Racist white people will find a way to talk shit about anyone that tries to speak on black issues.

They’ll talk shit about a black person with money standing up for us. (See Kaepernick, Beyoncé)
They’ll talk shit about black people that they perceive to have no money. (see comments about BLM protesters needing to get jobs)
They’ll talk shit about black people that take PEACEFUL action within their own communities. (See comments about The Game, Snoop and friends mobilizing outside of an LAPD police headquarters. See also black people in Chicago rallying against gang violence)
They’ll talk shit about white people that actually get it. (see ANY white person that has ever spoken out against white supremacy, especially Jane Elliot.)
They’ll talk shit about about cops that try to speak out against their fellow officers. (See the comments on several officers that had been fired, beaten and even killed for choosing to speak up.)

Anyone that ever contradicts their thoughts will be attacked.