the game changes tour




• less stairs

• no dog :(( BUT MIGHT GET A FISH

• dan’s pink shirt

• phil’s pants falling down

• semitransparent/glass wall which is where dan will film, new aesthetic background (with bonsai plant!!)

• dan suggesting pastel outfits for easter baking

• phil with hood up


• no real apartment tour :((

• same gaming channel/nerd den, but bigger and “less ugo”

• dan’s videos are gonna be filmed behind the glass wall

• dnp together awake on a plane for 14 hours

• rude airplane neighbour

• movies watched were; lion (phil cried), mythical beasts, hacksaw ridge (dan was shaking and cried 50% of it), nerve, & snowden

• phil scared by timmy the elephant

• dan having to see everything at the zoo

• bedroom, phil still filming in his bedroom


• phil still trying to get revenge on dan by taking photos of him

• phil getting better at photography according to dan

• dan cried at a singapore light show

• phil possibly curling hair in a future video

• phil leaving dan for a bit in florida :((

• 1D poster gone

• dnp listened to harry styles’ new song

• favourite rooms are gaming room & their bedrooms

• dan uploading video on monday and liveshow on tuesday

• dan blow drying his hair

• dnp both not liking the feeling of nail polish

• dan painting his nails for the aesthetic

• caring about how we feel about them moving


phil: “can we get a fish?“ dan: “up to you mate.”

dan: “my new bedroom is moon themed. a floating white bed.”

phil: “its fashionable and snazzy.” dan: “being white?”

phil: “gaming lighting will be dank.”

dan to phil: “your ora is just radiating.”

• both: “we’ll get a dog when a house is bought.”

phil on bedrooms: “yours is very aesthetic mine is super cozy and quiet ”

dan: “i want to make the danisnotonfire videos more pretty ”

dan: “this year is for getting our lives back on track”

dan: “the ripped jeans, that was fun.”

dan: “someone gave me some glittery nail polish so i was like, ok ill do this. its a bit like a holiday so im like whatever”

phil: “this isnt a forever home we just wanted to get out”

phil on dan’s hair: “soft i think it suits him i think its a good look embrace the curls”

dan asking phil: "phil, why wont you paint your nails?“

dan: "prepare inspiration for me… make it more attractive.”

dan: “im quite excited to have a bedroom thats more reflective.”

dan on moving: “its a slow boxy process but we’ll get there.”

 both: “we hope we’ve been two virtual buddies for you." ♡

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The amount of promo you do is no longer a guarantee for success anymore. Look at katy, she was everywhere before the release of her album and it still flopped and now she's having trouble selling tour tix. The media game is changing, streaming has leveled everything in the industry and big name artists especially don't need extra hype anymore to sell records.

Agreed. Also like the other anon pointed out Beyoncé didn’t even need promo to be successful, the same way some do tons of promo and it doesn’t help.

Zayn Make it Rain: A Zayn Malik Masterpost

this is a little masterpost i like to call


if you have been following one direction on their world tour then you would know that the humid climate of the sub-equatorial region of south america has made zayn THE MOST important member of one direction

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Why is it every time there is talk of Dan and Phil rebranding ppl think that one if them is about to move out… come on ppl common sense. 

They are at the top of their careers, their whole brand is Dan and Phil, they have their gaming channel, books, tours, videos, a whole life….. together.

That won’t change, they may decide to rebrand as a grown ups, catering for those of us who are past their teen years, but it will still be as Dan and Phil, together,  there is too much to loose for them to be anything else.

ok but little mix coming to america again to promote their single is such a big deal and i’m reaaaaaaally excited for it, besides the bm videoshoot in la, the last time they went there it was just before cancelling the salute tour and it’s kind of game changing that now they are back performing at their first american award show, at a billboard event and at one of the largest tv shows there plus the fan meetings with radio stations. they’ll be back there with heads held high and hopefully everything WILL work out for them because they truly deserve it.

Preference #1: How You'd Go Public with Your Relationship

You’d be sitting in the hotel room while your boyfriend, Ashton, was going to an interview with his band. The two of you had been dating for a few months and it was going great. He was one of the greatest guys you had ever met he made you laugh, and he always took care of you. You turned on the TV to find the show that he was doing and couldn’t help but smile while they were performing. During the commercial break you went to get something to drink and settled back in for the interview. They talked about their recent album debut and played a goofy game and talked about their upcoming tour. The interviewer suddenly changed the mood when he asked if they had been seeing anyone. The other boys answered with their usual “we don’t really have time for a girlfriend” excuse but Ash stayed quiet. The interviewer seemed to notice, “Ashton, you’ve gotten quiet.” He Cheshire Cat-like smile appeared on his face and he looked down and all of this information just started spilling out about the two of you.

You and Calum have been dating for a few months now, keeping your relationship as secret as possible. This wasn’t an easy task when your adorable, yet slightly childish, boyfriend was a very hands-on kind of guy. When the two of you were out in public he always seemed to “forget” and would always put his hand on your shoulders or on your hips. You would reluctantly pull away because it was supposed to be a secret. Today was different though. The two of you were out shopping around and he just could not keep his hands off of you. You tried pushing him away but neither of you really wanted that. Paparazzi were suddenly swarming you two. Cal got a devilish grin on his face and turned to you and whispered, “Ready?” You looked at him questioning when he pulled you close and putting his hands on the small of your back. He kissed your lips and moved one of his hands from your back to your face, pulling you in closer. Your eyes were closed so tight but you could still see the flashes from the camera. The two of you pulled away and Calum intertwined your fingers and kept on walking as if nothing happened. Your pictures were headlines for the next several days.

You and Luke had decided to have a quiet night full of all your favorite movies and cuddles. He came back from making popcorn, set the bowl on the table, pushed play on the DVD and flopped down across your lap. His stomach was just over your legs and his lanky body took up the rest of the couch. No one knew that you were dating Luke, not many fans knew about you at all. You sent out what you thought to be a harmless tweet saying, “My boyfriend is taking up the entire couch with his lanky body and he won’t get off of me #fatty.” About 20 minutes later you checked your phone to see it blowing up with notifications. You weren’t sure what had made this happen but then you saw a tweet from Luke in the midst of your thousands of notifications saying “I am not a fatty :-(“ “Luke!” You screamed in a shrill voice. “What??” he said innocently, as if he honestly had no clue what he had done. “You tweeted that you were my boyfriend!” “I did not!” You shoved your phone in his face so he could read the tweet. “Other people can see that??” You rolled your eyes and your very good looking but slightly clueless boyfriend… At least everyone knows now.

Dating Michael has had its ups and downs but for the better part of a year you had stayed by his side.  One of the hardest parts was that you two had decided to keep it a secret. At first, keeping your relationship hidden just added to the thrill of dating a world famous rock star. Now that you had been dating almost a year though, it wasn’t quite as fun. You were ready to be open and public with your relationship, Mikey however was not as ready as you were. You were on tour with them but you told everyone you were just a close friend of the boys. The fans had come to know you a bit and you enjoyed surprising a few of them with fun things like meet and greet passes, signed merch, and concert tickets. The fans loved you for the most part but there were always a select few that would shout mean names at you as you walked past or tweet nasty things to you. You tried not to let it get to you because you were dating Michael Clifford, what did their words matter? They were about to play a show in your hometown and you gave the boys a hug and a quick peck to Michael and sent them out on stage. You were having a blast listening to the concert from side stage when you heard your name. You assumed they were just saying that it was your hometown show when suddenly you were being pulled out on stage. You stayed by Michael’s side as they brought out a chair for you to sit on. They explained that since it was your hometown show they were going to sing your favorite song for you. At the finish of the song you started heading off the stage just when you felt Michael pull you back in and say, “I hope you all enjoyed that, I know my girlfriend probably did.” Then he pulled you in and planted a huge kiss on your lips.