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New Monster Factory and oh boy get in on some of this gammy grease

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why is no one talking about the car wreck? she is supposed to be referencing CALVIN'S wreck, his lack of support at the gammys and his jealousy cause of her success

omg is she?

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Could you write something with Roadrat finding a kitten and keeping it?

“I’m tellin’ ya hog! This score could set us up for years! Go on a lovely little vacation to our own corner of paradise! We could- Oof!”

The wind was knocked from Junkrat as Roadhog’s large hand suddenly collided with his chest, forcing him to stumble back.

“’Ey! What’s the big idea!”

Roadhog didn’t reply. He simply pointed a thick finger towards the ground. Inches away from Jaimie’s foot sat a dishevelled kitten, knawing on some scraps. Mako bent down and scooped the tiny thing up in one hand. It wasn’t picture perfect with a chewed ear and chunks of fur missing. Not to mention that it was covered in dirt. It tried letting out a meow but could only managed a cracked mewl.

“Oi this thing’s broken,” Junkrat commented, bending down to be eye level with the little beast. It tried another pathetic cry before nuzzling against his face. He quickly jumped up and wiped his face, looking in confusion at the creature. Suddenly a smile broke across his features.

“Lets keep the little critter!” he suggested, scratching it behind its gammy ear.

“I thought you said it was broken,” Mako reminded him.

“Well I aint exactly in tip-top shape so who am I to judge? OH! It can be our little mascot!” Jaimie replied with excited laughter, “From this day forth, it shall be known as ‘Cat-astrophe’!”

“We’re not calling it that, Jaimie.”

“Oh? I suppose you have a better idea then mate?” the shorter man enquired, crossing his arms.

“Dave,” Roadhog grunted, “Lets call it Dave.”

Junkrat protested but Roadhog simply ignored him and continued walking. Mako could hardly be considered a gentle man, but he always had a bit of a soft spot for animals. Despite all the bad shit people do, they’re still trying to survive through it all. Anyway, they could do with more company considering the rest of the world wanted them behind bars.

“It smells a bit funny,” Jamie piped up.

“Thanks probably you. But you’re both getting a shower. I’m not dealing with two smelly and mangy little squeakers.”

Roadhog was thankful this one couldn’t talk.

Solangelo Pirate!AU

Here’s the fic requested by @idontwhisper! Hope you like it~

I had to spilt it into two parts because it turned out too long and I may or may not have added some unnecessary subplots which gave me ideas for a full story, so yeah…

Warnings: mentions of murder and some swearing


Summary: Nico, a servant working in close quarters with the Royal family, just happened to be kidnapped by pirates for information. He just didn’t expect the captain to be that nice merchant he met the other day.


Pirate!AU, Solangelo!

Despite his stagnant position in life, Nico felt like his luck was finally starting to turn around.

It wasn’t exactly fun being a Royal Servant. Of course, being a servant who came to the royal family’s quarters on a daily basis, ran personal errands for them, and passed messages throughout the palace halls was a job that seemed high-ranking enough for one—and it was. Only, Nico wasn’t exactly contented with the whole ordeal.

He had money in his pockets and a place to stay; a simple goal for an average person in his time. Yet Nico had the constant feeling that he wasn’t living life to its potential, that he could have been doing so much in his time but he simply wasn’t.

Well, there never really seemed much to do.

His world was small, really. The kingdom may have been considered large, but with all the constant errands he ran he’d mapped every street and alleyway in his mind. Of course he could opt to leave the kingdom, travel to another town, but he knew from experience that other cities held nothing.

He’d been from another city after all. He’d hopped from town to town before finally arriving and settling down here. Same old, same old, everywhere he went.

So maybe that was the reason he’d go into town whenever he could. He’d walk through the streets, the plaza, the markets…

He liked the markets.

Well, he never really bought anything, but it was amusing to watch the little wooden toys and contraptions, sly merchants conning their way to their customers’ pockets, and the occasional festival and fights breaking out.

Nico himself stood out of the way. He didn’t particularly enjoy interacting with people, and making new friends seemed too much of a hassle as it was unnecessary. Constantly Nico’s thoughts as he walked through the marketplace, despite all the unwanted advertising-attention he got from all the merchants. After all, he wasn’t the only one getting unwanted attention. Catcalling was common in this particular district.

“Hey there, sweetheart! A beauty like you should get one of these fancy hats!”

Oh, now that was just rude.

Nico turned to the voice to see what poor young lady had caught whatever salesman’s eye, when he found an unruly, sunburnt man with choppy brown hair staring directly at him, crooked-tooth mouth parted in an appreciative smile.

The man’s stall was filled with a variant of cheap-looking hats and dresses—a huge mass of worn and vibrant fabric all mixed together in one whirlwind of clothing hanging from the stall’s hooks and lying in piles.

No, this was simply not going to do.

“Sorry, I don’t wear clothes pulled from a dead corpse,” Nico hissed and stalked away, only to be stopped by a hand around his wrist.

“Hey now, no need to be rude,” The man grinned, his face dangerously coming closer.

Now, Nico knew exactly how to defend himself—he wasn’t some weak sapling. In fact, his right fist was already wound up for a hit. So you can see why he took being ‘saved’ as an offense.

A hand slammed into the side of the unruly man’s face, who was now being pushed against his own stall’s counter screaming apologies. Said hand belonged to another young man, Nico guessed he was a year or two older than him. He had perfectly sun-kissed skin, bright blue eyes, a fluff of golden hair and a spray of freckles over his cheeks and nose. He was grinning ear-to-ear down at Nico, standing back straight and chest puffed out.

The latter, however, gave a disappointed, unimpressed stare.

“I suppose you expect a ‘thank you’?” Nico crossed his arms. The golden-haired man’s grin immediately wavered.

“Um, I-I’m sorry…?”

“Well, thank you, but you only succeeded in saving that imbecile,” he gestured to the crooked-tooth man, still pinned underneath the other’s hand. “I would have had his limbs broken by now, but it seems I’ve lost my bloodlust.” He immediately turned and waved his hand dismissively.

As expected, he had his wrist grabbed once more from behind, followed by the shuffling breaths of the crooked-tooth man being released.

What was not expected, however, was the other saying, “I apologize for the inconvenience. I would like to make it up to you, if you let me?”

Well then…

Nico looked back to the other, who slowly slipped his grip from Nico’s wrist. He was still grinning dumbly, but with a newfound glimmer of hope in his eyes.

“Let me buy you something for lunch, please, just to make this up to you.”

That was a reply Nico had never once heard or expected in his life. He knew he should be cautious but… well, free lunch. Besides, what would a sunny blond in broad daylight possibly do to him? Nico could easily knee him in the groin and escape if he was ever lead into a dark alley…

Oh, why not. Besides, he did seem sincere, and not to mention a little charming—but Nico would rather not think of that for now.

“What’s your name?”

“Will Solace!” The blond announced, loud and proud.

“Heh, alright. I’ll humour you for now.”

“Great! Wait, what’s your na-“

“Nico DiAngelo. Now quick, I’m hungry.”


Two days.

Two days of being friends with the man and Nico was starting to doubt his entire life.

He was very well aware that he was smiling more often, sharing more things about himself- such as his strange fascination with darkness, whereas most people preferred light- and he had the constant thought of blond hair, blue eyes and sun-kissed skin on his mind.

He never gave away anything sensitive though, like his past with his family or his position as palace staff. Will, however, babbled on endlessly about strange people he’d met, his favorite things to do, and what he’d do if he were king.

Will Solace could only be described as a bundle of sunshine—and a very concerned and caring one at that.

Nico had been walking along the pier with him after they’d had their first lunch together and accidentally tripped on the loose plank. A loose nail on the wooden board had gotten him a fresh wound on the knee. Will was quick to react, his expression and words panicked, but his actions calm and collected. In no time Nico’s knee was patched up stopped bleeding.

Their second lunch, Nico had decided to share the payment—simply as a friendly gesture, nothing more.

Will had decided to take him to the plaza, where he promptly stole a guitar from a street performer and serenaded him, attracting other onlookers and earning a few tips as well as a bump on the head from a very offended street performer.

Nico had to laugh at the experience—a good time he’d definitely remember.

Now… when he came to think of it, the only ‘good times’ he’d ever gotten that weren’t tainted with a sort of sadness was watching festivals from afar. Those were never really ‘good times’ in themselves. People were constantly pushing around him and often he would get washed away in the massive crowd—which led to him attending less and less festivals the more time went on.

Will was practically a ‘good time’ in himself—not so say that in a dirty sort of way. Well… he was charming, captivating. He seemed to have an air of cool collectedness around him, yet could still act as immature and bubbly as a puppy, and very presence brought Nico a very calming sense of freedom.

And now, laying in his bed in the dark in the servant’s barracks, he longed for the sense of freedom. Maybe going places to see the sights wasn’t entirely what he longed for; maybe what he longed for was simply the freedom of doing it, of not being trapped in one spot, of being able to experience new and amazing things… and maybe even share them with someone.

And maybe he could—

Slam! The wooden doors had been forced open. Some fifty servants in the room, along with Nico, jolted awake from their half-asleep states, only registering the fear of seeing glinting blades in the dim moonlight from the doorway.

“Round ‘em up, boys!” A gruff voice called out, followed by a chorus of maniacal laughter as well as horrified screaming from the servants, who were immediately being bound and rounded up like chickens on the death row.  

“Boss said to do this quick, so gag the whole lot of ‘em. We take half o’ these gammy-legs back, the other half stays in ‘ere!” The gruff voice declared.

Nico had barely registered anything said, struggling to find his way through the mass panic, before a horrid-smelling piece of cloth was secured around his mouth. Then rough pairs of hands bound his arms and legs together in heavy rope. He struggled, but was soon pushed to the floor as he squirmed in protest.

The sight of a glinting blade being waved in his face and several men in clothes of a similar fashion was the last thing Nico saw before he blacked out, with only one last thought—pirates.  


Hope you like it! Tell me what you thought~

Part Two>>

Fatherly Love

Warnings: fluff
Rating: everyone
Summary: daddy!Chris x Reader where you have a baby girl together and you go to your family’s for Christmas and she’s shy and clinging to mommy and daddy and just a whole bunch of fluff! (as requested by @lifeisworththelivingg)
A/N: let’s just pretend it’s still Christmas lol ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Y/N = your name
Previous Part (prequel)

“Alright, we’re gonna put some clothes on now, okay?” You said to your daughter, Aria, only having just bathed her and towelled her dry. You wrapped the towel around her body and picked her up, cradling her head. You carried her to your bedroom, smiling as she giggled happily.

“Teddy,” she said, reaching for her favorite teddy bear as you set her down onto your and Chris’s bed. You’d set her clothes out on the bed prior to bathing her, and figured that having Teddy there would be a good distraction as you put her clothes on. You put on her diaper and blew raspberries on the skin of her soft belly, tickling her as she squealed delightedly. After you’d finished pulling up her leggings and putting on her Christmas jumper, she shouted, “Me up!” and held out her arms for you to pick her up again.

You did so, picking her up, twirling her round and throwing her a little bit into the air and catching her. You were both laughing when you heard the sound of a phone camera shutter going off a couple times. You looked to see your husband standing in the doorway, watching you both with awe, phone in hand.

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