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STAR WARS >> A Song of Ice and Fire AU

Mad King Sidious still sits the Iron Throne.

It’s been twenty years since Lord Qui-Gon Jinn of Winterfell, Lord Obi-Wan Kenobi of the Eyrie, and Lord Bail Organa of Storm’s End flew their banners against the Mad King, and lost.

It’s been twenty years since Prince Anakin vanished — presumed dead, defeated by his friend-turned-enemy, Lord Kenobi.

It’s been twenty years since Princess Ahsoka fled across the Narrow Sea, to faraway lands, to self-exile, fearing her father’s wrath after pledging her support to the failed rebellion.

No one knows what, precisely, triggered the rebellion. No one knows what occurred between Lord Kenobi and Prince Anakin to make them enemies. No one knows what happened to Lady Padmé of Highgarden. Under the Mad King’s rule, no one dares to ask.

Though protected by his loyal Lord Commander of the Kingsguard, Ser Vader (whose face none have laid eyes on), and staunchly supported by Lord Tarkin of Casterly Rock, Sidious’ legacy is meaningless without heirs.

Lord Bail Organa understands this and bides his time. He readies his men to someday rise again. He can wait. When Lady Mothma of Highgarden steps into her father’s role, he senses a shift in the winds. Mothma no longer supports the ruler in King’s Landing as her father once did, and Bail knows she hopes to avenge her beloved sister, Padmé. Behind the flowered walls of the well-renowned garden, Mothma enlists the help of Ser Draven and begins to raise an army.

To put a final end to murmurs of rebellion, Sidious greenlights a plan guaranteed to keep the Seven Kingdoms under his thumb. Lord Tarkin both funds the project and tasks his maester, Orson Krennic, to oversee it. Facing a dead end, Maester Krennic seeks his former peer, Galen Erso, who left the Citadel years ago to marry Lady Lyra of Riverrun. When Galen refuses, Krennic convinces Tarkin to lay siege to Riverrun. In the ensuing battle, Lady Lyra is killed, Galen is captured, and their missing daughter presumed dead.

Lord Bail’s time to revolt finally comes years later, when a sailor flees Lannisport bearing a grave message. Upon hearing of it, Lady Mothma and Ser Draven send his best knight, Ser Cassian Andor, to locate the message. Taken in by the volatile Saw Gerrera and his Brotherhood Without Banners, the sailor is unreachable — until Ser Cassian tracks down the long-lost Lady Jyn of Riverrun and convinces her to help. The rebellion is then horrified to learn of Sidious’ devastating secret: a seemingly infinite store of weaponised wildfire. Lady Jyn and Ser Cassian lead a mission to infiltrate Casterly Rock and steal the schematics for this weapon in hopes of uncovering a way to combat it.

Hiding in a small boat in Lannisport harbor, Lady Leia of Storm’s End is ready to retrieve the plans. Her attempt to flee Tarkin’s ships forces her north, and a terrible storm carries her even further adrift, until she finds herself far beyond the Neck, further North than she’s ever imagined. With no other choice, Leia heads to the Wall, to Castle Black, where her father has promised her she can find his old friend, Lord Kenobi.

Far away, beyond the Narrow Sea, the Dothraki Sea, and the Red Waste, another force rises. The wind carries whispers: Princess Ahsoka lives and plots to depose her father once and for all. Rumors burn hotter than wildfire: the princess has tamed three dragons, and she’s finally set her sights on Westeros. Whether she’ll ally with Bail’s rebellion remains to be seen.

Luke Snow knows little of the political machinations playing out in the lands far south of his home. All he knows is the hardship of winter on his aunt and uncle’s farm outside Winterfell. He longs to take the black and join his friends on the Wall; the Night’s Watch is said to be the most noble of callings. Yet his aunt and uncle refuse. “Your father was defeated in combat,” they tell him. “Farming is safer.” “Just till the end of the season.” All too soon, his wishes are realized. Though the Night’s Watch meets few of his expectations, he finds a mentor in the Lord Commander Ben Kenobi, who discovers an even greater evil than Mad King Sidious festering far beyond the Wall.

When the cold winds of the North fling rumors of both Leia and Ahsoka at his door, piling like drifting snow, Ben Kenobi must face a harsh truth: the prophecy Prince Anakin believed in is true, and now his sister and his children must rise above the game of thrones and meet their destiny in a song of ice and fire.

A new hope is coming.

After Ever after (Part 2)

Robert Small X MC Daddy
Part 1 | Part 2 
Warning: This part contains so much smut, I hope you’re all ready for this bad boy (dad).

To finally end our cleaning frenzy, we headed towards Robert’s room. He leads the way and opens the door “After you” he says with a suave voice; really hot I must say. “The final boss huh?” I said as I looked around the room with clothes (underwear), booze, leftovers, and clutter all over the floor. “Honestly, I don’t know how you lived in this mess.” I said as I started to pick up empty whiskey bottles and beer cans. “I don’t know either, but what I’m sure about is that I’m tired living like this” He sounded so dead serious and I’m sure he is.Slowly the guilt came in, I should not have made that comment. I decided to say nothing more and just continue cleaning. I’m sure Robert appreciated the gesture.

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bts voice meme thing
bts voice meme thing

re-uploading bc tumblr messed up the 1st time (why???)

i was tagged by @c-cygnus @jjeonguk and @tanktoptiger (twice… skjdks im so sorry) to do this and… haha here it finally is?? thanks for tagging, sorry abt my voice, the bg noise, my rambling (which i tried to minimise, ok 💕💕💕💕💕).

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Kim Jonghyun: “Taking pictures of someone when they aren’t looking and laughing at the silly ones and falling a bit deeper for the beauty that represented them.”

In her lifetime, she had asked herself what to do in a lot of situations and making a decision was a nerve wrecking trial and error that she had to live until the very last second of her life, but life was that way and somehow, she had learnt to love the little bits of it, even if it meant that the tiniest of decisions could take away her night of sleep. Never in her life had she taken a decision as fast as she did that morning, as she walked in said park with a pair of sunglasses covering her features and her hand holding her phone as she tries to figure out what her friend was texting her but the sun tried to reflect over her screen so she couldn’t see it, which makes her sigh loudly. The decision isn’t the one she took when she curled her hand around her phone in order to create some shadow and be able to read the text that only had an emoticon, after all, it was the fact that she heard a small bark that called out for her attention. Somehow, she never thought that she’d be familiar to a dog’s bark but the tiny voice calls her out and the moment she sees the dog that was in front of her, her heart almost dropped to the floor. Big brown eyes, not so perky ears and the small name that hangs from her collar lets her know that it’s Roo…

Her ex boyfriend’s dog.

Basically, it was her dog as well for quite some while too, when she used to live with Jonghyun in an apartment that was too tiny even for two people, hence why it was always a little bit of a headache having said small dog in that apartment ruining their new furniture and making them wait until they got their paychecks to buy new ones. She found it endearing, Roo was only a little puppy when she had entered Jonghyun’s life and she really thought of it as their little love-child, but now it felt a little bit off that she had found her there, in the middle of a crowd and after two years of their break up. She takes her in between her hands and pets its little head before pecking it about twenty times, because she wouldn’t dare to admit it but after she had broken up with Jonghyun…her apartment was a little bit lonelier than she’d like to admit and perhaps, she needed the company.

“Roo, there you…fucking shit.” Jonghyun’s voice goes from a higher tone to a lower one in the mere moment of a second and when she looks up, she sees that he was wearing the same attire as her, sunglasses and a cap, probably trying to hide his new hair for some comeback. The greeting isn’t the most pleasing one but by the sweat that was over his forehead she could tell that he was worried and even when they broke up because of their busy schedules and lack of communication, she could still know that he cared about Roo more than most people cared about their pets. “I, oh, hi?”

“Hello to you too.” She adds in a sarcastic manner and Jonghyun smiles awkwardly, making her let out a small chuckle because things had changed so much between the two. She had lost so much and so did he, she had listened to the songs he had written about her and she would deny to everyone that knew about her boyfriend that she was heartbroken. Years had passed, years of wanting to see him and once she does…she doesn’t know what to say. “Seems like Roo still recognizes me.”

“You’re kidding?” Jonghyun asks in between a chuckle and then he nods his head, even when his eyes were covered by sunglasses she could tell they were shining brightly. “I think she kept looking for you for an entire week after you left…” It sounds all too familiar, that tone that he uses for her, the one that meant that he didn’t want to tell the entire side of the story. She pets her one last time before placing it over the grass and giving the leash to her owner. However, once he grips the leash a little bit tighter, she sees a shining ring on his finger and that makes her heart stop. She doesn’t hesitate, she has never done so and she takes his hand in between hers to look at it.

“You’re getting married…”

“I…uh…” Jonghyun trails his voice and she knew that he was a loss of words, but when he looks up at her, she can see the closeness between the two. “Would you like to have some coffee so we can talk this through?” She forgot how velvety his voice could be and in the matter of seconds, she was nodding her head and walking by his side, hearing the sound of their footsteps and the faint small talk that would surface between the two.

Strangely enough, he still remembers how she liked her coffee and Roo still likes sleeping on her lap, but he tries to explain himself as best as he can without making the story too long. He met her seven months after they had broken up and it wasn’t exactly a wedding ring but a couple one instead. Jonghyun is very happily with someone and she is happily remembering what she liked about him, the curve of his smile and the way he scrunched up his nose, how he seems to take a liking for tea better than coffee and she remembers how much she loved him before things ended, not because they turned bitter but because their blinded heads only found break up as the only solution. When she stands up, knowing that she had to work in less than an hour, she opens her wallet and she looks through her things to pay for half the bill before she hears Jonghyun chuckling lightly.

“What is this picture?” Before she could stop him, he had taken a picture that she had inside her wallet and looked at it with a smile over his features. She expected him to act awkward…but it surprised her that he was incredibly happy to see that picture she had taken of Jonghyun and Roo back when they lived together and he remembered how much he would bother her to rip said photograph to shreds, but now he found some new beauty to it.

“Mhm, I keep it there…” She doesn’t give him an explanation but places the money over the table before petting Roo quickly. “Bye, Roo!” She says excitedly and then turns to Jonghyun, sighing a bit before speaking. “Bye, Jjong.”


Somehow, something inside him wants her to have the same phone number she had before…

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• Nationality: Chilean
• Favourite Fruit: I could eat melons 24/7
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• Favourite Flower: roses I think ?)
• Favourite Scent: melon and cinnamon
• Favourite Colour: black, red and teal
• Favourite Animal: c a t s
• Coffee, Tea, or Hot Cocoa: tea or hot cocoa, can’t stand coffee
• Average Hours of Sleep: before I got sick? 6 - 7. Now? 12 bc of my medication 😩
• Favourite Fictional Character: I was going to write only Ghibli characters this time but man, it’s hard 😂😂😂
• Number of Blankets You Sleep With: 6, because winter has no mercy
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I thought this would be good to spread around, considering I’m seeing some people expressing worry about DDADDS being like, a joke. I’m pretty sure we’re in the clear (tbh until I saw him talking about it and then found this, I was a smidge worried, too)

yeah, anyone worried about the game should see this, and read what vernon has said about the game. the people working on it definitely takes it seriously!

one of the co-creator’s (who’s lgbt) also assured someone on twitter that dream daddy is a very sincere and heartfelt game, and not in any way a homophobic joke


— “Conflict. As the world tethered on the brink of anarchy a new hope arose. An elite international taskforce, charged with ending the war and restoring liberty to all nations. Overwatch. Soldiers. Scientists. Adventurers. Oddities. Guardians who secured global peace for a generation. Under its steadfast protection the world recovered. And today, though its watch has ended, its sowing ideals of freedom and equality will never be forgotten.”


@witchnyx made a post about roleswap au months ago and i hadn’t gotten out of my head since;;

lissa is a pegasus knight and chrom is a pseudo-mercanary and both mess around constantly as prince frederick wonders why he even has guards when they accidentally hurt each other more than their foes