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Hatsune Miku concerts are one big rhythm game where you have to shake your glowstick on beat with everyone else in the audience. If you’re off rhythm, Miku will notice you within the crowd and steal your life force.

Hatsune Miku & Kurumi Tokisaki have become one!

I ❤ Vocaloids & Spirits! 


thats a lie! I’m sorry.

But now, as I have your attention!


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1) Name: Nadz

2) Nickname: Far too many xD

3) Birth date: 27th April

4) Height: 5″7/5″8

5) Ethnicity: British

6) Orientation: It totally isn’t obvious by looking at my blog xD

7) Favourite fruit: Lemon

8) Favourite season: Summer

9) Favourite book: Vampirates (The series)

10) Favourite flower: Lotus

11) Favourite scent: Lemon

12) Favourite animal: Monkey

13) Favourite beverages: Energy drinks (Rockstar)

14) Average hours of sleep: Probably like 5 on a good day

15) Favourite fictional characters: Oh boy, here we go. Homura & Tsukuimi - Sekirei, Kyuubei - Gintama, Tohru - Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid, Ayame Kajou - Shimoneta, Naru - Barakamon, Marika Kato - Bodacious Space Pirates, Yoshiko & Kanan - Love Live Sunshine, Crona - Soul Eater, Koro sensei - Assassination Classroom, Nadie - El Cazador De La Brujah, Ban - 7 deadly sins, Leone - Akame Ga Kill, Ryuko - Kill La Kill, Maki & Umi - Love Live, Toshino Kyoko - Yuru Yuri, Kurumi - Date A Live, Chitaru - Akuma No Riddle, Katsuragi - Senran Kagura, Yato & Bishamon - Noragami, Canaan - Canaan, Revy - Black Lagoon, Kan’u & Ryofu & Ryomou - Ikki Tousen, Saeko - HighSchool of the Dead, Mizore - Rosario Vampire, Setsuna & Kaede - Negima, Kaoru - Ouran HighSchool Host Club, Jibril - No Game No Life, Yuki and Haruhi - The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, Minene - Future Diary, Lucy - Elfen Lied, Yurippe & Iwasawa & Shiina - Angel Beats, Ritsu & Mugi - K-On, Neptune & Blanc & Iffy - Hyperdimension Neptunia, Kyou & Tomoyo - Clannad, Vanilla - Nekopara, Pharah & Mercy - Overwatch, Ellie - The Last of Us. (This isn’t even half of it 0_o )

16) Number of blankets: 1, why would you need more??? 

17) Dream trip: To see my friends, don’t care where we go, I just wanna see them!

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Various Animal Crossing: New Leaf Outfits

I finally got the QR sewing machine so I’ll upload the ones I’ve made so far(and ones I’ll make in the future) to this blog.


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Links go to Imgur, links with a * have skin showing. All * designs can be requested in a different skin color(please let me know the specific color that I should use if you do do this).

[open for requests]

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The signs when drunk
  • Aries: Starts a fight.
  • Taurus: Puking up all the peanuts and nachos they just ate.
  • Gemini: Dancing and grinding on everything.
  • Cancer: Crying and puking.
  • Leo: Being uncharacteristically confident and flirting with everyone.
  • Virgo: White girl wasted.
  • Libra: Sleeping next to Aquarius and Pisces, vomiting every 10 minutes
  • Scorpio: Fucking something somewhere.
  • Capricorn: Attempting to act sober.
  • Aquarius: Has to call taxi's with Pisces to get everyone home safely
  • Pisces: Helping everyone get home safely with Aquarius