the gang green gang

Here is an “everybody” piece of artwork for the Kantou arc, which shows all of the major characters of the Generation I saga, bar one particular father figure.

「俺サトシ! 今度マサラタウンからポケモンマスター目指してトレーナー就業の旅に出るんだ! 俺の行く手には山や海の… いや、伝説いっさいなっているポケモン達がいっぱい待ってるはずさ!
新始まり: ポケットモンスター新物語! 今年の夏から伝説の冒険を繰り返す! 皆も俺と一緒にポケモンGETだぜ~!」


Caught In Crossfire
Dontrell Davis

On the 13th of October 1992 at the infamous Cabrini Green housing projects in Chicago, 7 year old Dontrell Davis was walking to school with his mother. Sitting in one of the high rise apartments was gang leader Anthony Garrett with a rifle waiting to take out a rival gang member. However, Davis ran near the target and was shot and killed.

The murder of a innocent child caused the gangs of Cabrini Green to have a truce for 3 years

In 1994, Anthony Garrett was sentenced to life

Since the murder, the street Dontrell was killed on was named after him even though Cabrini Green has been completely knocked down.