the game that broke the arin


*the “don’t drink alcohol kiddos” announcement *Barry gets gayer after alcohol
*Ross gets gayer after alcohol
*everyone gets gayer after alcohol
*they pretended to have a JO circle and JO
*Ross pretending to jack off Barry
*Barry gets a boner
*Ryan and Barry pretend to compare boners
*Arin and Suzy in the doorframe yelling at them
*festive Ninja Brian
*Ross finally gets rhythm
*Ross’s hips
*jack clean shaven in the beginning
*how they broke a bunch of bottles trying to get a take right

The Game Grumps were talking about how during the Sonic Boom playthrough its what most people consider the “Golden Age” of GG content, and how nobody considers the current time to be a Golden Age at all. And they were saying how they don’t understand this because “we’re not any different. We don’t think any different”. And I felt compelled to leave a comment.

But I know neither Arin nor Danny check comments on their videos (for obvious reasons) and because it’s an older video (it’s Sonic Unleashed part 27) I’m pretty sure 0 people on the GG crew will actually see it.

But I was happy with what I wrote so I wanted to share it with someone at least.

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How about Arin and Dan go to the carnival and Arin tries to impress Dan with his skills at carnival games but just keeps getting worse and worse and Dan can't stop laughing?

“Alright, cliché date, cliché gift,” Arin muttered as he yanked Dan’s hand and started towards the bottle toss stand.

Both boys had decided to spend their day at the carnival (‘NO rides,’ Dan argued), which would only be in town for a couple of more days.


Arin kept on yapping about it like some little kid that spotted an ice cream truck.

“Man, it’s been a while since we hung out,” Dan thought aloud, thinking about Arin’s proposal. “I mean, I guess…we have the day off, might as well do something to spend it.”

Arin beamed. “It’s a date, then!”
He missed how Dan flushed at that.


“You really want to blow money on this?” Dan asked, a smile tugging on the corner of his mouth.

“Look, Dan,” Arin started, trying to sound exasperated, “they have teddy bears!”

“Oh, now I see,” Dan mocked. “The sacred bears have led us to play this sacred game.”

“Teddy bears, Dan! That’s what the super cool, buff guys always get the girls on carnival dates!” Arin pointed to the row of bears in the back of the tent, all different colors and sizes.

Dan scooted closer to Arin, using both of his hands to lock on his friend’s arm, and started teasing.

“Well, I mean, you’re buff, dude. I’m your date, win me a teddy bear, baby.” Arin giggled as Dan continued, lowering his voice. He approached the stand, Dan still linked to him, and handed the (obviously tired) man two dollars-ten balls to throw.

He chucked one of the steely, cold, metal balls at the milk jugs, only for it to go flying in a totally different direction than intended. Dan stifled a laugh, much to Arin’s dismay.

This was a stupid game, Dan doesn’t even want a stupid teddy bear. Still, his eyes trailed to the row of stuffed bears pinned to the wall, spotting a blue one, smaller than the other ones, but not too tiny. His heart raced as he threw another ball. And another one…and another one.

Before he knew it, frustration got a hold of himself, and he was handing the man another two bucks. Dan, apparently, thought this was the funniest thing ever and was practically on the floor laughing, warning Arin that he was going to vomit due to laughing so hard. Arin faked a chuckle, but he did it in vain.

Dan stood up straighter, sensing the tense air as Arin handed the man another-no, wait, four dollars?

Dan came up behind Arin, putting his hand on his shoulders as he was handed the gigantic pile of balls.

“Arin, dude, come on, you don’t have to-” Arin whipped his head around, locking eyes with his friend. The look in his eyes scared Dan; determination mixed with what was definitely anger or frustration.

“Dan,” Arin mumbled under his breath, “I am getting you a fucking blue stuffed bear, whether you like it or not, whether it takes all fucking day.” He turned back around and went back to aiming.

Both of their hearts leaped when one of the balls finally striked the bottom left bottle, toppling the whole mountain down. Dan cheered as Arin pointed to the bear, praising him.

“Here you fucking go, dude!” Arin exclaimed, giddy as ever. The man was now radiating with happiness, not even identifiable as the one from a few moments ago.

“Thank you, super hottie, buff, lead quarterback of the high school football team, Arin Hanson, for the most cliché gift ever!” Dan said, mocking the voice of an annoying teenage girl.

“And-AND, I got it in the most cliché way ever, at the most cliché place I could!” Arin skipped alongside Dan, eyeing the other game stands. Dan stopped, and turned Arin around, locking eyes with him.

“It would complete the circle of clichés to say, that, um,” he stuttered, fiddling with the toy in his arms, “I’m really into you. And I’d like to do this again, if that’s alright with you.”

Arin paused, looking at Dan for a few moments before he broke into a smile, nodding frantically.

“Of course we can, super hottie, busty, captain of the high school cheerleading squad, Daniella Avidan-ia!”

Dan giggled, grasping Arin’s hand with one hand, holding the stupid bear with the other as they walked to the parking lot.

AWWW THIS WAS A CUTE PROMPT, HOPEFULLY I BROUGHT IT JUSTICE??? my askbox is always open for more egobang prompts!! Find my work under the hashtag my writing

Why I think the grumps are great

in the vein of my grumpversary, I wanted to talk about why I think the grumps are awesome people and the reasons why I love them so much.

Arin: Always there for his friends. Like holy shit he almost almost helped NSP  get out of debt. Buys really nice equipment, for the crew. He built a company for himself and his friends. He sacrifices his free time to make sure the company is staying afloat. Always supports artists, animators, and musicians like nobody’s business. Struggles with focusing on things but has enough discipline to really create amazing things. Grew up broke but made a career for himself. Taught himself how to animate. Loves the heck out of Suzy and supports her channels! Really fucking sweet and funny.

This Tweet: 

Dan: Really nice and open. Always answers things very genuinely. Tries to stay positive, even when going through bad times. Loves everyone super hard. Really thoughtful and apologizes when he makes mistakes. Once surprised Arin with his favorite soda. Can form complex harmonies even though he can’t read music. Struggled with depression and OCD but fought through it. Was broke for a very long time but managed to become successful doing what he loved. Works really fucking hard like damn Dan please take a break! Is growing his hair out to donate! Big goofball and super funny. Is a sexy widdle baby Always makes sure everyone is okay and happy during stressful games! 

This video: (x)

Ross, Barry, Suzy, and Brian under the cut :D

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Oh god it happened.

1 2

          It had been two years since Daniel Avidan and Arin Hanson met in person, and many would say they hadn’t separated since. Dan was sitting back on the couch, careful as always not to make contact with the gorgeous boy standing in front of him. His acting skills had improved since he started working here, that much was for sure. It was a difficult transition from love-struck fool to laid-back asshole. That was his job, however. His oath to his soulmate, the promise to stay away from him.

          Arin always knew what he was doing, Danny swore by that. The dick jokes and the sexual touching were all pawns in this mastermind’s game, and dammit, Dan didn’t know if he wanted to play anymore. He’d promised Arin that they’d remain friends, that much is true. However, the teasing and the touching were pushing him. The soulmate connection made them long for contact, but if Dan could hold back, so could Arin. Dan rubbed his palms along his thighs, watching Arin go through the games. He was bent over, and Dan kept his eyes on the screen, trying to avoid letting his eyes wander from the swell of his cheeks to the flesh of his thighs. 

          But he couldn’t notice those. All he can focus on is the ring that sparkles on his left hand. The commitment that Arin made that keeps them from each other. He shook his head. Stop it, asshole. You can’t blame them for this. There’s no one to blame for this but yourself. It made Dan frown more, laying his head back against the couch. He glanced over at the pile of sandwiches and coffee that Suzy had brought in. How could he be angry with the beacon of positivity that never failed to make his love happy? He couldn’t. He couldn’t ever blame Suzy for making Arin happy, he’d hate himself first. 

          Arin stood up, standing up and raising his hands above his head, stretching out and popping his back. Dan finally let his eyes wander to him, glancing over the soft sweep of his stomach, and the fleshy portions of his arms. He smiles softly, sitting up. “You finally pick a game, indecisive bastard?” He laughed, reaching out and grabbing the wiimote off the table, turning his on.

          “Hell yeah, you fuckin’ know I did.” The blue screen changed to bright pink, and Barbie’s Magical Equestrian Adventure flashed on the screen. Dan let out a loud laugh, nodding softly. “Perfect. Just the mood I was in.”


          Dan had left the room after the recording, heading to the kitchen area of the grump space, reaching out and grabbing a water from the fridge. Arin came in behind him, letting out a loud groan, flopping down into the chair. “Dan, I can’t fucking stand Ross.” The cackle was heard from the other room, making Arin throw his head down into his arms on the table. Dan let out a laugh, leaning back against the fridge, shaking his head. 

          “He’s definitely something else.” Dan agreed quietly, trying not to watch the rise of his shirt, exposing his lower back. This is what his days had become. Avoiding the awkward silence that comes with watching Arin. He turned to grab a granola bar off the top shelf when Suzy walked in, seeing Arin with his head down. She let out a laugh, reaching down and rubbing his shoulders. 

          “Mario Maker?” Arin nodded sadly and she laughed, softly kissing his shoulder. Dan didn’t turn, he kept himself busy while he heard them behind him. It was an odd situation. Suzy had been born seeing colors. From the minute she was born she could spot the soft hues of the carpet. Some say that people born seeing colors could identify more color than those who gain their sight. Either way, people who were born seeing colors could, from that point on, choose their soulmate from those who were also born seeing colors, or from those rejected. Suzy had chosen Arin, and Dan knew it. He was aware that Suzy supported Arin every step of the way. What he didn’t know, however, was how much Suzy knew about their connection. He’d never had the opportunity to ask, nor the balls. And he didn’t think he wanted to know. 

          Thinking back on it, Dan didn’t want to know anything. He let his fists clench, and his eyes locked onto the water, his back tensing. He couldn’t stand it. Two years of acting. Two years of watching him love another. Dan wouldn’t mind sharing Arin, fuck, he’d kill for a kiss! The kiss, the love that he denied, and that he was denied. There was no money in the world he wouldn’t pay to go back to the day he first met Arin. He’d take everything back, he’d be amazed, in awe of the colors. It didn’t matter what he’d have to do, he’d do it all and more. 

          “You’ll be fine, baby…. We’ll lay down together soon and watch some anime together, right?” Dan heard the tail end of their conversation, and it made him slam his drink down. He couldn’t take it any more. He just pushed it away, moving out to the door. He was seeing red. Why couldn’t he have that with Dan? What was holding them back from having each other? All Dan knew was that he couldn’t stand another two years of this. He couldn’t stand sitting there with an empty heart, going home and dreaming of him, waking up and seeing him, sitting and thinking of him. He couldn’t do it. 

          He couldn’t stand it. He fumbled for his cellphone, walking out by the road, heading down the sidewalk and dialing Brian’s number. He heard the door shut behind him, and he heard Arin’s voice. He ignored it, letting out a small string of cursed with every single mispressed number on the phone, with every stumble and trip. He had made a decision, now it was his job to stick to it. He couldn’t turn and walk back to him. There wasn’t going to be an apology and a reconciliation. He would go back to New Jersey before he did that. He couldn’t do it. He couldn’t stand it. 

          “DAN! Dan, STOP!” Dan continued to walk, trapping the phone between his ear and his shoulder, waving his hand. “DAN! Please! Tell me what’s wrong!” It broke Dan’s heart how concerned Arin sounded, but he kept pushing. Kept walking. There was no where to go, and only one person he could go to. He just waited. Listening to the ringing on the phone almost made him crazy. The mockingly cheerful ring made him cringe. This entire situation was making him cringe. How was he supposed to handle this? He couldn’t. He couldn’t stand it. 

          Brian picked up, and Dan let out a sigh. “I’m going to the Bojangles by the Grump Space. Two years, Brian. I can’t do it anymore.” Dan’s voice broke when he finished it. “I can’t stand looking at him anymore.” All he heard was the moving of papers from the other line. Dan’s heartbeat picked up. He knew that Brian had always told him to follow after Arin, but he’d never agreed. It was silent for a minute before Brian finally spoke.

          “I’m on my way.”

          Arin walked back in, his head bowed. Suzy was standing in the entrance, watching him. “Why did he freak out, Arin? Are you okay?” She reached out and cupped his cheeks. Arin shut his eyes, shaking his head. He was shaking. He didn’t know exactly why Dan had ran out, but he knew it had to be something to do with him. No, not with him. With them. With the love that Arin hadn’t done so well with hiding. He knew Dan loved him, but he couldn’t help reaching out and running his hand over Dan’s leg, or wrapping his arms around him in a photo. There wasn’t a boundary when it came to platonic touches that Arin hadn’t crossed, but he didn’t think it’d upset Danny.

          He turned and looked at Suzy, shutting his eyes tight. “I never told you how Dan and I met, Suze.” She looked at him, confused and led him back to the table, sitting him down. She reached out and took his hand, tilting her head.  

          “I don’t know what you mean, Arin. We were together when you met Dan, weren’t we?” She just softly rubbed his hand, leaning back. Arin let out a weak chuckle, scratching at his knees. He looked up at her, sighing. 

          “I wish…. I met Dan when I was 17. A year before I met you.” He leaned back, frowning deeply. “I uh-…. I was a kid in a chat room.” His voice broke just thinking back on it. “I met a man named NSP. He was everything I’d ever wanted in a person. He was sweet, kind, calm, charismatic, super into video games, and he cared about me…. He cared about me a lot. When I finally got the guts, we video chatted…. NSP was Danny…. And when we got on camera, as soon as I looked at him, the world changed…. The brown of Danny’s eyes came into focus.” His voice trailed off here as he thought back on it. 

          The soft blue of the walls finally slid into his eyesight, and the soft brown color of Danny’s eyes was the only thing he could see. 

          “But it wasn’t the same for him…. When he saw me, nothing changed. It was as though the fates had made a mistake. Danny wasn’t supposed to be mine, even if I was supposed to be his… I hung up and never went back to the chat room. I couldn’t face him.” Arin looked down at his hands, shutting his eyes softly. “When we hired Dan, I knew who he was… Maybe that’s why I chose him…. I knew that he was my soulmate, and I wanted to be close to him. Because even if I couldn’t be with him, I could be close to him. When he came in, I realized that he didn’t know who I was… He didn’t know that I was the boy that he met…. When he saw me, however, his face looked like he’d seen heaven…. When I asked him if he saw it… He nodded.” A weak smile crossed his face. “He saw the color. He knew I was his soulmate.” His voice broke. “But I’m married, Suze. And happily so! I love you!…. And I told him that…. He smiled at me and told me that we could be friends!” 

          Suzy’s jaw dropped and she slapped him in the shoulder. “Arin Hanson! Why didn’t you take him right then?” She looked so shocked. Arin felt slightly hurt, but he pushed it back.

           “I had you! My wife! The woman that I’m-” 

          “That’s your soulmate! The one that the fates CHOSE for you! And it’s not like you could only have one or the other! Do you love him, Arin?” She looked at him, reaching out and taking his hand. He was still for a moment, and then he nodded. 

          “Yes. I do, Suzy.” He hesitantly answered her, looking at their hands clenched together. “Do you love me?” Her voice grew softer, and she smiles at him.” 

          “Yes! Yes, of course I do!” His response was rapid. He watched her, seeing the soft smile grow on her face. It made him anxious to see her look so happy after he admitted to loving another man. When she cupped his cheek, he instinctively shut his eyes. The soft press of their lips together made him pull back and look at her. “S-Suze?…” 

          “Go after him, Arin. Don’t let him go off with Brian.” Her voice was soft, and she let him go. His eyes went wide and he shot up, taking off towards the door in a run, his hair flying back behind him.

remember the early days of the Game Grumps fandom when people genuinely argued that Arin broke all gender boundaries because he wore a dress one time

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Can you pleeeeeease do more public sex egobang with Dom!Arin?

“I wanna play a little, it’s been so long,”  Arin whispered as he grinded slowly into Dan’s ass.

The two were standing around at a friends house party.  Dan knew exactly what he was talking about but didn’t want to give in.  After their many little sex games out in the open, they’ve almost gotten caught five times too many for Dan and made them go on a sex hiatus.  Every second of it was killing Arin but Dan had to admit he was loving this power.  It’s been a month now since he started it and there was no way he was gonna give in so easily.  

“Arin, behave.”

“You know I can’t do that, baby.  I miss the feel of your hot little mouth.”

A blush spread over Dan’s cheeks but he slowly sipped his soda like nothing was happening.  He could still feel the heat coming off of Arin’s bulge through both of their pants.  The thoughts started coming back, about how easy it could be to just drag Arin out back or even just have Arin cum all over his face right in the middle of the room.  Liquid started dripping down his arms as he finally notices how hard he’d been squeezing his cup.  

“Getting flustered?”  Arin whispered.

“You wish.”

“Why don’t you let me check then?”

Dan could feel Arin’s arm start to wrap around him.  Not wanting to be the center of anymore teasing, Dan walked over to the snack table and took a breather.  He’d be the world biggest liar if he said he didn’t miss the sex.  Every night he couldn’t help but think about all the places they did it and then walking around with Arin’s mark all over.  Dan felt so dirty but he couldn’t wait till he could feel Arin’s hot cum on his face.

The party went on pretty normal.  Talked to a few friends, eat and drink, trying hard to avoid Arin’s touch.  Around midnight, everyone slowly started going home.  Dan and Arin said their good byes to the host and went to their car.  Arin was driver for the night and took a different path home.

“You missed the turn.”

“I thought we could go some where else.”

“It’s late, what place is going to be open this time of night?”

The ride remained silent till the car parked in an ally way.  It was one of the ones that no one really noticed unless they knew it was there and was looking for it.  Arin got out of the car and leaned on the side, waiting.  Feeling the tension, Dan got out of the car too and walked over to Arin.

“Stop playing games, it’s late.”

“How bad do you want it?”


“All night, you couldn’t keep your eyes off me and you had that look on your face, my favorite one.”

“Which is?”

“When you’re hungry for cum.”

It was hard not to blush but it was true.  In that moment, the hiatus was shattered as Dan grabbed Arin’s jacket and pulled him into a kiss.  The two kissed hard until Dan broke it and started kissing up and down Arin’s neck.  The sound of a zipper becoming undone sent shiver up Dan’s spine.  Knowing his cue, Dan got down on his knees and pulled out Arin’s erect cock out of his pants.

“Some one’s eager.”

“Shut up and fuck my mouth.”

Dan hissed as Arin tangled his fingers in his hair and yanked hard.  

“You don’t give the orders, I do.”

“Please, please, fuck my mouth raw.”

“Better,”  Arin groaned as he slowly pushed his cock past Dan’s lips and into his mouth.

Feeling Dan’s warm mouth wrapped around his neglected cock sent Arin right on the edge so soon.  He didn’t want to cum so fast but he knew what Dan really wanted.  Holding put as long as he could, it became difficult as it went on.  Dan picked up the pace, licking all over when he could, deep throating, sucking hard.  Before long, Arin pulled Dan away from his cock by his hair and came all over his face.  The older man moaned as the hot liquid coated him, also making him cum in his pants.  

“Fuck, you’re so sexy like that.  You love having my mark on you, don’t you?”

“Yes,”  Dan whispered as he licked the little bit of cum from the corner of his mouth.

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What about sad!Dan? He could be sad for any reason, and he's trying to hide it but arin knows something is up and tried to cheer him up

Sorry it took so long, with school and being ill any fics I write will probably take a while, but I really enjoyed writing this. Thanks for the request.

Egobang – The Four Times Arin Didn’t Understand

Dan had been in love with Arin for a long time, probably since the first few weeks they had started doing Game Grumps together. Dan had never felt strongly towards girls, and sure he’d had a few thoughts about guys that may have been slightly romantic or sexual but the thoughts and feelings were never strong enough for him to properly acknowledge them.

At first Dan was scared of the feelings he had towards the younger Grump. He was in his thirties, he didn’t think he would have anything left to discover about himself, especially his sexuality. His fear made him shield up slightly when Arin made gay jokes directed at him, but now he was making a lot of those same jokes towards his co-host and friend, no longer afraid.

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Let me tell you a story about Dan “Danny Sexbang” Avidan and the NSP fandom at RTX

So, I was at RTX this past weekend, which was a big deal. I’m Autistic, and it is hard for me in large crowds sometimes. And you don’t get bigger crowds than RTX, at least not anywhere I might actually go (the exception to that is Disney World, but that’s beside the point. ANYWAY…) Still, I went, with my friend Hannah by my side.

I did not have the best weekend. We got in a wreck on Thursday evening, so were without a car all weekend. In the Uber from our Thursday night hotel to the Hilton, the handle to my Neo parasol broke. I hadn’t managed to get a ticket to any signings I wanted, and had ended up giving my ticket to my fourth choice (Gray and Arryn) to my friend who hadn’t managed to get one. Then Friday and Saturday were just large crowds and panic attacks that I mostly kept hidden and to myself as best as I could. There were certainly bright moments–the Game Grumps panel was amazing, and watching the RT staff + Arin, Ross, and Ninja Brian play Werewolves was phenomenal. But the crowd pressing in on me to get to the GG panel was almost dehabilitating for me with my social anxiety, and I spent the 20 minutes leading up to the Werewolves panel nearly in tears from anxiety and frustration at my situation.

So Sunday rolls around, and I’m about ready to call the con a bust. I’m exhausted, mentally and physically, from the stress of the weekend, and our ride wasn’t due to arrive till about 6 pm. So we’re sitting in the Starbucks at the Hilton, and I decide to check my twitter. Which was apparently the correct thing to do, as the official NSP twitter had posted about a last-minute meetup at 1 PM that day. So Hannah and I refresh twitter anxiously until theypost the location, then high-tail it over to the Mariott. The whole time, I’m shaking and nearly crying because all I wanted out of the weekend was to give Dan a hug and thank him for being so wonderful. (If you haven’t listened to Game Grumps Wind Waker episode 19, he spills his soul about his struggle with OCD and depression, something with which I am extremely familiar). I’m one fo the first people to the meetup, and while we’re waiting, someone starts palying Road Trip on their phone. Now, I’ve worked damn hard to learn that dance, so I stood up alog with another girl and performed the dance in front of probably 100 NSP fans. ANd they cheered for us. That was heartwarming enough, to see that someone appriciated my hard work in learning that dance. And then Dan showed up. He beat Ninja Brian there and did an impromptu Q&A, where I was able to ask my question that had not gotten asked at the Game Grumps panel (Dan’s favorite Last Unicorn character–Schmendrick the Magician, for the record. He even said he’d cosplay him, which means I’ll probably make him the costume at some point.) Even though I could barely talk from nerves and my voice was shaking, he smiled at me and listened to my question without judgment or laughter, just an intent interest in what I had to say. And then when Brian got there and we lined up, I was one of the first people to get to meet them. And even though I was shaking so hard I could barely function, they were nothing but gracious. And when I asked shyly if I could have a hug, Dan smiled so big and said “Absolutely” and squeezed me tight. And I didn’t get to say everything I wanted to him–I didn’t want to be “that person” who hogged them for too long. But I hope he knows how much he mees to so many people, and what his story has done for me personally. And then I waited for Hannah to finish and so we could leave, and I barely managed not to cry because that one interaction had made all the stress and worry and frustration of the weekend totally worth it.

Dan is a phenomenal human being, and anyone who thinks he isn’t clearly hasn’t met him. He just exudes this energy and charm, and is more than gracious to his fans. I know they spent too long trying to get to everyone, because I saw the rest of the Grumps in the lobby later and Dan wasn’t with them, and they looked impatient. (I didn’t approach them, as they seemed in a hurry.)

TL;DR–Dan is a wonderful human being who deserves every good thing ever.

Before Grumps: Arin + Dan

One of Dan’s first memory is of being at the library as a child and sitting and listening to stories being told. Secondly, going to a flea market and looking at tapestries, and he can remember the music playing during it. 

Ahh, Dan talking about his childhood! Watching Giants games with Avi! He first bonded with his dad over football. He didn’t see his dad’s side of the family too much, but he did get to go to Israel quite a bit. 

Dan had his bar mitzvah in Israel. He sang in front of a huge crowd and was nervous, but he could sing and he thinks of it as his first performance. He got to see his Grandpa on his dad’s side be super proud of him. 

“For as long as I have memories I’ve loved music.” couple that with Dan saying in an episode that he sang with his Kindergarten teacher. He’s loved music for a long time. Ah! And he references making drawings of wanting to sing in Kindergarten. 

He started singing for an hour everyday around 7 or 8. Then when he was 8 or 9 he almost got recruited into The American Boys Choir but he didn’t want to go because he would have had to leave school and he had a crush on a girl (who he is actually still friends with now and hangs out with when he goes to RTX) he also wanted to just be a kid so he didn’t focus on music until he was older. 

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[ectoplasmorgasmic and egobanged i seriously cannot get this post out of my mind]

Ross is really starting to think Arin and Danny are screwing with him.

First it was just those incredibly, incredibly long hugs that were really more like cuddling on the grump couch than anything else (“It’s cold,” Danny had said, “I’m not gay,” and, well, sure, but there are in fact things like blankets and jackets in existence, or even just turning the heat up, and Ross is pretty sure body warmth proximity doesn’t have to involve sitting in somebody’s lap).

Which, fine, alright. But then there’d been that kiss he’d walked in on a few weeks ago (“Fan service,” Arin had explained casually, which was a thing, but Ross is almost positive that the donation goal promise was a kiss on the cheek, and also they weren’t filming it? Or taking a picture? Or…documenting it in any way? “Fan service,” Danny had agreed. “Not gay.”).

Whatever. Arin and Danny are weird–Ross has known this for a long time. Something that seems normal to them usually gets them alarmed looks in public. So, alright, he’ll buy the excuses. 

But this?

Fuck this.

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