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Video Games Soundtracks I Like

People keep asking for the soundtracks I like or am inspired by so here are the ones I can remember. If it’s not on this list I either forgot it, haven’t played it, or it’s too obvious (mario/zelda).

If you’re a video game music enthusiast you might enjoy looking up soundtracks you haven’t heard of before.

This list isn’t complete. Not sure if I’ll update it though.

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asks for those who daydream!

❤ who/what is your current character and what do they do?

💛 what is your current daydream about?

💚 does your character have any mental/chronic/physical illnesses?

💙 what things does your character dislike?

💜 what is your favorite thing about your character/daydream?

💞 are you and your character similar or different?

💔 does your current character have a tragic backstory? and if so, what is it?

💘 is there someone your current character is in love with?

🎭 is your character happy or unhappy? why?

🌎 what type of world is your current daydream in? (futuristic, historic, good, bad, etc)

💗 are you in love with a character in your daydream?

🎥 is your daydream based on a tv show, book, cartoon, anime, etc?

🌟 are you the main character in your story? if not, is your character based off of something/someone?

🎧 what type of music do you listen to when you daydream? any specific song(s) you like?

🚶🏽what do you do when you daydream? (make facial expressions, pacing, jogging, etc?)

🎬 what triggers your daydreams? (a certain tv show, a song, etc)

Making playlists is always fun. I’ve been playing around with the idea of making ones with classical works that evoke a similar feel to popular themes and melodies that many would recognise from films and/or video games, mostly.

So I bring to you the reminiscent playlists, hopefully for your studying pleasure.

With that said, here’s a very small playlist that is reminiscent of the theme from Howl’s Moving Castle. And for those who do not have access to Spotify, I got you covered with YouTube links below, haha. I chose not to list the performers since they will differ on Spotify and YouTube, but you should be able to find necessary information.

  1. Peer Gynt, Suite No. 1, Op. 46 - III. Anitra’s Dance” by Edvard Grieg
  2. Symphony No. 8 in G major, Op. 88, B. 163 - III. Allegretto grazioso - Molto vivace” by Antonín Dvořák
  3. Masquerade Suite: Waltz” by Aram Khachaturian
  4. Symphony No. 4 in G major - II. In gemächlicher Bewegung, ohne Hast” by Gustav Mahler
  5. Prelude No. 5 in G minor, Op. 23 - Alla marcia” by Sergei Rachmaninov
  6. Prélude à l'après-midi d'un faune, L. 86” by Claude Debussy
  7. Hungarian Dance No. 1 in G minor - Allegro molto” by Johannes Brahms
  8. Jazz Suite No. 2 - VI. Waltz 2” by Dmitri Shostakovich
  9. Je te veux” by Erik Satie*

*Unfortunately, I cannot find on YouTube the lovely orchestrated version that exists on Spotify. HOWEVER, Thibaudet does a phenomenal interpretation of a lovely piece, so at least there’s that, haha.

why is every ““smart character”” always listening to classical music like don’t get me wrong there are plenty of bangers out there but i’m also remembering the fact that i work with some very smart people and if you think we don’t know all the words to the entirely of the lonely island’s discography you’re mistaken

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It sounds super angsty, but if you haven't already written it, maybe an unrequited, one-sided love thing between the RFA guys and MC?

I’ve been really busy lately, sorry :C 

Warning: Angst/Heartbreak



He was so welcoming, warmly including you in everything

He would text you all the time, venting his frustrations about LOLOL—he trusted you out of all the RFA, after all

Soon, it turned into calls, where he happily chatted away to you as he gamed

“Pffft hahaha, you’re so funny, MC!! You always make my gaming nights better…” his enthusiastic response made your heart race. “I love talking to you, MC.”

You took pride in that.

He became more and more special to you, and it warmed your heart every time you talked to him. You wanted to learn more about him.

He always took interest in what you said, and listened attentively even to your pointless, frustrated rants. He sincerely responded to your concerns, and often brought up inside jokes in the chat room, forming a barrier between the two of you and everyone else.

A special little world that nobody else could enter.

“I can’t wait to meet you,” he shyly told you. It was finally the day before the RFA party. Your heart beat quickly, warm fuzziness bubbling in your chest.

“Yoosung… I have something to tell you tomorrow,” you decided, blushing as you told him. He was the one who made you feel happy…the one who cracked jokes and made you laugh on your gloomiest days… the one who listened to all your troubles. He hummed softly, murmuring, “Okay. There’s something I’ve also been meaning to tell you, too. I’m worried if I’ll be rejected but… I can’t hold back anymore.”

That night, you couldn’t sleep from pure anticipating of the next day. You woke up early to make yourself look as pretty as possible for Yoosung. First impressions were important, after all.

Upon arriving at the party hall, you immediately recognized him—you were in love with him, after all. You called out to him happily, and he rushed over with a big smile on his face, but it almost immediately turned into a frown as he reached you.

“You’re Yoosung, right?! I’m MC!” you exclaimed, beaming happily.

“I see. You look… different than I thought you would,” he murmured, a distant look in his eyes as he avoided your gaze. “I thought you’d maybe have like, blonde hair and green eyes, or something.”

Your heart caught in your throat as soon as the words left his mouth. Rika. He’d expected you to look like Rika. Biting back tears, you forced a giggle, as if he’d just said something funny.

“So, what did you want to tell me?” he sighed, running a hand through his hair. “I don’t really have time to talk, so can you make it quick?”

Yoosung seemed so annoyed and irritated by your mere presence, guiltlessly expressing it in his words, tone and body language. It was a complete turnaround from the sweet boy you had known for the last few weeks. Correction: the sweet boy you thought you had known.

“Nothing important,” you muttered, clenching your fists as tears spilled from your eyes. “I was in love with you. I am in love with you. And I guess I know now that you’ll never feel the same.”

He stared back expressionlessly at you. “Love? I’m sorry, but it’s impossible for me to ever like you back. You’re really far off from my type,” he laughed as if it was a joke.

You couldn’t figure out what the hell was so funny. He was laughing at the way you had felt for him for months. He was laughing at the feelings you had cherished. He was laughing at you.

And it only smashed what remained of your heart to smithereens.

He was never in love with you.


From the moment you first met him, he’d been flirty and welcoming to you. He was always protective of you in the chatrooms, and he called you often to check up on you, asking things like:

“MC, have you eaten today? I hope you’re taking care of yourself properly, I’ll get worried, you know…”

“Hey… Can you see the moon from where you are? When you look at the moon at night, I want you to think of me… watching over you like your very own guardian angel. If you ever need anything, you know that I’m here right?”

“Do I need to beat up Jumin for you?! He was being way too insensitive just now!”

Naturally, you felt gravitated to Zen. He made you feel so… secure. He was always offering to help you, talking with you late at night, comforting you when you were sad… He made you feel so damn special. He sure didn’t treat Jaehee like this, and you took quiet, guilty pride in that.

A week after you realized that you had fallen in love with him—his caring personality, his deep thoughts, his laugh, his passion for acting… his everything—he asked you out on a date.

You almost screamed into your pillow from excitement. Did he like you back?! Could Zen possibly return your feelings?

You waited for him in the cafe, your eyes anxiously searching for his figure. You had taken 3 hours to braid your own hair (with great difficulty), and chose the perfect outfit to meet with him for the date. You waited 2 hours for him, sitting all alone. But he never came.

You dialled his phone number, wondering if he was stuck in traffic or late from rehearsals. He picked up on the second tone, drunkenly answering, “Mmn… hello, who’s this?”

“Um, Zen? It’s me, MC… did something happen? I’m still waiting…”

He howled in laughter, sounding like he was really enjoying himself. “You’re still waiting?! What the fuck, woman, what makes you think you’re anything special to me? I was only betting with my friend that I could make you fall for me. I can’t believe you fell for it so easily.”

He continued to laugh, finding it absolutely hilarious that you believed his nice guy act. He had purposely stood you up. Rather, he never intended to come in the first place.

His words were like a slap to your face. It was obvious now.

Zen didn’t care about you at all.

You stayed quiet, not wanting to give him the satisfaction of knowing that you were actually crying right now.

You had wasted so much time on him. All because you liked him, and because you thought he could even possibly like you back.

“Helloooo? Are you still there?” he hiccupped.

You couldn’t answer, holding back your sobs.

“Oh right, anyway, thanks for helping me win the bet. Haha, byeee!”

“Yeah. No problem. Anything for you, Zen,” you weakly replied, sarcasm hidden in your undertone.

But it was true. You would have done anything for him. He’d just never do the same for you.


From the start, you’d been attracted to his unique sense of humour, awkward personality, and passion for cats. Not to mention, he was pretty fucking rich.

Although you weren’t after him for the money, you had to admit, it was part of what interested you at first. Emphasis on “at first.”

After spending evenings at fancy dinners with him, long nights drinking in bars after work hours, and occasionally messaging each other every day possible… you realized how much more there was to Jumin than you’d originally thought.

Although he seemed carefree and pushed all the tasks to Jaehee, he actually drowned himself in work for hours as well. When you spent time together, he would always be jotting down notes and reading printed documents as he conversed with you—he was probably used to it from discussing business deals all the time.

Not to mention, he was very attached to his cat because he didn’t have the time nor opportunity to interact with anyone that wasn’t trying to conduct business with him. You could feel your own heart hurt for him, realizing how lonely he must be.

Not to mention the fact that there were many young men (such as Zen,) who thought of Jumin as a rich snob, and was against the idea of being friendly. You could only imagine how rejected Jumin must feel, despite acting nonchalant every time.

Your heart and mind was consumed with thoughts of Jumin, of how he felt, of how he was suffering… You yearned to know him better, and you found yourself being more eager than ever in your conversations and nights out together.

One night, you finally brought up the courage to bring up the topic of himself. Excited to share your opinion, you said, “You know, I completely understand that you must feel lonely and all, even though you never mention it! It must suck that nobody understands you… You’re always working so hard, and nobody ever acknowledges it, but I know that-“

He paused mid-sip from his wine, then slowly put the glass down. “MC.” His voice was cold, stern and almost tired. “Why are you saying this?”

You blushed. “Well… I mean… I guess I’ve fallen in love with you,” you whispered, looking shyly into your lap. “I’ve learned so much about you over all this time, and-“

He scoffs, eyes hardening into a glare. “MC… Do you really believe that you know me?” he asks, shaking his head in disbelief. “Everything that you just said… is it not simply your idea of me? You’re not in love with me, MC. You’re in love with the ideal version of me that you’ve created in your own head. Could you be any more delusional and hypocritical when you say that no one understands me? You don’t know me either, MC. Don’t fool yourself otherwise.”

You return his glare with a pleading gaze. “That’s not it, Jumin! I really do understand! I’m not assuming, but it’s just what I’ve realized after spending so much time with you-“

Again, he cut you off. He seemed to be doing that a lot today.

“I only spent time with you to ensure that you would remain subservient to the RFA. Our meetings were like business to me, MC.”

He stood up, turning to leave you alone at the table. A lone $100 bill was all that sat with you.


This kid was absolutely hilarious! He took on such a cheerful persona in the chatrooms, cracking jokes at random and spamming memes everywhere. But he really did make you laugh.

On days when you felt gloomy, tired of every little thing that was happening in your life, and overall upset, Seven managed to cheer you up, sending you cute texts. They ranged from, “Your Defender of Justice, SEVEN OH SEVEN, will protect your happiness!!” to pictures of his own cosplay, where he attempted (attempted.) to look seductive.

He quickly gained a special place in your heart. Not everyone managed to cheer you up just like that.

One day after the RFA party, Seven invited everyone to the zoo. During the trip, you kept trying to get closer to him, standing near him as you pretended to be awed by the penguins… ‘accidentally’ bumping into him… lying that you didn’t have money to buy a drink and asking to share…

(Although, FYI, that last one didn’t work. Why? Well, the trust fund kid was there, duh.)

Seven drove you and Yoosung home, considering Zen took his motorcycle, and Jaehee tagged along with Jumin to return to the office. After Yoosung left, you were nervous to be alone with the man that you’d grown feelings for.

Almost as if reading your mind, Seven broke the silence, “MC. I’m not suggesting that this is possible, but if you think that you have any sort of feelings for me, please forget it. I… will never fall in love.”

You stared at him quietly, unsure what to say. You hadn’t been TOO obvious in expressing your feelings… you’d really as subtle as subtle could get!

Instead, you opted for, “I don’t get what you’re talking about?”

He glanced at you from the side before turning his eyes back to the road. “You can ignore what I’m saying if you haven’t had any weird thoughts about us being anything more than friends. But otherwise, just be aware that I’ll never fall in love with anyone okay? This isn’t some crappy fairytale. It’s real life, and you’re not going to waltz into my life and change it.”

You nodded slowly, avoiding looking in his direction. “Uhm, yeah…” you awkwardly responded, voice barely above a whisper.

What the hell were you supposed to say? You’d been rejected before you even had the chance to confess. Haha. Ahaha.

The tears welled up in your eyes before you knew it. But you couldn’t let him see. At the very least, you wouldn’t let him know how his words had affected you. You wouldn’t let him know that you actually had fallen in love with him, that his warning came too late.

You wouldn’t allow yourself to ruin the friendship between you two. Seven was too important to you.

You dashed out of his car as soon as he pulled over on your street, not even daring to say goodbye.


Michel Mell, local soft gay and known video game enthusiast, has stolen my heart and it could happen to you, too

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1 and 10 with Charlie and Garth, younger Winchester sister X

A/N: With this request I realized that I put the same prompt in two times, so I’m gonna fix that lol. But, since you requested them both (the same one twice) I’m gonna give it to you ;)

Originally posted by deanyw

“So, you’re here to babysit me aren’t you?” You said upon seeing Charlie and Garth standing outside the motel room door. You were happy to see your friends, practically family members, but still offended. You’re 16 years old, you didn’t need anyone to watch over you anymore. Sam and Dean just didn’t get that.

“Oh, no, it’s more like a girls’ night,” Charlie instantly responded and grinned. She was trying to make the situation better, which you really appreciated. 

From besides her, Garth cleared his throat, gaining both of your attentions. 

“Girls and Garth’s night.” Charlie corrected, and Garth seemed happy with that, grinning himself.

“Fine.” You stated, not being able to keep yourself from smiling anymore. You loved these two.

10 minutes later, you could all agree that you were bored inside the cramped motel room. Sure, you could just sit there and talk, but it was warm and almost claustrophobic.

“Can’t we go outside?” You asked, pulling off your best puppy dog eyes you learned from Sam.

“Dean and Sam were pretty strict on not leaving this room.” Garth objected solemnly. “Mr. Fizzles can testify to that too,” He added as he reached into his pocket, showing the sock puppet before tucking it back in.

“But, what’s the fun in doing what you’re told?” You countered mischievously. 

“Well, you’re brothers can be pretty scary…” Garth trailed off, looking nervous.

“I’m with you, Y/N. Let’s go out.” Charlie grinned. “You’re coming with Garth.”

You squealed and hugged your favorite redhead. Garth’s shoulders dropped low meanwhile, before he gave in. “Yeah, fine.”

So, the three of you walked into town. You actually went to an arcade, where you all played some games at first. Then Charlie challenged some video game enthusiasts, and you and Garth officially became her cheerleaders. She kicked ass and won you a couple of 10-dollar bills. Then, you just strolled around the city centre seeing what the small town had to offer. And now, you were just sitting at a diner enjoying your third milkshake in a row.

Your, Garth and Charlie’s laughter was interrupted by the buzz of your phone. You looked at the display and saw your brother’s name. You looked at the clock, and realized that they probably were back at the motel, wondering where the hell you were,

“Guys, it’s Dean. He’s gonna kill me!” You panicked, looking from Garth to Charlie.

“They’re gonna kill us!” Garth practically melted, sliding down his seat in the booth.

“Okay, breath Y/N. Remember what you said; what’s the fun in doing what you’re told?”

She smirked, flashing you a thumbs up, and you smirked right back at her.

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adjameson  asked:

Besides inventing D&D, Gary Gygax also founded Gen Con, which led indirectly to Magic's creation. As I understand it, Peter Adkison asked Richard Garfield for a game that RPG enthusiasts could play while waiting around at conventions--specifically Gen Con, which Adkison would later buy. And of course without D&D, Adkison wouldn't have created The Primal Order--which means he wouldn't have founded Wizards of the Coast :)

All good points. Dungeons & Dragons had a giant impact on gaming which obviously affected all games that came after it.

The point about Wizards of the Coast not existing without it is a great one.

Boys playing Splatoon with S/O?

The Discord can confirm the rage I had to go through whilst playing Splatoon for inspiration.

Korekiyo Shinguuji

  • he’s completely stoic as he plays, and you can’t help but watch because this is just fascinating.
  • his fists are clenched on the remote, you can tell he’s absolutely infuriated every time he’s splatted but he just refuses to let you see how angry he is.
  • his team loses the match.
  • you watch the subtle square in his shoulders, he takes a deep breath, and then-
  • and then he slamdunks the wii u remote straight through your glass coffee table.
  • he locks himself in his room and you do not see him for the rest of the day.

Amami Rantarou

  • he’d actually like to try, it looks like a pretty fun game!
  • you let him play on your account, and he’s actually a little surprised and a little proud by how high of a level you have.
  • you let him try all sorts of weapons out, and finally he settles on liking the brush best.
  • he’s not bad! it’s a simple game and he seems to be getting the concept pretty easily.
  • he’s actually won every match so far, but usually at the bottom of his team.
  • and then, one round, he actually loses.
  • you can see the look of absolute disbelief on his face when the loser music starts playing.
  • but he had been doing so well! what had gone wrong?!
  • the other team had seriously inked almost everything in the playing field compared to amami’s two or three blotches-
  • you can tell he’s disappointed, but now he’s determined.
  • this won’t happen again.
  • you can’t get him off the wii u after that-

Ouma Kokichi

  • he seems pretty nonchalant when you propose the idea, simply shrugging and taking his seat in front of the television.
  • he lets you talk him through everything, telling him which clothes are better, which weapons are best, what he might like-
  • and though he nods and follows along, you can see he’s picking an entirely different set of items than the ones you recommended.
  • which is?? weird???
  • and then you actually get onto the playing field.
  • the second he’s in he’s moving with such skill that you’re amazed a beginner could EVER pull this off.
  • he doesn’t get splatted a single time, covering an insane amount of land as his score just skyrockets.
  • needless to say, he wins the match at the top of his team.
  • how did he do that?!
  • “Oh, sorry, I forgot to tell you, I play this game literally all the time. Anyway, bye!”
  • and then he just
  • leaves
  • heck

Shuuichi Saihara

  • he’s willing to play, but…he’s not exactly the best.
  • it takes him a while to get the hang of angling the controller, and eventually decides that using the joysticks is probably the best choice.
  • he likes the roller, it makes the game a little calmer for him.
  • every time he dies you can see his entire body tense up like it’s an absolute disaster-
  • he actually spends more time running around the lobby than he does playing…
  • he’s not very good.
  • he always finishes at the bottom of his team with 100-300 points and never splats anybody.
  • maybe this just isn’t his kind of game…
  • you’ll put on something a little less abrasive next time, maybe.

Kaito Momota

  • he gets WAY too into it.
  • he’s totally on board when you say he should give the game a try.
  • he’s using the splattershot at first, but when he finds out the luna blaster exists, he won’t use anything else. it just looks so cool!
  • he gets pretty mad when he gets splatted, but the look on his face when he actually manages to splat somebody is priceless.
  • like a kid in a candy store!
  • every match he loses in followed by a series of swears and kicking the table, he gets pretty passionate about the game.
  • but every match he wins is celebrated like hell! fists in the air, the whole deal. he even picks you up and spins you! look S/O! look what he did!
  • but you can’t help but note that he’s always at the bottom of his team and his score is never very high, win or lose.
  • oh well. at least he’s having fun.


  • he doesn’t really get the concept.
  • so you’re a kid-
  • but then you’re a squid?
  • you’re an unholy human squid hybrid?
  • and when you become a squid you defy the laws of mass and descend into your own inky remnants?
  • ….basically yeah
  • he can’t ever focus on the game because he’s too busy asking questions about how your character functions as a creature
  • he runs into a lot of walls and doesn’t manage to accomplish a whole lot, and doesn’t even seem to be enjoying it.
  • you thought a robot would be better at video games honestly.
  • you decide maybe he should just explore the lobby instead.
  • he thinks the squid sisters are very charming honestly! look at them go! lovely! wonderful! he is a fan of them.
  • everything else? terrible. not a fan.
  • that’s not how squids work.
  • silly S/O.

Gonta Gokuhara

  • he’s so enthusiastic! this game is so colourful and pretty!
  • he runs off of platforms into the abyss or the water constantly, but he’s having so much fun that you can’t bear to correct him-
  • he’s switching between kid and squid constantly, not even TRYING to win the matches.
  • he honestly doesn’t shoot a single thing the entire time he’s playing. he’s having too much fun exploring.
  • you know his teammates probably hate him, because not only is he doing nothing, but he’s hitting the “Booyah!” and “Come on!” buttons every two seconds.
  • “It’s encouragement!”
  • this is honestly painful to watch but he’s so adorable when he’s having fun like this-
  • maybe you’ll make him his own account, but you probably won’t be letting him soil your username again any time soon.

Ryouma Hoshi

  • he’s honestly scarily good at this game.
  • he’s a sniper, and once he finds the best spot on the map, he doesn’t leave it.
  • he’s completely straight-faced the entire time, and he doesn’t miss a single shot.
  • you’re seriously worried for anybody who has to play against him right now.
  • not a single member of his team gets splatted, not while he’s on guard duty.
  • so while he doesn’t win a whole lot of points himself, his team ALWAYS wins and they have him to thank for it.
  • despite the fact that he says winning doesn’t really matter and it’s just a dumb video game, you can see that smug smirk every time he makes another shot.
  • he probably won’t play again though.
  • you honestly don’t want him to.
  • “My heart just pooped it’s pants.”
  • “I have a photographic butt memory.”
  • “[ name ], if you believe you’re beautiful, you will be.”
  • “If you need me I’ll be down here on the floor. Dying.”
  • “You’re tongue feels so much more different than my cat’s.”
  • “I’ve eaten nine birthday cakes, and I still feel empty.”
  • “Is it possible to be in love with twenty-five people at once?”
  • “Here’s a bunch of numbers. They may look random, but they’re my phone number.”
  • “Cute? He’s the reason faces were invented! You idiot!”
  • “Your ass is grass and I’m gonna mow it.”
  • “[ name ] doesn’t get drunk. He/She just has fun.”
  • “I like to play with a yo-yo so something comes back to me.”
  • “You’ve got to calm down. Let’s see your ‘everything’s ok’ face.”
  • “Don’t tell me not to dance, [ name ]!”
  • “I’m not hero. I put my bra on one boob at a time, just like everyone else.”
  • “Hey [ name ], I see you’re riding a bicycle. Do you know they call it a bicycle because bi means two? Speaking of two, there’s two of us. Wanna go on a date by the way?”
  • “Time for the charm bomb to explode.”
  • “I’m not afraid of ghosts. I’m not afraid of sharks. I’m not afraid of cancer. I’m just afraid of snakes. They really creep me out. Where are there arms and legs? IT’S NOT OKAY!
  • “So I’m being attacked by a zombie, and I start screaming, ‘do you wanna make out?’ And I make out with it.”
  • “Do you think horses get songs stuck in their heads?”

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Caelum Twins AU

This one probably won’t be as popular I’m so sorry to disappoint you.. Augdhdhdgdjdjsjs. But enough testosterone, time for a lady’s touch.

• Vega Lucis Caelum was spared by the crystal, but it doesn’t mean you can count her out. She loves her family fiercely and she will not bow out when asked to, only when dead.

• Currently in college, on track to University, but taking a gap year to relax, destress and spend as much time with her brother and father as much as possible.

• On days where they’re both busy, she asks the waiting staff to send them both pots of tea with handwritten notes telling them both to take a few minutes and enjoy the tea.

• Quite introverted like Noctis. The attempt on Noctis’ life when they were younger and also in Nifelheim affected her as well. But she pushes it down and worried more about Noct more than anything. Prince and Princess of Stoic Emo Angst.

• Recommends scents and oils for aromatherapy for anything. Seriously, what ails you? There’s a scent for that.

• Big video game enthusiast. Will play even Prompto under the table.

• One day, she cut her hair short and styled it like Noctis. She put on her sports bra, an old shirt of his and nearly fooled everyone. Ignis could tell when she was eyeing the veggies he was cutting up.

• Actually grew to like veggies. Except carrots. Hates carrots unless forced to eat and only then, dipped in ranch. Or in cake.

• Makes a point to see her father at least once a day. It breaks her heart to see him every time tired and looking a little older, but she knows about his limited time and gives him a hug everyday.

• When Noctis was going to be sent off to his wedding, Regis insisted that she go along with him.

• Hated Gladiolus for quite sometime. Nothing personal, just wanted to blame the muscle pain on someone. He didn’t take it hard, he was pushing her to see what she could handle and she exceeded expectations.

• likes to cook big meals for everyone.

• Sleeps with an owl plushie Noctis gave her for her birthday, doesn’t sleep without it.

• Agreed with Noctis one day to go to a gala as him. She cut her hair again and despite wearing a suit and not speaking due to a “throat infection”, she had a great time with Ignis

• Ignis, however, was shitting himself the entire time, thinking people would see through Vega’s facade and could tell right away. But in all, she pulled it off very well, not even Regis knew.

• but not until Regis came over and hugged her, kissed her cheek, “Thank you for tonight, it was quite amusing. Goodnight, my little dove.”

• Vega let out the most wonderful laugh.

• Always has music playing around her. Cannot function without it, it helps lessen her daily anxieties.


Gahhh pls dontnhate meeeee

The Magnolia Convention

NaLu Week Bonus Prompt June 15th: Video Games
Setting: Modern AU
Title: The Magnolia Convention
Word Count: 1,514 (sorry)
Rating: Teen/Mature (just in case..)

This is so late…I’m so sorry >~<

Summary: Natsu Dragneel is a video game enthusiast who lives in the town of Magnolia. It so happens that Magnolia hosts a grand video game convention each year. Natsu isn’t all that romantic…Although there is a particular blonde that caught his attention. What will Natsu do about it?

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Every year, the town of Magnolia hosted a video game convention. The dazzling events and wide variety of it made the convention a very popular place for fans to gather. A young man named Natsu Dragneel lived there in Magnolia and he was quite the video game enthusiast, buying the newest games as soon as they hit the market. So, obviously, the salmon colored haired male went to the convention every year. Whether it be with friends, or just by himself, Natsu didn’t mind. Video games were his true comfort, and that annual convention was almost like a second home to him…Most would say that Natsu’s one and only love were the accumulated copies of video games in his possession.

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