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Running Away for Reasons- Yongguk and Himchan [Gang!AU]

Part of Running away for reasons

Part I, Part II, Part III

I had like three different requests about running away for this reason or another, soooo I combined them. Each member will have one of three reasons: killing someone, burdening him, or pregnant. 

Not exactly angst for Yongguk, but yea…. haha

Credit to gif owner.


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No More Light || Chapter 12

Here’s chapter 12! This is my first BTS fanfic so I’d love to get some feedback, send me asks and messages with your thoughts!

Genre – Mafia!BTS AU - Violence (Abuse) + Strong Language

Group – BTS (Ft. The Ark)

Pairing – Jungkook x Reader

Masterlist – Link

Summary – You’re sister’s a gang leader, so of course you would end up in the middle of the war between her gang and their greatest enemy.

Chapter 11/15 - 1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9 10 11 12

Word Count: 1962

‘We’ll find her Minju!’ Yujin said as the girls or got ready to go out and find Bangtan’s house.

‘Morning Y/N, did you sleep well?’ you woke to Jungkook’s voice; you slowly opened your eyes to see him lying next to you, your arm still placed over his chest. When you had gone to bed that night, you had started crying again and so Jungkook had slept next to you to help keep you calm.

You took your hand off of Jungkook as a blush made its way onto your cheeks- yesterday had been…. eventful. Jungkook gave a slight smirk at your behavior, knowing exactly what you were thinking about.

‘I think I slept as well as someone in my situation could,’ you turned to lie on your back, ‘I’ve been held captive for four days and for all I know my sister could be dead soooo.’

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Jealousy - Byron Langley


Smut: Mild

Requests are OPEN!

A/N: I hope you like it :)


“Joe’s calling you.” Byron said, noticing your phone had been going off. You quickly picked it up, ignoring the call, as you were in the middle of editing. You typed a reply telling Joe you’d call him later and continued working.

A couple of hours later and you had finally finished editing, so you picked up your phone and dialed Joe’s number.

“The guys are coming down for Winter Wonderland!” He explained to you. You and Joe have been best friends ever since you were little. His mom was really good friends with yours, so eventually you two became just as good of friends. “They’ll be here in twenty so get ready!” You laughed at how excited Joe was about his hometown friends coming up and you couldn’t help but be just as excited.

“Want to come to Winter Wonderland? My friends from home are coming down.” You asked Byron, who had been hanging out with you for hours now.

“No,” He declined, getting up from your couch. “You and Joe seem to have fun all by yourselves.” You watched as Byron gathered his things and you couldn’t help but stay silent. 

You and Byron have become pretty close since he moved in with Joe and sure, he was attractive and you don’t mind looking at his face every day but you never thought too far into it. You’ve seen him with other girls before and you never took him for the jealous type but you were starting to second guess yourself. The only thing you were confused about was if he was jealous about you hanging out with Joe or Joe hanging out with you and since you were a girl, those were two very different things.

“Okay, wait,” You said, pushing your front door closed, stopping Byron from leaving. He avoided eye contact with you, which made you step in between him and the door to force him to look at you. “Is there some-” You began but you were cut off by Byron pressing his lips against yours. The kiss was slow but forceful and you could tell he had been waiting a while to actually do it. The kiss stopped but Byron kept his lips in front of yours, causing them to brush a couple times.

“I promised Joe I wouldn’t-”

“Oh, shut up.” You whispered, wrapping your arms around Byron’s neck and connecting your lips once again. Byron’s hands found your waist, pushing you against the door even more, causing his body to be pressed against yours.

Piece by piece, your clothes fell to the floor as you made your way towards your bedroom. He laid you onto the bed, kissing down your chest as you felt yourself wanting him more and more with each second that passed.

“Ugh, just fuck me already.” You demanded, growing impatient with his teasing. Byron let out a laugh as he positioned himself and kissing you once more.

“I didn’t realize how badly I wanted that.” You said, trying to catch your breath as Byron laid down beside you, trying to do the same. 

“I’ve been wanting that since the day I saw you.” He said, looking over at you, causing you to blush.

Kiss and Control - Chapter 04

Pairing: Park Jimin x Reader (eventually)

- Gangs Mentioned: Black Dragons are BTS. The Kingsnakes are GOT7. The Wolves are EXO. The Queens are BlackPink.

  • Genre: Angst, Smut (eventual)
  • Rating: Mature
  • Written by Filthyfilter
  • WARNING: MAFIA/GANG RELATED. Death, Torture etc

Originally posted by flyngdream

You were alone.

After what felt like hours, they had finally left you alone in the cold dark garage. It felt more like a prison only you were by yourself. You never broke not once even through all the pain and agony. You honestly didn’t know and found out the hard way that it didn’t matter. They wanted the details whether you knew or not and they did everything in their cruel minds to get it. But they didn’t touch your dignity so maybe they had some type of heart? But who were you kidding? These men kidnapped you from the only home you knew and now you were alone.

It hurt to much to think but the last person who was on your mind was the person these cruel men tried to drill out of you. God, you missed him and somehow you wished you could go back in time to erase the events that happened today to prevent this outcome. Why was this happening? Why you? A whimper escaped your bruised and chapped lips. You kept your eyes closed as you shivered. You were hot but you were cold. The normal side effects you would normally have when your body was in distress. It was the body’s defense mechanism.

And that’s the thing about pain. It demands to be felt. Just because you are brave doesn’t mean you can’t feel the rage and suffering. You had to endure it. For him. The worst they could do is kill you on the spot but if they truly meant harm; you wouldn’t be alive.

Jungkook didn’t know what the fuck was going on. He has never seen his mother so frantic and in a panic like that before. He was the eyes and ears of the city undercover. He was a man of many traits. Dark and handsome but he was a cruel man. Being what he is, he is feared amongst most in this world. To get a job done, Jungkook was the one that you would send to get it done swiftly and quickly. It was all about precision, time, and etiquette.

He was getting ready to take off without a word like he always does but like a pawn…

“Boss is looking for you.” A deep voice spoke from the door way.

Jungkook ignored the presence. “I’m going out. It can wait.” He spoke while fixing his belt with his gun attached to the holder.

The man in the doorway was unphased. “It’s not an option Jungkook and you know it. Whatever it is your doing can wait. He wants to see you. Now.” The man said firmly before disappearing into the darkness of the hallway.

Jungkook sighed as he pinched the bridge of his nose in annoyance. But like a pawn he did as he was told.

There is a reason why you form allies and rivals. The good vs the bad.

The meeting had gone on for awhile and Everyone present were two of the most feared mafia’s in the City of Seoul. The Black Dragons and The Kingsnakes. Both were vast and powerful empires. A force to be reckoned with. Highly organized and efficient, very skillful and extremely dangerous.

The Kingsnakes were highly trained and relentless working alongside with Seoul’s City Police through contracts. The Black Dragons however were untouchable as they worked with Seoul’s Military Forces to keep people safe. But both mafia’s were the good type of dangerous.

While the Government of Seoul contacts the Black Dragons about certain political and territorial problems with other evil dictators; the Police of Seoul contact The Kingsnakes about missing persons and murder cases that range from robberies and illegal drug trades and sex trafficking.

“Several cases have been made of innocent civilians gone missing…” A man with pale blonde hair spoke in a deep raspy voice. He was built buff but toned. A snake tattoo was revealed beyond his shirt. He sat a very large conference like table with several men formed around it. Each individual was given a manilla folder with important information of said civilians and their last known whereabouts. “The police need our help like always and that is why this meeting is happening.” The blonde man stated as he opened up the first few pages of the folder landing on a certain page on purpose. Everyone followed suit.

“No one on here is concerning besides one person and that person is a young female.” The blonde man spoke slowly as he observed everyone closely. He didn’t appreciate seeing the photo of the young female that was a school headshot photo. The man took notice that a few people stiffened at the sight. Jungkook being one of them.

As Jungkook was being briefed and opening up the file folder like everyone else, he froze. He finally understood why his mother was in a frantic calling him over the phone. If he anything he was livid but showed no emotion. Emotions clouded judgement and like a pawn he followed orders.

A man with dark gray hair spoke with a dragon tattoo crawling up his neck and probably down his torso. “Why is she so concerning Jackson? She’s just a civilian like everyone else.” He asked the blonde man that conducted the meeting in the first place.

Jungkook did not like where this conversation was going as his body language set off the dark gray haired man as he eyed him carefully.

Jackson sighed thickly. “Because her last known location was Jungkook’s place. Now I don’t know why such a place is being reported but this girl isn’t just some girl Jimin.” He warned as he looked at the photo one last time before shutting the folder. “Her mother lives in the darkest part of the City….and her father owes quite a debt to the Queens.” He spoke carefully. “This girl….is a key that was supposed to be forgotten..and yet…she was found by the Wolves.”

As Jackson let that sit and steep, he closed the folder and dismissed himself as the meeting came to an end. The site of your picture saddened the man deeply. He hated you were being dragged into the lifestyle that he tried to control without your knowledge. He was angry and upset that it was Jungkook’s job to keep it that way because he was known to be your best friend and only a few people knew about you. A few.

As he left and walked into the hallway heading to his office in the larger part of the house, a few men from the meeting had followed. They have never seen the man this disturbed before. Something was bothering him.

In the darkest part of the city to the far North of the Heart of Seoul, a confrontation was taking place. A ruthless female had a man twice her size pinned to the ground with a scared female being held back by a buff looking man. “It’s funny you think you can hide from me…” the female with the male pinned to the ground dragged out. “You owe me a debt and even have the balls to try to ESCAPE!” She held her gun to the man’s temple as he whimpered beneath her in utter fear.

The woman that was being held back was crying. “P-Please! D-Don’t hurt him. We’ll pay you back.” She pleaded. But the female on top of the man clicked her tongue in annoyance and chuckled.

She got up from the man and stalked to the crying female. “I don’t think you get the picture…” she said narrowing her eyes. “I finally found the rat who owes me quite a sum of money…do you know what happens to rats?” She questioned the crying female as the crying female shook her head no. The ruthless female smiled evilly. “Let me show you.”

Two shots were fired and two victims died. The ruthless female got into a black car and disappeared into the night.

You were alone and without medical attention the pain grew intensely. The door swung open as you painfully opened your eyes to see what would happen. A man with black hair stalked toward you before yanking you up by the forearm. You yelped at the sudden action as there was no warning but the man did not care. “Let’s go over this one last time…” the man whispered into your ear darkly. The pain was so sudden it broke some flesh. You screamed in suffering hoping someone could save you.

“The fuck you mean you don’t know?! Answer the goddamn question Kook.” Jimin yelled at Jungkook who looked throughly pissed. “What the fuck were you doing to have this girl at your house?! A house you no longer visit?! Because I swear to the God’s above you better answer the fucking question.” Jimin was pissed. He rarely grew livid because he was feared by many. Being the leader of the Black Dragons had many responsibilities and that included knowing everything about your men. There were always choices and consequences to every action. There was no winning game and that was the hardest lesson to learn.

Jungkook eyed Jimin from across the table. “I don’t fucking know why the fuck she was at my house Jimin.” He spoke deadpanned but you can taste the venom as he spoke. He was second in command but yet his boss was talking down to him. “I took her home but I don’t know what happened after that. She wasn’t supposed to know about this lifestyle.” He added causing Jimin to narrow his eyes into slits.

“So you know her? What is she to you that the Wolves took her? The Wolves are scavengers Kook you know that.” JImin questioned carefully. “What is her significance to anything? If you don’t tell me right now, I will have Hoseok look into it for me.” He stated.

BBS GTA Gang AU (H2OVanoss) Part 6

Hey there. So in this chapter there is a lot of questionable stuff happenning. There are mentions of violence and other things that may be disturbing to some people. So there is a trigger warning. Please do not read this if you tink it may cause you distress!

Still, I hope you like it.

Chapter 5:

Getting into the compound was child’s play. Being sneaky and stealthy was one of his natural talents. After only having to slit the throat of one man that was standing guard at the door of the weapons dealer’s office he simply decided to kick in the door and storm into the room. Using the advantage of the surprise effect he quickly dodged two bullets the dealer fired from his gun before running up to him and disarming him in seconds. He then held the gun to the pale man’s head and calmly stated: “We need to talk.”

Unfortunately it turned out that the weapon dealer’s skull was as thick as the Great Wall of China. Not only did he keep declining Delirious’ offers, he was also quite rude so it was no wonder that he ended up with a bullet in his head, fired from his own gun. Delirious found the irony hilarious and briefly wondered why he bothered to bring his own guns when he heard agitated voices coming closer in his direction. Someone must have heard the gunshots and finally decided to check out what was going on. That meant it was now time for the second half of plan B: take out the witnesses.
After completing his task he decided to call Wildcat and Marcel to help him destroy the evidence and steal all guns available.
When the two gang members arrived the first thing they saw was a pile of bodies, half a dozen at least. They then proceeded to go upstairs to the office and found the masked assassin kneeling behind a desk next to the body of a man that the guys guessed was the weapons supplier.
Delirious was over and over covered in blood splatters and even some brain tissue but what was more disturbing was the fact that he was humming slightly while searching through some paperwork.
Wildcat gave him a look and whispered: “This is what I’m talking about.”
Before Marcel could ask what he meant he was interrupted by a noise of delight coming from the assassin.
“Found it.” He practically sang joyfully.
“Found what?” Tyler asked and crossed his arms.
Delirious jumped up from his kneeling position and held up a sheet of paper, waving it in the air triumphantly.
“Delivery addresses.”
Now Marcel was sure that the assassin was singing. He and Wildcat both needed a moment to process what the masked man meant but when they did their eyes grew big with excitement.
“You mean this is a list with addresses linked to The Don?” Tyler quickly wanted to know and looked like he could kiss the hitman despite his dislike for him.
“Exactly. This will probably lead us straight to his hideouts.” Delirious confirmed.
“And one of those hideouts might be where they are keeping Mini!” Marcel exclaimed, finishing the thought. “Quick thinking, Delirious, well done. C’mon, let’s pack the stuff together and get out of here. We’ll call someone to clean up on our way back to the headquarters.


“We need to talk about Delirious.” Wildcat said when he and Marcel stepped into Evan’s office later.
“What about him?” Their leader wanted to know curiously.
“Look, I know that he has been really helpful today and I’m sure you have your reasons to trust him but I seriously think recruiting him was a mistake.”
Vanoss sighed already sensing what was going to come. Ever since he had announced his plan to recruit the assassin there hadn’t been a single day that Wildcat didn’t tell him how terrible his idea was. Nevertheless, Wildcat was his closest friend and he deserved to be heard.
“What are your arguments this time?” He asked leaning back in his chair in anticipation.
“I seriously think something’s wrong with him. I’m afraid he is even more of a wildcard than we expected.” Tyler then proceeded to explain to Vanoss what he and Marcel had witnessed, how they entered the house, found the bodies of half a dozen men only to see Delirious, splattered with blood, happily humming to himself.
“Is that true Marcel?” Evan inquired and his subordinate nodded hesitantly.
“It was… disturbing to say the least. I think you should probably talk to him” He suggested.
“I will.” Vanoss dismissed them. “Thank you for coming to me with your concerns.”


Evan found Delirious on the roof, drinking from a bottle that was most likely containing some kind of booze, seemingly lost in thoughts. When he stepped closer he could hear the hitman quietly humming to himself just like Wildcat had described.  The humming stopped when Delirious realised the presence of his boss. His usually sharp senses were obviously affected by his drinking but still a lot keener that anyone else’s.
“Delirious…” Vanoss started, not knowing how to end his sentence.
“Is this about the mission today?” the hitman wanted to know, startling the young leader.
“Yes. I heard some things that were a little… worrying.”
The assassin sighed and finally turned around to look at him.
“What did Wildcat say? Was it something about my abnormal behaviour after killing half a dozen of men? That I showed no remorse whatsoever and even seemed happy?”
Vanoss nodded.
“I knew it.” Delirious bit his lip, trying to form the next sentences in his head. Evan noticed his slurring was significantly stronger under the influence of alcohol. “That’s why I usually insist on working alone.” He sighed again. “I guess I owe you some sort of explanation…”
Vanoss crossed his arms.
“There is an explanation?”
“Have you read my file? I assume you did.”
“You’re correct.”
“Did you read the part about me killing a child?”
Vanoss nodded, uncomfortable with the sensitive topic.
What that report didn’t say is that it was an accident. A raid on a gas station went wrong, I hotwired a car and hit a little girl while trying to escape.” He paused for a moment. “I was seventeen.”
Evan had a hard time to swallow the lump that had formed in his throat.
“Delirious, you don’t have to tell me this. I don’t want to trigger any bad memories.”
“But that’s exactly the point, Evan.” Delirious interrupted. “I don’t see that day as a bad memory. When I think about the accident I don’t feel sad, I don’t feel guilty I just…” The hitman was lost for words. Several minutes passed without either of them saying anything. Finally after what felt like an eternity the hitman spoke again: “That day, I realised that I’m different. That something is wrong with me. This is why I can kill people and still happily sing to myself afterwards. Because my mind doesn’t work like yours.” The assassin looked down at his feed as if embarrassed and put his hands in the pockets of his blue hoodie. “I could understand if you don’t want me in your gang anymore. If I were you I wouldn’t want a monster living under my roof.”
Evan took a few steps forward to close the distance between them and put his hands on the older man’s shoulder, making him look up. Their eyes met.
“You are not a monster.” Evan said firmly, squeezing his shoulder in order to stress his words.
“You can’t change the way you are and you shouldn’t have to. I accept you the way you are and I’m sure the others will come around as well.”
“Even Wildcat?”
“Eh, he is just grumpy because of the whole Mini Ladd situation. As soon as we get him back he’ll see that you’re not the villain he thinks you are and until then I will just tell him to suck it up.”
“Thank you, Evan.” Delirious’ voice was almost a whisper.
“No problem. Thank you for trusting me with this.” Evan squeezed Delirious’ shoulder one more time before letting go and Delirious could still feel a tingling sensation where he had touched him.
Vanoss turned to go but stopped before he could reach the door. He turned back around.
“You should get inside soon. You’ll catch a cold.”
“Aw, you really ARE worried about me.” The hitman cooed, followed by his signature giggle, that Evan could again still hear when he was lying in his bed later on but this time it didn’t make him feel uncomfortable. Evan came to the conclusion that he actually enjoyed hearing Delirious laugh. It somehow managed to make him feel warm inside.
Vanoss fell asleep that night, dreaming of blue eyes and suntanned skin.

Hope you enjoyed ;)


Other chapters:

Pick Up - Joe Sugg

Request: Can you please write a super cute, protective Joe imagine? They’re my faves and you’re my fave 💁🏻❤️

Smut: No

Requests are OPEN!

A/N: I hope you like it :)


“Pick up, pick up, pick up.” You repeated into the dialling phone. You looked around you and it sent shivers down your spine. You had gone into a sketchy part of town for a special Christmas gift and after purchasing it, your wallet had fallen out of your purse, along with every piece of payment option you had. You couldn’t call for a taxi, since you didn’t have any money so you called the next best thing; Joe.

“Hey it’s Joe, leave a message.” You rolled your eyes after getting Joe’s voicemail once again. You had called him three times already, hoping he just didn’t hear his phone but after this time, you knew he was no where near it.

“Joe, as soon as you get this, call me please? I’m stuck downtown with no ride, I’ve lost my wallet, please Joe.” You begged. You ended the call and looked around to see if there was a place still open that you could wait in. With it being so cold out, you weren’t in the mood to stand around and wait. “I’m so sorry,” You said to the coffee shop owner. “I lost my wallet and I’m just waiting for a friend to pick me up, is it okay if I just wait here.”

The shop owner invited you inside and allowed you to wait. You sat down at one of the tables, your hands playing with your phone as you waited for Joe’s call. You had tried calling the other boys as well but they were all so terrible at answering their phones, you didn’t bother to leave any messages.

As more time passed, you sighed as you realized Joe might not call you back. You began worrying about how you were going to get home and just as you put your coat back on, your phone lit up.


“(y/n)! Where are you? I’m on my way.” Your body relaxed as Joe’s words ran through your mind. You explained to him where you were and soon enough, you saw his car pull up to the shop. “Are you okay?” Joe asked, as you walked up to him. His hands cupped your face, worriedly, as he tried to make sure no one had touched you.

“I’m fine, I just-” 

“The minute I got your message, my stomach turned.” He said, wrapping his arms around you. You smiled into his neck as his gip tightened around you.

“Can I stay at yours tonight?” You asked, not really wanting to be alone. Although nothing actually happened to you, the thought of being stuck in such a frightening place really got to you and having Joe show up made you feel safe.

“You were going to whether you asked or not.” He explained to you. You smiled at him as he pulled away from the hug. 

As you reached to open the car door, you looked over the hood at Joe and said “Thanks for coming, Joe.”

“Thanks for calling.” He replied.

Christmas Series 2.0 || Conor

Miscellaneous masterpost found here

Conor masterpost found here

Word count - 923

Summary - The one based off of Merry Christmas Darling

You sat on the floor in front of the fireplace. Snow was blowing wildly out the window and you had a warm cup of hot cocoa in your hand. Your greeting cards had all been sent and the Christmas rush was through. It was 5:00 pm on Christmas and you were starting your laptop up to Skype your boyfriend. Conor was spending Christmas in California. You knew that’s where he wanted to be, but you couldn’t help but miss him drastically. The time change was difficult to work through and all you wanted was to sit beside him and open presents.

Conor’s face popped up on your screen. He was smiling brightly, his hair looking a bit messy and his eyes clearly tired. “Morning, angel,” you said to him with a soft smile. “Sorry to wake you.”

“Don’t be,” he said back, returning the smile you had given him. “I love waking up to your face, even when it’s through a screen.” He paused, his smile growing a little wider, “Merry Christmas.”

“Merry Christmas,” you repeated. “How’s it going in California?”

“It’s alright,” he said. “I miss you.”

“I miss you too,” you said, feeling a lump grow in your throat. No. You weren’t going to cry. “But California’s good?”

“The Christmas rush is through,” he said with a shrug, mimicking your thoughts from a few minutes prior. “Every place has been so busy but I look out the window and I don’t see anyone right now. It’s calm. It’s like all the Christmas wishes have been granted so now everyone is at home. I like it.”

“I still have one wish to make,” you said.

“Oh?” he said with a smile.

“One more,” you nodded. “A special one for you.”

“For me?” he laughed.

“I wish you were here,” you sighed.

Conor sighed as well, “I’m so sorry, princess.”

“I can dream,” you said with a forced smile, “and in my dreams, I’m Christmasing with you. Holidays are so joyful and I just wish I could be with you right now.”

“Everyday’s a holiday when I’m with you,” Conor said, trying to mirror your smile.

“You know that’s not the same as being together on Christmas,” you said, feeling the lump in your throat growing. You sniffed and gave him a stronger smile. “I’m sorry. I swore I wasn’t going to cry.”

“It’s alright,” Conor said. “I know it’s hard. I shouldn’t have left for the holidays.”

“You’ve always wanted to spend Christmas in California with Anth,” you said. “It’s okay. We don’t always have to be together.”

“You’re my best friend,” Conor said, “and my girlfriend. Screw Anth. I shouldn’t have gone.”

“Shut up, Con,” you laughed lightly. “It’s one Christmas. I’m being stupid.”

“Not stupid,” Conor smiled. “Just a little dramatic.”

“Drama is part of my character,” you said. Conor laughed and brushed his fingers through his hair. “Did you sleep okay?” you asked. “Or was the Christmas excitement too much?”

“Considering I didn’t have you jumping on my stomach at 5:00 in the morning, it was pretty peaceful.”

“I hate you,” you fake pouted, sticking your tongue at him.

“You know you love me.”

“Oh you’re so lucky I do.” After a short pause, you added, “You want to see my Christmas lights?”

“Of course,” he said, reflecting your smile. You lifted your laptop and carried him over to your Christmas tree. “Beautiful as always, love,” Conor said. You turned to walk back to the fireplace and, with a laugh, Conor added, “I swear every time we Skype you have that fire going.”

“It reminds me of you,” you said softly, bashfully. “It makes me feel warm since you can’t be here.” Conor gave you another small smile.

“I love you so much,” he said.

“I love you too,” you said back.

The two of you sat and talked for hours. You agreed not to open presents until you were together, which would hopefully be a few days after New Year’s. Conor told you that he was willing to come back to ring in the New Year with you, but you knew he wanted to spend it in California with Anth and some other friends. It was like you said to him, it was just one holiday season. If you couldn’t handle these few holidays apart, something was wrong. You two had been dating for almost three years, and at this point, the two of you could get past anything. 

“You know,” Conor said randomly, “next Christmas, you’ll be my fiance.” You felt your heart skip a beat for a moment.

“Oh yeah?” you tried to say casually, keeping a teasing tone in your voice. “Bet.”

Conor laughed, “Mark my words, princess. This is the last Christmas we’ll be apart. I’d never leave my fiance alone on Christmas. Not my wife either.”

“God, I love you,” you said softly.

“I love you too,” he smiled back.

The sun continued to rise around Conor while it set around you. It was nearing 9:00 in the evening when you finally decided to hang up. “Have a good Christmas, Con,” you said gently. “Don’t miss me too much.”

“I’ll do my best,” he teased.

“Tell Anth I said Merry Christmas,” you said.

“Merry Christmas (Y/N)!” you heard Anth yell on Conor’s end. Conor blushed a bit and laughed, running his fingers through his hair again.

“You’re so stupid,” you teased.

“I love you,” he said back.

“I love you more,” you replied.

Conor laughed, then paused, then added, “If you say so.”

Just Gotta Believe

(( @dreamnoteprincess was the only one brave enough to pick Wally. So here’s my blurb!))

He hated his life.

He didn’t used to. But then, that was before the accident with the Ink Machine last year.

He remembered bits and pieces of that night so clearly, but then there was other details that escaped him. He could remember reaching in the machine with both hands, feeling nothing but cold, thick ink before something wrapped around his right wrist like a vice. How the grip felt like fingers before his hand met something unyielding. But he couldn’t remember how he managed to pull himself away. He could remember the agony on being on the floor, but not screaming. He remembered his boss running in, the pain in his foot lessening slightly, and Joey kneeling next to him. He couldn’t remember a damn thing that was said, from him or from Joey. And he certainly didn’t remember how he got to the hospital afterwards. The surgeries… The night terror that came with an infection-based fever…

But he remembered waking up that next morning and finding three men in his hospital room. Shawn Flynn, asleep in the nearest chair and no doubt hurting his neck leaning back the way his head was. He’d always considered the toymaker a friend, and felt a kinship with him being from an Irish family. They weren’t related, but it was nice pretending they were brothers or cousins to others who didn’t know better. There was also Norman Polk, sitting on the floor and leaning heavily against the wall. He liked Norman… He should be with his kid though… Vincent would be so worried…. He felt an inkling of guilt that the black man hadn’t been given a seat, but then realized that Norman was leaning against the door. Maybe that was his way to keep nosy doctors and nurses out…. And then, there was his boss. Joey Drew. ….A crazy, eccentric man. He’d been going downhill since Henry took off, and it’d only been worse when Sammy finally left. Wally always had a healthy respect for Mr. Drew, but it had slowly morphed into fear and bitterness over the last year or so. But… Here in this room? Mr. Drew was sitting in the remaining chair, his hands and shirt still coated with black ink and dried blood.

Mr. Drew had to be the one who took him to the hospital. Helped him. …What on Earth was so bad with him that all three of these men were asleep in a room with him? Shawn should be home with his sister and his brother-in-law. The McLoughlins would be worried sick… Vincent Polk was only fifteen, he still needed his father there. Mr. Drew should be at the studio…

He remembered sitting up in the bed, and finding one of his limbs was shorter than the other. His right hand…Half of his whole arm… Gone.

He’d cried there on the spot.

A year later, and he still wasn’t used to it. He constantly tried to reach for things, only to realize too late that there was nothing to grab with. He practiced and practiced writing with his left hand, only to throw his pencil or pens in frustration. He’d been an animator for God’s sake! And now he could barely write his own damn name! Then there was his damn foot… His left foot twisted to an almost permanent 45 degree angle. Sometimes it was worse. He had to give up dancing. He could barely walk without using a cane, what chance did he have of doing anything else?

No one wanted spare pieces like him. He didn’t even want himself.

In a fit of frustration, he’d almost thrown out his recorders. He had a nasally voice, no one wanted to listen to him talk at all. He’d almost thrown out one tape in particular, but his stupid fingers slipped and he hit play instead.

There’s nothing wrong with dreaming.

Oh. He’d forgotten this. He’d recorded one of Mr. Drew’s “inspirational” speeches just a few weeks ago. Why had he kept this, this was stupid.

Wishing for the impossible is just human nature. That’s how I got started. Just a pencil and a dream!

…Well. Maybe that man had a hint of truth in him. ….Mr. Drew could’ve been anything. He really could have! But instead, he was an animator. …An animator with a bad leg. But he never did let that stop him.

We all want something without having to lift a finger. They say you just gotta believe. Belief can make you succeed. Belief can make you rich. Belief can make you powerful.

Wally didn’t want any of those. He just wanted to be normal again. He raised up the recorder, about to throw it against the wall.

Why, with enough belief, you can even cheat death itself.

Wally slowly put the recorder back in his lap, pressing the pause button and rewinding it. He could’ve died in the machine. He could’ve lost more than his hand. …He still had his legs. He still had his smarts. Hell, he still had his voice! He COULD be something. He COULD do something with himself.

Maybe Mr. Drew was on to something with the whole “Belief” thing.

He could make it through this.

He WOULD make it through this.

He believed. If nothing else, he had to believe.