whatever those are. anyway, vlad’s agreed to give us good money for each bag’s worth of the things you steal without damaging, so let’s get started.”

jojo parts as it's always sunny in philadelphia episode titles
  • phantom blood: the gang exploits a miracle
  • battle tendency: the gang finds a dead guy
  • stardust crusaaders: the gang hits the road
  • diamond is unbreakable: the gang finds a dumpster baby
  • vento aureo: the nightman cometh
  • stone ocean: the gang gets a new member
  • steel ball run: charlie goes america all over everybody's ass
  • jojolion: bums: making a mess all over the city