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miniyuna  asked:

I recently watched a playthrough of SLHRPG and immediately after watched the trailer for SLARPG again and it just blows me away how far you have come and grown. Keep it up! <3

thank you!! i’m really happy with how much i’ve been able to refine and expand the game since the original version. hopefully all that effort will be really apparent when everyone has their hands on the demo sometime in the next few months, which will cover the same part of the game as the original 2013 demo


Kate as Patron of the London’s National Portrait Gallery (NPG)

8 February 2012: Attend a private viewing of artist Lucian Freud’s exhibit at the NPG.

19 July 2012: Enjoyed a private showing of “Road to 2012: Aiming High”, an exhibition documenting London’s preparations for the Olympic games, at the NPG.

11 January 2013: Attend the private unveiling of her first official portrait by artist Paul Emsley at the NPG.

11 February 2014: Attend the 2014 Portrait Gala at the NPG.

4 May 2016: View her new photographic portraits in the “Vogue 100: A Century of Style” exhibition at the NPG. 

28 March 2017: Attend the 2017 Portrait Gala at the NPG.


“In a world without gold, we might have been heroes!”
Pictures made by me :)

During the earliest section of The Last of Us, even when the gameplay is still not combat or stealth focused, the level design is still establishing it’s core rules- look for light in stark contrast, yellow/yellow highlights lead to your goal, etc. While the primary intent behind this section is to establish Joel’s character and the backdrop of the larger world, it is no accident that these moments of teaching are so subtly presented as well.