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High School Humor

Context: My highschool’s teacher has begun to run a d&d group. To let everyone ease into the game, we’re playing in the forgotten realms, with pre made characters and things of the like. We have finally returned to a town after a long day of questing, only to be greater by a flock of silver and black dragons crashing into the town manor. Our Bard and Sorcerer, the latter of the two being a silver dragonborn himself, convince the party to help the dragon and kill the swarm of humans attacking it. We do just that, and are now talking to the rider of the silver dragon, who is recruiting us for his army.

Knight-Rider: “…So will you join the army and save the continent?”

Bard: “Yes indeed!”

Paladin (me): “Wait, if I join this army, do I get my own holy dragon to ride?”

Knight-Rider: “Well, we’re low on silver dragons… Unless you are deemed important, that’s going to be a no.”

Me: “Well, could I ride (sorcerer) instead?”

DM, ooc: “I don’t care what happens after school, just keep it out of our session for now.”

Robb x Female Reader

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Imagine falling in love with Robb after healing him and having his baby.

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\ Request for anonymous /

Hey could you do a Robb stark one shot where your a healer and when you help him recover from a wound, you fall in love have sex and you end up being pregnant?

♡ ♡ ♡ Warning: LIGHT SMUT ♡ ♡ ♡

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the night is still. I am on the precipice of sleep, about to fall into the loving embrace of the void until i reach whatever dreams may await me further in the night

then, i hear it. 

I lurch awake at the sound of metal on metal, which wakes my partner in turn. “Not again,” they groan, reaching to cover their head with a pillow

but it is too late. The agony has only begun. The triple A game developers have come.

We want to make the players think,” the damned voices keen from outside. The clang of pots and pans echoes, and though the horrendous clamour should cover up their repugnant screeching, it does not. Their voices resound with too much arrogance to be so easily concealed. “They have to make morally grey decisions.”

I have long since learnt that answering them will do me no good, and yet I cannot help myself. There aren’t any real consequences,” I mutter. “They just want to shove an allegory at us without facing the consequences of taking an actual side.”

My partner moves to my side and places a hand on my shoulder. “I know, dear. I know.” 

“It’s never going to end, is it?”

“Don’t say that.” Their voice is sharp. “We have to believe. If we don’t believe, then…” The words die in their throat, but I understand. The alternative is too bleak to consider. 

“Let’s just go back to bed,” I sigh. “They’ll have to get tired eventually.”

“They’ll have to.”

Just a Game

I keep seeing a lot of posts going around about the reset theory with Luciel, but I haven’t seen much about Jumin. So I decided that I would contribute to the cause. I whole-heartedly believe that Jumin loves the MC in every route, just as much as Luciel does. So have some angst that no one asked for. 

Second Half: Always You

He had waited patiently for thirty-three days. Thirty-three painstakingly numb days. The first few days weren’t too bad. He had just begun to get to know them; the way they spoke, the sound of their voice, the subtle quirks of their personality. The first few days were kind.

He knew that he should keep his distance. This was a game, after all—he would only be setting himself up for heartbreak if he continued down this path. But he couldn’t help himself, they were just so perfect.

He actually took it quite well the first time—when they seemed to take a liking to Yoosung. He was a good person, kind and considerate, but he was also oblivious to what was really happening. They seemed to be happy when they spoke to him, and at the time, that was enough for him.

Day eighteen. He was beginning to lose control of his thoughts. They were with Zen now, and he had become quite aware of the relationship. They laughed more this time, and flirted often. He knew it was part of the game, knew that the choices were programmed, but it hurt nonetheless. It was becoming harder to hide. He became a bit protective—anything for their happiness. It took everything he had to send them to go see Zen. His chest hurt. It was worth it though. Hearing their words of thanks and imagining their smile. Yes, it was worth it.

Day twenty-three. He thought he was going to lose it. Starting over and over again. Watching them choose someone that wasn’t him, each and every time. He knew that Luciel must be dying on the inside, he was much more obvious with his emotions. That was one thing Jumin was good at, hiding his feelings so that they don’t get in the way. He was starting to hate that part of himself. Why couldn’t he just be more open?

He was starting to lose his control. They were with Jaehee now. They seemed to be turning on him this time and his heart ached every time they fought against him. It’s just a game. He kept trying to tell himself that, but it wasn’t working. Just a game. He wondered if they thought of it as just a game. He wondered if they thought of him at all when they were going about their normal lives. Just a game.

It was day thirty.

He had begun to waver in the next few days. He knew he shouldn’t. Luciel was in the same situation that he was in, and yet he seemed to be keeping strong. Or he appeared to be, at least. For now, thankfully, he could use the need for a new assistant as a cover for his growing agitation. He—no doubt, shamefully—attempted to draw them into him under the guise that he was offering them a job. They denied, of course. It was Jaehee’s turn. He wasn’t sure how much more he could take.

It was just a game.

Day thirty-three. It was day thirty-three. He was on the edge. Luciel could sense it now. They had formed a sort of camaraderie—both attempting to survive this never-ending loop of hell. But day thirty-three was different from the start. They had chosen a different route. A tension released in him that he didn’t realize was there—or that he could even have for that matter.

They were beginning to side with him. They were flirting with him. Was it..? Could it possibly be his turn? He started to feel light for once in the past month. It was finally his turn. He could tell that Luciel was disappointed, and he empathized with him. Until now, he had been going through the same thing until just today, after all. He did not have time to dwell on that at the moment, however, he needed to enjoy every single second he could of being with them.

The coming days were blissful and exciting. He knew the words they spoke to him were programmed, but he did not care. He could finally enjoy every inch of them, and nothing was going to ruin that for him.

Absolutely nothing.

Throughout the next eleven days, he made sure to tell them exactly how he felt. He made sure that they knew that they were important to him, that he couldn’t live without them anymore, that he loved them. The others said that he was acting out of character, and teased him for his displays of affection and utmost devotion. He didn’t care. None of that was important, the only thing that was important was that they were his.

Day forty-three snuck up on him like a nightmare. He knew what was coming soon and he was absolutely terrified to lose them. He continued to display his affection, if only he could get it across to them that he knew about the game. That he was really there. If he could just get them to understand how much he needed them, then maybe this could continue. Because he needed it to continue—needed it more than anything he had ever known before. They had him under his spell, and this particular spell was forever.

As the party grew nearer, he started to become a nervous wreck. His pulse was pounding, his thoughts slurred in his brain, his words a jumbled mess. He had to stay strong.

What if they never loved him?

He couldn’t show any signs of weakness.

What if they were never happy with him?

He had to make these last moments with them the happiest.

What if they don’t remember him?

He had to savor what time they had left.

Day forty-four. Time was spent wisely. He spoke with them as much as possible. He can’t remember how many times he told them that he loved them and always would. He made sure that they knew that no matter what happened, he would always be there for them, that he would do anything for them. Because he needed them to understand that now more than ever. They had to know that his feelings were real—if only they would understand that.

He would give anything to make this day last. He would give anything just to have a real conversation with them, one without preset answers or scripted scenarios. He knew he was being selfish, but he had never needed something so much. Time was approaching, it was coming fast. Parting words spewed from his mouth, he needed to hear that voice once more, needed to see that smile.

Then suddenly, nothing. Everything was gone…it was all just gone.

Good End.

Good end for who? He had lost them. He finally had them after thirty-three days, yet he had lost them in only eleven. His heart clenched, his eyes burned. How could any one person endure so much pain yet be so numb?

He couldn’t take it anymore, he missed them so much already. How long had it been? Minutes? Hours? He didn’t know anymore. But he did know what was coming, and he wasn’t sure that he would be able to pretend this time. He wouldn’t have a choice though—it was only a game.

It was coming fast, tears stung at his eyes. He couldn’t remember the last time that he cried, but now he wasn’t sure when he would stop.

Day forty-five—no, Day one. He had lost them for good this time. They had moved on, and so, he was forced to as well. He had to keep going, he had to be the same old Jumin that he always was. He knew that he could never truly have them, that they could never truly be together.

It was just a game.

It was just a game.

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It's going to be Friday the 13th. lol imagine if got7 pulled some Beyoncé shit and dropped a surprise album or Jackson drops his mixtape or something really extra the boys do. Literally thinking of all the possibilities 🙈

🗣ION WANNA IMAGINE NOTHIN NOW YOU HAVE ME ALL ANXIOUS😭👀😭 IVE BEEN SOOOO on edge with all this comeback talk waiting for news😫 they had better not play any games they had better stay seated cause I’m not ready for anything else NO MO SURPRISES first JBs sound cloud then Youngjae on masked singer and new hair colors and comeback talk and fan meetings coming up IM SKRESSED😭 Friday the 13th is not an invitation for them to go and be extra ITS TEW MUCH😭😭 2017 has only just begun im not ready to die

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"You're a monster! A fucking monster!"

                                           meme - accepting.

                     The Baron would do nothing but chuckle as the other shouted at him from her position in the Wheel of Misfortune’s arena. She had fought through hoard upon hoard of dangerous creatures; barely making it out alive at certain points– But this was all entertainment to Reaver. A little game he put on to please his fellow upper class, corrupt friends. It didn’t make the slightest bit of difference that their victim tonight was the Princess of Albion. In fact, it made the entire thing all the more entertaining. And if she were to perish during it all– Well, at least they would have a wonderful alibi and plenty of places to dispose of her body.

    “Come now– The fun has only just begun! How could you
     be so cruely displeased when I have yet to truly start off
     our little game? Don’t be so rude, my dear Princess. I’m
     positive that you will enjoy this next bit–”

                    Turning to his guests, who were all now eyeing him expectantly, Reaver would throw his arms open in a dramatic manner as his head butler would finally spin the dreaded wheel once more.

                                     “Bring out– The sand furies!

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I already applied for character artist. If I apply also as a background artist and happen to pass on both (by some miracle), would you guys assign me to both tasks? I'm admittedly low on experience but I could work on improving my skills so I was just wondering how it would play out! Thank you for your patience with all of us, by the way. Loved the idea of your game. <3

If you’re willing to put in the work. At first we might have only picked one task for you but if you really want to do both (should it happen) then I don’t see why not. We not sure exactly what backgrounds we’ll need since we haven’t begun scripting yet but… if you want, I say go for it–!

Thanks for applying!

“There was some question among the others, before the mobilization. Should we step into a conflict that did not directly threaten us? Should we risk our meager resources when we have only just begun to recover? 

As if there was ever a choice, you think. The red planet, the source of it all, the birthplace of our dreams and of our glory, once a shining beacon of humanity’s force of will. Rusted, now. Pitted, scarred, broken. Fitting, then, that the Iron Planet should play host to the Iron Legions, should witness the coming of such a war. 

You plant an armored foot in the ruddy dust, revel in the impact. The sand whispers to you and you can hear its jealous laughter; mine, mine, mine. Dead, the Warlocks call it; taken by the void. Lost, the Hunters whisper. 

You are not so certain. Secrets linger here, and though the hungry sands cling to the ruins of your forebears you can feel the beating heart of your kindred beneath the blood-red crust. So many look to Venus, world of illusions, world of alien beauty, for answers to the questions upon which the Tower fixates. But there is a purity to Mars: to the desolation, to the truth of the ruin. 

This is a place of action. This is a place of trial.

You have read the reports: Ghosts speak of a fist; of the blunt force that took the planet in days. And now the fist becomes an open palm, now the fingers spread; grasping for a stranglehold on this place that is not theirs, was never theirs, must be taken from them.

No, there was never a choice. This was fated. A fist they brought, to crush the memory of your ancestors. A fist they will meet in return.”

- Cryptarch Records // Excerpt: “Memories of the Wastes” // Author Unknown  


Square Enix possibly looking to use Just Cause 3 tech for Final Fantasy XV

Square Enix has confirmed that it’s in talks with Avalanche Studios to use Just Cause 3 tech in Final Fantasy XV. Director Hajime Tabata revealed that conversations have begun about a collaboration between both studios’ development teams.

“We’re talking to their central technology team based in Stockholm in Sweden about a certain collaboration we might do with them and the Final Fantasy XV team,” Tabata told IGN via a translator. “We’ve got really great hopes for this discussion. What we’re going to be talking about is possibly being able to use their really unique, really high level amazing technology they have in their studio and using it as an add-on to enhance the quality of a certain specific part of our Final Fantasy XV game. We really think something very special may be coming out of that.”

Tabata cautioned that these conversations have only just begun, so there’s no guarantee that there will be any results just yet. When asked exactly what this collaboration might entail, Tabata explained that Square Enix is especially interested in Just Cause 3’s verticality, suggesting they could possibly use the tech to include airships in the game.

“When I saw what the guys at Avalanche Studios were doing with Just Cause 3, what really impressed me was how they have that vertical element to their games and the technology they use to achieve that kind of thing,” he said. “So I really felt that if we could borrow some of their technology and have some help on what they do to achieve that and put that into our Final Fantasy XV engine, we could see a lot of really great breakthroughs in what we’d be able to do with the game.” (source)